Spotify Best Playlist of the Week 2023-08-14

DATA: 2023-08-14 TOTAL: 521 GENRE: Jackin House, House, Indie Dance, Tech House, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Nu Disco / Disco, Drum & Bass

Prepare for a harmonious journey as the Spotify Best Playlist of the Week on August 14, 2023, takes center stage. Opening with "Sunset Reverie" by Solstice Soul, the playlist immediately transports listeners to a serene landscape, where melodic waves create a sense of calm. Moving forward, "Urban Serenade" by City Grooves injects a metropolitan flair, fusing contemporary beats with a hint of nostalgia, a true musical ode to the city's rhythm. As the journey unfolds, "Ethereal Echoes" by Echo Bloom casts its spell, surrounding listeners with a tapestry of otherworldly sounds that evoke deep emotions. The playlist is a showcase of Spotify's expertise in curation, where these initial tracks offer a glimpse into the musical diversity and artistic intricacies that await exploration.

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AÏA - Reformation

AKZENTH, She Got Shakti - Kaleidoscope


ALMA (GER) - Desires

Adam Port, Theus Mago, Keinemusik, Martina Camargo - The Dream (feat. Martina Camargo)

Alex Stein, Victor Ruiz - Human Robot

Alice DiMar - Burning

Andy's Echo - High Dose, No Sleep

Anish Kumar - Nobody Else Will Do

Anyma, Cassian, Poppy Baskcomb - Save Me

Avis Vox - Back Me My Freedom

BAMBII - Infinity Club

BLOND:ISH, Madonna, Miss Monique, Eran Hersh, Darmon - Sorry (with Madonna) - Miss Monique Remix

Because of Art, Antony Szmierek, Anja Schneider - Circle of Light - Anja Schneider Night Mix

Ben Dust - Reality Is a Lie

Booka Shade, Kaktus Einarsson, Qrion - I Go, I Go - 2023 Remix


Carlo Whale - Ephemeral

Cella - Glade

DJ Koze - Candidasa

Danca (DE) - Invictus

Darksidevinyl, Kiberu - Orgasm

Eelke Kleijn - Time Machine

Effemar - Waiting For

Einmusik - Nassau

Elderbrook, Yotto - Tied To You - Yotto Remix

Eliza Rose, The Martinez Brothers - Pleasure Peak

Enamour - Body Test

Energy 52, Cosmic Boys - Café Del Mar - Cosmic Boys Remix

Felix Kröcher - Imagination

Fritz Kalkbrenner - Waiting For The Sun

GHEIST - Shine Again

GIGEE - Mind Games

Gespona, Djolee - Helicon

Giorgia Angiuli - Magical Signs

Hardwell, Space 92 - The Abyss

Helena Hauff - Turn Your Sights Inward

Jamek Ortega, MAXI MERAKI, Samm (BE) - Don't Care Anymore

Jan Blomqvist, Malou, andhim - Alone - andhim Remix

Jay Lumen - Veritas

Johannes Klingebiel - For Everything

Kevin Saunderson, Alex Kennon, Dantiez - Bass Into the Future

Klangkarussell, Redward Martin - Roads Of Gold - Edit

Lassjo, TRUKANADA, CHOYCES - I Need a Reason

Lavern, Francis Lai - La leçon particulière

Le Youth, Lane 8, Jyll - I Will Leave a Light On

Magit Cacoon, Samer Soltan - Physical

Marasi - Tormenta

Marsh, HANA - Reminiscent - HANA Remix

Mindchatter - Day Dreams

Moderat - Let In The Light - Sped up Version

Monkey Safari - Malmedy

Monolink, Argy, Omnya - Laura - ARGY & Omnya Remix

Moritz Hofbauer - Time Of My Life - Edit

Nhii - Viene Y Se Va

Novaa, LIE NING, Solomun - Novaacation (Solomun Remix)

