Music-Worx Melodic House & Techno June 2024

DATA: 2024-06-09, TOTAL: 590 GENRE: Melodic House & Techno

June 2024 marks a thrilling period for electronic music enthusiasts as the Melodic House & Techno scene unveils its latest gems. The month’s highlights include a mesmerizing blend of deep basslines, ethereal synths, and progressive rhythms that define the cutting-edge of the genre. With tracks that range from the hypnotic to the euphoric, this collection is a testament to the genre’s evolution and the innovative spirit of its artists.


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&ME, Black Coffee, Keinemusik - The Rapture Pt.III (Original Mix)
&ME, Rampa, Adam Port, Keinemusik - Thandaza (feat. Alan Dixon, Arabic Piano) (Original Mix)
19:26, Animal Picnic - Existence (Original Mix)
A-drift Radio - Only You Extended Mix
ACE OF SPADEZ - Blind Original Mix
AIKON - Just Wanna Dance Original Mix
AMAS Studio - 1984 Original Mix
ANII - Always With You Original Mix
ANII - On Fire Original Mix
APRICAT, ARTINA - Orange Heat Original Mix
ARTBAT, CAY (DE) - In Your Arms Original Mix
AUTOFLOWER - Keep It Going Original Mix
AVIRA - Eyes Open, Mind Free Extended Mix
Aaaron, SeeMeNot - Together, Pt. I Original Mix
Aalson - Elevation Original Mix
Aaron Decay - Raiden Extended Mix
Aaron Suiss - Evolve Original Mix
Abuk - Don't Say Original Mix
Abuk - Raw Instinct Alican Remix
Adam Butler, Braxton - Tightropes Original Mix
Add-us - Take Me Original Mix
Adrian Roman - TAGDI (They Are Gonna Do It) Original Mix
Adriatique, Eynka - Beyond Us (Extended Hatshepsut Version, Alex Wann remix)
Adriatique, Eynka - Beyond Us (Hatshepsut Extended Version)
Adriatique, Solique, ALSO ASTIR - Changing Colors (Extended Version)
Adriatique, Undercatt - Horizon Original Mix
Adriatique, Whomadewho - Miracle (RÜFÜS DU SOL Remix)
Adrien M - Ingenuity Original Mix
Ae:ther, Yellowitz - All of Me Original Mix
Aera - Y.e.a.h. Original Mix
Against All Ødds - Falling Down Original Mix
Against All Ødds - Lights Out Original Mix
Against All Ødds - Reflections Original Mix
Agents Of Time, Ross Quinn - Friend Of Mine Extended Mix
Ajna (BE), Samm (BE) - Does It Matter (Ajna (BE) Remix)
Ajna (BE), Samm (BE) - Secundo Original Mix
Alex Medina - Espacio Armor Original Mix
Alex Niggemann, Franz Matthews - Where Does It All Begin? Alex Niggemann Remix
Alex Wann - Milkshake (Original Mix)
Alexey Union, Kinky Sound - Lost In The Universe Original Mix
Alfonso Muchacho - Break My Heart Extended Mix
Alfonso Muchacho - Look What You've Done to Me Extended Mix
Alican - Everything To Me (Original Mix)
Alican - Kray Original Mix
Ameli Paul - Nobody (hurts me like you) Original Mix
Amensol. - Easy to Love Original Mix
Andhim - You're Not Alone (Extended)
Andre Mateu - Void Original Mix
Andrew Sant - In The Beginning Original Mix
Andy Kulter - Requiem Extended Mix
Annett Gapstream, Tenvin - Fiktion UNDERHER Remix
Annëto - NDACI Extended Mix
Anyma (ofc) - Now Or Never (Extended Mix)
Anza, Geeyo Ibra - One By One Extended Mix
Aparde, Awaken - The Light (Aparde Remix) Original Mix
Aquarius Ezra - Connections Original Mix
Argy - Dreamstates Extended Mix
Argy, Baset - Sierra (Extended Version)
Argy, Omnya - Aria (Extended Mix)
Argy, Son Of Son - Faust Extended Mix
Ark Nomads, MESH (SA) - You Extended Mix
Armin van Buuren, ARTBAT - Take Off Original Mix
