Traxsource Top 200 + Bonus Tracks May 2023

DATA: 2023-05-02 TOTAL: 205 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

If you're a fan of underground dance music, then the Traxsource Top 200 is a must-see chart. Updated weekly, this chart features the most popular tracks across various genres, including deep house, techno, disco, and more. The Traxsource Top 200 is a true reflection of the underground dance music scene, with tracks that have been carefully curated by the Traxsource team based on their quality and popularity. Whether you're a DJ looking for new tracks to play in your sets or a music lover who wants to stay up-to-date with the latest sounds, the Traxsource Top 200 is an essential resource.




Larse - A Part Of (Riva Starr Extended Saturn Mix)

Leonid & Friends - Street Player (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Blend - Parts I & II)

Leonid & Friends, Dimitri From Paris - Street Player (Dimitri From Paris Special Dubwize Mix)

Lian Groove, Matias Javier - Soul (Igor Zanga Remix)

Lilly Palmer - Fall In Love (Extended Mix)

Loz Seka, KEFFI, HARRT, Altere, Alex Lauthals - Delirio (Extended Mix)

M.Luc - In My Soul (DJ Spen & Thommy Davis Praise Party Remix)

MK, Dom Dolla - Rhyme Dust (Nic Fanciulli Extended Remix)

Made By Pete, Zoe Kypri - Horizon Red (Original Mix)

Makito - All Night (Original Mix)

Marc Cotterell - Gotta Keep Movin On (Original Mix)

Marcellus (UK) - Pull It (Original Mix)

Mariz, Fabian B. - Resilience (Original Mix)

Mark Francis - Erika (Timmy Regisford Remix)

Mark Lower, Fleur De Mur - Burn For Love (Extended Mix)

Marshall Jefferson, Ten City - Family (Extended Mix)

Marshall Jefferson, Ten City - Love Is Love (Extended Mix)

Marten Hørger & SHIFT K3Y - Get Real High (Extended Mix)

Martin Ikin, The Melody Men - Feel The Same (Extended Mix)

Mason Collective - A Little Affection (Extended Mix)

Mason Collective - Lost My Way (Extended Mix)

Mat.Joe - Tapinha (Original Mix)

Matara - Against The Rules (Original Mix)

Matt Sassari feat. SoShy - Back To This (Extended Mix)

Members Of Mayday - Mayday Anthem (Thomas Schumacher Remix)

Men from the Nile, Peven Everett - Watch Them Come (Original Mix)

Meyer - Liberation (Original Mix)

Michael Gray, Kelli Sae - You're Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else feat. Kelli Sae (Extended Mix)

Michael Gray, Kelli Sae - You’re Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else (feat. Kelli Sae) (Michael Gray Extended Remix)

Michele Chiavarini, Andre Espeut - Like A Winner (Main Mix)

Micky More & Andy Tee, Reverendos Of Soul, Anduze - Devoted (Extended Mix)

Miguel Migs - Lost Messages (Migs Salty Vault Dub)

Milk & Sugar, Ayak - Lift Your Hands Up (Extended Mix)

Mo'Cream - You've Been On My Mind (Main Vocal)

N.W.N. - Sunshine (Original Mix)

NAASA - Little Dream (Extended Mix)

NAASA - Little Dream (Tryger Big Dream Extended Remix)

Natema - The Message (Original Mix)

Nau Squaglia - Inner Voice (Sides Remix)

Nau Squaglia - One More Night (Agustin Ficarra Remix)

Nau Squaglia - Reminiscence (Tayu Remix)

Nau Squaglia - Shape of Things to Come (Arteforma Remix)

Nau Squaglia - Stick to My Guns (Ivan Sandhas Remix)

Nick Curly - Silom (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)

No Hopes, Max Freeze - I Do (Extended Mix)

Okain - With You All Along (Original Mix)

Orient (ES) - Chiki Ta (Extended Mix)

Oveous, Qvln - Queimar (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Remix)

Oveous, Qvln - Queimar (Ezel Remix)

PRUNK, Rona Ray - Keep It Simple (Extended Mix)

Panthera - Crise (Damon Jee Remix)

Patrick Ruprecht - Toxicity

Prok & Fitch, Classmatic, Leah Rose - Lately (Terrace Mix)

Pysh, Gespona - Codename Eagle

Quivver - The Dark Side of Pleasure

Ray Mono - Shit Dont Stop (Original Mix), Paul Brenning - L'imperatrice (Original Mix)

Risk Assessment - JUMP (Original Mix)

Rocco Rodamaal, Monique Bingham - Post Truth Youth (Original Mix)

Roman Kyn - Where We Belong

Ron Carroll - My Prayer (Micky More & Andy Tee Classic Mix)

SILSAN - Dark Secret (Original Mix)

SOEL - The Descent

Saliva Commandos - I Wish I Was (Extended Mix)

Samantha Loveridge, Treetalk - Losing My Religion (Extended Mix)

