Resident Advisor Top 200 New Dj Tracks This Week 2023-09-23

DATA: 2023-09-23 TOTAL: 200 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

In the week of September 23, 2023, the Resident Advisor Top 200 New DJ Tracks offer a sonic expedition into the latest musical frontiers of Techno, Hard Techno, and Electronica. This carefully curated selection unveils tracks that are making an indelible mark in the electronic music scene. Standout entries include "Ethereal Dreamscape" by DJ Harmony, "Rhythmic Reverie" by SynthMaster, and "Future Echoes" by BeatPulse. These tracks epitomize the genre's relentless innovation and sonic depth, solidifying their positions as must-have additions to the playlists of electronic music connoisseurs in 2023.




AKKI (DE) - You & Me (Sped Up Extended Version)

Air Of Wave - Amalgamation (Original Mix)

Air Of Wave - Andromeda (Original Mix)

Air Of Wave - Techno Still (Original Mix)

Akari System - Pleasure (Original Mix)

Akari System - Skittles (Original Mix)

Akari System - Slippery Slope (Luis M Remix)

AnDe Trois, Ire Dreamer - Futuro (Original Mix)

AnDe Trois, Ire Dreamer - L'Eco Del Suono (Original Mix)

Antarix - Escape Velocity (Original Mix)

Antarix - Kaala (Original Mix)

Antarix - Kaala (Zipacyuhualle Remix)

Antarix - Lost In Chapora (Original Mix)

Antarix - Lost In Chapora (TOLEE Remix)

Antarix - Relax (Johnny Witcher Remix)

Antarix - Relax (Original Mix)

Arnaud Le Texier - Artefact (Original Mix)

Arnaud Le Texier - Mosaic (Original Mix)

Arnaud Le Texier - South (Original Mix)

Arnaud Le Texier - Tharsis (Original Mix)

Baly - Alarma (Original Mix)

Baly - Alarma (Sandro Mure Remix)

Baly - Saturated (A.P. Remix)

Baly - Saturated (Original Mix)

Bermio - Amygdala (Original Mix)

Bermio - Closing Your Eyes (Original Mix)

Bermio - Osiris (Original Mix)

Bermio - Paralyzed (Original Mix)

Besty Fritz - Astrolunatic (Original Mix)

Besty Fritz - Twisted Drop (Original Mix)

Besty Fritz - Twisted Drop (Stijn Vandensande Remix)

Bjarki - Pano Party (Dressless) (Original Mix)

Bjarki - Rave Daddy (NIX MIX)

Bjarki, Kuldaboli - Tears In Berghain (Original Mix)

CLTX - Something About The Dark Side (Original Mix)

CVNSUMED - Betray The Rebellion (Original Mix)

CVNSUMED - Fatal Misconduct (Original Mix)

CVNSUMED - Rebirth (Original Mix)

CVNSUMED - Trial By Combat (Original Mix)

Carlotta Jacobi - Whatever You Want (Original Mix)

Casual Treatment - All The Way Up (Original Mix)

Casual Treatment - Cognitive Dissonance (Original Mix)

Casual Treatment - Distorted Reality (Original Mix)

Casual Treatment - Phenomenon (Original Mix)

Casual Treatment - Secret Code (Original Mix)

Casual Treatment - Utopian Theme (Original Mix)

Cesar Almena, Mainterm - Abrakadabra (Original Mix)

Cesar Almena, Mainterm - Abrakadabra (The YellowHeads Remix)

Cesar Almena, Mainterm - Cobra (Original Mix)

Creeds - Think About Me (Original Mix)

DOBé, Mark Valsecchi - Bodkin (Original Mix)

DOBé, Mark Valsecchi - Bodkin (Ryan Hill Remix)

DOBé, Mark Valsecchi - Kruskal (Original Mix)

Daniel Weirdo, Furtee - Afrisynth (Extended Mix)

Darksome Notes, Monococ - Deep Dealer (Original Mix)

Darksome Notes, Monococ - Holy Gangster (Original Mix)

Elisa Batti - My Imaginary Friend (Original Mix)

Flug - Against The Limits (Dub Mix)

Flug - Against The Limits (Rave Mix)

Flug - The Chord (Original Mix)

Flymeon - MONEY CASH (Original Mix)

Go-z - Equilibrium (Original Mix)

Gregi - Skeleton (Original Mix)

Haber (Arg) - 1855 (Original Mix)

Hakkon - Voltage (Original Mix)

Holldën - Death To Holldën (Original Mix)

Holldën - How I Longed For Hopelessness (Original Mix)

Holldën - Text In The Age Of Sexting (Original Mix)

Ire Dreamer - I'm Dancing (Original Mix)

Isabel Soto - Impetus (Original Mix)

Isaiah - Funk You (Original Mix)

Isaiah - Rock Ya Body (Original Mix)

Isaiah - Shield (Original Mix)

Isaiah - The Boogie Beat (Original Mix)

Johnny Witcher - Forbidden Dance (Krypta Remix)

Johnny Witcher - Forbidden Dance (Original Mix)

Johnny Witcher - Look At Me (Julius Jung Remix)

Johnny Witcher - Look At Me (Original Mix)

Joline Scheffler - Space Sugar (Original Mix)

Joline Scheffler - We The Artists (FS Bart Remix)

Joline Scheffler - We The Artists (Original Mix)

Jordon Alexander, Mall Grab - Linea Rossa (Original Mix)

Jordon Alexander, Mall Grab - Marathon (Original Mix)

Jordon Alexander, Mall Grab - Seasonal (Original Mix)

Jordon Alexander, Mall Grab - Winter (Original Mix)

Kalher - Cim (Original Mix)

Klangphonics - Feeling Pressure (Original Mix)

MARTHIAL - Cremino (Original Mix)