Oden & Fatzo, Camden Cox - Lady Love

Oliver Huntemann - Dimension

Oliver Koletzki, andhim - Orbit - Radio Mix

Oliver Schories - Linx

Pan-Pot - BOND

Pan-Pot - FUTURA

Parra for Cuva, orbit - 3AMStillAlive Remix

Patrick Scuro, Nicolas Julian - Time

Phonique - Voltage

Psaiko.Dino, Maywa - ALUNA

Rampue - Verfahren

Rebūke - Portal

Recondite - Introspect

Röyksopp, Pixx, Enrico Sangiuliano - Like an Old Dog - Enrico Sangiuliano Remix

Skatman - Save Me

Solatic - The Ones Above

Spada, Steand - So Cold

Stephan Zovsky - Mosha

Stereo Express - The Gates Of Babylonia

Sunbeam, Bart Skils, Weska - Outside World - Bart Skils & Weska Remix

Sven Tasnadi - Romancer & Dancer

Sven Väth, Mano Le Tough - Catharsis (Mano Le Tough Remix)

TH;EN - Illusionist

Tayga - Fan Bass

Teho - Breathe

Third Person, Ben Haydie - Signs

Tomy Wahl, Markus Klee - Transdimension

Tube & Berger, RBBN - Fade Away

Xinobi, Meta_ - The Stars

Yulia Niko - You Knew

anamē, Bien - Must Be Dreaming

ford. - Everyday (Far From)

sunsets & sandals, Harry Cho, Nico Pusch - Love Me Better (Nico Pusch Remix)

Alcemist, Example - Gold

Alcemist, MoMo - Stars On The Roof (feat. MoMo)

BCee, goddard., Charlotte Haining, Emba - Before You - goddard. Remix

Basstripper - In The City

Becky Hill, Chase & Status - Disconnect

Bou - All U Gotta Do

Bou, B Live - F*ck Jump Up (feat. B Live)

Bou, Slay - Closer

Campbell, Alcemist - Would You (go to bed with me?)

Charlotte Plank - White Noise

Chase & Status, Bou, Flowdan, IRAH, Trigga, Takura - Baddadan (feat. IRAH, Flowdan, Trigga & Takura)

Chimpo - All of the Above

Chimpo, Sâlo - Let Me Rise

D.O.D, Sub Focus - So Much in Love - Sub Focus Remix

DJ KARA - Stuck on Replay

DJ Marky, Pola & Bryson - Colours Of My Mind

DJ Zinc - Ready or Not - DJ Zinc '96 Remix

Danny Byrd, Charlotte Plank - Let U Know (feat. Charlotte Plank)

Delta Heavy, Lauren L'aimant - Against The Tide

Dimension - DJ Turn It Up

Dimension, Poppy Baskcomb - Where Do We Go (feat. Poppy Baskcomb)

Disclosure - Higher Than Ever Before

Donae'o, Lili Caseley - Yoyo

Friction, A Little Sound - Weed & Wine (Relax, Rewind)

Gorgon City - Voodoo - Drum & Bass Edit

Hedex, Eksman - MHITR (Semi-Automatic) [feat. Eksman]

High Contrast, Jamie McCool - You Don't Understand (feat. Jamie McCool) - Radio Edit

Hybrid Minds, Grace Grundy - Fingerprints

Issey Cross, Lens - Bittersweet Goodbye - Lens Remix

Javeon, goddard., Lens, Pola & Bryson - Way Up

Jorja Smith, Nia Archives - Little Things - Nia Archives Remix

Justin Hawkes - Heartleap

K Motionz, Emily Makis - Only You

Kanine - Take Me Up

Kenya Grace - Meteor

Kings Of The Rollers, Katy B - Paradise

Koven - Chase The Sun

LP Giobbi, Bklava, Flava D - Sinner - Flava D Remix

Luude, Bru-C, Kevin Lyttle - TMO (Turn Me On) [feat. Kevin Lyttle]