Sammy Deuce - Lips To Mine (Original Mix)

Sandy Rivera, Jame Starck, Yvvan Back, Zetaphunk, Alexis Victoria Hall - Set You Free (feat. Alexis Victoria Hall, Zetaphunk & Yvvan Back)

Sassy B - Set Your Mind Free (Extended Mix)

Seb Zito - Lights Down (Extended Mix)

Several Definitions - Imagine (Original Mix)

Shawn Christopher - Surrender (Eric Kupper Extended Mix)

Shouse, David Guetta - Live Without Love (Extended Mix)

Simon Kidzoo - 1 Thang (Extended Mix)

Simon Patterson - Ignition (Extended Mix)

Sound Support - Bump Into You (Original Mix)

Stan Kolev - Ananda (Stan Kolev 2023 Remix)

Stefano Ranieri - It Could Happen (Original Mix)

Sunday Noise - Pam Pam Pam (Original Mix)

T.Markakis, Manuel Kane - Losing Control (Original Mix)

TERR - Only For Tonight (Original Mix)

Teddy Douglas, Sharon Brown Adams - Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me (Vocal Mix)

Themba, Nico de Andrea, Tasan - Disappear (Andrea Oliva Extended Remix)

Thodoris Triantafillou - The Sun the Stars (Original Mix)

Timmy Regisford - Lost In The Drums (Original Mix)

Tom Schippers - House Thang (Original Mix)

Torren Foot, Azealia Banks - New Bottega (Extended Mix)

Toto Chiavetta - Homme Libre

Two Are & Aves Volare - Can't Move Us (Extended Mix)

Two Are & Aves Volare - Too Late (Extended Mix)

Vincent Caira - Real Eyes (Original Mix)

Vintage Culture - Rock The Casbah (Extended Mix)

Voldez Soul, Corey Holmes - Love On High (Corey Holmes Remix)

White Ocean - Somebody (Original Mix)

Whoriskey - Save Yourself (Ruben Karapetyan Remix)

Woo York - Samum (8Kays Remix)

Woo York - Samum (Original Mix)

Xandl - Zeppelin (Original Mix)

Yulia Niko feat. Paul Brenning - Feeling  (Extended Mix)

mrmsoun6 - Time

AFFKT - Corcho (Kimshies Remix)

AFFKT - Corcho (Original Mix)

AFFKT - Spider Charmer (Original Mix)

AVIRA feat. Dan Soleil - Wildfire (Extended Mix)

Aaron Sevilla, Toshi, Simone Gigante (Gypsy) - Bhaylam Original Mix

Above & Beyond - Surge (PROFF & Igor Garanin Remix Mixed)

Accent (ofc) - Changes (Andrew DRUM Remix)

Accent (ofc) - Changes (Mishell Remix)

Adam Ten, Yamagucci - The Girl Next Door (Original Mix)

Agustin Müller - One (Original Mix)

Akabu, Dave Lee ZR, Jinadu - Highways (feat. Jinadu) (Dave Lee Medusa Mix)

Alessio Bianchi - Change (Original Mix)

Alessio Bianchi - Hit It (Original Mix)

Alex Preda - Near Vision

Ama, Kevin McKay - Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Extended Mix)

Angelo Ferreri - Ask Yourself (Can You Dance) (Extended Mix)

Angelo Ferreri, Raffaele Ciavolino - Shake Like That (Original Mix)

Angelo Ferreri, Susanne Alt - Sax Damage In NYC (Upper East Side Mix)

Ango Tamarin - No Escape (Original Mix)

Aroop Roy - Ebadile (Original Mix)

Artful, Ridney, Terri Walker - Missing You (2023 Mixes) (Michael Gray Extended Remix)

B&S Concept, DuBeats - Halfway Jazz (Original Mix)

Biscits - Don't Stop (Original Mix)

Bob Sinclar, Quinze - Never Knew Love Like This Before (Extended Mix)

Bob Sinclar, Salome De Bahia - Outro Lugar (Bob Sinclar Extended Mix)

Bobby Thurston - You Got What It Takes (The Reflex Revision)

Bolth - Deep Affection (Extended Mix)

Boogie Vice, Deep Aztec - Promises (N-You-Up Extended Dub Mix)

Brandon Markell Holmes, Cee ElAssaad - Messiah (Original Mix)

Brian Cid - Daydreamer (Original Mix)

Brian Cid - Motion Chaos (Original Mix)

Butane - Little Helper 400-1 (Original Mix)

CVMPANILE, Draxx (ITA) - WTF (Extended Mix)

Cassiopeia - Happiness (Original Mix)

DIVISIO - Look In My Eyes (Boatech Remix)

DJ Fudge, Chinua Hawk - Who’s Gonna Save The World (Vocal Mix)

DJ Wady, MoonDark - Babalua (Afroloko mix)

Dan Barrow - Crayzy

Dave Lee ZR, Foreal People - In The Mood To Groove (Dave Lee Extended Mix)

