Traxsource Afro House Top 100 + Bonus Tracks February 2024

DATA: 2024-02-12, TOTAL: 143, GENRE: Afro House

  • If you’re looking for the hottest and freshest Afro House tunes of the month, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of the best tracks from the Traxsource Afro House Top 100 + Bonus Tracks February 2024 list, which features a diverse and exciting selection of artists and genres. Whether you’re into soulful vocals, tribal rhythms, or deep grooves, you’ll find something to suit your taste and mood. Here are three tracks that caught our attention:

    • Hey Hey by Dennis Ferrer (Jack Back Extended Remix): This classic house anthem gets a modern and energetic makeover by Jack Back, the alias of David Guetta. The remix adds some punchy drums, catchy synths, and a funky bassline to the original vocals, creating a dancefloor-ready banger that will make you want to move.
    • Davul by Luis Radio: This track is a pure Afro House gem, with a hypnotic percussion loop, a melodic flute, and a tribal chant. The track builds up gradually, adding layers of sound and creating a mesmerizing atmosphere. This is a perfect track for a sunset session or a chill-out vibe.
    • How He Works by Louie Vega (Coflo Remix): Coflo delivers a stunning remix of Louie Vega’s track, featuring the soulful vocals of Nico Vega. The remix adds some deep and warm chords, a smooth piano, and a groovy bassline, creating a sophisticated and elegant sound. This is a track that showcases the beauty and depth of Afro House.


