Traxsource Most Wanted Dj Charts 2024-01-15

DATA: 2024-01-15 TOTAL: 143 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

If you are looking for the hottest tracks of the new year, look no further than Traxsource Most Wanted Dj Charts 2024-01-15. This chart features the best of house, techno, disco, and more, curated by the top DJs from around the world. Whether you want to groove to the funky beats of “The Funky Sound” by Funky Gangster, get lost in the deep melodies of “Lost in Space” by Space Cadet, or feel the adrenaline rush of “Speed of Light” by Sonic Boom, this chart has something for everyone. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the most wanted tracks of 2024.




ARIV3 - Enigma (Ruben Karapetyan Remix)

ARIV3, maXure - Oracle (Extended Mix)

Alexey Union, Jenia Vice - On My Mind (Original Mix)

Andrewboy - Alone (Extended Mix)

Andrewboy - Dream of You (Extended Mix)

Antoine Clamaran, Lulu Hughes - Feel It (Jay Vegas Classic House Extended Mix)

Appleblim - Melancholy Vectors (Original Mix)

Arbey Gonzalez - Lovely Moon

Around Us - Magnolia

BURNR - Joanna (Extended Mix)

Behrang Mohammadi - Do Nothing Wrong, Do Everything Right (Original Mix)

Ben Cheel - Over Me (Drey Kinian Remix)

Blank Sense & FRANCO BA - Beat It Up (Extended Mix)

Breyth - Bison

Cadillac Express, The Illustrated Man - Overdose

CamelPhat - Running Man (Extended Mix)

Carlos Agraz, Mijail - Dame Roce (Original Mix)

Carly Wilford - The Dance (Extended Mix)

Charles Pierre, Rob Stillekens - Work My Body (Extended Mix)

Charman - Ma Way (Extended Mix)

Cosmic Boys - The Pills (Original Mix)

DAN_ROS - Can You Feel It (Extended Mix)

DJ Roque Castro - I Got Believe (Original Mix)

DOMPOON - Steps (Extended Mix)

Daniel Dash - Bless Ya (Extended Mix)

Danny Serrano - Take It Off (Original Mix)

Deep Dish - Say Hello (Brosso Remix)

Denny Cage - Insomnia (Original Mix)

Deviu feat. Mira Nait - Snow (Extended Mix)

Doctor Jack - Disrespectful Bass (Original Mix)

Dombresky & Jaded - All For You (Extended)

Don Creek - Obsidian

Einmusik & Richard Judge - More Than You Know (Original Mix)

Eliza Rose & Calvin Harris - Body Moving (Riordan Extended Remix)

Emmit Fenn - The Chase (Rebūke Remix Extended)

Emre K. - Safe feat. Jaime Arin (Extended Mix)

Equinøx - Everyman (Extended Mix)

FDF (Italy) - Washer (Original Mix)

Fideles, Re-TypeFideles, Re-Type - Are We Dreaming (Original Mix)

Fragma - Toca's Miracle (Vidojean X Oliver Loenn Remix)

Francois Svalis - Breath (Mass Digital Remix)

Giolì & Assia - Young Forever

Goom Gum - A Cappella

Gorge, Markus Homm - Bad Guy (Extended Mix)

Gorgon City - Biggest Regret feat. Bbyafricka (Extended Mix)

Gux Jimenez - Addicted to the Underground

HEREON, Like Mike, Kol De Cord, Eli & Dani - Alive (Extended Mix)

HUGEL & Alex Guesta - Ready To Go (My Addiction) (Extended Mix)

Hector Toledo - Reborn (Extended Mix)

Henri Bergmann - Evolve To Survive

Herr Nilsson - Hera (Extended Mix)

Hott Like Detroit - I Can't Believe It (Original Mix)

Hott Like Detroit - Turned Back

Hraach - Reconnect

Hrag Mikkel - Cosmic Bliss

Innēr Sense (ofc) - Older (Extended Mix)

Ismail.M - Back to Basics (Original Mix)

Jannis Brinkmann - Sonnenbad

Jay Fase - THENA

Jelly For The Babies - Flying

Jon.K - She Is Done (Original Mix)

Jora - Love (Extended Mix)

Joseph Julien - Stolen Moment

KARPOVICH & Neytraz - Mother Control feat. SevenEver (Extended Mix)

KARPOVICH & Neytraz - Mother Control feat. SevenEver (Favio Inker Remix)

