Traxsource Essential Minimal / Deep Tech 2023-08-21

DATA: 2023-08-21 TOTAL: 65 GENRE: Minimal / Deep Tech

Get lost in the hypnotic rhythms and intricate textures of minimal and deep tech music with Traxsource Essential Minimal/Deep Tech 2023-08-21. This playlist, dated August 21, 2023, is a meticulously curated selection of tracks that represent the cutting edge of these genres. Characterized by its stripped-back yet immersive soundscapes, this collection is a sonic odyssey that beckons both connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Whether you're seeking a cerebral journey on the dancefloor or a glimpse into the avant-garde of electronic music, Traxsource Essential Minimal/Deep Tech is your passport to the underground sounds of tomorrow.



Abdon & Bizza - Harry Fraud

Adrian Alessandro - Face REM

Advek & Rinia Rinia - Distant (Original Mix)

Aj Christou & Aaron Pfeiffer - Skin (Original Mix)

Alec (Mx) - Messiah

Andrea Giudice - Las Dos (Original Mix)

Andres Blows & Matta (COL) - Channel (Original Mix)

Antss - Slow Rise

Apsara - The Light (Steve Self Remix)

Blair Suarez - Jiggy

Caleb Jackson - Jam Hot (Extended Mix)

Camilo Montezuma - Desire (Original Mix)

Caravaca - Guest List


Dario Coiro - Get On

Dec Duffy - G&T

Deyart - Music In The Air

Dinu - Wowzer (Original Mix)

Dking & DOUG! - Toma

Eskuche & Brandon Lucas - Impossible

Figi & San Proper & DROMeDA - Alive (Seth Troxler Remix)

Fletch - Our Love

Fleur Shore - Don't Tell Me What To Do

FreedomB - Perfection (Original Mix)

Gene On Earth - The Golden Escalator (Original Mix)

Greta Levska - Streets (Dachshund Remix)

JNJS - Pressure Kicks in (Original Mix)

Jack Realist - Bait (Original Mix)

Jaime Soeiro & Rayzir - Cant Get Enough

Jesusdapnk - Altered Dynamics

Jose Vilches & Igone - Warmth (original mix)

Josh Butler - Chess

Kenny Oliver & Overworked (US) - Fired up (Jizz Remix)

Kev Christopher - Right Now (Original Mix)

Kevin Deep - Loop State

Lautaro Mauti - Lowree

Licha Paz - Wisdly Fay

Marcos Aldinio - Hot Wheels

Marian (BR) & BAPP - Like Like

Matichap - Taking Over

Max Chapman - Raver (Original Mix)

Mbius - Mystery Shack

Michael James - Remember

Miguel Tagua - Creakey Fieece

Miguel Tagua - Evergreen

Mij Mack - Unshaken (Original Mix)

Mike Morrisey - Play On Me

Milo (CH) - Missing (Original Mix)

Murphy's Law - Pineapple Patron (Extended Mix)

Neverdogs & Pepe Rosello - Ibiza (Reboot Extended Rework)

Nicco (N.D) - Ironic

P.WE - Ecco (Radio Edit)

Paul Rudder - Tell A Story

Rawman - First Class

Reenday - Scream (Extended Mix)

Sayek - High Note (Original Mix)

Simea - Miami VIbes

Stefano Z - Lost Cat

Terrace - Thermon

Toby Simpson - That's The Way

Toomy Disco - Paralyzed

Toomy Disco - Uncle Jimmy

Torrello - Later

Victor Romero - Clone

Yaya - Para Siempre

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