Traxsource Essential Tech 2023-07-12

DATA: 2023-07-12 TOTAL: 87 GENRE: Tech House

Immerse yourself in the infectious sounds of Traxsource Essential Tech 2023-07-12, a carefully curated compilation that epitomizes the cutting-edge of tech house music. This release brings together a diverse range of tracks that seamlessly blend groovy basslines, rhythmic percussion, and captivating vocals. From the underground clubs to the main stages, these carefully selected tunes are designed to move your body and elevate your spirit. Whether you're a devoted tech house aficionado or a curious listener seeking fresh sounds, Traxsource Essential Tech 2023-07-12 is a must-have for your music collection. Get ready to surrender to the infectious energy of this vibrant genre.



Adapter - Freak Me (Extended Mix)

Aggeliki Karamanli - Material

Andrea Marchesini - Money Dangerous (Love&Happiness, GROOVENERD, Emma Steawart Remix)

Andrew Meller - Insomnia (Matt Sassari Extended Remix)

Aras Tuna - Over Here

Archie B - Elevator

Armand van Helden & Brittles - Flirt To Convert (Club Mix)

B-Liv - This Land

Barucc - That Simple

Bastian Bux - Jargon (Original Mix)

Bedran. & The Deepshake - El Diablo (Club Mix)

Ben Walsh (UK) - Slow Down (Extended Mix)

Benjamin Shock & Stanny Abram - Chasing You (Stanny Abram Remix)

Byron the Aquarius - Not My Cellphone!!!

Caparzo - Despertar

Cheechmo - We Got

Cityburn - Nothing Left

Collective Machine & Julian Millan - First Vision

Connor S - MPC Love

DJ PP, Gabriel Rocha & DJ PP & Gabriel Rocha - New Jack (Original Mix)

Daniel Steinberg - Primeiro (Original Mix)

Danny Rhys - Sibali (Extended Mix)

Dateless - Inmaduro

Dez Mateos & Olmun - American Folk

Diego Sosa - Feel's Good

Doc Brown - Heard The Bass Drop (Extended Mix)

Dosia & FAKE LAB - Wrong Game

Dr. Rec - Back (Club Mix)

EMEXL - The Beat

Elysia - Old School Groove

Estema - Voy a Papi

F.Physical & Savi Vincenti - Quantum (Original Mix)

Fabio Vela - Go Away (Extended Mix)

Figueredo (AR) - Control (Original Mix)

Flashmob & Laila Walker - Dna (Original Mix)

Floor Vision - Gividap (Extended Mix)

Gabriel Rojas - This Beat (Radio Edit)

Groovboy - Windy

Heren & Julio Navas - Dont Stop (Extended Mix)

Jaime Soeiro - Easy (Original Mix)

Jaime Soeiro - Moonlights

KPD - Take the Risk (Extended Mix)

Kai Rodriguez - To My Jam

Karim Soliman - Spacegun

Kevin Knapp & Andreas Henneberg - Funky Enough (Original Mix)

Kevinn - My Day (Original Mix)

Klaus Stauffenberg - Daydream (Original Mix)

LA Riots - Girls

Local Singles - At Night (Extended Mix)

Loosie Grind - Get What I Want (Extended Mix)

Lowlex - No Feeling (Extended Mix)

Loz Seka - Run It Up (TR692)

Luigi Rocca & Manuel De La Mare - Haga (Original Mix)

Manaar - What I Want

Manu Tomalino - Lady Flow (Original Mix)

Manuel Varey - Intergalactic

Mark Knight & Green Velvet & Rene Amesz - Live Stream (Noizu Extended Mix)

Marmoon - Like A Pro (Extended Mix)

Martin Angrisano (ARG) - Everybody

Mattew - Dxx

Max Millan & Dave Delly & Derek Reiver - Do What You Want (Extended Mix)

Mihalis Safras & Ron Carroll - Time To Party (Original Mix)

Milan - Dale (Original Mix)

Minor People - Love as Good (Original Mix)

NORII & YoungTears & Qwerty - Love Me

Nausica - Ella Dice

Owson - Set Me Free (Extended Mix)

Paco Osuna & Fer BR - Don't Look Back

Pirate Copy - Love Will Save The Day (Extended Mix)

Pirate Snake - New Generation (Extended Mix)

Raumakustik & Juliet Sikora - Love Shake (Extended Mix)

Red Palazzo - El Nino

Retna & Lee Foss Feat. Isabellea - Puppet On A String (Original Mix)

Rod Garcia - Street Thoughts

SIDE B - One Party

SUBSHIFT & Curtiba & Haylee Wood - Is It Me

Saffron Stone & Miss Dre - All The Way (Extended Mix)

Shuski - So So

Sorley - Let It Shine (Extended Mix)

Spacefunk Dub - Possibility (Extended Mix)

Stanny Abram - Mangapaasi (Extended Mix)

Terri-Anne - Dance With That Groove (Extended Mix)

Thomas Newson & Simon Ray - Back It Up (Extended Mix)

Tr3nacria - Makeba

Warren Blake - Bad

Wolf Jay & Veltron - Latino (Original Mix)

Yokote - The Himba

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