Traxsource Most Wanted Dj Charts 2024-02-22

DATA: 2023-02-22 TOTAL: 247 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

If you’re looking for the hottest tracks in the DJ scene, you need to check out the Traxsource Most Wanted Dj Charts 2024-02-22. This chart features the best of the best from various genres and styles, curated by the top DJs and producers in the industry. Whether you’re into house, techno, afro, or disco, you’ll find something to suit your taste and mood. Some of the highlights include “La Vie En Rose” by Walid Martinez and DJ Gomi, “Guru” by Walid Martinez and DiMO (BG), and “Keep Me Near” by Walid Martinez, DJ Dove, and Rishi Love. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new music and get inspired by the latest trends.


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ADZ & Cristoph - Fading
ADZ & Cristoph - Solpaz
Aaron Sevilla - La Locura
Aaron Sevilla - Sol y Luna
Aaron Sevilla, Mijangos - Ritmo (Original Mix)
Adriatique, Undercatt - Horizon (Original Mix)
Adriatique, Undercatt - Vera (Original Mix)
Africanism, ARKADYAN, Bob Sinclar - Leleley (Extended)
Alex Now (ES) - Get Wild (Extended Mix)
Alex Vanni - Never Know (Extended Mix)
Aman Anand & Frankie Vertigo - Higher Than the Sun (Cary Crank Extended Remix)
Aman Anand & Frankie Vertigo - Higher Than the Sun (Extended Mix)
AnAmStyle - Fireway (Original Mix)
Andrea Maggino - Hope
Anriu - Playing With Fire (Extended Mix)
Anyma (ofc) - Pictures Of You (Extended Mix)
Aquarius Heaven, Aiwaska, Prana Flow - Panic Attack (Original Mix)
Aquarius Heaven, Alexey Union - Stroller (Original Mix)
Armin van Buuren, ARTBAT - Take Off (Original Mix)
Atakan Mendi - Fascinate (Original Mix)
Avis Vox - Distance (Extended Mix)
Axshan - Lostland
Background - City Real (Extended Mix)
Bart Skils & HOF(DE) - New Life (Original Mix)
Bellecour - Right Back (Vice Mix)
Binaryh - Lovelace
BizZa - Brute VLC (Original Mix)
Boundless (Techno) - 100 Seconds to Midnight (Umloud Remix)
Bun Xapa - Yeke Yeke (Original Mix)
CHRSTPHR x Cravis - Strong (Extended Mix)
CRi - Silhouette feat. Klô Pelgag
Caique Carvalho - Get It Right (Extended Mix)
CamelPhat, Monolink & Innellea - Shelter (Extended)
Chertkovski - Alma (Extended Mix)
Chicks Luv Us, EdiP - Bang (Extended Mix)
Chicks Luv Us, EdiP - Nuthin' On (Extended Mix)
Chris Brooks - Buss It (Original Mix)
Chris Brooks - Get Up (Original Mix)
Cloonee, Dances - To The Beat (Original Mix)
Coco & Urmet K - Look Up My Baby (Alex Twin Remix)
Coco & Urmet K - Look Up My Baby (Chris IDH Remix)
Croatia Squad - Your Own Life (Extended Mix)
Crusy - Sound Of The Underground (Original Mix)
DANZAH - Dead Space
DANZAH - Tunnel Vision
DEAS - Flux
DJ Tomer - Heartbreak
DSF - Omorfa (Evren Furtuna Remix)
DZR - Muzik
Da Luka, Electric Dada - Rubicon (Subandrio Remix)
Dakarai - Evoke (Original Mix)
Daniel Meister, Rose Moncado - Slow (Extended Mix)
Daomega - New Dawn (Original Mix)
Dark Heart, Be No Rain - Visions (Avaddon Extended Remix)
Darlyn Vlys, Panthera - Before The Dawn (Original Mix)
Darlyn Vlys, Panthera, Damon Jee - Flame (Damon Jee Remix)
David Penn & The Cube Guys - In The Air (2024 Extended Edit)
David Ramano - Fall (Original Mix)
Deeper Purpose, GUZ (NL), Dope Earth Alien - That Sound feat. Dope Earth Alien (Extended Mix)
Deniz Koyu - Underground (Extended Mix)
Dilby - The Station feat. DNCN (Original Mix)
Dilby - Coming Home (Original Mix)
Dilby - Journey (Original Mix)
Dilby - The Station feat. DNCN
Ditex - Atmosphere (Original Mix)
Doctor Jack - Feel Deep (Original Mix)
Doctor Jack - Last One Before the Baile (Original Mix)
Dokho - Luna's Dream (Extended Mix)
Dolly Parton - I Will Always Love You (St.Ego Remix) [by DragoN_Sky]
Double Touch - Next World (Extended Mix)
Double Touch - Soft Night (Extended Mix)
