Traxsource Most Wanted Dj Charts 2023-04-25

DATA: 2023-04-25 TOTAL: 208 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance, Drum & Bass

Traxsource Most Wanted DJ Charts for April 25, 2023, is a reflection of the current trends in the dance music industry. The list features an impressive selection of tracks from various genres that have been making waves on dance floors worldwide. The top spot on this week's chart belongs to "The Way You Love Me" by David Penn and KPD, a track that has been dominating the charts for two weeks straight. Other standout tracks on the list include "Take Me Away" by Block & Crown, "Paradise" by Mark Knight and Michael Gray, and "Freaks" by John Summit and Nic Fanciulli. The Traxsource Most Wanted DJ Charts is a valuable resource for DJs, producers, and music lovers who want to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest tracks in the dance music scene.



A Number Of Names - Shari Vari (The Hacker & Vitalic Remix)

ADDFX, Dood (Gr) - El Paso (Original Mix)

AG Swifty - OFF

AIKON - Faith (Original Mix)

AMÉMÉ feat. Notre Dame - Runaway (Club Mix)

Adam Beyer, Green Velvet - Simulator (Original Mix)

Adana Twins, Darlyn Vlys, Kraków Loves Adana - Distant Dream (Original Mix)

Aitor Astiz - El Perdón (Original Mix)

Aitor Astiz - Por Eso Que Me Amas (Original Mix)

Alkaline Georgi & TÂCHES - Armónica (TÂCHES Remix) feat. Huguis López

Alkaline Georgi - Armónica (feat. Huguis López)

Alkaline Georgi - Samba (feat. Horacio Burgos)

Aluna, Chris Lake - Beggin' (Extended Mix)

Amonita - Jungle Blues

Amplify - Machine (Original Mix)

Andy Ash - Inner Light (Magari Diamond Nights Mix)

Anton Ishutin - Azahara

Apiento - Everything Move (Original Mix)

Argia - Implacable (Original Mix)

Arnold T., Alain Pauwels - Cosmic Spices (Kyotto Remix)

Artful & Ridney & Terri Walker - Missing You (2023 Mixes) (Michael Gray Extended Remix)

Atze Ton - The Spirit

BLONDISH & KeeQ feat. Tamara Blessa - Remember Me (Original Mix)

Bleu Clair - Samsara (Original Mix)

Bobby Thurston - You Got What It Takes (The Reflex Revision)

Bright & Findlay - NY Disco (Smile)

Callum Magnum - Pressure

Carlo Lio - Bailando

Cerrone - A Part of You (Edit)

Chapter & Verse - Move Left Move Right (Extended Mix)

Charlie Banks - Second Attempt

Cora Novoa - Technological Systems

Crazy P - Beatbox (Pbr Streetgang Remix)

Crazy P - People (We Can Transform)

Crozford - Ewie

DIMMISH - Rave (Original Mix)

Damelo - Talkin (Original Mix)

Damon Jee - Afterhour (Original Mix)

Danny Leblack, HÜGGØ - Influxx (Original Mix)

Danor - Telecaster

Das - Expedition (Linear System Remix)

David Penn - Get Loose (Extended Vocal Mix)

Deciduous - Periphery (Extended Mix)

Demon Noise - Mind (Original Mix)

Dennis Cruz - So Sweet

Developer - Jupiter Alive

DiCristino & Benjy Bradshaw - I Just Want Love (BKLYN Session's Mix)

Diego Sosa - Wax Flow (Original Mix)

Diego Viera, Alvaro Cabana, Chacal, Juliana Del Mar - Cerati No Esta Muerto (Original Mix)

Djebali, Hipp-E - Fall Into Groove (Original Mix)

EMEXL - Prepare For Drama (Robiin Remix)

ESSEL - Sweat (Extended Mix)

Eddie Lopez - El Regreso

Eduardo Monteiro - Show Me (Original Mix)

Einmusik - Funkenflug

Eleonora, Erly Tepshi - Open Your Mind (Extended Mix)

Elijah Wolfe - So Sexy

Fabio Pierucci, Gianni Bini, Leela D - Give It To Me (Extended Mix)

Fatum & Bigfett - Evolve (Extended)

Florian Kruse & Joplyn - Unity '89 (Pongo Remix)

Force Placement - Balloon Animals (Martyn Bootyspoon Remix) (Martyn Bootyspoon Remix)