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Afronautas - Were Were - Afro Mix
Afronautas - Were Were
Andreas Horvat,Lizwi - Memeza - Deep Soul Remix
Andreas Horvat,Lizwi - Memeza - Escape To Berlin Remix
Andreas Horvat,Lizwi - Memeza - Raw Deep Africa Remix
Angel Doza,Cristofer Laroye - En la Quinta
Anthony Joseph,Osunlade - Botanique - Osunlade Yoruba Soul Mix
Antonio Ocasio,Janine Sugah Lyrics Lyons - Sacred Tones
Aroop Roy - Mama Mwana
Aroop Roy,Fox Meropa - Re Bulele
Aroop Roy,Fox Meropa,FNX OMAR - Re Bulele - FNX Omar remix
Atamu - Jenifa
Blanco K - Inner Vision - Instrumental Mix
Blanco K - Inner Vision
Blizzard Beats - Queen of Sheba, Pt. 2
Bob Sinclar,THEMBA,Steve Edwards - World Hold On - THEMBA Remix
Budda Sage - Into The Night
Camilo Salazar - Ayofe - Extended Mix
Carlos Gómez (VE) - Ábreme el Pecho
Cee ElAssaad,Babalwa Soul - Indabazakho - Instrumental Mix
Cee ElAssaad,Babalwa Soul - Indabazakho - Vocal Mix
Channel Collen,Timmy Regisford - Medicine - Timmy Regisford Edit
Christos Fourkis - Buenos Dias
Coke Segwapa,HyperSOUL-X,Timmy Regisford - Phumelela - Timmy Regisford Edit
DJ G,Timmy Regisford - Yemanja - Timmy Regisford Edit
DJ IC - Thyme
DJ Merlon,Enoo Napa - BroCode
DJ Mike T Brown,RayJodye - It's Alright - Festival Mix
DJ Mike T Brown,RayJodye - It's Alright - Psycedelic Afro Mix
Danilo Braca,Ron Trent,Timmy Regisford - Sïana (Woza Woza) - (Ron Trent Remix) [Timmy Regisford Edit]
Darque - April
Darque,Thandi Draai - Yonke
Dave Anthony - Kemetic Souls
Dave Anthony - Rise of The Etherians
Dave Anthony,El Deep - Good Enough
Dave Anthony,Prefix One - Dawn Raid
Demayä,Aleksandra Krstic,Fka Mash - Shadows - Fka Mash Remix
Demayä,Aleksandra Krstic,Samm (BE),Samm - Shadows - Samm (BE) Remix
Dennis Ferrer,Da Capo,Kitty Amor - Hey Hey - Da Capo & Kitty Amor Extended Remix
Dennis Ferrer,Jack Back,David Guetta - Hey Hey - Jack Back Extended Remix
Diego Romero - Let Love
Domboshaba - Cheke (Club Mix)
Doug Gomez,Cee ElAssaad,Nuzu Deep - You & I - Instrumental Mix
Doug Gomez,Cee ElAssaad,Nuzu Deep - You & I - Original Mix
Echo Deep,Michael King,Timmy Regisford - Wahambelani (feat. Michael King) - Timmy Regisford Edit
El Deep - Exhale
El Deep - Nsoromma
Eman S,Ultramax,Jazzman M,Zimbili,Zamagcwabe - Somandla
Enzo Siffredi,Joezi - Star Nights
Ethiopian Chyld - Mutual Feeling
Ethiopian Chyld,Afro Descent - Mutual Feeling - Ethiopian Chyld & Afro Descent Remix
FNX OMAR,Mr. V - The Place
Fish Go Deep,Tracey K,Atmos Blaq - The Cure & The Cause - Atmos Blaq Extended Remix
GABRI&SILVE - Periodico De Ayer
GUAPO (AO) - Angelina
Gianni Romano,Emanuele Esposito,Helen Tesfazghi,Moojo - It's Not Right - Moojo Remix
Gonzomusic,Tony Bradley - 5 O'Clock
Groove Junkies,Munk Julious,Solara - Dialed In - Groove Junkies & Deep Soul Syndicate Afro Vox
Groove Junkies,Munk Julious,Solara - Dialed In - Groove Junkies & Deep Soul Syndicate Afromental
Groove Junkies,Munk Julious,Solara - Dialed In - Groove Junkies & Deep Soul Syndicate Beats Mix
Influence Peddlers,Timmy Regisford - Nebula - Timmy Regisford Edit
Iñaky Garcia,Shanti Clasing - Padrum Drum
Jack Freeman,Oscar P - I See You (Oscar P Rework)
Joezi,Coco,Pape Diouf - 7 Seconds
Joezi,Enzo Siffredi,Baqabond - Kuparara
Joezi,Kususa,Maline Aura - Duda
Jonathan Rosa - Separate Reality
K.O.D,Afro Wav,Timmy Regisford - Chants From The Motherland - Timmy Regisford Edit
K.O.D,DJ Satelite,Timmy Regisford - Gears Of War - Timmy Regisford Edit
KW Griff,Porkchop - Bring In The Katz - Original Mix
KW Griff,Porkchop,B.More - Bring In The Katz - B-More Klubstrumental
KW Griff,Porkchop,DJ Spen - Bring In The Katz - DJ Spen Remix
KW Griff,Porkchop,DJ Spen - Bring In The Katz - DJ Spenstrumental
KW Griff,Porkchop,Thommy Davis,Kasper Burnstein - Bring In The Katz - Thommy Davis & Kasper Burnstein Remix
Kasango,QT-HIGH,ROBINS - Lost
Kashovski - Bad Man
LevyM - Bluebird
Liva K,atsou,Lazarusman - 100 Horses
Louie Vega,Nico Vega,Coflo - How He Works (feat. Nico Vega) - Coflo Remix
Luis Vargas - Love
Malumz on Decks,Mpho.Wav - Teka
Manoo - The Dub
Manybeat,Sampw,Peppe Citarella - La Guerra - Citarella ITA Mix
Masaki Morii - DPCT 4
Masaki Morii - Feel Like Dub
Masaki Morii - Groove With Dub
Mathik - Jardinera
Melchyor A,Laroye - Get It - Laroye Remix
MoBlack,James Stewart,Anis Hachemi - Sabor
MoBlack,James Stewart,Anis Hachemi,Giu Diana - Sabor - Giu Diana Remix
MoIsh,Vasilis,Thoby Dladla,Timmy Regisford - Culo (feat. Thoby Dladla) - Timmy Regisford Edit
Moojo,Bun Xapa - Hate It Or Love It
Moojo,Bun Xapa - Toujours VIF
Moon J - Know What You Want
Moon Rocket - Moon Work One - Midnight Mix
Morena - Moya
Mr. Moudz - Ahora
Natema,Soldera,Bonitah - Volar - Radio Mix
Nick Pappa - Maneye
Niki Muxx - Tumhe
Nitefreak,Emmanuel Jal - Gorah
Norty Cotto,DJ Stingray,Janetza - Get On Your Feet - Norty Cotto Bounce Back Remix
Norty Cotto,DJ Stingray,Janetza - Get On Your Feet - Norty Cotto OCD Groove Mix
Osunlade,James Curd - Chocolate Puddin'
Osunlade,James Curd,FNX OMAR - Chocolate Puddin' - FNX Omar Remix
PEATY - Bamako
Rabs Vhafuwi,Bukeka,AM Flow - Ndizifihla Kuwe - AMflow Instrumental
Rabs Vhafuwi,Bukeka,AM Flow - Ndizifihla Kuwe - AMflow Remix
Rafäl,Coco,DJ Chus - There's Something - DJ CHUS Remix
Realm of House - Dont Stop - Arawakan Drum Mix
Realm of House - Jungle Circus - Arawakan Drum mix
Robert Vaughan - Two Horizons
Robin M,Rêve,Manoo - Through The Night - Manoo Remix
Ron Hall,Thommy Davis,DJ Spen - Bam A Lam - Spen & Thommy's Original Re-Edit
Ron Hall,Thommy Davis,Sahib Muhammad,DJ Spen - Bam A Lam - Sahib Muhammad + DJ Spen 4X4 Monster Remix
Ron Hall,Thommy Davis,Sahib Muhammad,DJ Spen - Bam A Lam - Sahib Muhammad + DJ Spen Afro Mix
Ron Hall,Thommy Davis,Sahib Muhammad,DJ Spen - Bam A Lam - Sahib Muhammad + DJ Spen Stripped To The Beat Mix
Saint Riolo - Drums Of Mbombela
Saint Riolo - Isikhalo
Sebastian Rivero - Bourama
Shino Blackk - Blackk Has Spoken
Shredder SA - Mfana Seshego
Shredder SA,Marco Pex,Lyrical Ivy - Horizon
SiiNA - Memento mori
Silyvi,Two Strong - Quando Fui A Benguela
Soubeiran,Criss Ull - Kubewa
Sparrow & Barbossa,Jay Fase - ChanChan
Stimming,Ben Watt,Julia Biel,Timmy Regisford,Marco Pex,104 BPM - Bright Star - Marco Pex & 104 BPM Remix [Timmy Regisford Edit]
Tayllor,Aaron Sevilla,Lizwi - Yibona - Radio Edit
Trekkah,Nuzu Deep,DJ IC,Timmy Regisford - Voices (feat. Nuzu Deep) - [DJ IC Remix] [Timmy Regisford Edit]
Ultramax,Eman S - Ghost
Ultramax,Eman S,Jazzman M - Ancestral Reflections
Walter G,TSOS - Danger Street - TSOS Percussion Dub Remix
WhoisBriantech,Jovonn,Oscar P - DAT ReCord (Oscar P Rework)
Will Guedez - Century
Yaacov - Sodade

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