Music Worx New Year CHART 2024

DATA: 2024-01-02 TOTAL: 1238 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance

Immerse yourself in the infectious beats of the Music Worx New Year CHART 2024, a handpicked selection that sets the tone for an exciting musical journey into the year. Revel in the electrifying sounds of "Cosmic Resonance" by Stellar Beats, embrace the rhythmic energy of "Euphoric Dreams" by Sonic Voyager, and let the vibrant vibes of "Nebula Groove" by Galactic Groovers usher in a year of musical brilliance.





"XY" - La Fiesta (Original Mix)

2Sleep - Crying (Original Mix)

2Sleep - Juke (Original mix)

3ngine - Dance of Jaguar (Original Mix)

3ngine, BruBak - Panny (Original Mix)

3than - Catz Don't Know (Original Mix)

4Step - Get Down (Extended Mix)

6thFloor - Cosmic Transition (Original Mix)

77hz - Amurg (Original Mix)

96 Vibe, Contribe - Bebe Agua (VIP Edit: Beatport Exclusive Mix)

ANGEL-V - Regrow (Original Mix)

ANMA (MD) - Space Yoda (Original Mix)

AUGUSTOH - Bellako (Original Mix)

Aaron Martin - Bubbaloo (Original Mix)

Abrão, Ayala (IT) - A Mente Delira (Musumeci Acid Beat)

Abrão, Ayala (IT) - A Mente Delira (Musumeci Remix)

Acrobat - Primavera (Original Mix)

Activator - Smoking Beatz (Original Mix)

Adisyn, Wassu - Sun Kissed Computer (Original Mix)

Adrian Delgado (ESP) - Kawahiva (Original Mix)

Adriana Lopez - Espacio Infinito (Original Mix)

Aeshi Takeshi - Crossroad (Original Mix)

Against The Tide, DJ Solotone - Girl (Original Mix)

Agustin Delsoglio - Anthem for Insomniacs (Original Mix)

Agustin Lopez - Funk Is Upping (Original Mix)

Agustin Müller - Better Another (Original Mix)

Agustina Aliaga - FPSK8 (Original Mix)

Aker, Alex Lauthals - My Boo (Original Mix)

AlanHere - Night Sky (Original Mix)

Alejandro Mosso - Parlante (TÂCHES Remix)

Alejandro Mosso - Promenader (Original Mix)

Alejo Ybañez - Feel of Love (Original Mix)

Alessandro Angileri - Take Times (Original Mix)

Alessio Braiotta - Can I Feel (Original Mix)

Alex Ibiza, BirdRBC - Mafia (Original Mix)

Alex Kenji - Piple (Original Mix)

Alex Macris, Gizem Cinar - Ginger Lemonade (Bun Xapa Remix)

Alex Oprea - Dncbby (Original Mix)

Alex Preston, Mo'Funk - Zone (Original Mix)

Alexis Rodriguez, Joshua Arocha - Dr!nk (Original Mix)

Alexny - Shorty Day (Original Mix)

Alf_io - REDcheers (Original Mix)

Alfrenk, Mata Jones - I Wanna (Original Mix)

Ali U - Get Movin' (Original Mix)

Allies for Everyone, Qualista - Like Gods (Original Mix)

Alonso - Superfly (Original Mix)

Alysso - Trumpet (Original Mix)

Amal Nemer - Airplane Mode (Saul Antolin Remix)

Amir Telem, Qualista - Get Back Up (Original Mix)

Amy Capilari, Jager - Butterfly (Soul Button Remix)

AnAmStyle - Body In Shape (Original Mix)

Analog Context - High Level (Extended Mix)

AndMe & Bastian - Heat (Brock Edwards & Patrick Meeks Remix)

Ander Caas - When You Are With Me (Original Mix)

Ander Luna - The Dance (Original Mix)

Anders Reitz - Wheel of Time (Original Mix)

