Traxsource Top 100 R&B / HIP HOP 2023-05-31

DATA: 2023-05-31 TOTAL: 156 GENRE: R&B / Hip Hop

As we dive into the Traxsource Top 100 R&B/Hip Hop chart for May 31, 2023, we're greeted with a tapestry of musical brilliance that embodies the essence of R&B and Hip Hop. This week's chart is a reflection of the genre's evolution, featuring a fusion of traditional elements with contemporary sounds. From sultry vocals to infectious rhythms, the chart showcases the diversity and innovation within the R&B and Hip Hop landscape. Artists from all corners of the globe have come together to create a vibrant tapestry of music, ensuring that there is something for every listener. Explore the chart and discover the tracks that will have you grooving and vibing all week long.




Agency - FLIRT - Lofi Mix

Akay,Rah Digga - Sexual Healing

Akshin Alizadeh - Woman

Ali B,Baby Bam - Music Saves Me (feat. Baby Bam) - Original

Anduze - Gone 2 Long

Anduze - Helen

Anduze - How To Love A Good Man

Anduze - Julie

Anduze - Mary Is A Womanizer

Anduze - Never A Mistake - Bonus Track

Anduze - Perfect World

Anduze - Rich No Money/Reinvention

Anduze - Stone Cold Lover

Andy Cooper,The Allergies - Why You Buggin' (feat. The Allergies)

Bad Space Monkey,Seventh Stranger,There Is No One But Me - No Idea - There Is No One But Me Remix

Bad Space Monkey,Seventh Stranger - No Idea - Bad Space Monkey Remix

Bad Space Monkey,Seventh Stranger - No Idea - Radio Mix

Basement Freaks,Everyman - Let It Be You (feat. Everyman)

Basement Freaks - Your Love

Beatvandals,A.Skillz - Sunshine

Blue Boy - Remember Me - Original Mix

Blue Boy - Remember Me - Sure Is Pure 12 Inch Remix

Bobby J - Before I Go To Bed - Instrumental

Bobby J - Before I Go To Bed

Bobby J - Snatch

Boca 45 - Hand of God

Brothers From Another Planet - Wishing On A Star - Planet Mix

Brothers From Another Planet - Wishing On A Star - Raw Mix

Brothers From Another Planet - Wishing On A Star

Bryx - Up in the Place

Chantay Savage - Summer - Original R&B Instr

Chantay Savage - Summer - Original R&B Mix

Chapter,Alex O' Brien - Will Trade For Art (feat. Alex O'Brien)

Chapter,Cleva Thoughts - Walk In The Park (feat. Cleva Thoughts)

Coffee - Casanova

Cool Million,D-Train - Stronger - 12 Mix Instrumental

Cupidon,KALLITECHNIS,Ric Wilson - Wake Up, Get Down

DJ Jay Dee & DJ Crossphader - Is You Wit Me - Original Mix

DJ Jazzy Jeff,Pos of De La Soul - Let Me Hear U Clap

DJ Jazzy Jeff,Raheem DeVaughn - My Soul Ain't for Sale

DJ Maars,Soom T,Steppa Style - Bad Business

DJ Mark Farina,Joshua Heath,Billa Qause - More

Da Funksta - Chill & Grill

Da Funksta - Evening Jazz

Da Funksta - From Da Hood

Da Funksta - High On Life

Da Funksta - Swing Spirit

De La Soul,A Tribe Called Quest - Sh. Fe. Mc's

Dj Spinna - Everybody Get Up - Groove Biz Kush

Dj Spinna - Music in Me - Interlude - Instrumental

Dubra - Keep It Going

Elisha La'verne - All Night Long

Ely Bruna,Neja,P. A. Jeron - American Boy - P. A. Jeron Remix

Ely Bruna,Papik - Sweet Harmony

Featurecast - Listen to the Horns

Featurecast - Yum Yum

Ferry Ultra,Ashley Slater,The Reflex - Why Did You Do It - The Reflex Re-Vision

First Choice - Love and Happiness

Fontana,Leoni & Soriani - Never Give Up

Fresh Gordon - Feelin' James

Funk Flex - Sad and Blue - Vocal Mix

Grand Puba - I Like It (I Wanna Be Where You Are)

Hurlee - All the Same

Hurlee - Destiny

Hurlee - Glory

Hurlee - I Need You

Hydro,Lorna - K.I.C. - Keep It Coming

Kenny Beeper - Crown Jewels

Kolter - Breakarama

Kolter - Duck Concert

Kolter - Get Out James!

