Traxsource Most Wanted Dj Charts 2023-04-19

DATA: 2023-04-18 TOTAL: 255 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance, Drum & Bass

The Traxsource Most Wanted DJ Charts for April 19, 2023, are a testament to the vibrant and diverse music scene that continues to thrive globally. These charts showcase the most popular tracks across various genres such as house, techno, disco, and more. Whether you are a fan of electronic dance music or a professional DJ looking for the latest tracks to add to your playlist, the Traxsource Most Wanted DJ Charts are the perfect resource. These charts are curated by the industry's most respected DJs, so you can be assured that the tracks featured are of the highest quality and are sure to get your feet moving.



8288 feat. Alex Sauer - Techno Kind (Original Mix)

ADDFX, Dood (Gr) - El Paso (Original Mix)

Adam Port & Monolink - Point Of No Return (Extended Mix)

Adriatique & Eynka - Beyond Us (Hatshepsut Extended Version)

Ahmed Spins, Stevo Atambire - Anchor Point (Original Mix)

Aitor Astiz - Por Eso Que Me Amas (Original Mix)

Alan Fitzpatrick & Rebuke - Nice & Cool Trigga (Big Miz Remix)

Albert Zhirnov - Wooden Lessons (Original Mix)

Alexander Technique, Robotics Club - Yea (Original Mix)

Aloom - Inner Call

Alt_Man - Discovery (Extended Mix)

Amazingblaze - Can't Stop

Analog Jungs - No Control (Original Mix)

Angelo Ferreri - Ask Yourself (Can You Dance) (Extended Mix)

Anne - Blossom Tool (Original Mix)

Anyma (ofc), Chris Avantgarde - Eternity (Extended Mix)

Artbat & Fred Lenix - Dreamcatcher

Atmosfear - Motivation (Dimitri's Motivated Respect Mix)

Avision - Rebel (Original Mix)

Bailey Ibbs - That's Right (Original Mix)

Bart Skils - My Rules (Original Mix)

Bart Skils - Roll the Dice (Original Mix)

Ben Nicky, Distorted Dreams - We Come 1 (Trey Pearce Remix)

Bigfett - Everything Is Energy (Original Mix)

Billie Jo - Cor ad Cor

Bleur & Mb1 - Don't Have to Dream Anymore (Original Mix)

Blind Minded - No Drums At All

BornStar DJ - Used to Know (Richard Grey Klub Mix)

Boulderhead, Overnite Oates - Bread Butter Noodles Spice (Original Mix)

Budakid - Milestones (Original Mix)

Burnski - Where Are You?

Carlo Lio - Bailando

Carlos Mendoza - Future Call

Chapter & Verse - Move Left Move Right (Extended Mix)

Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano - Reflection

Childov - Running Backwards (Original Mix)

Chloe & Gamma - Roma (Tech Dance Mix)

Chloe & Gamma - Roma (Techno Mix)

Chris Avantgarde & Kevin de Vries - Mind Control (Original Mix)

Cosmic Boys - Arkenstone

Coyu - Snow in Ipanema (Original Mix)

Cristoph - Saints & Sinners

Cristoph - Tha Music

D-Unity & Juli Aristy - Suena Mas Fuerte

D-Unity & Juli Aristy - Voices In My Head (Marck D & Filtrack Remix)

D-Unity - Just Listen (Original Mix)

DJ Arturo Sanchez & DJ Gomi - Powder Keg

Dan Shake - Can't Take It

Daniel Bell - Still Buggin' (Original Mix)

Daniel Steinberg - Altona (Original Mix)

Daniel Steinberg - Be Happy (Extended Mix)

Daniel Steinberg - Home Wrecker (Extended Mix)

Daniel Steinberg - Stunt Man (Original Mix)

Danny Leblack, HÜGGØ - Flama (Original Mix)

David Temessi & Schiere - Still I Am (Luca Maier Remix)

David Tort - Hey Yeah! (Original Mix)

Deas - Redemption (Original Mix)

Delerium, Sarah McLachlan - Silence feat. Sarah McLachlan (Stereo Express Remix)

Demuir - You must Pay

Denise Rabe - 1394 (TWR72 Remix)

Dense & Pika - In My Heart (Original Mix)

Derek Marin - Evilution (Original)

Dick Johnson - Into The Groove (String Mix) (Original Mix)

Dillon Nathaniel - State of Mind (Extended Mix)

Dirty Channels - Make You Cry (Extended Mix)

Dispar Vulgo - Daydreams of a Megalomaniac (Original Mix)

Don Swing - Oh Why (Instrumental)

Dot N Life, Jen Payne - London Bridge (Extended Mix)

Drez (HU) - Dancing Hands (James Cole Remix)

Drunken Kong - Vibration (Original Mix)

Duarte, A.IFF - Weep (Original Mix)

Dustin Zahn, Marcal - Charger (Original Mix)

Eats Everything & Felix Da Housecat - Voicenote (Marco Faraone Remix)