Armonica, Zamna Soundsystem, ROZYO - Summertime Sadness feat. Blu Original Mix
Art Of Y - Attraction Unseen. Remix
Artaria, SAINT CODE - People Say So Extended Mix
Arutani - Forget About It Original Mix
Arutani - In Case You Wondered What I've Been Doing Original Mix
Ashibah - Make It Better (Forever) Extended Mix
Atlantis (ofc) - In My Heart Extended Mix
Avar Garden - Kill the inner loser Original Mix
Avis Vox - Distance Extended Mix
Awen, Caiiro - Your Voice (Adam Port Remix)
Axel Haube - Virgo Original Mix
Axl Stace - Hold Me Extended Mix
BAILE, Haulm - Leashes Extended
BEDOLPHINS - Thriller Original Mix
BLR, Aname, Truetone - Close To You Extended Mix
BM88 - Memories Extended Mix
BONDI - Dangerous Gabe Remix
Baime - Vasimas Original
Bartella - Am I Even Here Original Mix
Bákayan - Breathe Original Mix
Bebbo - Reflections Original Mix
Benzsoul, Sitze - What Would You Do? Original Mix
Bertolt Meyer - Ray of Doubt Original Mix
Beyercraft - The Second Side of the Mirror Original Mix
Binaryh - Lovelace Original Mix
Black Venus, Aaron Suiss - The Spaces Between Lueking Remix
Blake Walker MTL, Ursarix - Aion Extended
Blancah, Attma - The Edge Original Mix
Blancah, Mari Fontes - Shiny Disco Balls (Extended Mix)
Bolth - Devotion Extended Mix
Boogie Hill Faders - Get Personal Original Mix
Brandon Lucas - Meta Freak Original Mix
Brentford Leisure - New Dawn Extended Mix
Brian Cid - Cinco Vidas Original Mix
Burcak - You Want Me Original Mix
CENKK - &techno Original Mix
CamelPhat - Running Man Cosmicat Running Woman Remix - Extended
CamelPhat - Running Man Extended Mix
CamelPhat, Anyma (ofc) - The Sign (Kevin de Vries Remix - Extended Mix)
CamelPhat, Kolsch, Perry Farrell - I Talk To Water (With Perry Farrell) CamelPhat Extended Remix
CamelPhat, Monolink, Innellea - Shelter Extended
Carlita, Black Circle, Calussa - Fell In Luv (Black Circle Remix (Extended))
Carlita, Black Circle, Calussa - Fell In Luv Black Circle Remix (Extended)
Carlos Barbero - The Chant Of The Wind Original Mix
Carlos Nilmmns - True People Original Mix
Catz 'n Dogz, Cloud Boat - Open Door (Jonathan Kaspar Remix)
Cengizhan, Ertan Koculu - High End Original Mix
Chambord, Jaguar Jaguar - Born In Blue (Original Mix)
Cheema (IT) - Jis Matt 1979 Remix
Cheema - Jis Matt 1979 Remix
Chernov - Cybernetic Original Mix
arodes, Andrea Oliva, Moeaike - Stronger Than Before (Original Mix)
biskuwi - Her (Unafraid) Original Mix
blaktone - Missed Connection Extended Mix
boys be kko - Kanari Original Mix
boys be kko - Lalala Original Mix
CINDEL - Astronaut Original Mix
CIOZ, SKALA, Beacon Bloom - Without A Sound SKALA Extended Remix
CRi, Half Moon Run - Astray feat. Half Moon Run CRi Remix
Chris Avantgarde - Perception (Extended Mix)
Chris Avantgarde, Anyma (ofc) - Eternity (Massano Remix - Extended Mix)
Chris Avantgarde, Kevin de Vries, Zerb, Sofiya Nzau - Mwaki feat. Sofiya Nzau Chris Avantgarde & Kevin de Vries Remix Extended
Chris Zippel - Millenia Peer Kusiv Remix
Christian Nielsen - Turn Me Up Original Mix
Chukku, Vani Vachi - Where Did You Go Original Mix
Chumee, Amelisa - In My Heart Original Mix
Cipy - Everyday Original Mix
Circle of Life - We are the Future Original Mix
Citizen Kain - Between Us (Original Mix)
Clawz SG - Resilient Heart ANRA Remix
Croatia Squad - Your Own Life Extended Mix
D.A.V.I.N.C.I. - Orione's Birds Original Mix