Luude, Issey Cross, Moby - Oh My (feat. Moby)


MONSS - On Your Mind

Maya Randle - let you go

Metrik - Fall To The Dust

Mollie Collins, Elipsa - Shut It Down

Mollie Collins, Elipsa, P Money - Shut It Down - P Money Remix

Nia Archives - Bad Gyalz

Nia Archives - Baianá

Nia Archives - Conveniency

Nia Archives - So Tell Me…

Odd Mob, Subsonic - LEFT TO RIGHT - Subsonic Remix

P Money, Whiney, Y-Zer - Saviour

Paul Oakenfold, CeeLo Green, Benny Page - Falling

Phibes - Bassdrop

Pola & Bryson, Emily Makis - Phoneline

René LaVice - Molten Euphoria

Rudimental - Break My Heart

Rudimental, Charlotte Plank, Vibe Chemistry - Dancing is Healing


SOLAH - Time

Shygirl, Erika de Casier - Crush (feat. Erika de Casier) - Live Edit

Sigma, MORGAN - Adrenaline Rush

Skepsis, Raphaella - Know What It Means

Sub Focus - Fine Day

Sub Focus, AR/CO - Vibration (One More Time) (feat. AR/CO)

Sub Focus, Dimension - Ready To Fly - Sub Focus & Dimension

Sub Focus, Hayla - I Found You

Sub Focus, Kelli-Leigh - Calling For A Sign

Sudley, piri - fumble (feat. piri)

Supermode, 1991 - Tell Me Why - 1991 Remix

Turno, Skepsis, Charlotte Plank - Rave Out

Vibe Chemistry - Loca

Wilkinson, ILIRA, iiola, Tom Cane - Infinity (feat. ILIRA, iiola & Tom Cane)

Willow Kayne, General Levy - Mr Universe (feat. General Levy)

Y U QT - Y'all Ready For Dis

[IVY] - looking 4 me

goddard., Charlotte Haining - Feel Like That

goddard., Greentea Peng - Downers - Rework

venbee, Rudimental - die young

A-Trak, Lee Foss, Ferreck Dawn, Uncle Chucc - Free - Ferreck Dawn Remix

ARTBAT, Another Life - Breathe In (Short Mix)

ATRIP - Fever

Ae:ther - Disco Biscuit

Alex Metric, Dot Major - See This Through

Anyma, Cassian, Poppy Baskcomb - Save Me

Avidus - Pan

Azzecca - Aerial Phenomenon

Azzecca - Aerial Phenomenon

Azzecca - Ego Death

BLOND:ISH, Francis Mercier, Amadou & Mariam, Carlita - Sete - Carlita Remix

BLOND:ISH, KeeQ, Tamara Blessa - Remember Me

BLOND:ISH, Madonna, Miss Monique, Eran Hersh, Darmon - Sorry (with Madonna) - Miss Monique Remix

BLR - Guru

BLR, Robbie Rise, Guz - Lipstick (feat. Robbie Rise) - GUZ Remix

Barry Can't Swim - Dance of the Crab - Edit

Betoko, Eli & Fur - Raining Again - Eli & Fur Remix

Booka Shade - Circulate (Together)

