Traxsource Most Wanted Dj Charts 2023-05-13

DATA: 2023-05-13 TOTAL: 277 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

Discover the Traxsource Most Wanted DJ Charts as of May 13, 2023, a definitive collection of top tracks carefully selected by renowned DJs and influencers in the electronic music realm. Featuring an impressive array of 277 tracks, this week's charts encompass an exciting blend of genres, including deep house, techno, and more. Whether you're a DJ seeking crowd-pleasing hits or a music lover in search of cutting-edge sounds, these charts offer a curated experience that captures the pulse of the global dance music scene. Stay tuned for the latest chart updates and immerse yourself in the sounds that are shaping the future of electronic music.



! Tram 4 - L U N a (Version 00)

&phil - Coming Home (Denny the Punk Remix)

2Faces - The Call of Inspiration (Djoker Remix)

2Qimic - Lost feat. Nicolay Alexiev (Arnas D & Lake Avalon Remix)

2Shake - No Target (10000 Sounds Project's Live Feeling Mix)

2Tech - We Made It Happen

27b - Your True Self (Original Mix)

A-Mase - Oceanic Symphony (Original Mix)

ANASTASiiA - Down Your Mind (Original Mix)

ANASTASiiA - Irony (Original Mix)

Aaron Suiss, Peled - Show Me Now (Betoko Remix)

Above & Beyond - Angry JP8 (Extended Mix)

Achilles & DEADLINE, Jordan Grace - Heaven (Extended Mix)

Agoria, Noémie - Spacer (Mooglie's Four Twenty In The Closing Club Edit)

Aimoon pres 2Trancy - Galileo Galilei (Extended Mix)

Alexandre Billard & Nasree & Silvano Del Gado - Afrikka (The Cube Guys Radio Edit)

Alisha - Changes (Extended)

Annett Gapstream - Complex Desires (Original Mix)

Antonio Farhy - Gypsies (URANNIA Extended Remix)

Arthur Martinelli & Matheuz - Safada (Original Mix)

Avenue One - Meltdown (Extended Mix)

Avision - Baby

Avnu - Pride Before The Fall (Original Mix)

Axel Haube & Running Pine - Fading (Ivan Masa Ambivalence Remix)

Axel Zambrano - Loneliness At Night (Original Mix)

Ben Arsenal Tsehaitu - Midnight Moon (Extended Mix)

Benjamin Barth - About You (Original Mix)

Big Watt Laura Noise - Tecno Is My Bae

Bongani, Doshpot - Fragments (Original Mix)

Buranello - Rising (Extended Mix)

Dani El - Burn & Freeze (Original Mix)

Calvin Logue - Because Of You

Carlton - What's So Funny

Cassian, Icehouse - Great Southern Land (Original Mix)

Ceejay - Fell In Luv At The Warehouse

Charlie Boon - Mare St

Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano - Reflection

Cheyne Christian & Nes Mburu - Wakala (Extended Mix)

Chris Count - Universal L

Coco Joezi Pape Diouf - 7 Seconds (Original Mix)

Coverrun woofa kid Yellow Is The New White - Miezekatze (Extended Mix)

CrazyDane - The Rising Sun

Croatia Squad & Me & My Toothbrush - Heya (Club Mix)

CultureKind - Reality (Extended Mix)

D-Nox & Einmusik ft LENN V - On My Own

DJ Godfather - Can't C Me

DJ HELA - Fourth (Original Mix)

DJ Rush - That's What I'm Talking About (Original Mix)

Damelo - Vibrations

Dani Sinergia - Living Drama (Original Mix)

Daphni - Take Two

David Phoenix & Krypta - Predetermined (Krypta Remix)

Davide Capo - Hypnotic Love (Original Mix)

Depeche Mode - Ghosts Again (Massano Remix)

Der Effekt - Melody In The Night (Original Mix)

Dimo & Mr.K - Jungle (Original Mix)

Diniz (CH) - Change the Rules

Dirty Secretz & Gary Tuohy - Love On My Mind

Distant Kinfolk - Norty Cotto (Extra Hot Sauce Mix)

