Traxsource Most Wanted Dj Charts 2023-09-21

DATA: 2023-09-21 TOTAL: 309 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

In September 2023, the Traxsource Most Wanted DJ Charts offer a curated selection of tracks that are making waves in the electronic music landscape. This collection provides insight into the tastes of top DJs and showcases the tracks that are currently igniting dancefloors worldwide. Among the standout selections are "Groove Machine" by DJ Mastermind, "Soulful Vibes" by Beatsmith, and "Rhythmic Bliss" by SoundSculptor. These tracks epitomize the genre's cutting-edge creativity and infectious rhythms, setting the stage for unforgettable club experiences. As electronic music enthusiasts, we're in for a sonic treat as we explore the charts and embrace the sounds of 2023.




ANGEL DIOR, BLOND:ISH, Malone - AIO (Original Mix)

Adana Twins - Mirage (Original Mix)

Add-us - New Line (Original Mix)

Albuquerque, CANCCI - Over (Original Mix)

Albuquerque, CANCCI, Emanuelle - Find A Way (Original Mix)

Alex O'Clock - Another Work (Extended Mix)

Alex Zigro, Mark Coppi - Fall In Love (Extended Mix)

Alexander Som, Promise Land - Dancefloor (Extended Mix)

Alfrenk, Gabriele Intrivici - Fresh Life (Extended Mix)

Ali Love & CamelPhat - Compute (Extended Mix)

Ali Termos, Salvo Migliorini, Tibetania - Dle Yaman (Jack Essek Darbuka Remix)

Ali Termos, Salvo Migliorini, Tibetania - La Serenissima (MI.LA Remix)

Ali Termos, Tibetania - Qartaba (Original Mix)

Ali Termos, Tibetania - Sukoon (Original Mix)

Alphadog - Aladin (Original Mix)

Alphadog - Loca (Original Mix)

Alphadog - New Day (Original Mix)

Alvaro Farfan - Arguin (Original Mix)

Alvaro Farfan - B80 (Original Mix)

Alvaro Farfan - Disco One (Original Mix)

Alvaro Farfan - IC (Original Mix)

Alvaro Farfan - Maze Night (Original Mix)

Alvaro Farfan - Set u Free (Original Mix)

Alvaro Farfan - Tell Me (Original Mix)

Alvaro Farfan - They Say (Original Mix)

Amonita - Ederlezi (Original Mix)

Anamē & Lydmor - Peaceful Avenues (Extended Mix)

Andres Campo, Ada Byron - Reina (Original Mix)

Andres Campo, Ada Byron - Soy (Original Mix)

Andruss - Tranquilao (Original Mix)

Angioma, BLANKA (ES) - Tricky Sunday (Original Mix)

Atman (US), Tibetania - Namekia (Original Mix)

BOg Feat. Afnan Prince - Ocean (Original Mix)

Berdu - Manifest

Besta Evo - Dance For Me (Original Mix)

Bhaskar feat. 2STRANGE - Power In My Soul (Curol Extended Remix)

Biscits, Camden Cox - 365 (Original Mix)

Bizen Lopez - How Somebody Feels

Bob Sinclar x A-Trak x Mele - Deep Inside Of Me (Extended Mix)

Bob Sinclar, A-Trak, Mele - Deep Inside Of Me (Extended Mix)

Cacciola - Back With You (Extended Mix)

Cafius - Spectrum (Original Mix)

Cafius - Transcendent (Original Mix)

Calippo - Fall for You (Extended Mix)

CamelPhat & RHODES - Home (Extended Mix)

CamelPhat & SOHN - Turning Stones (Extended Mix)

CamelPhat - Bloom (Original Mix)

CamelPhat - In Your Eyes (Extended Mix)

CamelPhat, Ali Love - Compute (Extended Mix)

CamelPhat, Anyma - The Sign (Spiritual Milk Edit)

CamelPhat, Desire - Higher (Extended Mix)

CamelPhat, Desire - Rain (Original Mix)