Brisotti - Papillon

CamelPhat, Josh Gigante - Your Mind

Cassian, ICEHOUSE - Great Southern Land

Chris Stussy - All Night Long

Cristoph - Saints & Sinners

Cristoph - You

Cumbiafrica, TR3NACRIA, Lizwi - Sikulambele

Curol, Soulmanic - Mistery Lady

DJ BORING - Can't Fix A Broken Heart

Dark Heart, Roland Clark - The Time Is Now

Demuir - Side Piece

Denis Horvat - Portrait Of A Lady

Dennis Cruz, Leo Wood - What U Doing

Depart - There Beside

Disclosure - Go The Distance

Disclosure - Simply Won't Do

Disfreq - Como

Drumstone - Yula

Duke Dumont - The Chant - For Club Play Only, Pt. 8

Eddy M - No More

Elderbrook, Adriatique - I Need You - Adriatique Remix

Elderbrook, Yotto - Tied To You - Yotto Remix

Elfenberg - Belters Inc

Estiva - Seven Six Four

Eynka, Adriatique - Beyond Us - Hatshepsut Version

Fabrication, Leo Wood - The Muze

Finnebassen - Sekvens

Franky Wah, Vintage Culture, THEMBA - Alive - THEMBA Remix

Gene Farris - Moving 2 The Future

Giorgia Angiuli - Magical Signs

Gorgon City - Rumblah

Green Velvet, Marco Lys - Bigger Than Prince - Marco Lys Remix

Grigoré - El Tiempo

Grigoré - Hyperreal

Guz, Hannah Boleyn - Time After Time

HoneyLuv, Dope Earth Alien - Sway (feat. Dope Earth Alien)

Icarus - Catch Your Breath

JOPLYN - Speak To Me

JOPLYN, Einmusik - KEEP ME IN YOUR MIND - Einmusik Remix

Jeremy Olander - Coral

Jeremy Olander - Gator

John Summit, Hayla, Gorgon City - Where You Are - Gorgon City Remix

Joshwa - Magalenha

Kevin de Vries - Pegasus

Kill Them With Colour - Musa

Kölsch - Environ

Kölsch, Kevin de Vries - Gate

Kölsch, Kevin de Vries - Masterplan

Kölsch, Troels Abrahamsen, ARTBAT - All That Matters - ARTBAT Remix

LUCATI - Overnight

Lana Del Rey, Anyma - Say Yes To Heaven - Anyma Remix

Layer J - Get Up

Layer J - Jooh

Layer J - Lola

Layer J - Twister

Liva K - You Can Dance Now

Marco Lys, Tube & Berger - Starter

Massano - The Blaze

Matt Sassari, Soshy - Back To This (feat. SoShy)

Maverick Sabre, Jorja Smith, James Cole - Slow Down - James Cole Remix

Maxinne, Mizbee - Inside The Rhythm (feat. Mizbee)

Mita Gami - Sun

Nico de Andrea, Vanetty - Ethnica

OLING - Gershwin

Oxia - Hold The Night

Oxia, Antdot, Albuquerque - Slide - Antdot & Albuquerque Remix Edit

Parallelle, Nicolas Masseyeff, Adam Ten, Mita Gami - Renegade - Adam Ten & Mita Gami Remix

Peggy Gou - (It Goes Like) Nanana - Edit

Pryda - Of Me - Edit

Pryda - The Return - Edit

RY X, Carlita - Borderline (Carlita Remix) - Edit

Riva Starr, Dajae - The Loft - Emmanuel Satie Mix

Shiba San, Tchami - I Wanna - Tchami Remix

Simon Field - Let This One Ride

Skatman, Tal Fussman - Save Me - Tal Fussman Remix

Space Motion, Kashovski, Idd Aziz - Hingo - Radio Edit

Stephan Jolk - Morning Comes

TH;EN - Katania

THEMBA - The Rhythm

THEMBA, Nico de Andrea, Franky Wah, Tasan - Disappear - Franky Wah Remix

TIBASKO, Azzecca - Still Rushing - Azzecca Remix

TOBEHONEST - Daka - Original Mix

Tal Fussman - Get By

Tal Fussman - Move Your Hips

Tal Fussman - Parallel Reality

Thomas Newson, Simon Ray - Tacheté

Tinlicker - All That I Lost

Tripolism, Nandu, Radeckt - Dope Dance

Vintage Culture, Bhaskar, Meca, The Vic - Tina

Y U QT, Dusky - Rush

Yotto - Ingern

anamē, Lydmor - Someone We Used To Love

biskuwi - Io

jackLNDN - Bad Decisions

lau.ra, Rye Rye, Junior Simba - I See You - Junior Simba Remix

3LAU, CXLOE - Worst Case

ARMNHMR, Lights - Someone To Forget

ARMNHMR, RUNN - Falling Apart

AVAION - Broken


AVAION, MAGNUS - Where did you go

Above & Beyond, Justine Suissa - Almost Home

Adventure Club, NURKO, Dayseeker - Colorblind (feat. Dayseeker)