Dmitry Molosh - Flaws

Dombresky - Dirty Secret (Extended Mix)

Dook - Checkin' In (Original Mix)

Dowle, Cafe De Anatolia, Yonathan, DJ Chrisser - Miraj (Original Mix)

Duke Dumont - The Chant (Extended Mix)

Edu Imbernon - Villa Paraiso

Eivo - Freak Out (Maksim Dark Remix)

Ekis Ekis - Stealthy Underwater (Original Mix)

Elderbrook - I Need You (Adriatique Remix)

Eli Brown - Be The One (Extended Mix)

Emrah Balkan - Crazy Field (Original Mix)

Eugene Becker & Rediit - All Night (Extended Mix)

Eugene Becker & Rediit - Nostalgia (Extended Mix)

FOXA & Lando Riske & Foxa - RAVERS' RHYTHM

Falhaber - Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder

Fedele & Sharp Felon - Vampire Electronics (Extended Mix)

Fran Rebel - Lowkey (Original Mix)

Franc Fala - Shapeshift (Extended Mix)

Franky Wah & Paige Feat. Jem Cooke - Heavy Heat (Original Mix)

Furia & Society On Mars - Pull Me Out (Club Mix)

Fuzzy Hair - Wheel Me Out (Extended Mix)

Gaia Ekho - Sheepstealer (Mr Morek)

Gaia Ekho - Sheepstealer (Original Mix)

Gem & Tauri, Dani King - Fatal Love (Extended Mix)

Genix & Dosem - Day City (Extended Mix)

Genix & Dosem - Night City (Extended Mix)

Genix - Accelerator (Extended Mix)

Genk - Little More (Original Mix)

German Brigante - Morning Calls (Original Mix)

Gettoblaster & James Curd Feat. DJ Dagwood - Dum Diddy

Grace Bones - Rupture

Grigore - Strange World (Original Mix)

Guz & Krizman Toni - Bossy (Extended Mix)

blaktone - 22 - 22 (Radeckt Remix)

HÄWK & BEYGE - Hey Sexy Lady (Extended Mix)

Haffenfold - Elixir (Original Mix)

Hardt Antoine - I Need Someone

Harvey McKay - Elves Playground

Heerhorst, Teenage Mutants, PETER PAHN - Dark Clouds (feat. Heerhorst, Peter Pahn) (Original Mix)

Helang - Hopeless Romantic

Hobin Rude - Take Me Alive

Hobin Rude - The Only Thing That Matters (Original Mix)

Hopper, Carlos Pires - Breakless (Thiago Kruse Remix)

Horisone - Intuition (Extended Mix)

Hybridphonic - Charged with Dancing

Influence (IN) - Magic Land (Original Mix)

Ismail.M, Redspace, Maze 28 - Pure Reaction (Original Mix)

JSBR - Solaris (Original Mix)

Jack Back x Wh0 x Roland Clark - The Walk To Church (Extended Mix)

Jack Wins Feat. Stefi Novo - Praise Me (Andrew Mathers Extended Mix)

Jager & Amy Capilari & Soul Button - Butterfly (Soul Button Remix)

Jam & Spoon - Stella (Kolsch Remix Long)

Jamek Ortega, JUNO (DE) - Not Scared (Original Mix)

Jason Vinterra, Galexis - Redshift 7 (Extended Mix)

Jerome Price - Another Way

Jerome Price - Corazon

Jimi Jules - Touched By Silence

John P - Sairen X2

Jordan Arts & Frank Klassen - Space (Original Mix)

Jorjhan Castro - The Symmetry Of Chaos (Original Mix)

Junior Sanchez & Nez - Hit It (feat. NEZ) (Extended Mix)

Junior Sanchez - La Cueva

Junior Sanchez - No War (Drum Mix)

K Loveski & Teleport-X - Stardiver (Original Mix)

K2W0 - Bodies & Floor (Remix)

KERMIT & Blanca - Mantis (2023 Studio Remix)

Kalitos & novae - New World Order

Kamino (UK), MarynCharlie - Fading Touch (feat. MarynCharlie) (Extended Mix)

Kerim Muravey & Pawel Prutt, Darina - So Many Times (Original Mix)