DJ AroZe - The Future Original Mix
DJ Nejtrino, Anza - Right In The Night (Original Mix)
DJ Seinfeld - If U Like Me (Original Mix)
DJ Vivona, Zooe - Bite My Lip (feat. ZooE) Original Mix
Daho, Two Are - Atarа́xia Extended Mix
Dan Sushi - Black Zone Original Mix
Daniel Dee, Cafe De Anatolia - Emotion Original Mix
Daniel Vilchez - Unreal Original Mix
Danjel Esperanza - Bremes Original Mix
Danjel Esperanza - Gloomy Clouds Original Mix
Danny Darko - Forever Yours Original Mix
Dark Devotion - Rains at Night Original Mix
Darmon, Augusto Yepes, Sounds Of Rituals - Seva (Original Mix)
Dave Leon - Encounters Extended Mix
Dave Seaman - Yoho Main Mix
David Mayer - Don't Need Your Love Original Mix
David Tort, OKEN (ES) - Please Stop Swiping Extended Mix
Deeparture - Renewal Extended Mix
Dema - Overdose Original Mix
Dimi Mechero - Close Your Eyes Extended Mix
Diode Eins - Love on the Edge Original Mix
Dirkie Coetzee, Deeper Calling - Zero Gravity Extended Mix
Discognition - All of Me Extended Mix
Djolee - Horcrux Original Mix
Djolee - Incorporeo Original Mix
Djolée - Horcrux (Original Mix)
Djolée - Ma Kumba (Original Mix)
Do Magic - Sutinama Original Mix
Dole & Kom - Shallow Original Mix
Dominica - I Gotta Let U Go Hendriks & Basti M Extended Remix
Dominik Gehringer - Strange World Extended Mix
Dominik Marz - Safe Spaces Original Mix
Domshe - Tungsten Original Mix
Doppel - Surreal Rauschhaus Remix
Dorian Craft, Baron (FR) - Paradigm Original Mix
Double Disco - Hesitate Extended Mix
Drahm - Floración Original Mix
Drumstone - Retro Original Mix
Dubesque, Marie Lang - Myself In You Original Mix
Duohorses - Reality Original Mix
Durante - Ancora (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Extended Mix)
Dyzen - She Likes (Original Mix)
ELZACE - Ascendance Original Mix
ENØS - Universum Extended Mix
EarthLife - Trasporto Original Mix
Ed Lopes - Axiom of Choice ID ID Remix
Ed Lopes, JØNNY - The Future (Extended Mix)
EdOne - Cant Stop Angelov Remix
EdOne - Cant Stop Original Mix
EdOne - Cant Stop Sam Shure 5AM Version
Eddie E. - Overdose Original Mix
Eddy Tango - Deep Nebula Original Mix
Ede - Do My Thing Ryan Elliott Remix
Ede, Deckert, Sargland - Immer Aaaron Remix
Eelke Kleijn - Time Machine Anyasa Extended Remix
Einmusik - Meia Lua Original Mix
El Maar - Epiphany Original Mix
Eleonora, GRAZZE, Against All Ødds - Close My Eyes Extended Mix
Eleonora, T.M.A, Boy Oh Boy - She'll Be Alright feat. Eleonora Dove City Remix
Eleven Of July - Avadavat Original Mix
Eli & Fur - Insomnia Original Mix
Emanuel Satie, Tim Engelhardt, Maga, Sean Doron - Resilience (Andhim Extended Remix)
Enamour - Hyperdrive (Original Mix)
Enamour, Samanta Liza - Slip Away Club Mix
Enamour, Warung - Forget Your Name Mihai Popoviciu Remix
Engelbert - Lynx Original Mix
Erly Tepshi - Passione Original Mix
Erly Tepshi - Sonne Original Mix
Eugene Becker - Hello, Sophia Extended Mix
Evel Gutierrez - Substance Original Mix
Everdub - Pink Original Mix
Excuse The Past - Flaming Original Mix
Extrawelt - Riverrun Original Mix
Eynka, Layla Benitez - No Place To Go Original Mix
ËKEN - The Core Original Mix
FAE (IT) - Aphrodite Original Mix
FAE (IT) - Fortuna Original Mix
FAIDE - Every Day Apart Hardt Antoine Remix
Far Distance - Keep on Moving Original Mix
Far From Home, Retoric - The Arrival Paul Anthonee Remix
Fatum, biskuwi - Termination Original Mix
