Traxsource Broken Beat / Nu-Jazz Top 100 + Bonus Tracks 2024-01-13

DATA: 2024-01-14 TOTAL: 185 GENRE: Broken Beat / Nu-Jazz

If you are looking for some fresh and innovative sounds in the realm of Broken Beat / Nu-Jazz, you should check out the latest releases from some of the most talented artists in the scene. Whether you prefer the smooth and soulful vibes of Fragment Of Sunlight by M-Scape and T.A.M.M.I, the funky and groovy beats of Carib’s Leap by Ian Friday, or the jazzy and eclectic melodies of Rusty Organs by Deepconsoul and Luis Hendricks, you will find something to suit your taste and mood. These are just some of the amazing tracks that you can discover in the Broken Beat / Nu-Jazz genre, a fusion of jazz, funk, soul, and electronic music that will keep you hooked and inspired.




2000black - Soursop & Mango

Antonio Ocasio,Coflo - Protecting My Peace

Atjazz,Mark de Clive-Lowe - Awake We Stay

Atjazz - Running Home

Augusto Gagliardi - Don't You Know - Extended Mix

Augusto Gagliardi - Rainy Day - Extended Mix

Banda Favela,Alex Phountzi - Samba 2150 - Alex Phountzi Remix

Boet Quality - Semper Fi - Astral Mix

Boet Quality - Short For Amazing

Boet Quality - S'presis - Astral Mix

Bruk Rogers,Onj,Roberta Silva - Deusa

Bruk Rogers,Onj - Deusa - Instrumental

Bruk Rogers - Get Low

Buika,Kiko Navarro - El Silencio

Chaos In The CBD,Lee Pearson Jr. Collective,K LaDawn,Joe Armon-Jones - It's up to Me - Instrumental

Chaos In The CBD,Lee Pearson Jr. Collective,K LaDawn,Joe Armon-Jones - It's up to Me

Clan Greco,Silvia Donati - Astrao - Duran Y Garcia Remix

Cody Currie,Ally McMahon - Furball

Cody Currie,Cor.Ece - Hot Water

Cody Currie,Dan Shake - Cash - Dan Shake Remix

Cody Currie,Jamie 3:26 - Money - Jamie 3:26 Remix

Cody Currie,Marlena Dae - Holding On

Cody Currie,Mik - Yes Bruv

Cody Currie,Sam Ruffillo,Kapote - Cash - Sam Ruffillo & Kapote Remix

Cody Currie,Stee Downes,Mik - Everynight

Cody Currie,Stee Downes,Vincenzo - Everynight - Vincenzo Remix

Cody Currie - Ghost

Colonel Red,Ziggy Funk - Feel the Rush - Ziggy Funk Refix

Cybophonia,Hefner - Cut & Past - Hefner Remix

DJ Disciple,Brooklyn Soul boys - Fort Greene Jazzmatazz

DJ Gomi feat. Byron Stingily - Hot Nights - Kenny Dope's Rhythm Mix

DJ Romain,Nedelka - I Didn't Know - LP Mix

Deepconsoul,Dj Unotty,Morris Revy - Mystery

Deepconsoul,Dj Unotty - My Life

Deepconsoul,Freeman Gumede - Praise

Deepconsoul,Luis Hendricks - Rusty Organs

Dego,Samii - Take Me Away (feat. Samii)

De'sean Jones - Psalm 23

Detroit Rising,EVM128 - Gorgeous - Evm128 Remix

Detroit Rising,Jimpster - Rocket Love - Jimpster Dub

Detroit Rising,Jimpster - Rocket Love - Jimpster Remix

Detroit Rising,Kaidi Tatham - Our World - Kaidi Tatham Remix

Detroit Rising,Kaidi Tatham - Peace & Harmony - Kaidi Tatham Remix

Dom Um Romao,Catalyst - Sambao - Catalyst Mix

Dom Um Romao,Ian O'Brien - Groovystation - Ian O'Brien Remix

Dom Um Romao,Opaque - Lake of Perseverance - Opaque Remix

Domu - Spy Eye

Don Kamares,Stan Smith - UNWU - Don Kamares JazBruk Mix

Don Kamares,Stan Smith - UNWU - Don Kamares Mix

Don Pascal,Atjazz - Praia Da Laginha - Atjazz Remix

Don Welch,Doug Gomez - Beijo 2.0 - Merecumbe Soul Musica Mix

Don Welch,Doug Gomez - Beijo 2.0 - Merecumbe Soul Radio Mix

Dread Flimstone - From The Ghetto - Modern Tone Family Mix

Echoes Of A New Dawn Orchestra - Substream

Energy Exchange Ensemble,Allysha Joy,Cody Currie - Smiling Down on Me

Energy Exchange Ensemble,Allysha Joy - Brighter Star

Energy Exchange Ensemble,CC Dance Orchestra - On My Toes

Energy Exchange Ensemble,King Owusu,Ziggy Zeitgeist - Obana - Zeitgeist 808 Remix