Dub Pepper - Citizen (Extended Mix)
Earth n Days - The Kinda Love (CASSIMM Extended Remix)
Edoardo Marvaso - Medina Dance (Original Mix)
Emanate - At Night(Original Mix)
Enzo Paradiso - Hono (Original Mix)
Enzo Paradiso - Rhythm Reverie (Original Mix)
Eran Hersh x Robbie Rivera - Lost In Between
FJL - No Return (Original Mix)
FNX OMAR, Mr. V - The Place (Original Mix)
Facundo Mohrr & Maxi Degrassi - Betimed (Original Mix)
Fish Go Deep, Tracey K - The Cure & The Cause (Atmos Blaq Extended Remix)
Fish Go Deep, Tracey K - The Cure & The Cause (Idris Elba Extended Remix)
Franco Schmidt - Matter Of Waiting (Original Mix)
Franz Matthews - Monsters Of Your Mind (Original Mix)
GENESI (ITA) - Done (Extended Mix)
Gabriel Ramos - Takadum (Original Mix)
Gifted Fire, Bao Han - Running (Extended Mix)
Goom Gum - C'mon (Extended Mix)
Gorgin - Cellular Desire (Original Mix)
Gorgin - Paradigma (Original Mix)
Gorgon City & Bbyafricka - Biggest Regret (Drumsheds Version)
Gorgon City, Bbyafricka - Biggest Regret (feat. Bbyafricka) (Extended Mix)
Goyanu - Novo Samba (Atemporal Remix)
Hannes Bieger x Tara Brooks - Fear Is Gone feat. Cari Golden (Extended Version)
Henek - Cosmic Rumble
Henek - Rave My Voice
Hidden Empire - Algorithmic Future
Hidden Empire - Amount of Rate
Hidden Empire - Hyperdrive
Hugo Cantarra - Give It to Me (Extended Mix)
IIBRA & Abdé - Nós E Ponto feat. Mallu Viturino (Extended Mix)
INKBOY - Mind (Original Mix)
ISMAIL.M & Redspace - Street Codes
Idd Aziz, Dane Carter - Kiri (Bebo Remix)
Illyus & Barrientos - When You Gonna (Extended Mix)
Innellea - Deformation (Extended)
Innellea - No Gravitation (Extended)
J. Worra - Sneaky Link (feat. Barney Bones) (Extended Mix)
JP Chronic - Voce No Sabe (Jose Vilches Remix)
James Hype & Tita Lau - Vibrate (Extended Mix)
Jess Ball - Where's The Line (Extended Mix)
Jesse Bru - Mhm
Joe Vanditti - Wish Star
Joezi - Nocturnal Part 2
Jon.K - Mr. Vain (Original Mix)
Jon.K & Kuman (RU) - Movimiento
Jon.K - Mr. Vain
Joplyn - I Won't Stay (J.O.P. Club Version)
Joselacruz - Technology
Juz-i & Pato D'Auria - I'm Not Arjona (Original Mix)
col lawton - That Body.wav (Original Mix)
iLee - Time Goes By (Extended Mix)
K Loveski, Kabi (AR) - Lost in Roses (Maezbi Remix)
KAZKO - Last Runner (Original Mix)
KAZKO - Last Runner (Weird Sounding Dude Remix)
KYSSA - All Talk (Extended Mix)
Kabi (AR) & K Loveski - Lost in Roses (Maezbi Remix)
Kabi (AR) & K Loveski - Whisper From the Moon (ARTN Remix)
Kamilo Sanclemente - Surreal Visions (Original Mix)
Karin Park, Innellea & Yubik - Tarar (Extended)
Karlos Kastillo - Coconut
Kasper Koman - Biome
Kasper Koman - Sinking Sky (Original Mix)
Kazko - Last Runner (HAFT Remix)
Kem Otto - Oya (Original Mix)
Key Lean - Shepherd and Bombers (Extended Mix)
Kholina - Futuristic (Original Mix)
Kholina - Mythic (Original Mix)
Ki Creighton - This House (Nacho Scoppa Remix)
Kimonos, Gioia Mia - Nightfall (Original Mix)
Kolter - Be Real
Kolter - Duke
Kolter - Let You Go
Kreisel, Monococ - First Simulation (Original Mix)
Kreisel, Monococ - Simulation Two (Original Mix)
L-XIR - Fastlane B
Late Replies - Gangster (Original Mix)
Late Replies - Runnin (Original Mix)
Late Replies - Tell You Something (Original Mix)
Leisan - Rover (Original Mix)
LevyM - Bluebird (Extended Mix)
Like Mike, Giuseppe Ottaviani & HEREON - Nothing Else Matters (Extended Mix)
Luke Mandala - Gorgeous Darkness (dernis, the kid Remix)
MINT (JPN) - Make It Real (Original Mix)
MNTRA - Waiting feat. Victoria Rae (Original Mix)
Manu Fuentes - Bastard (Angel Heredia Remix)
Marco Giannone - Back To The Grog (Extended Mix)
Markus Homm, Robyn Balliet - Out In The Rain (Original Mix)
Martin Fredes & GEØVHÄN - Deep Story (Ruben Karapetyan Remix)
Mason, Princess Superstar - Perfect (Exceeder) (Original Mix)