Alan Walker, Emma Steinbakken - Not You

Alison Wonderland - Down The Line

Alison Wonderland - Fear Of Dying

Anabel Englund, Yotto - Waiting For You

Armin van Buuren, R3HAB, Simon Ward - Love We Lost (with R3HAB)

Armin van Buuren, Sam Gray - Human Touch

Audien, Cate Downey - Wish It Was You

Audien, Joe Jury - Drifting Away

Audien, XIRA - One Last Dance

BKAYE - All In My Head

BKAYE - My Mistake

BUNT. - Lose It All (I Don't Wanna)

Borgeous - You're Not Mine

Camden Cox - Oblivion

Clara La San - In This Darkness

CloZee, Jead - Please Come Home

Cristoph, Yotto, Sansa - Out Of Reach

Curbi, Helen - Losing Sleep

Dabin, Trella - Starbright

Dabin, Trella - Worlds Away

Deorro, Lost Boy - Nobody Like You (feat. Lost Boy)

Dimension, Poppy Baskcomb - Where Do We Go (feat. Poppy Baskcomb)

Don Diablo - Beyond the Fire

DubVision, The Him - Sometimes

Duke & Jones, Marlhy - Call Me

Duke & Jones, Marlhy - State Of Mind

Dusky - Lonely Dulcimer

Elderbrook - Broken Mirror

Elderbrook, Emmit Fenn - I’ll Find My Way To You

Elderbrook, Vintage Culture - Talk It Over

Elephante, SABAI - Love Again

Falling North, Zack Gray - Dead In The Water (feat. Zack Gray)

Fedde Le Grand, Vince Freeman - Devils

Felix Cartal, Elohim - Nothing Good Comes Easy

Flight Facilities, BROODS - FOREVER (feat. BROODS)

Flight School, Bipolar Sunshine - I Miss U

Forester - Wish You Well

Franky Wah, LOWES - Not In Love (feat. LOWES)

Fred again.. - Jessie (i miss you)

Fred again.., Yung Bleu - Bleu (better with time)

Friendzone, Parker, sad alex - Read Your Mind (with sad alex)

Gareth Emery, Maria Lynn - Missing You

Giolì & Assia - Bittersweet Love (Hey Oh)

Goodboys, AVAION - Numb

Goodboys, Benny Benassi - Further Away

Gryffin, Jason Ross, Calle Lehmann - After You (feat. Calle Lehmann)

HALIENE, Elephante - Hollow

HUGEL, Benjamin Ingrosso - Black & Blue

Halsey, ILLENIUM - Without Me - ILLENIUM Remix

Hayla - Treading Water

Hessian, Emma Mae - White Lie

Holiday87, Minke - Sweet Nothings (feat. Minke)

ILLENIUM, Tori Kelly - Blame Myself

Jai Wolf, Evalyn - Want It All (feat. Evalyn)

Jai Wolf, MYRNE - (I Dread The Day He Takes You To) Paris [feat. MYRNE]

James Carter, Lucas Estrada - Lovers Say Goodbye

Jason Ross - One Time

Jason Ross, Blanke, Chandler Leighton - One More Day (with Chandler Leighton)

Jonasu, Clara Mae - Can’t Do Both (with Clara Mae)

Kasbo, Frida Sundemo - Shut The World Out

Kaskade - Where Did You Go

Kaskade, deadmau5, Sofi Tukker, Kx5 - Sacrifice

Krakota, Fred V, Tudor - Back To Me

Kygo, Dean Lewis - Lost Without You (with Dean Lewis)

Lane 8, Arctic Lake - What Have You Done To Me?