Egbert - NRG

Enamour - Emergency Loop (Original Mix)

Eric OS - Into Magic (Original Mix)

Eric OS - The Five Dimensional Door (Original Mix)

Ezel, Rona Ray - History Repeating (Instrumental Mix)

FAÏG - Flag (Original Mix)

FEX (IT) - El Ritmo Del Alma (Extended Mix)

Fer BR - Nsound

Fideles & CamelPhat & Be No Rain - Night After Night (CamelPhat Remix)

Filterheadz - Indian Summer (Original Mix)

Filterheadz - Oblivion (Original Mix)

Filterheadz - Soul Shake (Original Mix)

Filterheadz - The Siren

Filterheadz - Wipeout (Original Mix)

Filterheadz, Pagano - Ursa Major (Original Mix)

Flymeon - Blood On The Dancefloor (Dica Remix)

Four Candles - The Interloper (Original Mix)

Frank Deka - Hypno

Gai Barone - MaFra (Original Mix)

Gai Barone - MoMa (Original Mix)

Gaia - Tuvan (Avira Extended Remix)

Gene On Earth - Pulse Mode (Original Mix)

Generoco - Disco Jazzin' (Original Mix)

Giuseppe Ottaviani - To The Stars (A Dreamstate Anthem) (Original Mix)

Goodboys & Korolova - Made Of Gold (Extended Mix)

Green Velvet - La La Land (Layton Giordani Remix)

Guedes - Bass A+

Guy J - State Of Trance

GuzBass - Brain Confusion

H! Dude - Ecureuil roux (Original Mix)

Harry Romero - Tania (Honey Dijon Extended Remix)

Hernan Cattaneo & Jody Barr - Airglow (Original Mix)

Hollen - Dance With The Groove

Horatio - Trinidad (Extended Mix)

Ignez - Seraphic (Original Mix)

Ilya Stepash - Alright (Extended Mix)

Irregular Synth - Night Out (Original Mix)

Jad & The - Dance (Can't Dance Mix)

Jamie Stevens - Storm Front (Mike Rish Remix)

Jamie Stevens - Stuck on a Feeling (Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Remix)

Janika Tenn - Kentia (Carnao Beats Extended Remix)

Jay Lumen - Motherland (Original Mix)

Jay Lumen - Venus (Original Mix)

Jay Robinson & Liinks - My Church (Extended Mix)

Jens Lissat - The Future (Rave Forever Remix)

Jimi Jules - My City's On Fire (Anyma & Cassian Extended Remix)

Joachim Pastor - Green Washer (Tony Romera Extended Remix)

John Summit - In Chicago (Danny Avila Extended Remix)

John Summit - La Danza (Extended Mix)

Joshwa - Bass Go Boom (Original Mix)

Joyhauser - Wasted (Original Mix)

Justin Schumacher & Confidential Recipe - Rough Estimate (Confidential Recipe Remix)

Kameliia - At The Edge

Kasablanca - In Sequence (Extended Mix)

Kasia - Universal Nation (Extended Mix)

Ken Ishii, Kamara - Quinten (Original Mix)

Kenny Brian - Candela

Kevin de Vries - Pegasus

Konrad - Up And Down (Original Mix)

Kristin Velvet - Slater Hills (Josh Wink Interpretation)

Kristin Velvet - The Outside World (Extended Mix)

Kurt Caesar - Arena (Extended Mix)

La Fraicheur & Leonard de Leonard - Assault Groove

Labert - Come to the Garden (Mattia Pompeo Remix)

Lap Dancers - How We Do It

Laura Van Dam - Take Me Away (Extended Mix)

Laura Van Dam - The Journey (Extended Mix)

Laura van Dam - Needing You (Extended Mix)

Laze - Elysea (Raito Remix)

Len Lewis - Tik Tok (Original Mix)

Leon (Italy) - Let Me Be (Original Mix)

Lex Luca - Exposure (Extended Mix)

Little Fritter - My People (Extended)

Luca Agnelli - Rocking Horse (Original Mix)

Luis Weyers - Atomic Peuple

Luis Weyers - Eleven

Luis Weyers - Sun Running

Lupe - That's How I Ride

Madam - Penetration (Madam Vs Bipath Main)

Made By Pete & Zoe Kypri - Horizon Red (Extended)

Magnus, Angel Sanchez, Space Motion - Moonlight feat. MAGNUS (Original Mix)

Mami & Emile Battour - Heart & Soul (Radio Edit)

Mami & Rem Siman feat. Nasia Delis - Lost In Sound

Mami - Innocence

Mami - The Plead

MarAxe - House Of Pain

Marcal - Bellbird

Marck D - The Creator (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - W.W.W.W.W.W.W.WORK

Mark Porter - Your Future Is

Mark Reeve & Kloset - Madness

Mark Sherry & Smith & Brown - Tambores De Carnaval (Extended Mix)

Mark Sherry - Triquetra (Extended Mix)

Marsh - Little Darling (Joris Voorn Remix)