Fortugno - Paid

Francesco Ferraro - Noche Y Misterio

Frynn, Julya Karma - Eye Of The Storm (Original Mix)

GARC!A - Colora

Gabe & Eddy M & Mc Th - Naquele Pique (Original Mix)

Gai Barone - MaFra (Original Mix)

Gai Barone - MoMa (Original Mix)

Gene On Earth - Pulse Mode (Original Mix)

George Morel - Lets Groove (Pbr Streetgang Diskomiks)

German Brigante - Limpa Limpa

Gratts, Nathan Haines & Mr Beale - Sun Circles (Alex Kassian Remix)

Greenage - Savaya (Original Mix)

Greenage - Vega (Original Mix)

Grigoré - Strange World (Original Mix)

Guzy - Hydra (Original Mix)

HP Vince, Chuck Roberts, Glen Horsborough - Jack Had A Groove (Glen Horsborough Remix)

Harry Romero - Tania (Honey Dijon Extended Remix)

Hector Couto - Another Jam (Original Mix)

Helsloot - Take Care (Maz Extended Remix)

Hernan Cattaneo & Jody Barr - Airglow (Original Mix)

Hollaphonic - Told You So

Hurricane, AirBorn Gav - Work (Atjazz Extended Remix)

ISMAIL.M - Amazigh Tribes (Original Mix)

Igor Zanga, Umberto Pagliaroli, DMILE - Wake Up (Extended Mix)

Ismail.M - My After Party (Original Mix)

Ismail.M - Taka Taka (Original Mix)

Jamie Stevens - Storm Front (Mike Rish Remix)

Jamie Stevens - Stuck on a Feeling (Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Remix)

Jason Pascascio - Higher (Original Mix)

Jay Lumen - Spacewalk (Original Mix)

Jensen Interceptor & DJ Fuckoff - Boy U Nasty

Jerome Isma-Ae - Baharat (D-Nox & Michael Hooker Remix)

Jewel Kid - Release Inside (Extended Mix)

Joe Ventura & Ceevox - Coming On Strong (Doug Gomez AmaSoul Edit)

Joeski - Head Bounce (Saeed Younan Remix)

Johan S & Oliver Knight - Talkin' Good (Extended Mix)

Jonas Saalbach - Cormoran (Original Mix)

Kenan Savrun - Shiraz (Cloaked Remix)

Kenan Savrun - Shiraz (Kebin van Reeken Remix)

Kenan Savrun - Shiraz

Kry (IT) - Bombassa (Extended Mix)

[KRTM] - Constipated Monomania

illusionize, Jay Robinson, Gabi'el - Rhythm Don't Lie (Original Mix)

LP Giobbi - Georgia

LSDXOXO - Sick Bitch

Lampe - No Matter (Original Mix)

Lauer, Johannes Albert - Four 44 (Original Mix)

Leonardo Gonnelli - Feel The Wave (Joseph Edmund Remix)

Little Fritter - Fly Hi (Original Mix)

Little Fritter - My People (Original Mix)

Lizzie Curious - Blessings

Locked Club & Roman The Legend - Rabotaet

Luke Nash - Freak Freaky (Original Mix)

M.Luc - In My Soul (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Praise Party Remix)

Mahony & Wheats - Off The Wall (Original Mix)

Mahony - Funk Flames

Malaa - Snatch (Original Mix)

Marc Cotterell - Gotta Keep Movin On

Marco Strous - Slay

Martina Budde - C.A.M.Y.U.V.A (MicFreak Remix)

Max Styler - Destination (Original Mix)

Max Styler, Haylee Wood - Pressure (Original Mix)

Maximo & Schmidt feat. Ben Yen - Back Then (Extended Mix)

Maximo - Wanna Dance (Extended Mix)

Meduza feat. Poppy Baskcomb - Upside Down (Extended Mix)

Mene, Amine Edge & DANCE, ACA (YU) - Tricky (Original Mix)

Meshes - Joy (Original Mix)

Metodi Hristov - Afraid of the Time (Original Mix)

Metodi Hristov - This Is Why (Original Mix)

Meyer (ofc) - White Lies (Original Mix)

Meyer (ofc), Leo Wood - No Use In Dying (Original Mix)

Molzk & Cora Novoa - Urubu is Dead (Cora Novoa Remix)