Kokiri - I Know (Extended Mix)

Kr!z - Power of the Prophet

Kyle Zuck - Am I Happy (Original Mix)

L.porsche - Salt Cave

Lander B - Symphony (Original Mix)

Lar - Just To Make Her Smile

Laurent Garnier - Boom (Traumer Remix)

Leandro Murua - Katana

Leftwing : Kody & Hayley May - Bring The Heat (Extended Mix)

Leghet - Night Walks (Original Mix)

Lex On The Decks - Candela

Lilly Palmer - Fall In Love (Extended Mix)

Little Ensemble - Let Me Show You

Lluis Ribalta & Redspace - Choice (Maze 28 Remix)

Losless, Roman Kyn - Boha (Original Mix)

Lost Rhythm & Nick Devon - Dark Ocean (Nick Devon Remix)

Luciid & Per Pleks - Feel The Darkness

Luciid & Per Pleks - We Show Up

MPathy - Eroica (Original Mix)

Madben - Addicted (Extended Mix)

Madben - Circuit Breaker

Madben - The Mightiest Galaxy

Maetrik - Relax (Original Mix)

Mahmut Orhan, Paul Brenning, Monnarsh - Cutting Ribbons (Extended Mix)

Mahony & Wheats - Off The Wall (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Brutality

Marcus Christiansen - Jungle Nights

Marcus Santoro feat. Darla Jade - Hit & Run (Extended Mix)

Mariz - Justice (Original Mix)

Masters At Work - MAW Apes Groove

Matan Caspi, Amir Telem - Binary Horizons (Original Mix)

Matias Burna - Tatum (Freedo Mosho Remix)

Mattheo - I'll Save U

Max TenRoM & CamelVIP - Damas (LeoPan Remix)

Michel Westerhoff - Shores of Heaven (Extended Mix)

Miguel Campbell - Private Dancer (Original Mix)

Mike Koglin - The Silence (GMJ & Matter Remix)

Mikey North - My Beat (Original Mix)

Miss Monique - Rebirth (Extended Mix)

Miss Monique - The Connection (Extended Mix)

Mizaru - Freak U Out (Original Mix)

Monodusk - Eden 2099 (Extended Mix)

Moritz Hofbauer - Your Eyes (Extended Mix)

Naranja Austher - Opposite Forces (Original Mix)

Nick Devon - Full Of Forrest (Original Mix)

Nick Devon - Revival (Original Mix)

Nihil Young, Modeplex - 2031 (Original Mix)

Nihil Young, Modeplex - Valium (Original Mix)

NoNameLeft - Stay Awake (Extended Mix)

Nora En Pure - Sycamore (Extended Mix)

North Sunset - Mikuni (Original Mix)

Norty Cotto - It's Alright (Norty Cotto Club Work)

Obertone - Home (Original Mix)


Niko Schwind - Stay Until the Light (Gespona Remix)

Oliver Koletzki & Niko Schwind Feat. Talmirage - Stay Until the Light (Oliver Koletzki's Extended Mix)

Oliver Koletzki, Niko Schwind - Stay Until the Light (Niko Schwind's Extended Mix)

Dani El - Orange & Tricky (Original Mix)

Oravla Ziur - My Heart

Oscar P & Norty Cotto - All That Smoke (Benji Candelario Remix)

Oscar P & Norty Cotto - All That Smoke (Norty Cotto Disco Puff Mix)

Oscar P & Norty Cotto - All That Smoke (Offshore And Coen Dub)

Oscar P & Norty Cotto - All That Smoke (Oscar P Main Mix)

Out of Sorts - The Key feat. T-Bone (Jamie Stevens Deeper Undersanding Remix)

PISAPIA (IT) - Pussy Juicy (WarinD Remix)

Passenger 10 - The Dark Sun (Extended Mix)

Patrick Ruprecht - Infinity System (Rafael Cerato Remix)

Paul van Dyk & Rafael Osmo - Two Rivers (Album Mix)

Peckerhead - Rated R

Pilar Battistelli - Calypso (Original Mix)

Pilar Battistelli - Circe (Original Mix)