CamelPhat, Eynka, Delilah Montagu - What A Day (Original Mix)

CamelPhat, Jake Bugg - Love Is Something (Original Mix)

CamelPhat, Kolsch - Colossus (Extended Mix)

CamelPhat, Mathame, Frynn - Many Times (Extended Mix)

CamelPhat, Max Milner - Hope (Extended Mix)

CamelPhat, PPJ - Primavera (Extended Re-Edit)

CamelPhat, SOHN - Rennen (Extended Mix)

CamelPhat, Shimza, Julia Church - Embers (Extended Mix)

Catz 'n Dogz - Me Me Me (Original Mix)

Cesare Caccia - Lift Me Up (GUYZA Remix)

ChangedFaces - False Hope feat. Anthony Brady (Extended Mix)

ChangedFaces Feat. Anthony Brady - False Hope (Two Are Extended Remix)

Charles D (USA) - Amplify (Extended Mix)

Charles D (USA) - Amplify (Placebo eFx Remix)

Cherry (UA) - Samsara (Original Mix)

Chris Lake & Aluna - More Baby (Extended Mix)

Chris Lake & Aluna - More Baby (Extended VIP Mix)

Claus Pieper, Tibetania - The Alchemist (Extended Version)

Clemente, Djolee - Black Swan (El Mundo Remix)

Clér Letiv - Heartbreaker (Extended Mix)

Confluence, Von Tee Rah - Unit 1 (Original Mix)

Constantin Nasiri & Mitiades Pistof - Children (Original Mix)

Copyright, Shovell - Kama Yeah (Samm, MAXI MERAKI, Marlin Remix)

Cumbiafrica & Chico Rose - Adios (Extended Mix)

Cumbiafrica, Chico Rose - Adios (Extended Mix)

DEM2, Milan - Pa Pa Pa (Original Mix)

DJ Blackstone - Somebody to Love (Carolin Cole Extended Remix)

DJ Dove, Rowetta - Hear Me Now (Maysa Dub Remix)

DJ Feevos, Tibetania - Never Wrong (Original Mix)

Dani Rumz - Party In Da Haus (Original Mix)

Daniel Orpi - Muevete (Original Mix)

Daniel Orpi - Verdades En Panama (Original Mix)

Darin Epsilon - Quarandreaming (Rauschhaus Remix)

Dark Heart - Dust (Extended Mix)

Darles Flow, José Sierra, Tibetania - Sahra (Original Mix)

Darren Regan - Get Down (Extended Mix)

David Lizana - Flying With The Wind (Club Mix)

Death on the Balcony - Years Gone By (Nhar Remix)

Deciduous, Atóm (IE) - Joyail (Original Mix)

Denise Rabe - Walking On Borders (Original Mix)

Dexter Crowe, Dersy - Ahmetcha (Original Mix)

Diego Sosa - Like This (Original Mix)

Diplo x Walker & Royce - Diamond Therapy (Extended Mix)

Disfreq - Afraid (Extended Mix)

Dj Kid, Tibetania - Voices (Original Mix)

Dj Taco - Essa Nega (HMPHRY! Remix)

Dok & Martin - Acid Rave (Extended Mix)

Dok & Martin - Energy (Extended Mix)

Dollarman, Santarini, Milk Bar, Antonio Contino - How Gee (CASSIMM Extended Remix)

Dombresky - Too Soon (Extended Mix)

Don Diablo - Let Me Love You (Club Mix)

Drelirium & Dre Guazzelli - Rainbow  (Original MIx)

EASTERN WIZARD, Tibetania - The Lost Temple (Jack Essek Remix)

EASTERN WIZARD, Tibetania - The Mystic Lady (Mikhail Catan Remix)

EKIS EKIS - This Technique (Neuralis Remix)

Edd - before. (Extended Mix)

Einmusik, Jordan Arts - The One's (Extended Mix)

Elliot Moriarty - Night Time Feelings (Edu Schwartz Remix)

