Traxsource Top 100 Essential Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech, Techno 2023-05-30

DATA: 2023-05-30 TOTAL: 104 GENRE: Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech, Techno

On May 30, 2023, the Traxsource Top 100 Essential Minimal/Deep Tech, Tech, Techno chart delivers a captivating array of tracks that embody the essence of underground electronic music. This week's selection presents a fusion of minimalistic aesthetics, deep atmospheres, and pulsating tech-driven rhythms. The chart celebrates the evolution of these genres, showcasing the creativity and talent of producers who push boundaries and experiment with sound. With offerings from established names and rising stars, this chart is a testament to the vibrant and forward-thinking nature of the global electronic music community.



Adam Ten & Yamagucci - The Girl Next Door

Adrian Hour - In Limbo

Adriano Longi - Spaghetti West

Alan Fitzpatrick & 3STRANGE - Truths (Making Moves) (Extended Mix)

Aleets - House Del Placer

Andres Shockwave - After Lofik

Anton Lanski - Junk

Antonio Grassia - Big Boy

Antonio Grassia - Party Maker

Ariel Rodz - My Vision Of This Trip (Original Mix)

B. Riley - Draw The Line

Blimey O'Reilly - Who are you

Brad Parker (UK) - Warp Exchange (Original Mix)

Butane - Recidivist (MSTRBLSTR Acid OG Mix)

Bxtr - Golden Maidens

Capricorn - 20HZ (Marco Lys Remix)

Cassiopeia - Happiness

Charlie Banks - Second Attempt

Chris Maico Schmidt & Mijk van Dijk & Drea Perlon - Music on My Mind (Mijk Van Dijk's Lose Control Remix)

Clubland, Kevin McKay - Let's Get Busy 2019 (Kevin McKay Remix)

Clyde P - The Thing

Cormac - Razor

Coss - Yakamoz (Original Mix)

Cvmpanile & Draxx - Wtf (Extended Mix)

D-Unity & Juli Aristy - Voices In My Head (Marck D & Filtrack Remix)

Dabi - Everybody

Damian Cotto & Dr Gabbo - Good Airs

Davide Giannelli - Casa

Davide Mentesana - Booty

Davide Mentesana - Dancing

Demarzo - Take You Higher (Original Mix)

DJ Dove & DJ Disciple - To The Deep

DJ Dove & Jeremy Bass - Shaker

Dj Vitto - Stand A Chance (Original Mix)

DJ W!LD - Smoke And Run

DUN.E - Special K (Original Mix)

Edgvr Romero - Elevator (Edit)

Eervwall - Acid Funk

Elbio Bonsaglio - Wanna Be

Elisa Bee - Fluid Funk

Enmanuel Dipuglia (DO) & Neritaan - Some Day

Essel - Sweat (Extended Mix)

Fabian Haneke - Turn Out (Original Mix)

Federico Grazzini - Freak Out

Flug - Phase One

Fyzz - Desire

Gash The Deep - Fractal Talk (Dub Mix)

Gianni Ruocco & Le Roi Carmona - Afrotik (Original Mix)

Giant & Heider - Like A Tap (Extended Mix)

Hezbo - Hiperconsumo (original mix)

Johan RM - Eta

Joshua Riveros - Sahumado

Juanher - Mi Arte (Falete Brown Remix)

Juannan - I Can Get You (Eldeanyo Remix)

Juli Lee - Boss (Original Mix)

Karlos Kastillo & DJ Crown & Sebastian Rodriguez (MX) - African Dance

Karrem - Mr Dynamite (Extended Revenge Mix)

Kastelo & Ily - Got That Flow (Extended Mix)

Kim Kaos - Go With It

Klaps (BE) - Stuck In The Void

KPD & The Cube Guys - Da Hype (Radio Edit)

Lyra - Give It up 2 Me (Limoux Remix)

M. Rodriguez, Karol Melinger - Groove's Fury (Original Mix)

Marian - Drums Power (Extended Mix)

Massimo Ramon - Feel It

Mau P - Your Mind Is Dirty

Michael Wells a.k.a. G.T.O. - Pure (Christian Smith Remix)

Michel De Hey - Far Far

Mizaru - Show Me How (Original Mix)

Mizaru - The Egg Man (Original Mix)

Motion Sky - Strut

NAAiV - Wrap Up

Nic Vesperi & Juan Cuestas - Bounce

Nuno Dos Santos & Remy Unger - Next To Nowhere

Ocirala - Track for NIX

Osadon - D.D.D (Original Mix)

Paul Najera & Jr. Quijada - Standing In Space (Extended Mix)


Phat Suppli & Dan Hayes - Girls Wanna (Original Mix)

Piero Acinapura - Mother Fuck

Plastic Robots - Tell Me Something

Ramiro Lopez - Slowing Down

Raxon - The Cage Of Love (Extended Mix)

Rick Silva - Afro Cumbia

Roger Da'Silva & Andy Locker - All I Wanna (Extended Mix)

Rony Chancay - Feel at the Party

Rsrrct - Defy Gravity

Sam Curran - NRG

Sam Curran - Twilight On The Terrace

Santos - Labyrinths

Saytek - 3 Months In (Live)

Schmidt - Origin

Seven77 & Sergi Sech - Back To Classics

Spencer Parker - Praise Be

Stanny Abram - Relentless

Sungdi - Power (Original Mix)

Supernova & Cardellino - Tuyo (Supernova Vinyl Extended Mix)

Sven Tasnadi & Jil Tanner - Be Yourself (Huxley Remix)

TacoMan & The Fellas (US) - Milonga

The Deepshakerz Feat. Emilie Rachel - Reasons

The Fabric Of Reality - Hellish Cold (Original Mix)

THEOS & El Rod - NMW

Third Son - HWHTCF (Alex Slater Remix)

Thomas Newson - The Cutter (Original Mix)

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