Traxsource Hype Chart August 28th, 2023

DATA: 2023-09-22 TOTAL: 200 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

"Traxsource Hype Chart August 28th, 2023" unveils a collection of tracks that are creating a buzz and excitement within the electronic music community. This chart, found exclusively on Traxsource, showcases the freshest and most eagerly anticipated releases, offering a sneak peek into the tracks that are currently capturing the attention of DJs and music enthusiasts. Among the top selections in this chart are "Solid Ground" by Louie Vega Starring Adeva, "I Wanna" by Mat.Joe featuring Junior Senior, and "Don't Give Up On Me" by Mark Knight & Carl Cox featuring Laura Davie. These tracks exemplify the dynamic and innovative spirit of electronic music, blending the talents of established artists and vocalists with irresistible rhythms and melodies. "Traxsource Hype Chart" is an essential resource for staying ahead of the curve and discovering the tracks that are about to take the music world by storm.





&friends, Young Dotun - Duro (Extended Mix)

22 weeks - So Lost

Adam Ten, Maori - Spring Girl

Afro Wav, Takue SBT - Gladiators

Alexny - It's Alright (Not To Me)

Ammo Avenue - Ayahuasca (Extended Mix)

Andre Zimmer - Shifted Focus

Angello Vedra - Arma Mortal

Angelo Ferreri, Karl8 & Andrea Monta - Beat Goes On (Original Mix)

BTWN SPKRS - Reflections

Bazza Ranks, Venessa Jackson - Talk Is Cheap (Yam Who? Extended Disco Mix)

Bedouin - Tijuana (Vintage Culture Extended Remix)

Benji Candelario, Tamira Sanders - Just Say The Word (DJ Spen & Ezel Remix)

Benni Opalhn - Colours (Original Mix)

Beta (ARG), Skywalk (ARG) - Fatay

Birdee, Dr Packer, Suki Soul - You Know I'm Ready feat. Suki Soul (Extended Mix)

Blaze, Alexander Hope - Wonderland (feat. Alexander Hope) (Jimpster Extended Remix)

Bobby Donny Soundsystem - The Terminal

Boddhi Satva, Pebbles - Try A Litle Something (Ancestral Soul Mix)

Bonetti - Tomorrow It'll All Be Over

Boogie Rapture - Jazz Addict (Nathan G Jazz in the Attic)

Breach - Jack (DC Extended Jack Track)

Bryzey - Got To Make A Move

Bun Xapa, Badbox - Ammo (Extended Mix)

CEV's - Red Sun

Caparzo - El Guaraguao

Capital Mood, Bante - Dancing

Carlos Castro, Sr. Saco, LemonSouldj - La Rumba (Soulmain Remix)

Casino Times - We Are One

Cee ElAssaad, Lee Wilson - Music Is The Cure

Chemars - If You See Me (Walk The Other Way)

City Soul Project - Jah School

Condu - House Rhythm

Corrado Alunni - Say What

Criss Korey - On Top (Sebb Junior Edit)

D.D. Project - Alright (Ezio Centanni & Enea DJ Main Mix)

D.P.V. - Show You My Love

DJ Deano DNA - Garage Pressure

DJ Gregory, Africanism - Tourment d'Amour (Mpho.Wav Extended Afrotech Remix)

DJ Popinjay - Like 80's

Daisuke Miyamoto - Give It

Daisuke Miyamoto - Set My Soul

Dan Laino - Music

Danny Perez, Clara Mendes - Cueira (Roger Garcia Remix)

Danyel Irsina, Lizwi - Send Me (ft Lizwi) (Extended Mix)

Dave Kurtis - Funkgenerator

Deepear - Looped (Original Mix)

Demuir - DaT Fonk (Get Into It)

Dexagon - Flawless Conscious (Original Mix)

Disco Daddy, Boogietraxx - Sunshine

Dj Laurel - Funky Nassau

Dj M1cko - Another Place

Dr Feel, NAE (SA) - Ngise Mnyameni

Drega, Maline Aura - Mama Dear (Luca Saporito 'Supersapiens' Remix)

Drelirium, Dre Guazzelli - Rainbow

Effgee - Please Stay

Elias R, Jonathan Jaramillo - My Head

Emma B - Is It A Dream

Enrico Chirchiello - God Damn

Eugenio Fico, Riccardo Fiori - Give Me Something (Original Mix)