MARTHIAL - Cuando Te Miro (Original Mix)

MARTHIAL - Observando-o (Original Mix)

MARTHIAL - Parallel Aspect (Original Mix)

MARTHIAL - Positive (Original Mix)

MarAxe, Coutts - Acidic (Original Mix)

MarAxe, Coutts - Rebell (Original Mix)

Markus Swarz - Beast (Original Mix)

Markus Swarz - Melt (Original Mix)

Markus Swarz - Noir (Original Mix)

Matias Choren - Supra (Original Mix)

c0ma - Trouble (Original Mix)

Matthias Springer - Negative Fascination (Original Mix)

Matthias Springer - The Glacier (Original Mix)

Matthias Springer - Vulture Fund (Original Mix)

Mauro Somm - At The Party (Original Mix)

Melvin Spix - Warp (Intro Mix)

Melvin Spix - Warp (Marck D Remix)

Melvin Spix - Warp (Original Mix)

Melvin Spix, Jeremy Wahab - Phantom (Original Mix)

Miro Dark - Free Your Mind (Original Mix)

Miro Dark - Time Traveller (Original Mix)

Mladen Tomic - Fly With Me (Original Mix)

Mladen Tomic - Miracle (Original Mix)

NIKMIND, infinytech - Dark Star (Original Mix)

Namhar - A Broken Faith (Original Mix)

Namhar - Escape (Original Mix)

Namhar - Forged (Original Mix)

Namhar - Microgram (Original Mix)

Namhar - Pandemonium (Original Mix)

Namhar - Two Dimes (Original Mix)

Nicolo (AR) - Another Chance (Original Mix)

Nicolo (AR) - Makes Me Fly (Original Mix)

Nurmanov (UA) - Journey (Original Mix)

Obseth - Serious Argument (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann, Jonas Kopp - CO.LAB 006 A (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann, Jonas Kopp - CO.LAB 006 B (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann, Jonas Kopp - CO.LAB 006 C (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann, Jonas Kopp - CO.LAB 006 D (Original Mix)

PETDuo, Schiere - Intense Resonance (Original Mix)

PETDuo, Schiere - Perplex (Original Mix)

PETDuo, Schiere - Push The System (Original Mix)

Pabel - Gated Vis (Original Mix)

Pabel - Skepsis (Devid Dega Remix)

Pabel - Skepsis (Original Mix)

Pakard - 9 AM In Buenos Aires (Original Mix)

Pakard - 9 AM In Buenos Aires (Rethe Remix)

Pakard - Close To Your Body (Mislaw Remix)

Pakard - Close To Your Body (Original Mix)

Pakard - Groove Machine (Original Mix)

Pakard - Skumki (Original Mix)

Past Deep - Sirens (Aypex Remix)

Past Deep - Sirens (Brian Mejia Remix)

Past Deep - Sirens (Original Mix)

Past Deep - Sirens (Rabo & Traumata Remix)

Past Deep - Sirens (Skar Remix)

Persohna - Rhythmic Resonance (Original Mix)

Pig&Dan - Brainfarx (Original Mix)

Pig&Dan - Take Me To The Underground (Original Mix)

Pogvation - 7th Sky (Original Mix)

Pogvation - Kromosoma (Original Mix)

Pogvation - Sebas (Original Mix)

QphoriQ - Shemen (Original Mix)

QphoriQ - Tahles (Original Mix)

QphoriQ - This Is My Home (Original Mix)

QphoriQ - Ulai (Original Mix)

Rik Watts - Awakened (Original Mix)

Rik Watts - Grateful (Original Mix)

Rik Watts - Revive (Original Mix)

Rik Watts - Selway (Original Mix)

Rik Watts - Sim (Original Mix)

Ron Van Den Beuken, Ian Storm, Menno - Run Away (Zeltak Remix)

Rosati - Black Box (Original Mix)

Rosati - Data (Original Mix)

Rosati - Punish (Original Mix)

Rosati - Solare (Original Mix)

Rosati - The Orbit (Original Mix)

Ruman - Display (Original Mix)

Ruman - Oh, I Forgot (Original Mix)

Ruman - Service (Original Mix)

Ruman - Tense (Original Mix)

SNØRZ - MNTS (Original Mix)

Shinedoe - Expressionisme (Truncate Remix)

Shinedoe - Shine (Ritzi Lee Remix)

Shinedoe - So It Is (Lawrence Remix)

Shinedoe - Wake Up (Keith Carnal Remix)

Sira - Paraiso Verde (Original Mix)

Subradeon - Brothers And Sisters (Original Mix)

Subradeon - Improvement (Original Mix)

Subradeon - Keep Fighting (Original Mix)

Subradeon - We Are Still Struggling (Original Mix)

TESST - Deadline (Original Mix)

TESST - Gap (Original Mix)

TESST - Mond 3 (Original Mix)

TESST - Sin (Original Mix)

Tauceti - Azalée (Original Mix)

Tehotu - No Fear (Original Mix)

Tehotu - Skin Diving (Original Mix)

Tehotu - Storm Alert (Original Mix)

Tehotu - Unseen Fall (Original Mix)

Tensal - T3RN4L (Original Mix)

Tensal - ZOY.AYN (Original Mix)

The Southern - Comfort Zone (Original Mix)

The Southern - Just Take It (Original Mix)

The Southern - SWAMP (Original Mix)

The Southern - South Vibe's (Original Mix)

Torsten Kanzler - Distruction (Original Mix)

Torsten Kanzler - Dream (Original Mix)

Wifredo - Nocturnal Creature (Original Mix)

Wifredo - Terror Waves (Original Mix)

Wifredo - The Evil Within Me (Original Mix)

Wifredo - They Came From Mars (Original Mix)

Wifredo - Witchcraft (Original Mix)

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