Ferdinando Daneri - Lord Original Mix
Fernandez, Moonphazes - Oblivion Original Mix
Fideles, CamelPhat - In Your Eyes Fideles Remix
Fideles, Re-Type - Are We Dreaming Original Mix
Fka Mash, Biishop - In The Crowd (Extended Mix)
Floormagnet - Nocturnal Extended Mix
Fonzo (LB) - Inspiration Original Mix
Forrest, &friends, Del Arte - Everyday Original Mix
Four Tet - Daydream Repeat Original Mix
Franc Fala - 2024 Propaganda Extended Mix
Franc Fala - Indy Extended Mix
Frankey & Sandrino, Charlotte Riby - Memories (Original Mix)
Frankey and Sandrino - Blue Flash (Original Mix)
Frannz - Angelus Original Mix
Friends of Hannes - Hoffnung PINTO. Remix
Future, Swedish House Mafia, Fred again.. - Turn On The Lights again.. (feat. Future & Fred again..) (Anyma Remix Extended)
da Believer, GEMINIS - Frequency Extended Mix
deadmau5, Rebuke - Not Exactly (Rebūke Remix)
deadmau5, Rebuke - Not Exactly Rebūke Remix
enai - Our Mind Original Mix
GEMINIS - Stellar Original Mix
GIGEE - Babylon Original Mix
GXD - Open Your Eyes Original Mix
Galucci, Luccas Deo - Algorithmic Revolution Original Mix
Galø - Revelaciones Original Mix
Gassan - Ritual Original Mix
George FitzGerald, Elderbrook - Glad I Found You (feat. George FitzGerald) Dusky Extended Remix
Gespona - Bucht der Träumer Original Mix
Gespona - FadeRRR Original Mix
Gioli & Assia - God Don't Leave Me Alone (Adam Sellouk Remix) Original Mix
Giorgio Vergani, Chris Khar - Laniakea Original Mix
Golden Hour - Far Original Mix
Goldtrix, Andrea Brown, Kolsch - It's Love (Trippin') Extended Mix
Goom Gum - A Cappella Original Mix
Goom Gum - Don't Wake Up (Extended Mix)
Goom Gum - Rondo (Club Mix)
Gorgon City, Bbyafricka - Biggest Regret (feat. Bbyafricka) Drumsheds Extended Version
Graumann - Class Original Mix
Grizli - One Night in Dubai Extended Mix
Grothers - Moon Night Extended Mix
Gumm - Komale Original Mix
Guy Gerber - What To Do (&ME Remix)
HIGHLITE - Fireworks Tomper Remix
Habitatt - Fly With Me Extended Mix
Halishan, LIA (UZ) - Escape Original Mix
Hannes Bieger, Shrii - Rising Extended Mix
Hard To Tell - African Sand Original Mix
Hardt Antoine - I Will (Original Mix)
Hardt Antoine - La Mosca (Original Mix)
Helen&Boys - Voices Original Mix
Helsloot - Disco Maxi Extended Mix
Helsloot - Outburst Extended Mix
Henri Bergmann - Evolve to Survive Original Mix
Hernan Serrao - Those Serbian Eyes Mind Of Us Remix
Hidden Empire - Lonely Terrace Original Mix
Hraach, Armen Miran - Reconnect Original Mix
I.AM - Falling to Pieces Paul Anthonee Remix
IDQ - Madeira Extended Mix
IK86 - Soul's Whisper Radio Mix
INVŌKER (FR) - Superhero Extended Mix
Ilija Djokovic - Orion Extended Mix
Inamo - My Joy, My Peace, My Strength Dub Mix
Inamo - My Joy, My Peace, My Strength Vocal Mix
Innarius - Hypnosis Original Mix
Iorie, Kon Faber - Ambiguity Gespona Remix
Ivory (IT) - Futurism (Extended Version)
Ivory (IT), Filippo Nardini - Could You Feel The Love? (Original Mix)
J-Neo - Black Hole Original Mix
JIGI, ASHER SWISSA - Killing For The Feeling Extended Version
Jaguar Jaguar, Chambord - Born In Blue Original Mix
Jan Oberlaender - Drop Out Original Mix
Jares - Wherever It Takes Us Analog Context Remix
Javier Misa, Greenjack - I Take You Higher Original Mix
Jay Perlestein - Desertica Original Mix
Jeancy (ofc) - Lab001 Original Mix
Jepe - Re Connection Original Mix
Jepe - Right Now Original Mix