Ezirk - Funky Boombastik

FUNKYBEAT, Burke - Somewhere Amazing (Extended Mix)

FederFunk - Jazzy Raw

Filipe Narciso, Djeff, BZB - Pensamento em Ti (Filipe Narciso Remix)

Flashbaxx, Kathrin Kempf - Strangers (Atjazz Remix)

Franck Roger - The Same Way (Vocal Version)

Franky Wah - 55

Frausto - Bellaqueando

Freddy da Stupid, Kaysha, Top-One Frisson - Proud Heritage (Main Mix)

Ghetto Groove - All I Can Do

Go Freek, Dope Earth Alien - Turning It Up feat. Dope Earth Alien (Wongo Extended Remix)

GooDisco - Summer Love Affair

Goosey - Can U Feel It

Green Sequence - The Way It Is

Greymatter, Blood Without - Don't Need No Jewels

Groove Invaderz, Nicole Tyler - Keep Risin' (Feat. Nicole Tyler) (Richard Earnshaw Vocal Remix)

HP Vince, Dave Leatherman - Connection with You

Hart & Neenan - Heavy Duty (Kreature Remix)

Harvey Ross - Lift Me Up

Hassio (COL) - Que Esta Pasando

Heavy-K, Mazet, Thakzin - Kwelizayo

Henry Navarro - Better Days

Hiast - The Origins

Hotmood - What It Takes

Hypaphonik - Derived Samba

In4mous Goose - Hit Da Fuse

Ise Jr., Phonk D - Buddy

J Erazo - Seasons

Jack District - Midnight Sight

Jack Hustle - Russell's Move

Jackman Jones - In This City (Jackman Jones Original Mix)

Jay Tripwire - 2012

Jazz Mango - Absolutely Necessary

Jose Galvis, Cuchara Jaramillo - Raices

Junior Jack, Lo'99 - Thrill Me (LO'99 Remix) (Extended Mix)

Junior Sanchez, Dance System, Freqazoids - Fiesta (Extended Mix)

Justin Joe - Nrd Beat

Kellerkind - Forest Mystery

Kenlou, Louie Vega, Kenny Dope - Snare Bouncin'

Kid Enigma - In My Heart

KingCrowney, Zoe Kypri - Coat On (Original Mix)

Kolombo, Fran Bortolossi, Antonio Dal Bó - Trance Hotel (Extended Mix)

Korie Minors, Dj Jim Mastershine, Nuzu Deep - Nihambile-Nihambile (Original Mix)

Lapie, V-Cloud - Fooling Around

Larry Quest - Loop Hall

Life on Planets, Makez - Downstream (Original Mix)

Lismant - Sol Etiam

Los Donatos Organos - Move Me (Extended Mix)

Louis Feen - Emotions (KORT's Classic Love Mix)

Low Steppa, Crusy - This Is The Sound (Extended Mix)

Luciano Gioia, Mannix - Raw Flute (Mannix Balearic Disco Anthem)

Luigii Nieto, Dgrace - Tequila Juice (Extended Mix)

Luis Radio - Fever (Original Mix)

Lunet - Elli

MAKS (FR) - Sauce

MMH - So Jazz (Original Mix)

Manuel V (ITA) - Arzachena groove (Cleo Is Tech Mix)

Marc Cotterell - The Way You Hold Me (Micronoise Remix)

Markus Winter, Jerry Ropero - Just a Beat (Club Mix)

Matallas - Pogo Vibes

Maze DJ - The Missing (Shan Remix)

Melé, Lazarusman - Jozi To The D (Extended Mix)

Mich One - Vinner Septimo

Mike Millrain - New Dawn

Mike Newman - Barry's Groove

Mirko & Meex - Remind Me

Mo'Cream - I Don't Feel Pain

MoIsh, Aquadeep, Veesoul, Thoby Dladla - Batho

Mochakk - Jealous (Extended Mix)

Modjadeep.SA, Sir Gaga - Saigon Vibes

Motion Severn - My Way (Original Mix)

Msindo De Serenade - Queen Of My Heart (Soulful Mix)