Massianello, Flagrant Drvms - NA NA NA (Original Mix)
Mauez & Torpez (ofc) - Behind the Wheel (Dub Version)
Mauez & Torpez (ofc) - Behind the Wheel
Maur - Disco Tool (Extended Mix)
Max Garand & Sergey Masterov - You Hate Me
Maxxim & flanerr - Moments of Wonder (Extended Mix)
Mayra Andrade, Ankhoi - Afeto
Meloko & Konvex (FR) - Brazil Funk
Michon - Falling (Original mix)
Mike Isai - Exit (Original Mix)
Mike Isai - Tunnel
Mirko Favale - Kenya (Original Mix)
Moodfreak - Overflow (Original Mix)
Mosy - Watching My Body Move
Mozambo - Baiano
Mozambo - Dia De Sol
Mr. V & FNX OMAR - The Place (Original Mix)
Natema, Soldera, Bonitah - Volar (Original Mix)
Naz & 88 Birds - Night Rider (Extended Mix)
Nedisco - NRGY
Nes Mburu, Arcade Saiyans - Yule (Extended Mix)
Nick Warren Nicolas Rada - Italian Stalion (Extended Mix)
Nicola Cocina - Firefly (Extended Mix)
Nihil Young & Franky Wah Feat. Lauren L'aimant - How It Feels (Original Mix)
Niki Muxx - Tumhe (Original Mix)
Niko Garcia & Alain M. - Distant Lands (Original Mix)
Niko The Kid & Fab Massimo feat.  Sam Stray Wood - Wanna Live Large (Extended Mix)
Noam Garcia & Diego Galloso - Harmony (Original Mix)
Norvis - Blind Energy
Nuah - Smalltalk (Atric Remix)
Oliver Huntemann - Rotten 2.0 (Original Mix)
Oliver Schories - Got Soul ? (Extended Mix)
PARAFRAME - The Secret Place (Extended Mix)
PASINDU - Circle of Harmony
PETER PAHN - GO (Original Mix)
Pablo Arbelaez - Aloha (Original Mix)
Panjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke (Kolya Funk Remix)
Panjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke (Kolya Funk VIP Remix)
Paperkraft - OK Corral (Original Mix)
Paul Thomas - Remember (Van Dope Extended Remix)
Pippi Ciez - Sunrise to Uluwatu
Qubiko - The Reason Why (Extended Mix)
Renate, Presi On, Augusto Yepes, M S Jade - BAQ Spicy (feat. M S Jade) (Extended Mix)
Renate, Presi On, Augusto Yepes, Pacho Carnaval - Cuarto Oscuro (feat. Pacho Carnaval) (Extended Mix)
Riva Starr, Starr Traxx - Hey DJ (Extended Mix)
Rob Hes - Still Mine (Extended Version)
Rocco Lazzaro & Oliver Poll - Foft
Rodrigo Pochelu & Chär Spinelli - Redemption (Noise Generation Remix)
Ross Kiser - Catacombs (Original Mix)
Roy Heyman, Assaf Michael - So High feat. Adi Neeman
SEDOM - Disfruta Cada Momento (Original Mix)
Sedom - Hacked (Original Mix)
Senses Of Mind - Touch Me (Original Mix)
Sergiodnine & Hadex (ES) - Retro Vibes (Original Mix)
Sergiodnine & Hadex (ES) - Won't You Love Me (Original Mix)
Seventh Soul - For a Dream (Extended Mix)
Sian, Damon Jee & SIIE - A Contre Jour
Simos Tagias - Blaze
Slicerboys - Work
Softmal, LLølita - Family Affair (Original Mix)
Spencer Brown - Good Times
Spencer Brown - Papi's Cenote (Jamie Stevens Acid Sunset Mix)
Stan Kolev - Connected (Original Mix)
Sylva Drums - Coisinha do Pai (Original Mix)
Synthea - Paradise (Extended Mix)
TWENTY SIX - Rehab (Extended Mix)
Ted Troll - Dust in the Universe (Extended Mix)
Teklix - Far Beyond
The Bossline - Rapture (No Hopes Remix)
The YellowHeads & Marie Vaunt - We Rise
Three Less One, Olivia - Anesthetized Feeling (Musumeci & Dodi Palese Remix)
Tinlicker & Cloves - Who I'm Not feat. Cloves (Extended Version)
Tom & Jame - Ooh Yeah! (Extended Mix)
Trilucid - For Another Life (Extended Mix)
Tyreson - Que Rica (Extended)
UNWA - Kama
Umek - Annihilating Rhythm (Original Mix)
Vadim Zhukov & Megan Sampson - Heart Connected feat. Megan Sampson (Alucard Remix)
Valentino Nascosto - What U Get
Vini Sist - Ark (Original Mix)
WOLFY - Earth (Original Mix)
Wh0 - Deeper (WEISS Bamboozled Extended Remix)
Yannick Mueller - Pump (Extended Mix)
Yvvan Back - Saltando
Zach Witness - Can't Get It Outta My Head (MK Extended Remix)
Zerb & Sofiya Nzau - Mwaki (Duke Dumont & Kiko Franco Extended)

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