Resident Advisor Top 100 April 2023

DATA: 2023-04-06 TOTAL: 100 GENRE: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica

If you're a fan of electronic music, you won't want to miss the latest Resident Advisor Top 100 for April 2023. This collection of 100 top-notch tracks features a variety of genres, including techno, melodic house, hard techno, and electronica. With so many talented artists and producers represented, you're sure to discover new sounds and styles that will keep you grooving all year long. Whether you're a seasoned DJ or a casual listener, the Resident Advisor Top 100 is a must-listen that showcases the very best of electronic music.



Avision - Generation Z (Original Mix)

Avision - Space 777 (Original Mix)

Avision - The Void (Original Mix)

B3RT1 - Rolling Away (Original Mix)

B3RT1 - Techno Music (Original Mix)

Berto (DE) - Blunt Bush (Original Mix)

Berto (DE) - Stylish (A.Paul Remix)

Berto (DE) - Stylish (Original Mix)

Berto (DE) - Stylish (Pitch! Remix)

Berto (DE) - Stylish (Torsten Kanzler Remix)

Berto (DE) - Voluntari (Original Mix)

Clif Jack - Ladheli (AdamK, Vikthor Remix)

Cosmic Project - Be Light (Original Mix)

Cosmic Project - Follow Me (Original Mix)

D.Mongelos - Fantasy (Original Mix)

D.Mongelos - Interference (Original Mix)

D.Mongelos - Synchrony (Original Mix)

DJ Dee - Don't Stop Now (Extended Mix)

DJ Emerson - XTC (Original Mix)

Daniel Boon - Cover (Original Mix)

Daniel Boon - What Is Life (Original Mix)

Diego Amaro, AnDe Trois - Nothing (Original Mix)

Diego Amaro, AnDe Trois - Try To Stop Me (Original Mix)

Eddy D'Amato - Comet Lifetime (Original Mix)

Eddy D'Amato - Time Warp (Original Mix)

Erik Yahnkovf - Causa, Centro, Primera Del Universo (Original Mix)

Erik Yahnkovf - Nitzutz (Look Inside You) (Club Version)

Erik Yahnkovf - Nitzutz (Look Inside You) (Original Mix)

Franz Jager - All Nature (Fixon Remix)

Franz Jager - All Nature (Original Mix)

Franz Jager - Lana (Original Mix)

Franz Jager - Purpose (Original Mix)

Franz Jager - The Cloud (Original Mix)

Gene Richards Jr - Get That (Original Mix)

Gene Richards Jr - The Feeder (Chlär & Chontane Remix)

Gene Richards Jr - The Feeder (Original Mix)

Gustavo Bassani - Seven Grain (Original Mix)

Herbrido - Wheel Of Destiny (Original Mix)

Isgang - Calisto (Original Mix)

Isgang - Eris (DMP Remix)

Isgang - Eris (Original Mix)

Isgang - Haumea (Original Mix)

Isgang - Titania (Original Mix)

Kleber - Aware (Original Mix)

Kleber - Code (Original Mix)

Kleber - Flux (Original Mix)

LUMERTZ, William Marqs - Antagonismo (Original Mix)

Larry Cadge - Claustrophobia (Original Mix)

Luca M5 - DRP (Original Mix)

LuxRay - Attack (Bluntac Remix)

LuxRay - Attack (Original Mix)

Maccari - Spiral Rift (Original Mix)

Maccari, Lofe - Running On Empty (Original Mix)

Maccari, Lofe - The Dust (Original Mix)

Maccari, Lofe - Tripping Over (Original Mix)

Magin Karica - Is The Music (Original Mix)

Magin Karica - Red Highway (Original Mix)

Marboc - Before The Sun Goes Down (B. Riley Remix)

Marboc - Before The Sun Goes Down (Original Mix)

Marboc - MRBC (Original Mix)

Marboc - Objective Two (Original Mix)

Marboc - Ursa Minor (Original Mix)

Marco Miranda, Sirmeloo - Future Dream (Original Mix)

Marco Miranda, Sirmeloo - Rilis (Original Mix)

Marqez - Plain Sight (Original Mix)

Michel Lauriola - Cable Knot (Original Mix)

Michel Lauriola - Internal Current (Original Mix)

Michel Lauriola - Partial Advantage (Original Mix)

Michel Lauriola - The Times (Original Mix)

Michel Lauriola - Too Much Information (Original Mix)

Nick Slater - Go! (Extended Mix)

Nick Slater - Route 303 (Extended Mix)

Nicolo (AR) - New Reality (Original Mix)

Nrico - Hugs'n Kisses (Chris Nord Remix)

Nrico - Hugs'n Kisses (Original Mix)

Nrico - The Darkness (JØKR Remix)

Nrico - The Darkness (Original Mix)

Pablo Ugarti - La Doña (Original Mix)

Pablo Ugarti - Otis (Original Mix)

Pablo Ugarti - Regressive Account (Original Mix)

Pedro Sartori - Low (Original Mix)

Pedro Sartori - System (Original Mix)

Prowler (BR) - Sentinela (Original Mix)

Regal - Undisputed (Original Mix)

Shio Tian - Downward (Original Mix)

Shio Tian - Uprising (Original Mix)

Stella Bossi, Fappe & Bru - Take That (Original Mix)

Tensal - Metaverse (Original Mix)

The 13th Note - Minimalism (Original Mix)

The 13th Note - Tech Tonic (Original Mix)

Uto Karem - Dream Big (Groove Mix)

Uto Karem - Dream Big (Raw Mix)

Valenzuela Lucas - Millennium (Original Mix)

Valenzuela Lucas - My Time (Original Mix)

Valenzuela Lucas - Parts Of Time (Original Mix)

Valenzuela Lucas - Planetary Light (Original Mix)

_asstnt - La Línea (Original Mix)

kWASP - Dopamin (Original Mix)

kWASP - Escalation (Original Mix)

kWASP - The Last Moment (Original Mix)

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