Andre Salmon, K-Mack - Xtaxx (Original Mix)

Andrea Bittolo - Feel The Weight (Electrick City Extended Remix)

Andrea Falsone - Fuck (Original Mix)

Andrei Voica - Schimbare de stare (Original Mix)

Andres Blows - Timpano (Original Mix)

Andrewboy - The Space (Original Mix)

Andrés Moris, Emmanuel Dip - Left Behind (Original Mix)

Andy Bach - Get Up & Move Your Body (Original Mix)

Andy D, De_-Wolf - Light Years (Dub Mix)

Aney F. - Get Lost (Extended Mix)

Angel Nava - Funkytown Acid (Original Mix)

Angelo Ferreri - On My Mind (Extended Mix)

Animist - Sandman (Original Mix)

Antoine Clamaran - Mechanical Drums (B-Liv Extended Remix)

Antonio Romano - Cilento (Original Mix)

Antonio Santana - Yakabo (Original Mix)

Apilum - She's Hot (Original Mix)

Apollo (U.S) - Devil Wears Calvin Klein (Original Mix)

Arco - All You Want (Kamilo Sanclemente & Mauro Aguirre Remix)

Ari Etis - Dawn Star (Original Mix)

Arina Mur - Morozko (Original Mix)

Arnas D, Deividas Bagdanov - Dune (Extended Mix)

Around7 - Crunk is The New Funk (Original Mix)

Around7 - Pad Thai (Original Mix)

Arp Frique - Shangaan Time (Whodamanny Remix)

Art Dogmaticz - Stronger (Original Mix)

Art Dogmaticz - Without You (Original Mix)

ArtLif3 - Different like a wolf (Original Mix)

Aruxia SPD - Philosophy of the Unknown (Original Mix)

Arzenic - Awakening (Original Mix)

AtLows - Disco FUnk (Original Mix)

Atmospheric Conditions - Taksim Dub (Original Mix)

Audiense, Gee Way - Love Me (Original Mix)

AudioStorm, Ashes and Dreams - I Believe (The Wash Remix)

Audiofive - Mileage (Extended Mix)

Audioflow - Here We Go (Original Mix)

Audionoble - Megri (Original Mix)

Audionoble - Not Like You (Original Mix)

Austins Groove, Paul Mondot - This House Music (Extended Mix)

Avram - Acid Balkan (Original Mix)

AxeLara - Ocean of Emotion (Original Mix)

Axel Giova - Vision (Original Mix)

Axel Terblanche - Floating (Original Mix)

Axel Terblanche - Outlast (Original Mix)

Axel Terblanche - Vortex (Original Mix)

Ayman (FR) - Remember the Past (Original Mix)

B&S Concept, DuBeats - Halfway Jazz (Original Mix)

B-Liv - Tuareg (Extended Mix)

B.A.N.G! - 'Til Sunlight (Extended Mix)

B.A.N.G! - If You Only Knew (Extended Mix)

B.A.N.G! - Maybe Something (Less Vocal Extended Mix)

B.A.N.G! - Precious (Extended Mix)

B.A.N.G! - What I Was Looking For (Extended Mix)

B.A.N.G! - With Your Love (Extended Mix)

BBwhite - Lose Control (Original Mix)

Back 2 EEA - Feel Like Dancing (Extended Mix)

Balkan Express - On The Run (Original Mix)

Ballarak - Adrenaline (Original Mix)

Barja, Deeft - Yeah All With You (Original Mix)

Barrio Weedwagon - Black Round Corners (Original Mix)

Bass On The Flow - Down To The Ground (Original Mix)

Bass On The Flow - I Get Deep (Original Mix)

Batıkan Abız - Naughty Pleasure (Original Mix)

Baustaff - Tuimbe (Original Mix)

Beat Factory - Dreamworld (Lio Q Remix)

Beat Stylist - Work The Mutha (Original Mix)

Ben Banjo Field - Tumbala (Original Mix)