Energy Exchange Ensemble,Oscar Jerome - Lime Green Skies

Energy Exchange Ensemble - East Moon

Envee,Zed Bias - Styrax - 2-Step Remix

Envee - Styrax

Faze Liquide - Diabolique

Harold Matthews Jr,Black Sonix,Haze City - Deep Into My Sleep - Haze City Remix

Harold Matthews Jr,Sean McCabe,Turbojazz - Metronome - Turbojazz Remix

Helena Kay's KIM Trio,Don Pascal - Strawberry Terrace - Don Pascal Remix

Henna Onna,Heat Alliance - Get Away - Heat Alliance Remix

Henna Onna,Simplex Motive - Naito Raida - Simplex Motive Remix

Henna Onna - Get Away - Original Mix

Henna Onna - Naito Raida - Original Mix

Isis - In Essense

Ithamara Koorax,Parov Stelar - O Vento - Parov Stelar Remix

Jaymz Nylon,Recloose - One Nation - Recloose Remix

Jaziacs - Farside

Jazzanova,Kyoto Jazz Massive - Face at My Window - Kyoto Jazz Massive Remix

Jazzanova,Kyoto Jazz Massive - Face at My Window - Yoshi's Edit

Jazzanova,Sean Haefeli,Kyoto Jazz Massive,musclecars - Beyond the Dream

Jazzanova,Sean Haefeli,Kyoto Jazz Massive,musclecars - Face at My Window

Jazzanova,musclecars - Beyond The Dream - musclecars’ Reimagination Instrumental

Jazzanova,musclecars - Beyond the Dream - musclecars' Radio Version

Jazzanova,musclecars - Beyond the Dream - musclecars' Reimagination

John Beltran - Em Trancoso

June Jazzin,Emma Lamadji,El Payo - Mbi Ke Na Mo - El Payo Remix

June Jazzin,Nathi Mlambo - Vimba - Instrumental

June Jazzin,Nathi Mlambo - Vimba - Original Mix

June Jazzin - Asambeni Makholwa - Original Mix

June Jazzin - Unfriendly Guest - Original Mix

Kabuki,Atjazz - Tempest - Atjazz Remix

Kaidi Tatham - Confidence With Attitude

Kaidi Tatham - Fricassee

Kelvin Sylvester,Lee Wilson,SoulLab - You're In My System - SoulLab Vocal Mix

Kelvin Sylvester,Lee Wilson - You're In My System - SoulLab Spiritual Vocal Mix

Kenny Dolo,Godfrey,Deepconsoul Motion - 330ml - Deepconsoul Motion Remix

Kevin Yost,Brooke Harper - Jazz Is - Distant Jazz Remix

Kuna Maze,Midva - Don't Drop Dead

Kuna Maze,Midva - Don't Know

Kuna Maze,Reinel Bakole - Reflections

Kuna Maze,Steve Spacek - I Told U

Kuna Maze - Broken Light

Kuna Maze - Dawn

Kuna Maze - First Order

Kuna Maze - Jimbo

Kuna Maze - Late Night Tales

Kuna Maze - On The Way

Kuna Maze - Samosa

Kuna Maze - Smoke Break

Kuna Maze - Zeitnot

Kyoto Jazz Massive,Shuya Okino,ROOT SOUL - Get It Together - Shuya Okino & ROOT SOUL Remix

Kyoto Jazz Massive - The Mask - Aartek Jets Remix

Kyoto Jazz Quartet - Transcend Me

Kyoto Jazz Sextet,Navasha Daya - Still In Love

M-Scape,T.A.M.M.I - Fragment Of Sunlight

M-Scape - Body Movin'