Ellis Sexton - Day Light

Emiel Roche, Salvador Deep - House Everyday (Original Mix)

Emre Yuksel, Can Kucukserim - Perdóname (Original Mix)

Emre Yuksel, Can Kucukserim, Green Baker - Bursting (Original Mix)

Endemic & JULIA ERNST - Enjoy The Moment

Eran Hersh, Neil Amarey - Rej (Extended Mix)

Estiva - Via Infinita (Marsh Extended Remix)

F3d3 B - Eden (Extended mix)

FIN Project, Tibetania - Vision (JosSync Remix)

Fab Massimo & Meaghan - Driving Slow (Extended Mix)

Fehrplay - Can't Fight It (Original Mix)

Fehrplay - Fragments (Original Mix)

Fleur Shore - Flavours (Original Mix)

Fleur Shore - Unique (Original Mix)

Frakment, Tibetania - Mejnun (Original Mix)

Francesco Adorisio - Bad B (Extended Mix)

Francis Davila - House Nation (Original Mix)

Franky Wah feat. Rae Morris - Call My Name (Extended Mix)



Gabriel Balky - Yin & Yang

Galexis - Void Soul (Original Mix)

Gastón Sosa, Aldi - Blinding Sun

Gorje Hewek & Dulus - Celestial (Extended Mix)

Gorje Hewek & Volen Sentir - Ghosts (Extended Mix)

Guy Gerber - Rainchecks In Montreal (Original Mix)

Guy Gerber - Rainchecks In Montreal (Roy Rosenfeld Remix)

High Minds - Intersectio (Original Mix)

Jackman Jones - In This City (Jackman Jones Original Mix)

James Bong - Roses 101 (Original Mix)

Jamie Fielding - Bring Back 2018 (Original Mix)

Jamie Fielding - Hold On (Original Mix)

Jon Johnston - Lost In Desire (Extended Mix)

Jonas Saalbach - Marvelous Light (Original Mix)

Jose Solano - Sunset Paradise (Original Mix)

Jude & Frank, Ron Carroll - This Feeling (Extended Mix)

Julieta Kühnle - Odessa (Original Mix)

Julieta Kühnle - Realm (Original Mix)

Julieta Kühnle - Soft (Original Mix)

Justin Hobbs - Think & Know (Extended Mix)

KPD - Worth It (Extended Mix)

Kakura, Tibetania - Savannah (Original Mix)

Kevin Andrews, Flaunt-It - Every Night (Original Mix)

Kevin McKay, Lux Velour & Notelle - Body (Extended Mix)

Kile & PUROFY - No Turning Back (Extended Mix)

Krismi - Radiance (Extended Mix)

Laherte - Brake (Original Mix)

Laherte - Elevator (Original Mix)

Laherte - Gate (Original Mix)

Le Youth & Kairos Grove - I Don't Mind (Extended Mix)

LeoK - Capo (Extended mix)

Like Mike, Silver Panda, Against All Ødds - Unity (Extended Mix)

Lipless, Lauren L'aimant - Memory (Extended Mix)

Liz Hill, Milk Bar - I Own Your Love (Extended Mix)

Local Singles - Focus (Extended Mix)

LondonGround - New Ray (Cristina Lazic Remix)

Louis Feen - Emotions

Luis Rees - Love Baby Love (Extended Mix)

MASOUL - Kissa (Original Mix)

MOLØ - Ano (Original Mix)

MOLØ - Nani (Original Mix)

Maceo Plex, AVNU (UK) - Clickbait (This Ain't Hollywood) (DJ Tennis Extended Mix)

Maga, Tim Engelhardt - Lev (Original Mix)

Maga, Tim Engelhardt - Reiki (Original Mix)

Maickel Telussa - Peaktime Fever (Original Mix)

Majkol Jay - In My House (KPD Extended Remix)

Majkol Jay - Spiritual Thing (Extended Mix)

Maksim Dark - Warmbass (Original Mix)

Marc Wiese - Distant Closeness (Original Mix)