Jesus Nava, Vite - Rise Original Mix
Jiwa., LERM (HU) - Blower's Daughter Radeckt Interpretation
Jiwa., LERM (HU) - Phronesis Maicol MP Symbiotic Remix
Jiwa., LERM (HU) - Reconcile Hardt Antoine Remix
Joachim Pastor, Florence Bird - Blank Page feat. Florence Bird Extended Mix
Johannes Brecht - Arp Piano Club Version
John Summit, HAYLA - Shiver (Cassian Extended Remix)
John Summit, Hayla - Where You Are (Gorgon City Extended Remix)
Jonas Saalbach - Acceleration Extended
Jonathan Kaspar - We Come Original Mix
Jono Stephenson - Colours in the Sky Original Mix
Joris Delacroix - Turpentine Extended Mix
Joris Voorn, Avira - The Orange Theme (Extended Mix)
Jos & Eli - The Infamous Original Mix
Joshlane - Exploration Original Mix
Julian Koerndl - All You Need (Original Mix)
Juve, Accent (ofc) - Dimension Original Mix
KAWSAN, Daniel Pinho (US), Gabi Gray - Nightmares Extended Mix
KEKURA - Amor 44 Original Mix
KRISPR - Annihilation Original Mix
Kasablanca, Lane 8 - Remission (Extended Mix)
Kasia - Interstellar (Original Mix)
Keith Holland - Panorama Original Mix
Kevin de Vries - Dance With Me (Original Mix)
Kevin de Vries, Mau P - Metro (Extended Mix)
Khainz - Moving in Harmony Original Mix
Khainz - The Mantra (Original Mix)
Ki Creighton - Tribute To The Dance The Deepshakerz Remix
Kiantek - Dance One Original Mix
Kiki, Quilla, Drown - Myths Of The Mind feat. Quilla Original Mix
Kloos - Different Lives Original Mix
Korinami - Teclando Original Mix
Kryoman, Luxe Agoris - I Believe Original Mix
Kydus, Sarah Gatz - Mystery Original mix
LERM (HU) - In Reverie Ian Ludvig Remix
LITCHI, SilverFoxx - Rise Of Unicorn LITCHI Remix
La Mano - Fabbrica Original Mix
Lana Del Rey, Anyma (ofc) - Say Yes To Heaven (Anyma Extended Remix)
Landau, Tetris Owl - Souvenirs Extended Mix
Lauren Mia - Olim Clawz SG Remix
Lauren Mia - Shadow Binaryh Remix
Laymoon - Ramel Original Mix
Layton Giordani, Anyma (ofc), Loofy - Last Night (Anyma x Layton Giordani Extended Remix)
Left 2 Dust - Attending Original Mix
Lenny Dezeum - New Era Original Mix
Leo Ferro, Samwell (LU) - Feelings feat. Leo Ferro Extended Version
Li.La - Elevate Original Mix
Lizard, Rubinsky - Dynasty Extended Mix
Lodos - Blue Crush Extended Mix
Los Fida - Siproeta Original Mix
Lost Rhythm - Seraphic Original Mix
Luca Saporito - All I Feel Original Mix
Luke Garcia, Ian Ludvig - Something Original Mix
Lunet - Dusty River Original Mix
Madben - Murky Soul Original Mix
Magnus, CamelPhat, Vintage Culture - Nothing Ever Changes (Camelphat Remix  Extended)
Mantij - Eternal Echoes Original mix
Maori - Fusion World Extended Mix
Maori, Adam Ten - Spring Girl (Vintage Culture Remix (Extended))
Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin - The Alchemist Marc Romboy Remix
jjsojj - Neural Original Mix
MAXI MERAKI - Dare Your Move (Extended Mix)
MAZ'N - Lost On You Mollono.Bass Club Remix
MXK - Fly Away feat. Nawal Original Mix
Marc Spieler, Julia Böhme - Focus Extended Mix
Marco Viera, Agustin Giri - Espejos Original Mix
Mark Tarmonea - Belong Original Mix
Marko Leandro, Cafe De Anatolia - Lose Myself (I Fall) Original Mix
Martín Dubiansky - Remember How Original Mix
Masha Vincente - Take Me on a Trip Original Mix
Massano - Destructure (Original Mix)
Massano - Shut Down (Extended Mix)
Massano - Talking (Extended Mix)
Massano - Telepathic (Original Mix)
Matrix, Goldtrix - It's Love (Trippin') (Matrix Extended Mix)