N Kay Keys - City Wind (Main Mix)

NUMA A TFIVE, Akeem Raphael - For The Record (Original Mix)

Neapolitan Soul, Earl W. Green - Promised Land (Phunky Mix)

Never Dull - Turning You On

No user - The Stick (Original Mix)

Opolopo, Jaki Graham - Fire (Extended Mix)

Oscar Mbo & KG Smallz, Dearson - Yes God (feat. Dearson) (Original Mix)

Paco Caniza - Let's Do It Tonight

Paolo Bardelli, Raffaele Giusti - Your Rhythm (Nu Club Mix)

Paolo Solo - Because

Paride Manzi - Not Today

Passarani - Stereotipo (Extended Mix)

Paul Adam - This Is the Beat (Extended Mix)

Peter W - Done With You (Original Mix)

Phazed Groove - Music Box

Pinto (NYC) - Let Me Love You (Original Mix)

Pixel8 Trax - Save Me (NuGroove Remix)

Point85, Jame Starck, Maex - Baila

Polo (AR) - The Very Essence of Being

R33DY D - Drop It (Extended Mix)

Ramon Bedoya, Pablo Lopera - Caliente (Extended Mix)

Rampa, Sparrow & Barbossa - Champion

Ranger - Need Your Love (Extended Mix)

Ranger Trucco, Max Chapman - street knowledge. (Max Chapman Remix)

Ranka - In The Wave (Original Mix)

Re-Tide, Steff Daxx - Love Hangover (Mattei & Omich Extended Remix)

Riva Starr - How It Feels (Extended Mix)

Roland Clark, Ant LaRock - I'm Not A Plugin (The Deepshakerz Remix)

Ronald Christoph - Move Too

Rosalie, James Mac, VALL - The Boy Is Mine feat. Rosalie (Funkerman Extended Remix)

Ross Quinn, Punctual, Mees Salomé - Omen (Mees Salomé Remix)

Russell Ruckman - 4 The Love (Original)

SPECT3R - Loved By You

SabMag, Gumz, Candy Man, Tabia - Uhambo (Original Mix)

Saison - I Can Make Good Music (Extended Mix)

Saliva Commandos - Dying Breed (Original Mix)

Salvatore Setino, Yari Storm - La Santila (Original Mix)

Sammy Deuce - Give Me Love

Satin Jackets, ElMar - Count On You

Saucy Lady - Why

Scruscru - Waves Hunter

Sebastian (Ita) - Till the Day (Original Mix)

Soul Central - Strings Of Life / Un Amore Supremo (Extended Raw Mix)

Soul Groove (UK), Tour-Maubourg - Jaded Love (Tour-Maubourg Remix)

Soulcool - Call Me

Soulfuledge, Kerrie Masters - P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (Extended Mix)

Stranger Danger - Jazz Dreaming

T.Markakis - Take Me Away (Extended Mix)

Taz Morale, Nonzwakazii - Impumelelo (Hypaphonik Remix)

Teklix - Nowhere To Be Found

Texsta - Yooks - Under Water (Original Mix)

That Kid Chris - El Muan (Extended Mix)

The Fabulous Joker - Move Up

The Illustrious Blacks - Kaleidoscopic Planet (Extended Mix)

Thierry Tomas - Come ON

Tiga, Kolsch, Rebuke - Hand In Hand (Rebūke Remix)

Todd Terry - Might Not Be (Extended Mix)

Todd Terry, Lee Wilson, DJ Christian B, Rudi'Kastic - Everyone Is Love (Extended Mix)

Tom Hennessy - Solara (Original Mix)

Tony H - Centurions

Tovi Sound System - ES A

Tyler Coey - Time Me Out (Original Mix)

Wade Teo, Kameelah Waheed, Charles Rickards - La De Da (feat. Kameelah Waheed) (Kenny Dope O' Gutta Mix)

Wipe The Needle, Andre Espeut - Don't Need Nothing

Yomi One, Jaidene Veda - Star Trail (Scott Diaz Rework) [feat. Jaidene Veda]

Yuichi Inoue - The Nervous Soul

Ziggy Funk - Get Down

micFreak, Mr. V, ABCO - I Know What You Like (DJ Spen & MicFreak VIP Edit)

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