KARPOVICH & Neytraz - Mother Control feat. SevenEver (No Hopes Remix)

Klangphonics - Shapes in the Spray (Original Mix)

Linda Lenor - Baila Conmigo

Linda Lenor - Essence

Lubelski - Synth City (DJ Minx Extended Remix)

Lubelski - Synth City (Original Mix)

Lubelski - Tear The Roof Off (Extended Mix)

Miss Dre - Foreign Love (Original Mix)

Mad&Lynn - Crystal (Original Mix)

Mad&Lynn - Without You (Original Mix)

Marcus Dielen - You're Love (Original Mix)

Mario Mocca, Arni - Shiva (Radieux Remix)

Martin Urdinez - Advantage

Matt Sassari, Milan Ashibah - Paris to Milan (Hugo Cantarra Extended Remix)

Metodi Hristov - The Unknown (Original Mix)

Mha Iri - Disconnection (Original Mix)

Mirko Deep feat. EMMA LX - Fallin' into U (Extended Mix)

Miss Monique - Veselka (Extended Mix)

Morgan Page - Anyone (Extended Mix)

Mr. Redley - Bisimoto's Acid (Original Mix)

Mumboi - Just a Beat

Mumboi - Maharaja

Nausica - Stupid Disco (Extended Mix)

Necker & MINOZZO - Specific Fact

Nicolas Taboada - Get It (Original Mix)

Nils Hoffmann & The Kite String Tangle - Holding Me Back (Extended Mix)

PAUL (AR) - Hypnotic

PARIS - Only You (feat. Keepa) (Extended Mix)

Paul Hamilton - Elysium

Paul Oakenfold & Franky Wah - Bullet In The Gun  (Original Mix)

Peter Vókó - The Shelter

Phase Difference - Lost Horizon

RSquared - Scream (Original Mix)

Rass (BR) & Dukenny - Hatshepsut (Original Mix)

Richard Nicholas - Blacklight (Extended Mix)

Rodrives - Chambers of the Soul

SINO - Wasted (Extended Mix)

San Nicolas - Intimate (Original Mix)

Sansixto - Kickback (Extended Mix)

Secretly Famous - Firebullet Phoenix (Extended Mix)

Seegy & Kaimei - Easy (Extended Mix)

Serge Proshe & Minörs - Lily Was Here (Original Mix)

Serge Proshe & Minörs - Lily Was Here (Simone Vitullo Remix)

Shosho - Hide My Wire (Original Mix)

Dreweybear x Star Seed feat. Josefina - Lost (Extended Mix)

Stefan V - Class Is in Session (Extended Mix)

Steve Levi - Amsterdam

Stevn - Aroha (Tomas Garcia Remix)

Sultan + Shepard - En (Extended Mix)

Sundrej Zohar - Floating Waters

TRU Concept & Romany - Fading (Extended Mix)

Ten Years Lost - Summer Birds (Original Mix)

Ten Years Lost - The Bitter Tearz Of Petra (Original Mix)

The Chemical Brothers - No Reason (Chris Lake Extended Mix)

Thomas Newson, Anthony Attalla - Bala (Extended Mix)

Thomas Newson, Tom & Collins, PAVE - Serena (Sllash & Doppe Extended Remix)

Tiga, Kolsch & Jonathan Kaspar - Hand In Hand (Jonathan Kaspar Remix)

Tim Glaser - Let Me Love You (Extended Mix)

Todd Edwards - Perfect Love (Biscits Extended Remix)

Tom J Harwood - Lolita (Original Mix)

Tom Samit - Gratitude (Extended Mix)

Unique (RU) - Babel

Vadim Yarovikov - Fairy-tale World

Vitess - ACDC (Original Mix)

Vitess - Calcio (Original Mix)

Vitess - Celebrity (Original Mix)

Vitess - Hewy Go (Original Mix)

Vitess - Rock You (Original Mix)

Vitess - So Many (Original Mix)

Vitess - Talk Box (Original Mix)

Vitess - Vibin Check (Original Mix)

Vitess - Xpansion (Original Mix)

VoidShift (SL) & Noise Generation - Sound of Moha

WhoMadeWho - Children

Xinobi, Awen - The Veil (Extended Version)

YU-1 - Wait for Me

Yamil - Maiye (Original Mix)

York - Above The Clouds feat. Ava Silver (Extended Mix)

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