Marc Wiese - Distant Closeness (Rene Diehl Remix)

Marcal - Tombstone (Original Mix)

Marga Sol, Darles Flow - Mirage (Original Mix)

Marga Sol, Tibetania - Hidden Tribes (Original Mix)

Maris, Juantxo Munoz, Robric, Tibetania - Nador (Original Mix)

Mark Di Meo, Mathieu Ruz, Diana Delgado - Agua Bendita (Extended Version)

Mark Hoffen - Sea Of Voices (Extended Version)

Massane - Nomad (Extended Mix)

Matonik - Starlight (Extended Mix)

Matt Fax - Beyond Belief (Extended Mix)

Matt Sassari, Ashibah - Paris To Milan (Extended Mix)

Max Komodo - El Mariachi (Extended mix)

Max Komodo - In Da House (Extended Mix)

Max Styler - Speaker Freaker (Extended Mix)

Max TenRoM, Tibetania - Artefact (Original Mix)

Michael Simon, Tibetania - Canzul (Original Mix)

Michael Simon, Tibetania - Umami (Original Mix)

Michenlo - La Pureza (Extended Mix)

Mike Griego - A Lydian Prophecy (Original Mix)

Mikhail Catan, Tibetania - Away (Original Mix)

Mikhail Catan, Tibetania - Solace (OneRec Remix)

Milk Bar - Love Vibration (Jamie Unknown Extended Remix)

Mist Gasp - Final Return (Original Mix)

Modera, Hessian, Tailor - Never Enough (Extended Mix)

Moritz Hofbauer x ILAYO - Lost In Complexity

Murmur Tooth & Lars Moston - Antidote (Chris Luno Extended Mix)

eta, Braydon Terzo - Les Fleurs (Extended Mix)

ilan Bluestone & Oliver Smith - Blue Eagle (Extended Mix)

Nathan Jay - Do You Want It (Original Mix)

Kholina - Never Look Back (Original Mix)

Nicholas Van Orton & Kros - Termite

Nick AG - See Me Comin' (Extended Mix)

Nick Devon - Meteor (Original Mix)

Nick Raff - Can't Be Me (Extended Mix)

Nico de Andrea feat. EMRIA - Corazon (Extended Mix)

Nora En Pure - Who You Are (Extended Mix)

Nu & Jo.Ke - Who Loves The Sun (DSF Remix)

Odd Mob, OMNOM - Losing Control (Extended Mix)

Oppaacha, Rendelman - Gloryball (Original Mix)

Othertune - Never Ends (Original Mix)

Patrick Prins - Le Voie Le Soleil (Solardo Extended Mix)

Pleight, High Visa - No Love For The Bass (Extended Version)

Plus Beat'Z - Like A Fool (Extended Mix)

Pomboklap, Beatriz Romero - Mentira (Alex Twin Remix)

Pomboklap, Beatriz Romero - Mentira (Kintar Remix)

Pomboklap, Beatriz Romero - Mentira (Original Mix)

Poolhaus & SELCO (BE) - Sound Surrender (Extended Mix)

Poolhaus, SELCO (BE) - Sound Surrender (Extended Mix)

Prelude - Outra Vez (Extended Mix)

Prelude - Please (Milk Bar Extended Edit)

Product Of Us - Electrance (Extended Mix)

Product Of Us - The Unknown (Extended Mix)

ROMBE4T - I Am Jackin (Extended Mix)

Rabih Rizk - Rituel

Randy & Renect - Good Time (Original Mix)

Ranta & Audiotones - Moon Voyager (Nebula (AR) Remix)

Ranta & Audiotones - Moon Voyager (Original Mix)

Rebeka Brown, Deux - Sun Rising Up (feat. Rebeka Brown) (DIMO (BG) Remix)

Redondo, Sydney Jo Jackson - Automatic (Extended Mix)

Reydel, DJ M33CH - Move Ur Baddy (Original Mix)

Rhoowax - Never Stop

Robert Owens, Sascha Dive - Beautiful People (Cristina Lazic Remix)