M-Scape - Harmonized Blacc

Mains Ignition - Testify

Mark de Clive-Lowe,Coflo - Joyful Resistance, Pt. I - Coflo Remix

Mark de Clive-Lowe,Foursixone - Crush Velvet - Foursixone Remix

Mark de Clive-Lowe,Kabuki - Joyful Resistance, Pt. I - Kabuki Remix

Mark de Clive-Lowe,Laroye - Crush Velvet - Laroye Remix

Mark de Clive-Lowe,Sound of Fractures - Blue Hour - Sound of Fractures Remix

Matica - Boatman

Max Sedgley,Tasita D'Mour,King Kooba - Gotta Get Up (King Kooba's Jazzual House Relik)

Michal Martyniuk,Kaidi Tatham,Vanessa Freeman - How Do We Make It? (Kaidi Tatham Remix)

Miguel Scott,Blushift - Broken Layers

Napoli Underground,Papa Dj,Larss - Jazzin in Paris

Natasha Watts,Atjazz,David Doyle - I Am Me - Atjazz Remix Instrumental

Natasha Watts,Atjazz,David Doyle - I Am Me - Atjazz Remix

Night Trains,Afrika Bambaataa - Russian Roulette - Previously Unreleased Mix

Nubian Mindz - Samba 909

Ohm Guru,Jimpster - Heart and Soul - Jimpster Remix

Qusok - Solace

ROOT SOUL,Leon King - Feeling Good - Shuya Okino Re-Edit

Reel People,Jag - Second Guess - RP's Club Mix

Rob Redford - Factory 2659

Rob Redford - Makin Ends Meet

Rob Redford - Rain In July

Rob Redford - We Will Be Here

Roberto Pedoto - Soul Broken - Original Mix

Saul,Allysha Joy - The Light

Sean McCabe - It's My Life - Sean’s 6am Dub

Sebb Junior,Muhsinah,Kaidi Tatham - Special - Kaidi Tatham Instrumental Remix

Sebb Junior,Muhsinah,Kaidi Tatham - Special - Kaidi Tatham Remix

Siggatunez - Come Together

Siggatunez - Decisions

Siggatunez - How U Feel

Sohan Wilson - Beloved

Sohan Wilson - My Soul

Sohan Wilson - Power To The People

Sohan Wilson - Sunday In The Park

Soulstance,Jazz 2 More - Come With Me

Soulstance,Jazz 2 More - Don't Know Why

Soulstance,Jazz 2 More - Feeling The Way

Soulstance,Jazz 2 More - Funny Funky

Soulstance,Jazz 2 More - One Up One Down

Soulstance,Jazz 2 More - See You Again

Soulstance,Jazz 2 More - The Lonely Day

Soulstance,Jazz 2 More - Turn Me On

Soulstance,Jazz 2 More - What I Do

Soulstance,Jazz 2 More - Winter Day

Soulstance,The Modern African Spirit - Land Of Love

Stockholm Cyclo,Kabuki - Music Is All This - Kabuki Remix

Stockholm Cyclo - Ubuhuha

Sunlightsquare - I Believe In Miracles - Broken Party Animal Mix, Instrumental

T.Williams,Tendai,Karizma - You Take Me High (feat. Tendai) - Karizma Hi Grade Revizion Instrumental

Tantan - Dopesnotfunkae

Tatie Dee,Black Loops - Bed and Break Fast - Black Loops Remix

The 8 Beat Quartet - Nu Modern Sounds

The 8 Beat Quartet - Twelve

The Apostles - Super Strut

The Ballistic Brothers,The Eccentric Afros - Delancy Street… The Theme

The Hightower Set - Escucha Ma Funk

Theo Parrish,Lori,Silentjay,Simon Mavin,Perrin Moss,Paul Bender,Dego - What You Gonna Ask For - Dego

Theo Parrish,Lori,Silentjay,Simon Mavin,Perrin Moss,Paul Bender - What You Gonna Ask For - Theo's Mix

Total Science - Sunrise

Tri-Funk,Mike City,SoulLab - No Strings - SoulLab Remix

Tri-Funk,Mike City - No Strings - SoulLab Spiritual Vocal Mix

Tweak,Sharon Harris - Generations

Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc. Project) - JazzOut

X-Press 2,The Ballistic Brothers - Tranz Euro Xpress - Jazzride - Ballistic Step

XOA,Laolu - Diaspora - Laolu Remix

Yomi One,Jaidene Veda,Scott Diaz - Star Trail - Scott Diaz Rework

Yomi One - Star Trail - Scott Diaz Rework Instrumental

Yukihiro Fukutomi - It's Just

Zeb,Maddslinky - Afrobug - Maddslinky Remix

michiyo,Fizzikx - Jazz Monk - Fizzikx Jazz Fusion Remix


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