Matt Sassari, BLR - Close Encounters (Original Mix)
Max & Dana - Seventh Day (Original Mix)
Max Styler - Follow Me (Original Mix)
Maxine Hardcastle, Iman Hanzo - Untold Stories Feat. Maxine Hardcastle Original Mix
Meduza - Friends (ARTBAT Remix Extended)
Meduza, Alec Monopoly - Money (Can't Save Us) Extended
Mehill - Chameleon Original Mix
Melodicr - Poisoned Original Mix
Mia Mendi - Distant Present TH;EN Remix
Michael Anthony - Shadows Paige Remix
Michael Ritter, Felix E, Solveig Eger - Traumstoff feat. Solveig Eger Original Mix
Michele Miglionico - Escape the Reality Stanco Remix
Mila Journée - Diving Losless Remix
Mila Journée, Hoax (BE) - Vengeance Original Mix
Mila Journée, Mia Mendi, th;en - ESCAPE PLAN (Mila Journée Remix)
Milhøuse - Astra Original Mix
Millero, Snirco - Sweet Moment CamelPhat Edit
Miss Melera - Sage Extended Mix
Miss Monique - Bloom At Night Extended Mix
Miss Monique - Look At You (Original Mix)
Miss Monique - Veselka Extended Mix
Moderat, &ME, Rampa, Keinemusik - More Love (Rampa &ME Remix)
Monarke - Cerebral Awakening Original Mix
Moodintrigo, Ben Biron - Coming Home Ian Ludvig Remix
Moodintrigo, Ben Biron - Coming Home Original Mix
Moodyboy - Change Original Mix
Moon Rocket - To The Sun Dawn To Dusk Mix
Moonwalk, EarthLife - Sea Of Sand Extended Mix
Moullinex, GPU Panic - Bring the Lights Down Original Mix
Moullinex, GPU Panic - Jade Original Mix
Moullinex, GPU Panic - Stigmata Original Mix
Moullinex, Yulia Niko, A Sul - Sand feat. A Sul Moullinex Extended Remix
Myd, Chambord - Together We Stand Chambord Remix
NEENOO - B Folk Original Mix
NMNT - Forget Original Mix
Nakk - Bottom Line Original Mix
Nakk - Echoes Original Mix
Nandu, Radeckt, Tripolism - Dope Dance (Extended Mix)
Nandu, Radeckt, Tripolism - Soultrain Extended Mix
Naomi Sharon - Another Life (Marten Lou Remix)
Nery - Mind Control Original Mix
Nick Matthew - Exodus Original Mix
Nick Matthew - Key of Solomon Original Mix
Nicone, Enda Gallery - House of Love Dumming Dum Remix
Nimmo, Mind Against, TSHA - OnlyL ft. TSHA & NIMMO Original Mix
Nino Tores, Tal Tobi - Strange Original Mix
Nishchal - Revolution Original Mix
Nora En Pure - Invasion of the Believers Extended Mix
Northeast Party House - Enhancer Original Mix
ODYSSAY - Religion Original Mix
OZBEK - Mission Control Original Mix
Oceanvs Orientalis - Neurality Original Mix
Oliver Koletzki - My Last Attempt Rampue Remix
Oliver Koletzki, Malou - Is It Real (feat. Tim Engelhardt & Sean Doron Remix) Original Mix
Organic Space - Making Sound 21 Room Remix
Oroks - Dimension of Feelings Original Mix
Paco S less - Obscure Original Mix
Paige, Jeh, Darla Jade - When I Dream Extended Mix
Parallelle, Nicolas Masseyeff - Renegade (Adam Ten & Mita Gami Remix)
Parisi, Anyma (ofc) - Sacrifice (Extended Mix)
Parisi, Anyma (ofc) - Sacrifice Extended Mix
Parra for Cuva, orbit(DE) - Pinie Original Mix
Patrice Baumel, Michael Ritter, Felix E - Plastikrosen feat. Solveig Eger Patrice Bäumel Remix
Patrick Ruprecht - Voices In My Head Original Mix
Paul Adam - Armonia Extended Mix
Paul Schmidpeter - Distant Romance Original Mix
Paul Schmidpeter - Take You Original Mix
Paul Ursin - 2Waves Original Mix
Pavel Petrov - C0smica (Original Mix)
Pazzos - Mary From Heaven Original Mix
Peer Kusiv - Hope Original Mix
Pippi Ciez - Sunrise over Uluwatu Original Mix