Namito, Tannaz - Legend (Original Mix)

Newmanhere - Ayala (Badbox Remix)

Noizu - Lost (Extended Mix)

Nora En Pure - Spring Embers (Extended Mix)

Novak, Black Caviar - Sofrito (Do It Like That) (Extended Mix)

Novalima - Beto Kele (Timo Maas Extended Remix)

Olivier Giacomotto - On My Own (Original Mix)

Operate, Rizzle, PAV4N - Pleiadians (Original Mix)

Oriss, Adam Sellouk - Protocol (Original Mix)

PBR Streetgang - Big Wig (Original Mix)

PBR Streetgang - Downstroke (Original Mix)

PBR Streetgang - J2Thab (Original Mix)

PROGroyal - Injection (Carbon Remix)

PRUNK & Rona Ray - Keep It Simple (Extended Mix)

Pao Calderon - Universe (Extended Mix)

Paradoks - Always (Extended Mix)

Patrick Wayne & DJ ThreeJay - You're The One

Per Qx & Kry - It's A Latin Thing (Extended Mix)

Planetary Assault Systems - Twelve (Psyk Rework)

Point85 & Maex - This Is Disco

Prophecy - Knowledge (Extended Mix)

Puff (ITA) - [ 11 : 11 ] (Original Mix)

Queen Rami, Saint Evo - Euforia (Original Mix)

Randomer - Sleep Of Reason

Raumakustik, Tony Romera - That Groove (Extended Mix)

Räntä - White Avadon (Extended Mix)

Rebrn - Going Back (Original Mix)

Rebrn - Who I Am (Original Mix)

Renato Cohen, Steve Parry - Marmalade Skies (Original Mix)

Rick Marshall - Let The Funk Down

Riva Starr - Flying High (Extended Mix)

Riva Starr, Mike Dunn - Feel The Heat (feat. Mike Dunn) (Extended Mix)

Roxe - Smack (Extended Mix)

Saeed Younan - Simplicity

Saeed Younan - Twister

Saliva Commandos - Wheel Turning Round (You Go)

Sam Shure - Echo Park (Original Mix)

Samer Soltan - Chkoun (Original Mix)

Sascha Dive - Motorcity Groove (Original Mix)

Sepp - Dash It

Several Definitions - Generate (Original Mix)

Shimza - That Organ Track (Original Mix)

Shlomi Aber - Lights On

Shygirl - Missin u

Soer Kyt - Energy (Original Mix)

Solee - Vivo (Citizen Kain Remix)

Space Motion & Angel Sanchez ft. Magnus - Moonlight (Original Mix)

Space Motion & Angel Sanchez ft. Magnus - Moonlight (Space Motion Remix)

Stan Kolev, Matan Caspi, Aaron Suiss - Eternal Now (Original Mix)

Takuya Matsumoto - Selfless (Original Mix)

Tali Muss - Vakit Çok Geç (Original Mix)

The Exaltics & Helena Hauff & The Exaltics & Helena Hauff - Futuros

The Phenomenal Handclap Band - Burning Bridges (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

Thodoris Triantafillou - The Sun the Stars (Original Mix)

Thomas Cerutti - Latin Lover (Original Mix)

Thomas Cerutti - The Block (Original Mix)

Thomas Newson & Sllash & Doppe - Some Chants (Extended Mix)

Tim Green - It's Only Lightning (Original Mix)

Tolex & Luccas Deo - Alive (Original Mix)

Tolex, Luccas Deo - Soul (Original Mix)

Tuccillo - Feel The Heat (Original Mix)

Umwelt - Dead Eyes Society

Un:said - Arch (Original Mix)

Ventt, Keparys - Falling to Earth (Radio Mix)

Victor Calderone, Mykol - Lawless (Original Mix)

Victor Calderone, Mykol - Push Back (Original Mix)

Victor Ruiz - Touch The Darkness (Original Mix)

Vino & PROTEZAS - Molly (Original Mix)

Vino & PROTEZAS - Snakes (Original Mix)

Vino, PROTEZAS - Molly (Original Mix)

VyVyan - Brick is Back (Original Mix)

Weekend Heroes - Yamanah (Original Mix)

Yolanda Be Cool - Baseline Happiness (Original Mix)

Yungness & Jaminn - Mi Corazon (Extended Mix)

Zeta reticula - C.L.O.N.E.

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