Ben Hims, Ozer Caki - The Planet of People (Original Mix)

Benefice, Kat Korkut - Acid Primavera (Original Mix)

Bernardo Mota - The Thrill (Original Mix)

Bigëo - Endless Day (Original Mix) - Talk To Me (Original Mix)

BNinjas - Mall (Original Mix)

BNinjas - So Common (Original Mix)

BRAAC - Galaxy (Original Mix)

BRYZ - Galaxy Control (Original Mix)

Billie Ray Martin, Next Door But One - Back For More (Neon Nitelife Extended Remix)

Binaryh - Osiris (Original Mix)

Binaryh - Other Side feat. Eleonora (Original Mix)

Blancah - Paranoid (Original Mix)

Blancah - Signs of Bliss (Original Mix)

Blancah - Stretching Life (Original Mix)

Blimey O'Reilly - See Your Body (Original Mix)

Boba - Ecstasy Affair (Original Mix)

Bobcat - Fata Morgana (Original Mix)

Bobcat, Zebra Rec. - XLR8 (Original Mix)

Bodaishin, Thales Senses - Miracle Mornings (Extended Mix)

Boggan. - Jimps (DP-6 Remix)

Bohem, Lupe Republic - Despertar (Original Mix)

Bondar, Panfil & Rubh - Mezcal (Original Mix)

Bonetti - Jazzy Roots (Original Mix)

Branco Simonetti - Cabulosa (2023 Remake)

Branco Simonetti - This Is Acid (Andre Salmon, Michael Joseph Remix)

Braulio - Arabian Desert (Original Mix)

Braydon Terzo, Stefan Andreas - Subliminal (Original Mix)

Brincu Jollada - Low Cactus (Original Mix)

Brny Owl - Piña (Original Mix)

Brock Edwards - Talk 2 Me (Original Mix)

Bronson - Don't Funk This (Original Mix)

Bruno Mendoza - Come Get (Original Mix)

Bu.Di - Thunder For You (Original Mix)

Bubblegum Pop - One More Night (Original Mix)

Bucky Fargo - Chakra in the 4th Phase (Original Mix)

Budakid, Westseven - Quixotic (Original Mix)

Buddy Tigg - Caravan (Original Mix)

Buddy Tigg - Hold Me Closer (Original Mix)

Bulat - Juma (Original Mix)

Byhon - Way to the Heaven (Original Mix)

C. Da Afro - Collectiva's Jam (Original Mix)

CARLEO - Life, Death and Miracles (Original Mix)

CAUS - Grateful (Original Mix)

CAlinie - In Adancul Sufletului (Original Mix)

CCB - Club 33 (Original Mix)

CJ Posada - Boys and Girls (Original Mix)

CJ Posada - Moving Night (Original Mix)

CODE ARK - Rabbit Hole (Original Mix)

Cabbs - Sinergia (Original Mix)

Cafius - LMK (Original Mix)

Cami Márquez - Black Sky (Original Mix)

Camilo Sanjuan, Qualista - Fleje (Original Mix)

Capital Mood - BlaBlaBla (Original Mix)

Capital Mood - Easy Now (Original Mix)

Capital Mood - Shake Off (Original Mix)

Carbon, Diego Straube - Bringing the Heat (Original Mix)

Carbon, Lampe - Never Alone (Original Mix)

Carlo (MX) - Sharot (Original Mix)

Castion - What Is About (Original Mix)

Cella - C Jazz (Franklin De Costa Remix)

Ceszar - Don't Worry (Original Mix)

Ceszar - Get Sexy (Original Mix)

Chango - Breakout (Original Mix)

Chanknous - Chanknous (Easy Peasy)

Chanknous - Let´s Go (Original Mix)

Chanty - Moustache (Original Mix)

Charlie V - Dreaming From Below (Original Mix)

Charman - Last Step (Gino Da Koda Remix)