Plastic Robots, ALPHANO - Rocket Underlow & Krash! Remix Extended
Playtime, Bailey Jehl - Pleasures KOBAIEN Remix
Pole Position - Dig My Moves Ede Remix
Pole Position - Dig My Moves Mila Journée Remix
Povar, Alexey Union - Damage Original Mix
Project Megahertz - Narenta Original Mix
Pyramido - Unbound Original Mix
Q.U.A.K.E, Vincenzo Sarti, KASIA (ofc) - Introspection Original Mix
QuiQui - Let There Be Light Jamie Stevens Acid Test Remix
Quivver - That Place You Know Original Mix
REj - System Overdrive Original Mix
Radeckt, Jeena - Heart feat. Jeena Original Mix
Rafael Cerato - Sporadic Original Mix
Rafael Cerato, Alex Ronin - All My Days feat. Alex Ronin Original Mix
Rafael Cerato, Stoked - Everest Laherte Remix
Rafael Osmo - Analytics Original Mix
Ralf Kobernuss - Distortion Rancido Midnight Remix, Yacine Dessouki, NDRK - Lose Myself Original Mix
Rebeat, Parlando - Albtraum Original Mix
Rebuke, Anyma (ofc) - Syren (Extended Mix)
Recondite - Cut Original Mix
Redward Martin, ZUNZET - Cohen Original Mix
Remcord - Wax Original Mix
Ressonant, Bøgen - Screeches Original MIx
Rexton - Memories Original Mix
Rhodes, CamelPhat, Vintage Culture - Home Vintage Culture Remix
Richie Dio - Desire Original Mix
Rick Offen - Four Proxy Original Mix
Rick Pier O'Neil, Axel Zambrano - Dajbog Original Mix
mOat (UK) - My Lightning Bolts Extended Mix
ramyen - Beach House Original Mix
RY X - Lençóis (Love Me) Extended Version, Cassian Remix
Rod Fuentes - Horizonte Hibrido Original Mix
Rodez - We Trust Original Mix
Rodriguez Jr., Jan Blomqvist - Destination Lost Extended Mix
Roy Methods - Chamomile Cascade Original Mix
Roze (FR) - 1984 Überhaupt & Außerdem Remix
Röyksopp, Alison Goldfrapp - Impossible (&ME Remix)
Röyksopp, Alison Goldfrapp, &ME - Impossible (&ME Remix)
Ruback - FREYA (Extended Mix)
Rudess - Heavy Rainfall Original Mix
Ryan Wallace (UK) - Dream State Haze-M Extended Remix
SKIY - TNT Extended Mix
SOHN, CamelPhat, Massano - Turning Stones Massano Remix
SOHN, CamelPhat, Mind Against - Turning Stones (Mind Against Remix)
STROEBEL - Lose My Mind Original Mix
Sahar - Drive Original Mix
Sam Luck - Reflections Of Us Original Mix
Sam Welt, Atóm (IE) - Elastika Original Mix
Samantha Loveridge, Treetalk - Losing My Religion (Extended Mix)
Samantha Loveridge, Treetalk - Losing My Religion (Extended Mix)
Sanio & Zarth - Quartz Extended Mix
Sasha, Super Flu - Astra (Extended)
Sasha, Super Flu - Astra (Sasha's Daydream Mix)
Sasha, Super Flu - Astra Original Mix
Sasha, Super Flu - Astra Sasha's Daydream Mix
Scott Pullen - Shujaa Ed Mortel, Vadim Manko Remix
Seba Campos, Fida - Amor Dole & Kom Remix
Secret Factory - Liquid Sofa Original Mix
Sentin, Wout Vantieghem - A Wall Of Glass Original Mix
Serge Proshe, Minörs - Lily Was Here Simone Vitullo Remix
Serpoosh - Human Original Mix
Severin Su - Recall Your Name Original Mix
Sezai BAY, DN'C - The Secret Original Mix
Simon Doty, My Friend - Tuxedo Park (Extended Mix)
Sinatra Music - Sunshine Original Mix
Since 1973 - Sex Education Original Mix
Skatman - Tribute to a Dancefloor Original Mix
Skatman - Unchained Original Mix
Skuro (IT) - Concentrated Original Mix
Sleepy & Boo - New Day Original Mix
Snirco, Millero - Sweet Moment (CamelPhat Edit)
Soel - Leave No Trace Original Mix
Soel - Reverie Original Mix
Solomun, London Grammar - House Solomun Extended Remix
Somelee - Everytime Original Mix