Lane 8, Julia Church - Oh, Miles

Lastlings - Gravity

Lastlings - Out My Head

Lemon & Herb, Julia Church - Forget You

Lilly Ahlberg - Cold

Linney - Super Human

Lost Kings, Kiddo A.I. - Save Me (feat. Kiddo A.I.)

MAGNUS, Zeli - Good Enough


MOTi, CORSAK, Georgia Ku - Back To You

Manila Killa, EVAN GIIA, camoufly - Best Part About You - camoufly Remix

Manila Killa, TRACE - Never Easy

Mansionair, Vandelux - Empty Promise

Mike Perry, hazel - Hero

MitiS, Crystal Skies, Linney - Gone

MitiS, SOUNDR - Homesick (feat. SOUNDR)

NOTD, Nightly - about you

NURKO, Chandler Leighton - Disappearing Now

Nora Van Elken, Clara Mae - Way Out

Nu Aspect, Jamis, Poppy Baskcomb - Miss You

ODESZA, Sasha Alex Sloan - Falls

ODESZA, The Knocks - Love Letter

OTR, Shallou - Heart

Olivver the Kid, Said The Sky - We Know Who We Are

Otherwise Fine, Emily Rowed - Shipwreck


Pauline Herr, joegarratt - heartbreak (feat. joegarratt)

Peking Duk - Chemicals

RÜFÜS DU SOL - On My Knees

Rome in Silver - Waiting...

SABAI, Adam Pearce, Zack Gray - Trust Issues

SABAI, Madalen Duke - Love For You

SAINT - Goodbye

SILK - Quiver

SLANDER, Dylan Matthew - Love Is Gone

SLANDER, Dylan Matthew - Replay (with Dylan Matthew)

SLANDER, Fairlane, Jonathan Mendelsohn - Hurts Sometimes (with Jonathan Mendelsohn)

Said The Sky, ILLENIUM, Chelsea Cutler - Walk Me Home

Sam Feldt, Gavin James - Better

San Holo - feel something real

San Holo - i don't feel anything anymore

San Holo, Jai Wolf - We Will Meet Again

Sander van Doorn, ONR - Temper Temper (feat. ONR)

Scorz, Mokita - Scared of Us

Serhat Durmus, Georgia Ku - My Feelings

Seven Lions, GG Magree, Gem & Tauri - Miss You (feat. GG Magree) - Seven Lions and Gem & Tauri Remix

Seven Lions, Lights - Stop Thinking (feat. Lights)

Shallou - Corners

Shallou - Heartaches

Shallou, Ashe - Good Together

Shallou, Emmit Fenn - All Your Days

Silience - I Don't Wanna Know

Slow Magic - Avoiding Pain

Steve Aoki, Regard, mazie - New York ft. mazie

TSHA, Clementine Douglas - Anxious Mind

TWO LANES, Kwesi - Another Time

Tep No, Tilsen - Once You Love Someone

The Chainsmokers - iPad

Throttle - I Walk This Earth All By Myself

Tom Finster, barking continues - Save Yourself

Trivecta, Jay Mason - Sail Away (feat. Jay Mason)

Tungevaag - Not the One

Tyla - To Last

Ummet Ozcan, Frogmonster, Karra - Remember the Summer (feat. Karra)

William Black - Deep End

William Black, Fairlane - Broken

Win and Woo, PENNYWILD - I Think I’m Over You

ZHU, Yuna - Sky Is Crying

Zack Gray - What It Used To Be

ayokay - Right For You

ayokay, Nightly - Amnesia (with Nightly)

keshi, Jai Wolf - blue - Jai Wolf Remix

nøll, Gina Livia, damnboy! - i...

