Traxsource Top 100 Deep House 2023-05-05

DATA: 2023-05-05 TOTAL: 160 GENRE: Deep House, House

The Traxsource Top 100 Deep House chart for May 5th, 2023 features a diverse range of tracks from established artists and up-and-coming producers alike. Some of the standout tracks include "Lost in the Moment" by Maya Jane Coles, "Feel It" by Low Steppa, and "Dusk Till Dawn" by Jimpster. The chart also features tracks from labels such as Defected, Toolroom, and Hot Creations, showcasing the breadth and depth of the deep house scene. Overall, the chart provides a comprehensive overview of the genre and serves as a valuable resource for both fans and industry professionals.




AirBorn Gav,Hurricane,Atjazz - Work - Atjazz Remix

Angelo Ferreri,Susanne Alt - Sax Damage In NYC - Upper East Side Mix - Radio Edit

Angelo Ferreri,Susanne Alt - Sax Damage In NYC - Upper West Side Mix - Radio Edit

Brooklyn Baby - NYC

Brooklyn Baby - Watch What You're Sayin'

Caserta - Stand Up

Chaos In The CBD - Club Miyako

Chaos In The CBD - Intimate Fantasy

Charles Webster,Shara Nelson,Girls of the Internet - This Is Real - Girls Of The Internet Remix

Charles Webster,Shara Nelson,Lemon & Herb - This Is Real - Lemon & Herb Remix

Charles Webster,Terra Deva,Jimpster - Wait And See - Jimpster Remix

Charles Webster,Thandi Draai,Boddhi Satva - Music - Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix

Charles Webster,Thandi Draai,Jazzuelle - Music - Jazzuelle Rotary Dream Mix

Cody Currie,Dan Shake - Cash - Dan Shake Remix

Cody Currie,Jamie 3:26 - Money - Jamie 3:26 Remix

Cody Currie,Jamie 3:26 - Money - Jamie 3:26 Remix

Cody Currie,Sam Ruffillo,Kapote - Cash - Sam Ruffillo & Kapote Remix

Coflo - MidNight

ColorJaxx,Andre Espeut,Scott Diaz - New Arising - Scott Diaz Remix

Conor Ross - Treat You Right

Conrad,Crackazat - Reprieve - Crackazat Remix

Conrad,Elliot Hollins - Firefly - Elliot Hollins Remix

Conrad - Comply

Conrad - Firefly

Conrad - Framed

Conrad - Reprieve

DJ Romain - I'm Gonna Luv U

DJ Romain - Late Night's In Swiss

DJ Said,Reelsoul,Eric Kupper - Joy Til Midnight (Eric Kupper Instrumental)

DJ Said,Reelsoul,Eric Kupper - Joy Til Midnight Eric Kupper Remix)

DJ Said,Reelsoul - Joy Til Midnight (Reelsoul Organic Background Vox)

DJ Said,Reelsoul - Joy Til Midnight (Reelsoul Organic Instrumental)

DJ Said,Reelsoul - Joy Til Midnight (Reelsoul Organic Mix)

Dave Mayer,Deeplomatik,The Deepshakerz - Hustle Tribes (The Deepshakerz Tribe Remix) - Extended Mix

Dave Mayer,Deeplomatik - Hustle Tribes - Extended Mix

David Bailey - Girls Like That! - Soul Session Mix

Demarkus Lewis,Mo'Cream - Airlock - Mo'Cream Remix

Demarkus Lewis - Airlock

Don Swing - Deep Banger - Full Mix

Don Swing - Deep Banger - Instrumental

Don Swing - Drop That

Don Swing - Feel Free

Don Swing - Give U All My Lovin

Don Swing - Life Is Beautiful

Envee - ELAM

Felipe Gordon,Kai Alce - For Martha - Kai Alce NDATL Club Mix

Felipe Gordon,Kai Alce - For Martha - Kai Alce NDATL ClubJazz Mix

Felipe Gordon - For Martha - Original Mix

Felipe Gordon - The Beginning of That Lonesome Road

Felipe Gordon - Waves

Fizzikx - Lovin You - Original Mix

Franck Roger - Vampayah

Franck Roger - Whispers

Glenn Davis - My Life And Yours

Harold Matthews Jr,DJ Fill,Sean McCabe - Put Your Hands Together - Sean's Retro Jackin' Instrumental

Harold Matthews Jr,DJ Fill,Sean McCabe - Put Your Hands Together - Sean's Retro Jackin' Mix

Harold Matthews Jr,DJ Fill,Syl Messi,Sean McCabe - Pause - Sean McCabe Dub Remix

Harold Matthews Jr,Sean McCabe - Disconnected - Sean McCabe Broken Fonk Mix

Homero Espinosa - Dancing Into The Future

Homero Espinosa - Wildpitch 2023 - Touch of Jazz Mix

Istia,Fernando & Conny,Moodena - Loros Rojos de Barcelona - Moodena's Spaced Out Dub

