Traxsource Essential Minimal / Deep Tech 2023-04-19

DATA: 2023-04-19 TOTAL: 128 GENRE: Minimal / Deep Tech

Looking for the ultimate playlist for your next party or club night? Look no further than Traxsource Essential Minimal/Deep Tech! This weekly chart highlights the most cutting-edge and innovative tracks in the minimal and deep tech genres, offering a dynamic and diverse mix of sounds that will keep your crowd moving all night long. Whether you're a seasoned DJ or a casual listener, Traxsource Essential Minimal/Deep Tech is the perfect way to discover new artists and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in underground dance music. So why wait? Check out the chart today and start exploring the best of the best in minimal and deep tech!



Agustin Lopez - Mom's Love (Original Mix)

Ale Castro - Get It (Original Mix)

Alex Bra - Invaders (Original Mix)

Alexis Raphael - Alexis' House

Alvaro AM & Lose Endz - Last Night At X

Ander P - To Dance

Angel Heredia - Suena Asi (Original Mix)

Anthiago - Simply Dangerous

Anunaku - Andromeda (Original Mix)

Aron Volta - Sleeper Cell (Original Mix)

BES - Camargue

Ben Rau - Heat It Up

Ben Rau - You Got Me Running

Benny S - Planet Dub

BizZa - Solaris (Original Mix)

Bosko Balos - You Do Smoke (Original Mix)

Brisotti - Brazilian Groovy

Buttechno - funk 33

CR - 555

Casey Spillman - Full Circle

Cosenza - Hitting Records

Crihan - Poate ca... (Original Mix)

Cuartero - Skullcrusher

DJ Deeon - Relik

Damn sam - Flights been Cancelled (Original Mix)

Dande - Breath In The Good Sh1t

Daniel Orpi - Ahora Comprendo

Daniel Orpi - Pills & Chill

DeVon James - Love Reach (Charlie Soul Clap's Loved Up Remix)

Dexter Kane - Funk Accelerator (Original Mix)

Dilby - Soul Vision

Dubman F. - Wake Up (Goldred Remix)

Ektoplast - Fragment (Avem Remix)

Eric OS - Sound Capsule (Original Mix)

Fabe (GER) & Lindsey Matthews - BBQ Bass

Fabian Haneke - What Life's All About

Fedo - I Was Born Tonight (Silat Beksi Remix)

Frankov & Rone White - No Salsa (Original Mix)

Franky Rizardo - Pressure

Frink - Marlene (Original Mix)

Gabriel Evoke & Alex Dittrich - Wood & Alien

Galib - Give To Me (Original Mix)

Gianluca Calabrese - Houser

HAAK. - Sounds Of Fish

Hector Couto - Burning

High Soundsystem - Point Blanc

ISSCO - Del Arte

J.Pe Bruna & Arbea - Good Vibration (Thurman Remix)

Jad & The - Droid NRG

James Dexter - I Know (Original Mix)

Jamie Jones - Sleepless Love

Janeret - Quasar

Javier Labarca - Carambola

Jay De Lys - Wild & Free (Original Mix)

Jennings. - Wish You Knew

Jesse Jacob & Archie Hamilton - Love Can Be Painful (Archie Hamilton Remix)

Jhon Alejandro - Repairt

John Tejada - Infinism

Josh Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness (Damian Lazarus Re Shape)

Juanito - Work It Mami (Original Mix)

Kassian - Off World Vehicles (Skudge Remix)

Kassian - Parallel

Kellit - Vice City

Kenny Oliver - Got 2

KiRiK & Wlad - Cheesecake

KliX - Repetition Is The Mission

Kreature - Everything's Cool (Original Mix)

LEON (Italy) - Starshots (Extended Mix)

Liam Tav - Stamp Lost

Loco Blue - Nueve Seis (Original Mix)

LouLou Players - I Love You, I Do (Original Mix)

Louden - Spin Back

Lucas Alexander & Timmy P - Trust

Lucciano & MartinoResi - With You (BRODYR Extended Mix)

Lucho (USA) - Killer Instinct

Luis Bravo & Daniel De Roma - Timbers

Malin Genie - Phaethon

Malle - Nature First

Marcellus (UK) - Juicy

Marcos Aldinio - Roots

Mason Collective - Soul Rebel

Mati Astroza - Get Away

Matt Arnold - BBB

Mennie - Reactive Memory

Michael Bibi & Kinahau & Audio Bullys - Different Side (Original Mix)

Mihai Popoviciu - Automat (Original Mix)

Moglis - Stressed Out

Nathan Alzon - Midtown Madness (Original Mix)

Newtone - Brace Yourself

Newtone - Dance With Me

Nolga - Mistaken Identity

Nolga - Revolution

Nolon - Without You - B1

Ojha G - Purpose

Pach - 21 Bump Street

Pale Blue - No Words (DJ Tennis Remix)

Perky Wires - Dance For Me

Prok & Fitch - Hip Slide

Rafi - Pay (Extended Mix)

Rai Segura - Tremendo! (Original Mix)

Reelow - Handz Up

Rhythm Box - Space Groove (Original Mix)

Robbie Doherty & Menesix - Groove Operator (Jodium Remix)

Robbie Doherty & Menesix - Groove Operator

Rossi. - Honey, I'm...

Rotul - Sunset Forest Rave

Rudolf C - Mysticism In The Modern Day

Silat Beksi - Doradus

Stefano Crabuzza - Transition

The Fellas (US) - Crowd Lover

The Fellas (US) - Speed Walker

The Martinez Brothers & Tokischa - Kilo (Beltran Remix)

Thierry Tomas - Cafe Society

Thierry Tomas - Spooky

Trallez - Now Move

Traumer - 100system

Traumer - District

True Spirit - No On Me (Original Mix)

Tuccillo - Let's Move

Tyron Amory - Off The Grid (Original Mix)

Victor Polo - Calinik

Victor Polo - Contact Dream

Vital (BR) & Abbud - Trust

Vital (BR) - System Analogy

Yate - Rel Bend (Original Mix)

eb_flow - Before

low& & Rockey Washington - Nora Vi

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