Martin Eyerer - The Jack (Dan McKie Extended Remix) (Dan McKie Extended Remix)

Martin Eyerer - The Jack (Extended Mix) (Extended Mix)

Martin Ikin - Oscill8 (Extended Mix)

Mason Collective - Guidance Through My Perc

Mason Collective - Leave Me Alone

Mason Collective - Soul Rebel

Matpri - Hoduli (Gianluca Felline Remix)

Mayeul & Pavel K. Novalis - Black Mesa

Maze 28 - Constant Daydream (TEELCO Remix)

Michael Klein - Aspect

Michael Klein - Ponzu (Industrialyzer Remix)

Miguelle & Tons & BlockheadLZ & Miluhska & Duck Romero - Soul Love

Moojo, DeMaya - Lotus (Original Mix)

Moonbeam - Azrael (Extended Mix)

Moreno Pezzolato - Strike It Up (Federico Scavo Extended Remix)

Mython - Die Unverstandenen

Nathan Alzon - Nairobi (Original Mix)

NØRBAK - Nove Zero Nove (Original Mix)

Onurcan Kaya - Hold On

Oostil & Juan Hansen - Drown (Massano Remix)

Pale Blue - Together Alone (Kölsch 'I Have You' Remix)

Phil Unique - Jackin 88 (Original Mix)

Plastik Funk X Mr Belt & Wezol Ft. Tim Morrison - Groove Tonight (Extended Mix)

Pretty Pink - Happening (Extended Mix)

Procombo - Too Much Trouble

RIZZ (BE) - Conscious (Original Mix)

RY X - Dark Room Dancing (Eagles & Butterflies Extended Remix)

Raden (UK) - Voyager

Radio Slave - Wild Life (Disco Mix - Extended)

Rafael Osmo - Back to the Place (Original Mix)

Rafael Osmo - Everything (Extended)

Rafael Osmo - Steps (Original Mix)

Raumakustik, Tony Romera - That Groove (Extended Mix)

Red Axes - Some Lights (Original Mix)

Reinier Zonneveld & D-Devils - Dance With The Devil (The 6th Gate) (Reinier Zonneveld Remix)

Renato Cohen - Suddenly Funk (2000 And One's Extended Lo-Motion Funk Mix)

Rhoger & Blockheadlz - I Can Feel It (Midnight Dub)

Richey V, Simone Zino - Volcano (Original Mix)

Riva Starr - Flying High (Extended Mix)

Riva Starr, Mike Dunn - Feel The Heat (feat. Mike Dunn) (Extended Mix)

Ronnie Spiteri - Fusion

Ruben Karapetyan - Meteorite (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)

Saliva Commandos - If It Bleeds We Can Kill It

Sandro Mure - You Doin Right

Santos - Breakdance (Original Mix)

Schroomp - Back to the Old School (Original Mix)

Schroomp - Termination

Screamarts - Feral (Original Mix)

Sevenn, Silver Panda - Deep Space (Extended Mix)

Shlomi Aber - That's The Way I Speak

Silver Panda - Soul Connection

Simon Kidzoo - 1 Thang (Extended Mix)

Slam - Beat Control

Slam - Disorder

Smash TV & KIKI - Day One

Sopik - Boryspil (Original Mix)

Soul of Hex - Phuria (Original Mix)

Soul of Hex - Say It Again (Original Mix)

Stephan Jolk - Morning Comes

Stereo Express - Revision (Original Mix)

Stereo Express - Rise Of The 2nd Sun (Original Mix)

Stereo Express - Transcendence (Original Mix)

Subnode - Earth (Not Demure Remix)

Supermode & Maddix - Tell Me Why (Maddix Extended Remix)

Supermode - Tell Me Why (MEDUZA Extended Remix)

Tête de la Course - I Got It (Niles Cooper Remix)

The Archer - Magic (Original Mix)

The Journey & Kellerkind - Games (Kellerkind Remix)

The YellowHeads - XXL

Tiesto - Lay Low (Tiesto's Vip Extended Mix)

Todd Terry & Wh0 & Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown - Jumpin' (Wh0 Extended Remix)

Tomaz, Filterheadz - Sunshine (Coyu Remix V2)

Tony Touch - Apaga La Luz (Pablo Fierro Raw Mix)

Too Critical - Tension (Original Mix)

Triple888 - Afrika

Tryger - Ursa Major (Digital Mess Extended Remix)

Tuccillo - Mind Control

Tyron Amory - Off The Grid (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Insane

Uncertain - Whack (Original Mix)

Volac - Energy (Extended Mix)

Volaris ft Cammie Robinson - I'm So Weak (Extended Mix)

Young Bad Twinz - Splertt (Original Mix)

Yubik & Mark Hoffen - Noise In Between (Original Mix)

Yubik & Massano - Human Aura (Massano Remix)

Zafrir - Tatanka

ZeuZ - Psy or Die (Original Mix)

pumbum - Retreat (PROFF's Extended Respray)

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