Istia,Fernando & Conny - Loros Rojos de Barcelona

Istia - Look In My Eye

J. Axel,Eva Essa,Atjazz - Turned Your Back - Atjazz Remix

J. Axel,Eva Essa - Turned Your Back

James L'Estraunge Orchestra - Broken Spells

Jason Hersco - Sad Girls Luv Pizza

Jason Hersco - Voicemail

Jimpster,Mavhungu,Osunlade - Tribute - Yoruba Soul Club Mix

Jimpster,Mavhungu,Osunlade - Tribute - Yoruba Soul Jazzstrumental

Jimpster,Mavhungu - Tribute

Jimpster - Jacidswing

Jo Paciello - Black Jack

Job De Jong,Folamour - Enchanted - Folamour Remix

Jovonn - Let The World Dance

Jovonn - RAISE UP (Raise Up High)

Jovonn - Sunday Ride

Jovonn - WHAT

Kenny Summit - Hot For You

Kevin Reynolds - 12 Degrees

Kevin Reynolds,Paul Randolph - Para Ti (feat. Paul Randolph)

Kevin Reynolds - Abandoned Car Seat

Kevin Reynolds - Appointment Confirmed

Kevin Reynolds - Come On Then - Rerub

Kevin Reynolds - Completed Stance

Kevin Reynolds - Family Tree

Kevin Reynolds - Fembehyahget

Kevin Reynolds - Inward Breath

Kevin Reynolds - Riverfront

Kevin Reynolds - Seeking Peace

Kevin Reynolds - Soil Before The Rain (Talamh)

Kings Of Tomorrow - Exquisite - K.O.T. Exquisite Mix

Laroye - Get Down - Edit

Larry Quest - 303 Moonrise

Larry Quest - Forrest Jump

Larry Quest - Shoredance

Lesny Deep - Make The Move

Makito - All Night

Manuel Kane - It's Your Right

Massiande - Here Comes The House Music

Max Palmer,Kaylu,Mr.Tune - Always There - Mr.Tune Club Remix

Max Palmer,Kaylu,Takashi Kurosawa - Always There - Takashi Kurosawa Remix

Max Palmer,Kaylu - Always There - Deep Dub Mix

Max Palmer,Kaylu - Always There

Miguel Migs - Drifting On By

Miguel Migs - Lost Messages (Migs Salty Vault Dub)

Miguel Migs - One Two People (Migs 2004 Edit)

Mirco Savoldelli,ColorJaxx - Keep on Pushing - Colorjaxx Remix

Mo'Cream,Andre Espeut - Find The World

Mo'Cream - You've Been On My Mind - Main Vocal

Octave One - Blackwater - 128 full strings instrumental

Octave One - Blackwater - 128 full strings vocal mix

Octave One - Blackwater - Chase The Blue Instrumental Mix

Oliver Dollar - School Daze

Oliver Dollar - Sophisticated Funk

Oliver Dollar - Strings For Life

R3V3S - Jazz Night

R.E.A.D - Acid To The World

Radic The Myth - A Zulu Man In Berlin

Radic The Myth - El Roto

Radic The Myth - Ganymede Elegy

Radic The Myth - Mumbling Ghost

Radic The Myth - Return Of The Zulu Gangsta

Ralph Session,DJ Amir - Do It

Ralph Session,DJ Amir - If You Want

Ralph Session,DJ Amir - Raw Sax

Ralph Session,DJ Amir - That Raw

Rawson And Jackson - Where You Come From

Rico Herrera,Featuring Vimbai Mango,Filippo Guerrieri - Changes

Ross Couch - Check This Out

Rudi'Kastic - Mama Said

Sebb Junior - I Need This Feeling - Extended Mix

Sen-Sei,HUGEhands,Col Lawton - You Got Something (Cheeky Brit Remix)

Sen-Sei,HUGEhands - You Got Something

Sound Support - Bump Into You

Sound Support - Higher

Sound Support - The Rock

Sound Support - Work 2 It

Spiritchaser,Dyanna Fearon - Tonight

T.Markakis,Manuel Kane - Losing Control

T.Markakis - Right Here Right Now - Edit

T.Markakis - Walk With Me

Thierry Tomas - August

Thierry Tomas - Double Bass

Thierry Tomas - Shaking

Thierry Tomas - Signor Pomidor

Tulshi - Avalon

Tulshi - Merlin

Tulshi - Nimue

Underground System,Clive From Accounts - Looking In - Clive From Accounts Remix

Underground System,Nenor - Sleazy - Nenor Remix

Underground System - Looking In

Underground System - Sleazy

Underground System - Your Distraction

Wez Whynt,Hannah Khemoh - Love Shy - Dub Mix

Wez Whynt,Hannah Khemoh - Love Shy - Extended Mix

Wez Whynt,Hannah Khemoh - Love Shy - Instrumental

Wipe The Needle - Light Years Away

Zetbee - Can You Feel It

Zetbee - You Shine

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