Chelina Manuhutu - Freakiness (Original Mix)

Chema Gnz - Big Bag (Original Mix)

Chemars - Do It Right (Original Mix)

Chemars - The After (Original Mix)

Chemars - This Is The Moment (Original Mix)

Chernov - Olimpiya (Original Mix)

Chernov - We Can Leave (Original Mix)

Cherryphonic - Vertigo (Original Mix)

Chiccaleaf (ITA) - Potatopaper (DJ Entwan Remix)

Chinonegro - Timbalero (Original Mix)

Chufas - Felling (Original Mix)

Ciakar - Ants Tribe (Original Mix)

Ciclo - Party (Original Mix)

Ciprian Lemnaru - Destiny (Original Mix)

Cipy - Placentia (Original Mix)

Cityburn - Te Gusta (Original Mix)

Clawz SG - Astir (Original Mix)

Clawz SG - Umbra (Original Mix)

Clawz SG, Haffenfold - Immortels (Original Mix)

Clubber, Eze-G - The Rhythm (Original Mix)

Cojoc - Some Beats (Original Mix)

Come Closer - Don't Let Me Go (Original Mix)

Come Closer - Maluski Roubiny (Original Mix)

Come Closer - Pool And Full (Original Mix)

Come Closer - Ram Tam Tam (Original Mix)

Common Occupation - Figurine (Original Mix)

Corrado Alunni - Can You Feel The Groove (2023 Mix)

Corrado Bucci - Yushan Hu (Corrado Bucci Silk Road Remix)

Cortex Power - Tribal Funk (Extended Mix)

Cory Wells - Party Down (Bump Mix)

Cosentino - Need Nothing (Original Mix)

Cosmocomics - Tape in the Mood (Original Mix)

Craft (EG), Theliel - The Solution (Original Mix)

Crăciun - Grain Movement (Original Mix)

CØRE - No Sunrise (Original Mix)

D.P.V. - Disco Utopia (Original Mix)

D.P.V. - Do You Wanna Party (Original Mix)

D.P.V. - The One For Me (Original Mix)

D.P.V. - The Reason (Original Mix)

D:zzy - Your Time (Original Mix)

DAN:ROS - Like This (Extended Mix)

Da Chan - Organica (Original Mix)

Da Lukas - Oh Ye Mama (Extended Mix)

Daisuke Miyamoto, Eugenio Fico - Come To You (Original Mix)

Damian Cotto - Beautiful Mind (Original Mix)

Damon Carter - Kill Me in the Record Shop (Rekardo Rivalo Upmix)

Dan Barrow, Black Savana - Fool's Paradise (Vocal Mix)

Dan Corco, Punky Wash - Jazzy Template (Original Mix)

Dan Hayes, Phat Suppli - Oh Darling (Brock Edwards & Patrick Meeks Remix)

Dan Rubell - Zigzag (Original Mix)

Dani Sinergia - Deeper (Extended Mix: Beatport Exclusive Mix)

Daniel Allen - 3 Days (Motego Muzik Remix)

Daniel Bovie - I'll Bass You (Original Mix)

Daniel Brooks - Stranded (Original Mix)

Daniel Jaze, Luca Arcangeli - Feeling so Hard (Extended Mix)

Daniel Jaze, Luca Arcangeli - Feeling so Hard (Groove Mix Extended)

Daniel Navrotsky - Purple Sunset (Original Mix)

Daniel Orpi - Fuego Lento (Original Mix)

Daniel Rateuke - Jamando (The Deepshakerz X Black Savana Rework)

Daniel Sbert - Ausfart (Original Mix)

Daniel Stacks - Concentrate (Original Mix)

Daniel Stacks - The Feeling (Original Mix)

Daniele Ceccarini - La Pongo Loca (Extended Mix)

Daniele Ceccarini - No Step Right Back (Extended Mix)

