Traxsource Essential Minimal / Deep Tech 2024-01-27

DATA: 2024-01-27 TOTAL: 50 GENRE: Minimal / Deep Tech

If you are looking for the latest and hottest tracks in the minimal / deep tech genre, you should check out Traxsource Essential Minimal / Deep Tech 2024-01-27. This is a curated selection of 50 tracks that showcase the best of the underground sound. You will find gems like “Downstream” by Makèz, “Call The Hitman” by Pig&Dan & Siavash, and “Back To The Old School” by Perky Wires. These tracks will make you groove and move on the dance floor. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new music and artists in the minimal / deep tech scene.


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ARTSLAVES - What People Say

Adne - I'm Different (Ssero Remix)

Aguayo - Sorbito (Original Mix)

Alexis Cabrera - All The Time About The Same

Allen Lee & Nestor Arriaga - Mental Behavior

Bastian Bux, Daniel Orpi - Wake Up (Extended Version)

Bongo Beat - Ballad

Carl Waller - Wanna Say

Davide T - Saudade (Original Mix)

Deltech - Rythmic Danca (Original Mix)

Detlef - Dope (Original Mix)

Di Tella - Sorry Mom

Dj Ale Rossi - Red Pill

Geovanni - Tks God

Joel Sanchz - Move Your Body (Original Mix)

Jorge Matt - I Dont

Kolter - Licks n Hits (Original Mix)

Louden - Bass System

Master William & Mona Lee & Mike Ekim - Don't Waste Another Night (Mike Ekim Remix)

Matpri - Zakazstolika

Mbius - Mr. Nimbus

Omari - Most Important Thing

Rama.W - Softly (Original Mix)

Rhythm Box - At All Times (Original Mix)

Sheeq - Fulll

Strandtuch - Oh Yh BG Band

Tom Lawson (UK) - Rose Tinted Glasses (Edit)

Two Cents Short - Lickle Vibe

Vibratum - Rock U

Andrea Mattioli - House Nation

Bassel Darwish - Point In Time (Original Mix)

Bobi (BA) - Center Two

Chiccaleaf ITA - MOSQUITO

Daniel Ortiz - Cinco Sentidos

Danny B & SOSANDLOW - Hide & Seek

Fallon - Lonely Feelings

Jordan Peak - Testing

Josh Baker - Sometimes Cap

Juampi Saillen - Back To The Groove

Kolter - Keep Bustin' (Original Mix)

Luka Kuhnow - Versatility

Marc Brauner - Wrecked But Recovered

Mike Sharon - Invisible

Naju - Im In The Sky

Novelo (MX) - Lucky One

Pako Ramirez - Hit The Club

Panik Pop & Dario (DE) - Offline (Original Mix)

Puffin - Black Track

Sinetti - Take It

waste wisely - Sake Nights (Original Mix)

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