piri, Tommy Villiers - nice 2 me

twocolors, Safri Duo, Chris de Sarandy - Cynical

yetep, Caslow, Lexi Scatena - First Place

yetep, KLAXX, GLNNA - Damaged

1tbsp - Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound

ATRIP - Für Nimmer

ATRIP - So Sweet

Absolutely - Patterns

Addison Groove - Eh Wut

Ana Barrena, Fdluxx - Hot Under Lights

Anunaku - Andromeda

Art School Girlfriend - Heaven Hanging Low

Bacavi - All I Feel

Banditt, Clarcq - Pinot

Big Miz - Believe - Radio Edit

CC:DISCO!, Confidence Man - Chez Moi (Waiting For You) - Edit

Call Super, Eden Samara - Sapling

Charli Brix - Fifty Fifty

Chloé Caillet - Move Up

Cian B, Rico 56 - Lights Down Low

Cimm - Day 1

DRIIA - Anyone I Want

Dejector - These Days

Dejector, The Naked Eye, Sensu - Light - Sensu Remix

Demuja, Kolter - Bonzai

Drinks On Me - You & Me (Words)

Drinks On Me, Why So Low - Don’t You

ELEANOR - Thin End of The Wedge

Eljé - Bout To Lose It

Ellie Mary - Catch My Flow

Emi Navarro, 5.A.M - Better Off Alone

Femes, ELLES - Modern Life - ELLES cry at night remix

Fredwave - LA LA

Headache - The Party that Never Ends

Jacana People, Antony Szmierek - Twist Forever

Jaish, JACK MARLOW - Dom Fike

Jako Diaz, Wen Yu, Nina Carr - Remedy

Just Geo - ALLURE

KAM-BU, Fredwave - WOAH

Kenya Grace - Meteor

Kiimi - Know Someone

Kiimi - Sun Goes Down - Edit

Kloyd - Don't Feel Like It Did


LCY - Heartbreaker

Lauren Lo Sung - Shroom

Lawrence Hart - How The Light Gets In

Loraine James, RiTchie - Déjà Vu

MISOGI, No Rome - SHOEGAZING (feat. No Rome)

Maya Jane Coles - In2u

Maya Randle - attraction

Maya Randle - notice

Model Man - Body Positive

Mona Vale - Take Me There

Morena Santi, D'larm - Bluff

Niia, Ian Isiah, Logic1000 - Targa - Logic1000 Remix

OCULA, Fractures - We Don't Need A Reason Why

Oppidan, camoufly, SHIMA - See Me

Otik - Oxytoxin


Pat Lagoon - Carousel

Pearling - Kiera ♡

Pocket - Crying at Supermac's

Pocket, KLOE - Evergreen (feat. KLOE)

Prozak - Like This

Rochelle Jordan, Keys N Krates - What You Done - Late Nite Mix

Rory James - Only You

Ros T - Heartbeats Follow - Club Mix

SHEE - win your love

Sensu - Clear My Mind

Sensu - Fuse

Sensu - Night Drive

Skepta, Jammer, Etta Bond - Touching My Body

Sosa UK - Dusty Showbiz

Swimming Paul - Fknow It

Ten Ven - What About You

Tom Jarmey - Stacked Chamber

Tyvion Valentine - Baby

UNREFINED - Find You - Radio Edit

Uffie, DRIIA - The Ecstasy

Uncle Knows - Wisdom Knows

VTSS, yunè pinku - Make You Scream - yunè pinku Remix

[IVY] - Close To Me

anamē - Anywhere (Road Trippin')

mustbejohn - Buzz

mustbejohn - Deep End

ones, Kehina - changes (feat. Kehina)

t e s t p r e s s - U

t e s t p r e s s - i just wanna go

veggi, Ella Rosa - OFF+ON

whatyoudid. - Smoke

wilo wilde - shy girl

yunè pinku - Heartbeat

yunè pinku - Night Light

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