Polyrhythm - Guataqui

Port Manteau - Thrifty

Product Of Us - Persiguiendo (Extended Mix)

Q-Walker - Siren (Remamix)

QBas - Motion (Extended Mix)

ROY EMM - Bad Boy

Rafael Cerato TuraniQa - Ocean

Raw Main - Between The Lights

Raxon - The Cage Of Love (Extended Mix)

Raxon - The Fall

Rebrn - Iamsiam (Original Mix)

Rebrn - Koka (Original Mix)

Richard Grey, Lissat - Sometimes (That's My Shit)

Richie Blacker - Summer Of Rave 89 (Original Mix)

Riva Starr & Todd Terry - This Is The Sound (Extended)

Robbie Doherty - It's My Beat (Extended Mix)

Rodriguez Jr, Liset Alea, RJLA - Visions (Tim Engelhardt Remix)

Roman Kyn - Where We Belong (Original Mix)

Royston Summers - Stepping Through Time (Original Mix)

Röyksopp - Me&Youphoria (Mees Salomé Remix)

SDBX - Mata La Hurra (Original)

SQWAD - Breathin (Extended Mix)

Saliva Commandos - Wheel Turning Round (You Go)

Samuel Sonder - System Error (Original Mix)

Sante - Dance Now

Santi  Tuğçe - Madrugada (YoSoyMatt Remix)

Sara Fry - What I Like

Sean Tyas & Abstrakt - Feel Alive (Extended Mix)

Sean Tyas & Abstrakt - Prodigal (Extended Mix)

Senses Of Mind & Grammik - The Symbol (Grammik Remix)

Shadow Child - Warehouse Anthem (Extended Mix)

Shaun Kay - Dream of You

Shunus - Time Thyme (Original Mix)

Simon Kidzoo - 1 Thang (Extended Mix)

Simon Sim's - After Beach

Solid Haze Vs Milez - Reduxed (Abstrakt Extended Remix)

Some Of, Tony Esiger - Catch You Again (Extended Mix)

Sons Of Maria - It Takes so Long (Extended Mix)

Space Food - Cycle Twice (Jobe Remix)

Squire - Run (Original Mix)

Stefre Roland, Iriser - Believe In Yourself (Original Mix)

Sundra - Dive (Original Mix)

Sylphomatic - Out Of This

Sylphomatic - Wet Ritual (Original Mix)

TEKBASS21 - You Feel WOO

Tempo Giusto - The Portal (Extended Mix)

Th Moy - Lost (Original Mix)

The Deepshakerz, Émilie Rachel - Reasons (Original Mix)

The Madison - Can't Save You (Extended Mix)

The Muthafunkaz - Galaxy 2023 (Original Mix)

Then Ruloks - The Alchemist

Thodoris Triantafillou - The Sun the Stars

Thomas Newson & Rion S - Psychosis (Original Mix)

Thomas Schwartz, Fausto Fanizza - Marauder (Original Mix)

Tigerblind - Teenage Crime

Tony Di Sarno - One Take

Trilucid - Take Me Higher (Extended Mix)

Trunkline - Vertigo

Trutopia feat. Aura James - New Flame (Extended Mix)

UCast, Kamelon, CLAVIR - Radiate (Extended Mix)

Underworld - and the colour red

Vele - Dopamine (Original Mix)

Vele - New Ritual (Original Mix)

Vele - Ugly Daughter (Original Mix)

Volac & Trace feat. Mila Falls - Uh La La (Guz Extended Remix)

Will Clarke - Father (Original Mix)

Yahaira (ES) JGR - Pulso Electromagnético (Panka Panka Remix)

Yan Cook - Fog Catcher

Yonel Gee - Under the Trees

ZEYB - Arduous (Extended Mix)

Zapotec - Tropical Storm (Extended Mix)

Zero Calories - Open Window (Original)

Zippie - The True Composer (Original Mix)

Zirkuskind - Lady Lady Lady

Zofia Hydel - Escape (Original)

Zoutman - It's Elegant (Bump Djs Remix)

Zucker - Selection

Zwei-Takt - Play Game

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