Somma, LE YORA - Que Pasa (Original Mix)
Space Motion - Ludo (Original Mix)
Space Motion, Sevenn - Delete Time Extended Mix
Sparrow & Barbossa, Young Saab - Lean Into The Sunshine Original Mix
Stephan Bodzin, Marc Romboy - The Alchemist (Marc Romboy Remix)
Stereo Underground - The Second Original Mix
Sultan + Shepard, LANKS - Highest Love Dirty South Extended Mix
Super Flu - Lovesong (Original Mix)
Super Flu - We You (Adam Ten Extended Remix)
Supermode - Tell Me Why (MEDUZA Extended Remix)
Sven Tasnadi - Arctic Drama, Pt.1 Original Mix
Swimming Paul - Vhs Original Mix
T.U.R.K. - Go Deep Original Mix
THE ILLUSTRATED MAN - Escape From Reality Grigoré Remix
THE ILLUSTRATED MAN - Escape From Reality Original Mix
TWIINS (GR) - Late Night Tale Original Mix
Tantum - Left Behind Original Mix
Teodor Wolgers - The Human Condition Aparde Remix
Th;en, Guzy, Marina Marie - Run Away Original Mix
Tharat - Prior Original Mix
The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (John Summit & Silver Panda Extended Remix)
The Yard Woman - Spellbound Extended Mix
Theologos - Touch It Original Mix
Thylacine - Polar Fejka Remix
Tiga, Fever Ray - Kandy Tiga Remix
Tim Engelhardt, Maga - Around Original Mix
Tim Engelhardt, Sean Doron - So Good (Original Mix)
Tim Engelhardt, Solique - Alive Original Mix
Tinlicker - Starchaser (Einmusik Extended Remix) Original Mix
Tito Azevedo, Mrqz - Finger Reader Alican Remix
Tom Zeta - What We Do Extended Mix
Tommy Farrow - Demons In The Dark Extended
Tonerush, Pragma - Enarxis Extended Mix
Touch The Sound, jazzerimo - Merkaba Original Mix
Triart, Coulson - Beating Original Mix
Trikk - Luxo (Original Mix)
Trikk - Rigor (Original Mix)
Tripolism - Good Times (Extended Mix)
Trutopia, Vicky Allen - Hold On (feat. Vicky Allen) Original Mix
Tube & Berger, LinaColada - Like Addiction Extended Mix
Tyoz, Korolova, MotherEarth - Nightshapes Extended Mix
UNKLE, &ME, Keinemusik - Only You (&ME Remix)
Undercatt - We Are Your Friends Original Mix
Undersky - Between Time Extended Mix
Upercent - Benigne Original Mix
Upercent - Mongolics Sam Shure Drum Treat
VZLET - Voices Original Mix
Vanillaz - Let's Get Lost Edit
Velvet Mode - Sold My Soul Original Mix
Vernon Bara - Cloudless Original Mix
Wailey - Division Original Mix
WhoMadeWho - Children Mind Against & Dyzen Remix
WhoMadeWho, Adriatique - Miracle (Original Mix)
Xashes, Human Rias - Hails Of Space Original Mix
Xinobi - Abracadabra Extended Mix
Xinobi - Infinite City Original Mix
Xinobi, Awen - The Veil Extended Version
YUMA., SOMMA, LE YORA - ALL 4 U (Extended)
Yacine Dessouki, NDRK - Move Original Mix
Yarkin Bora, ramyen - Polka Original Mix
Yost Koen - Fomo Original Mix
Yost Koen - Selfer Original Mix
Yotam Avni, Yulia Niko - Higher (Emanuel Satie Extended Remix)
Yotto, AVIRA, ALSO ASTIR - Forget (Extended Mix)
Yourr - Devotion Original Mix
Yulia Niko - Satisfaction Extended Mix
Yves Eaux - Burn All Night Extended Mix
Zac, Bakka (BR), Ofier - Rapunsel Extended Mix
Zac, Teya Flow, RIKO & GUGGA - Electric Discharge (feat. Teya Flow) Extended Mix
Zafrir - Amormio (Original Mix)
Zafrir, Massano - Ana (Original Mix)
Zafrir, Silver Panda - Tribal Journey (Extended Mix)
Zamna Soundsystem, ROZYO, Armonica - Summertime Sadness feat. Blu (Original Mix)
th;en, Carlo Whale - Elation (Original Mix)

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