Danjel Esperanza - Shallow (Jan Steiner Remix)

col lawton - I'm Not Rushing (Original Mix)

DJ Apt, Pura Vida Blanca - After Life (Original Mix)

DJ Bey, Qualista - La Ruta Del Sol (Original Mix)

DJ Christian B - Regular Highs (Original Mix)

DJ Coci, Will Medina - Light On (Original Mix)

DJ Disciple, Trimtone - Street Music (Extended Mix)

DJ Fronter - Dudodo (Original Mix)

DJ Jordan - O.T.F (Original Mix)

DJ Lora - Hey Mamacita (Eugene Carnell & Patrick Meeks Remix)

DJ Phellix, ENKINAKI, Pooria Shiringoo - Silk Road (Original Mix)

DJ Popinjay - I'm Gonna Vibe (Original Mix)

DJ Popinjay - Let The Groove (Original Mix)

DJ Popinjay - Running Around (Original Mix)

DJ Psycho - On and On (Original Mix)

DJ TOTALEE - Dancer (Original Mix)

DJ Tribe - Acid Heaven (Original Mix)

DJ Wady, MoonDark - Babalua (GruuvElement's Remix)

DJ Zealot - Doomsday (Original Mix)

DOBZN UK - Fallin' For You (Original Mix)

DP-6 - Blue Chasm (Reincarnation Mix)

DP-6 - Hidden Frequencies feat. Mikha Kombu (Original Mix)

DP-6 - Moontanning (Original Mix)

DP-6 - Motion Chaos (Original Mix)

DP-6 - Plasma (Reincarnation Mix)

DP-6 - Reliance (Renaissance Mix)

DP-6 - Resurrection (Original Mix)

DP-6 - Strain (Original Mix)

DP-6 - Vision (Rmstr)

DP-6, doradice. - Interlacement (Original Mix)

DP-6, rcnetlark - Meditation. Episode 7 (Original Mix)

Danjo (ITA) - Con Fashion (Original Mix)

Danny DK - Make It (Original Mix)

Danny Marx - Reach Out (Extended Mix)

Danny Samaei - Missed Call (Original Mix)

Danny Serrano - Diversity (Extended Mix)

Dany Dz - Crossroads (Original Mix)

Darcour - Entropy (Original Mix)

Dario Baldasari - Gravity (Original Mix)

Dario Nunez, Alex Now (ES) - Retrosynth (Original Mix)

Dario Nunez, Les Castizos - Expression (Original Mix)

Dario Nunez, Ludovic Quai7 - Check Check (Original Mix)

Darren Roach - I'm A Visitor (Original Mix)

Dave Dee - S.P.R.R. (Original Mix)

Dave Kurtis - Funkee Feelin' (Original Mix)

David Cueto (ES) - Tiki Tiki (Original Mix)

David Durango - In Love With You (Riccardo Rizza Remix)

David En3rgy - Run-E (Original Mix)

David Fesser - Milky Groove (Original Mix)

David Green - Through the Night (Original Mix)

David Ismael - Encoded Love (Original Mix)

David San - Aftermath (Original Mix)

David San - FUNKK (Original Mix)

David San, Ivan Pasqualini - No Me Trates (David San Remix)

David Treble - Muero por tI (Original Mix)

Davka - TalkingTo the Moon (Extended Mix)

DeFutaMadre - Do My Thing (Extended Mix)

Death on the Balcony - Many Different Ways (Original Mix)

Death on the Balcony - Up Side Down (Madraas Remix)

Ded Bundy - Brain Fog (Original Mix)

Deelighter - Sunset Avenue (Original Mix)

Deep75 - Back to the Music (Original Mix)

DeepSlave M - Crack of Dawn (Original Mix)

Deepment - The Way To Go (Original Mix)

Deetech - About (Original Mix)

Delgado - Deepest Desire (Original Mix)

Delistic - Viper (Extended Mix)

Deltech - Within the Warehouse (Original Mix)