Kolter - Ghost In The Breaks

Kolter - Horny Breakdancers

Kolter - Prospekt

Kolter - Weirdo

Krafty Kuts - Get so Ill

Kris Tidjan - Little Giants

Lafayette Afro Rock Band - I Love Music - Remastered

Method Man - Straight Gutta - Instrumental

Miami Bass Machine - That's Too Hot

Mooqee,Beatvandals - Party Time - Intro

Mooqee,Beatvandals - Player - 2019 Disco Rework

Mooqee,Beatvandals - Rock the Discotech

Mooqee,Feral Is Kinky - Supacat Police (feat. FERAL is KINKY)

Mooqee,HerbGrinder,Greg Blackman - Rain (feat. Greg Blackman) - Original

Mooqee,HerbGrinder - Sound Around Town

Mooqee,Pimpsoul,Bianca Gerald,Tantrum Desire - Feeling Good (feat. Bianca Gerald) - Tantrum Desire Remix

Mooqee,Pimpsoul - Keep Pounding - Original Mix

Mr No Hands - Happy Now

Nairobi - Funky Soul Makossa - Free Beats

Naughty By Nature,Kay Gee - Clap Yo Hands - Kay Gee Funky Mix Instrumental

Naughty By Nature,Kay Gee - Clap Yo Hands - Kay Gee Funky Mix

Neon Steve,Charlotte Dobre - Got This Feeling (feat. Charlotte Dobre)

Ninjula - Take My Hand

PRICIE,Karma Fields - BIG GIRLS (Karma Fields Remix)

PRICIE,Lazywax - BIG GIRLS (Laxywax Remix)

Papik,Sarah Jane Morris - Missing

Pete Rock,C.L. Smooth,Denosh - It's A Love Thing

Phibes - Came to Get Down

Prosper,Stabfinger - Mista Funkmaster

Queens Tag Team - Can U Feel It - Bentley's Mix

Queens Tag Team - Can U Feel It - The Bonus

Queens Tag Team - C'mon (Yeah)

Queens Tag Team - Funky

Queens Tag Team - Jump Around - Big Will Mix

Queens Tag Team - Jump Around - Big Will Reggae Mix

Rek Sh*t Rebulz - Bump-N-Jazz

Rek Sh*t Rebulz - Summer Realness - Kazoo Version

Rek Sh*t Rebulz - Summer Realness - Real Version

Ricoch3t,Da Funksta - Greenwich Village (Part II)

Rita Wilson,Naughty By Nature - Hip Hop Hooray - Remix

RocknRolla Soundsystem - Going Back To Cali

RocknRolla Soundsystem - Jolene, How Do You Want It

Romina Johnson - Night to Remember

Rory Lyons,Utah Saints,Pimpsoul - I Got 5 on It - Pimpsoul Funk Remix

Roy Ayers,Terri Wells,Dj Spinna - Holiday - DJ Spinna Vocal Remix

Rusty Killa Productions,Reality Check - The Incredible - (Rusty Killa Productions Presents Reality Check) [Dub Mental]

Saucy Lady,Golden Bridge - Calling Jupiter - Golden Bridge Remix

Saucy Lady - Delirious

Saucy Lady - Inside My Love

Saucy Lady - Panorama

Saucy Lady - Soul Amplified

Saucy Lady - The Garden

Shaka Loves You,Fullee Love,Second Hand Audio - Boogie (feat. Fullee Love) - Second Hand Audio Remix

Soul II Soul,Booker T - Keep On Movin' - Booker T Mix

Soul II Soul,Booker T - Keep On Movin' - Booker T Satta Dub

Soul II Soul,Zepherin Saint - Keep On Movin' - Zepherin Saint Go Go Mix

Soul II Soul - Keep On Movin' - Copyright Salsa Mix

Stephane Deschezeaux,Bernard Formichelli - Celebrate

Stereo Shiftaz - Come on Bounce

Stetsasonic - Talkin' All That Jazz - Dim's Radio Edit

The Chief Rocker Busy Bee - Rock With Me (Club Instrumental)

The Fundamentals - Thing - Original

The Lasso,A. Billi Free,Rachele Eve,Cousin Mouth,The Saxsquatch,Jordan Hamilton - Satellite

The Legendary Bluenotes,Jean Carn - You Know How to Make Me Feel so Good - Extended Mix

The Lost Generation - This Is The Lost Generation

The Niceguys - That Ass

There Is No One But Me - LOVE (Take Me Away) - LoFi Mix

There Is No One But Me - Shoes

There Is No One But Me - This Is Who I Am

Thylacinus - Avenue View - Original Mix

Thylacinus - Open Your Mind and Realise - Original Mix

Thylacinus - They Respect Nothing - Original Mix

Tom Booze - How We Do This

Tony Touch,Keisha,Pam of Total,South Central - I Wonder Why? (He's the Greatest DJ) - South Central Remix Extended Mix

Ultimate Kaos - Casanova - Full Crew mix

Vaughan Mason and Crew - Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll I

Vaughan Mason - Bounce, Rock, Skate & Roll

Vincenzo Genovese,White Orcs - Modal

Will The Funkboss - BBoy Stance

Will The Funkboss - I Know I Can

Will The Funkboss - Risin'

Young MC,DJ Nipper - Know How - DJ Nipper BRX Remix 2

Yuri Petrovski - True

khoa,elmo - Sunrays

letherette - Woop Baby - Extended Version

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