Resident Advisor Minimal / Deep Tech Top 100 2024-01-27

DATA: 2024-01-27 TOTAL: 100 GENRE: Minimal / Deep Tech

If you are looking for the hottest and freshest tunes in the minimal / deep tech genre, you should check out the Resident Advisor Top 100 chart for January 2024. This chart features some of the most talented and innovative producers and DJs in the scene, such as Carlos A, Nick Curly, and Reboot. You will find a variety of styles and vibes, from the groovy and funky Music B by Carlos A, to the hypnotic and melodic It’s You & Me by Nick Curly, to the classic and catchy Jus Dance by Reboot. Whether you want to chill, dance, or party, this chart has something for everyone.





70inpm - Anyway

Aces H - Abduction

Aces H - Acyd R

Aces H - Arame

Aces H - Back to Paradise

Aces H - Can U Feel the Rhythm

Aces H - Deep Corda

Aces H - Good Night My Love

Aces H - Make Move

AlfaStyle - Elements

Bd Revenge - All Right

Bd Revenge - Atc

Bd Revenge - Darkness

Bd Revenge - Deeptronik

Bd Revenge - Evil Angel

Bd Revenge - Funk My Way

Bd Revenge - Htrack

Bd Revenge - Malibu

Bispho - We Go

Bloody Cash - Feeling

DJ Spielzeug - Vision

DJ Suburu - Vozu

DJGGS - Beat Me Back

DJGGS - Birth of 1977

DJGGS - Digiland

DJGGS - Gravis

DJGGS - I Know

DJGGS - Liberty

DJGGS - Magnetic Souls

DJGGS - Monument

DUNAS - In House We Trust

Dinx D - A Piece of Me

Drops Sounds - Blade

Elephants On Paradise - For One

Enncts - Sweet Memory

G Trik - Black House

G Trik - Bump

G Trik - Estecar

G Trik - Innervision

G Trik - Instinct Primitive

G Trik - My Angel

G Trik - Not About You

G Trik - Our Journey Never End

Inco Boy - Blue Tea

Inco Boy - Caotic Dimension

Inco Boy - Fantasma

Inco Boy - Jj

Inco Boy - Le Funk

Inco Boy - No Time

Inco Boy - Rapid Wire

Inco Boy - Signs

Justin O'Rion - Stop Computer

KS Produtions - Cycle

KS Produtions - Dont See Me

KS Produtions - Fly

KS Produtions - Jungle Love

KS Produtions - No License

KS Produtions - Paradise

KS Produtions - Space E

KS Produtions - Still in Love

Kikkram - Calamari

Kikkram - Creature

Kikkram - Flaut

Kikkram - Joy Ride

Kikkram - Look Inside Yourself

Kikkram - Out Run

Kikkram - Simply Living

Kikkram - Snake Dance

Le Veza - D System

Le Veza - Elevate

Le Veza - Game On

Le Veza - Lose Control

Le Veza - Nu Disc

Le Veza - Paradox

Le Veza - Summer Safari

Le Veza - Take My Joy

Lights An - Dark

Lights An - Feel My Soul

Lights An - Going Back

Lights An - Lunar Sounds

Lights An - Our Love

Lights An - Personal Problem

Lights An - White S

Lights An - Zecund

Lindorno - Waiting More

M Gooves - Auto M

M Gooves - Bacideep

M Gooves - Devour You

M Gooves - Flying to Moon

M Gooves - I Can See You

M Gooves - If I Stay

M Gooves - Jazzy Days 1

M Gooves - Medicine

Masgove - Star Scream

Mr Gil - House Is Love

Pluma Quantica - Confused

Rub La Groove - Stay Strong

Soul Magik Noize - Time Are Tight

Tektopia - Strider

Trip To Infinity - Generation

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