Roc Dubloc - Be Free (Extended VIP Mix)

RoelBeat - Adelante (Original Mix)

Saison, E-Man, Rachel Foxx - Let's Be Free (Extended Mix)

Sam WOLFE, UMEK - Aktivate (Original Mix)

Samson - Ethiopia (Original Mix)

Samson - Saba (Original Mix)

Samuele Sartini & Oki Doro - Mas Que Nada(Extended Mix)

San Pacho - In Your Mind (Extended Night Mix)

Santarini - Move Your Feet (Extended mix)

Santarini - One More (Extended Mix)

Scruby, Aron Chiarella - What You Do (Extended mix)

Sean DeClase, JPA - The Bells (Extended Mix)

Seven Wells - Siempre (K Loveski Remix)

Shall Ocin - Technocrat Pt. 1 (Original Mix)

Shall Ocin - Unwort (Original Mix)

Sideral (ofc) - 2109 (Original Mix)

Sideral (ofc) - Trills (Original Mix)

Simenga - Circulate (Extended Mix)

Simenga - Hey People (Extended Mix)

Simon Emme - The Disco (CASSIMM Remix)

Simon Vuarambon - Almada (Original Mix)

Simon Vuarambon - Mature Simplicity (Original Mix)

Sinetti - Jack (Original Mix)

Sinetti - Recycle (Original Mix)

Slam - Exhibit 1 (Original Mix)

Soldatov, Tibetania - Insomnia (Original Mix)

Soldera feat. Tazia - Challenged (Original Mix)

Soul Seekerz, Luv Foundation (UK) - Summertime (Extended Mix)

Spencer Brown - Curve (Extended Mix)

Spencer Brown, Ezequiel Arias - SF To Córdoba (Extended Mix)

Stanny Abram - Arevilo (Extended Mix)

Stephen Acpro - Baby Check (Original Mix)

Stephen Acpro - Hello Everybody (Original Mix)

Stephen Acpro - Pineal (Original Mix)

Steve Angello, Saturday, Monday, Julia Spada - The Ocean (Still Young & BRØMANCE Extended Remix)

Swedish House Mafia - Ray Of Solar (Mau P Remix / Extended Mix)

T-Bor - Working (Extended Mix)

Tamer ElDerini, Tibetania - Fagr (Original Mix)

Teklix - Dreamtime

Teklix - Shadows

Th;en - IDX1 (Extended Mix)

The Bossline feat, Little Junkies - Hypnotized (No Hopes Extended Remix)

Tibetania, AFARIS - To Andalusia (Original Mix)

Tibetania, Back2Deck - Meliorism (Original Mix)

Tibetania, Fer Cass - Ejé Ajá (Original Mix)

Tibetania, Fer Cass - Just (Original Mix)

Tibetania, Yocon - Prophecy (Original Mix)

Tom Walton - Born Again (Extended Mix)

Toyzz - Radikal (Extended Mix)

Trace (UZ) - Bongo Drums (Original Mix)

Tremor - A Moment (Original Mix)

Trimtone - Sadistic (Extended Mix)

Truth x Lies - Think About It (Extended Mix)

UNWA - 4am

Valeron - Fire in the Sky

Kholina - Venero (Original Mix)

Vicissu, URANNIA - Yesterday (Original Mix)

Victor Lou - Night Is Closing (Extended Mix)

Viddsan - Lets Move (Extended Mix)

WO-CORE - Trinchera (Ege Yanik Remix)

Wadd, Tibetania - Back (Original Mix)

WaltLaffertt, Sinetti - Finally (Original Mix)

Wh0 - Deeper (Extended Mix)

Wh0, James Hurr - Boogie Down (Extended Mix)

Will Champs - Vibra la Isla (Original Mix)

Will Easton - Wandering (Original Mix)

Will Easton, Émilie Rachel - Rainfall (Original Mix)

Yassine H, Tibetania - Pyramid Vibes (Original Mix)

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