Deniz Kabu, VIIA - Bhava (Original Mix)

Deodar - Initiate (Original Mix)

Deviu - Shape of the Mind (Original Mix)

Deviu - When Stars Fade Away (Original Mix)

Dexxx Gum, Dudu Capoeira - Tchaka (Original Mix)

Diego Sosa, Lay (BR) - Secret Location (Original Mix)

Different Age - Helios (Original Mix)

Dirty Secretz, Brock Edwards - Red Lights (Extended Mix)

DiscoGalactiX - Don't Know What To Say (Original Mix)

DiscoGalactiX - Voyager (Original Mix)

Dj Maury Tripp - Hours Loco (Original Mix)

Dj Maury Tripp - Scrash Moved (Original Mix)

Dj Skif - About You (Original Mix)

Dj Skif, Paysage - Blessed (Original Mix)

Djonii - Loko (Original Mix)

Doc Brown - Twisted Up (Original Mix)

Dolly - Black Sugar Fresh Milk (Original Mix)

Domenico Palumbo - Muchacho (Original Mix)

Dominico, Franco la Cara - Wanna Get Ya (Original Mix)

Dowden - Loss of Gravity (Original Mix)

Doyeq - Speed Test (Original Mix)

Drax Nelson - Discowacka (Original Mix)

Dub Class - Be Dream (Original Mix)

Dubet - Flies (Original Mix)

Dubstar, Patrick Wayne, DJ THREEJAY - Funky Stuff (Original Mix)

Dubtil - Watching the Storm (Original Mix)

Dunes Of Dawn - Hexes (Original Mix)

Duniz - Resonate (Original Mix)

Durango 95 - Wild Intentions (Original Mix)

Dusan Gargurevich - Modulation (Original Mix)

Dutari - These Right (Original Mix)

EMI OZZ - Locoloquito (Original Mix)

Echonomist - Midnight Talks (Ali Kuru Remix)

Eduardo Monteiro - Talking to You (Craft EG Remix)

Eervwall - Acid Funk (Original Mix)

Eervwall - Push To The Limit (Original Mix)

Eigenwijs - You Are So Wonderful (Erasmus & Krieger Followers & Friends Remix)

Ekkohaus, Oneboy - Jazzy Caravan feat. Oneboy (Original Mix)

El Super Nuevo, Yautja, Mareels - Esta Noche (Original Mix)

Elean Staid - Dope (Original Mix)

Electrick City - Over and Over (Extended Mix)

Electrick City - Stay (Extended Mix)

Electronic Youth - Love Will Find Us (Original Mix)

Electronic Youth - Someone To Understand (Extended Mix)

Eli Spiral - Falcon Eye (Original Mix)

Elias Dore - Heridas feat. Stella Moya (Extended Mix)

Elijah Wolfe - Boy (Original Mix)

Elisabeth Yorke-Bolognini - Grounded (Re-Tide Re-Edit)

Elisabeth Yorke-Bolognini - Take Me Home (Dj Apt Edit)

Elliot Chapman, LYP - How Can I Choose (KORT's Velvet Natured Afro Mix)

Elliot Chapman, LYP - How Can I Choose (LYP Emotional Mix)

Elliot Moriarty - We'll See Each Other Again (Original Mix)

Elwen - Sipad (Original Mix)

Emanuele Modigliani - La Passion (Original Mix)

Emcroy - Erks (Original Mix)

Emiliano Martini - Desert Flora (Original Mix)

Emircan Hattat - Chiquita (Original Mix)

Emircan Hattat - Zurna (Extended Mix)

Emma Sanchez - Aluxes (Original Mix)

Emotional Tourist - Alchimie De L'Univers feat. Ondin (Original Mix)

deGust - Hanging Points (Original Mix)

dj_responski - Can't Get You (Original Mix)

donadely - Espumosa (Original Mix)

ENNE (BR) - SMS (Original Mix)

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