Dave Lee ZR, Xan Blacq, Foreal People - Raize A Blaze (feat. Xan Blacq) (Birdee Remix)

David Morales, Scott Paynter, Romina Johnson - GIVE ME MORE (Sunday Mass Vocal Mix)

Decode Blue - Abyssal (Original Mix)

Dhany G, William Rizz, Havjers - The Union (TEELCO & Maze 28 Remix)

Dick Johnson - Into The Groove (String Mix) (Original Mix)

Doug Gomez, Aaron K. Gray - I See You (Original Mix)

Dutchican Soul, Troy Denari - Whats On Your Mind (Extended)

ESSEL - Sweat (Extended Mix)

EdOne - Brine (Ivory (IT) Re-traxx)

EdOne - Inwaz (Glowal Remix)

Eden Prince - Get Down (Extended Mix)

Eelke Kleijn vs Lee Cabrera - Self Control (Eelke Kleijn 12AU Cosmic Aeroplane Mix)

Enzo Siffredi, Joezi - Star Nights (Original Mix)

Ezel, Rona Ray - History Repeating (Original Mix)

Fairtone - We Move (Original Mix)

Felipe Gordon - For Martha (Kai Alce NDATL Club Mix)

Fiona Kraft - Deeper Feelings (Manoo The Remix  Piano Interpretation By Bacanito)

Fiona Kraft - Deeper Feelings (Original Mix)

Franck Roger - Whispers (Original Mix)

Gorge - Tayo 2.0 (Original Mix)

Greenwolve, Unknown Concept - Purge (Miles From Mars Remix)

Greenwolve, Unknown Concept - Purge (Original Mix)

Greenwolve, Unknown Concept - Squid (Lewis. Remix)

Greenwolve, Unknown Concept - Squid (Luis M Remix)

Greenwolve, Unknown Concept - Squid (Original Mix)

HAFT - Inverted Skies (Original Mix)

HI-LO - BRAZIL (Extended Mix)

HP Vince - Hey Boy Hey Girl (Original Mix)

HP Vince, Chuck Roberts - Jack Had A Groove (Glen Horsborough Remix)

Habitz, Nelson - Relentless (feat. Nelson) (Original Mix)

Hallex M, David Morin - U Do It 4 Me (Original Mix)

Hannah Wants, Ara - The One (feat. ARA) (Extended Mix)

Hatiras, Sebb Junior - Breathe (Feel Fine) (Extended Mix)

Henrik Schwarz, Richard Judge - Put All Your Faith In Me (Tensnake Extended Remix)

Honeysweet - Being Free (Original Mix)

Hot Toddy, Karen Harding - So Good To Me (feat. Karen Harding) (Extended Mix)

Hotswing - Work It (Earth n Days Extended Remix)

Hunter/Game, Hollt - Act Of Faith (Original Mix)

Hunter/Game, Hollt - Closure (Original Mix)

Ivan Aliaga - Blue Shade (Da Luka & Jorgio Kioris Remix)

Ivan Aliaga - Blue Shade (EMPHI Remix)

Ivan Aliaga - Revenant (Original Mix)

J.A.E - Love Me Right (Ezel Remix)

J.D.'s Time Machine, Cleveland P. Jones - Kiss Of Freedom (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Remix)

Jamie Jones - Lose My Mind (Extended Mix)

Javier Labarca - Mirror Moon (Original Mix)

Jil Tanner - Toxic People (Fab Massimo Remix)

Jimpster, Mavhungu - Tribute (Original Mix)

Joeski, DJ Chus, Jimmy Lopez - Creo en Dios (Vocal Mix)

John Cosani - One Dollar (Original Mix)

Jolyon Petch - Spinning Around (Dr Packer's Disco Mix)

Jon.K - Hypnoz

Jovonn - RAISE UP (Raise Up High)

Julius Jordan, Eric Roberson - Real Good Time (Shannon Chambers 1Sound Remix)

K London Posse, Dawn Tallman - Caught In Luv (feat. Dawn Tallman) (Marc Cotterell’s Extended Love Redemption Mix)

Keinemusik, &ME, Rampa, Adam Port, Bell Towers - Pay To Play (Reznik & Mikesh Remix)

Keinemusik, &ME, Rampa, Adam Port, Cubicolor - Before The Flood (Ankhoï Remix)

Keinemusik, &ME, Rampa, Adam Port, Starving Yet Full - Paris (Bella Boo Remix)

Kenlou - Lost I'm Ready (Sax Dub)

Kevin McKay - Get Busy (Extended Mix)

Kevin McKay - Tom's Diner (Extended Mix)

Kevin Yost - There It Is (Extended Unreleased Version)

Kölsch feat. Troels Abrahamsen - All That Matters (ARTBAT Remix)

Krewcial, Nimiwari - Whatever It Takes (Original Mix)

Kuman (RU) - Enamorando

enai - Ira (Yubik Remix)

enai - This Is a Dream (Undercatt Remix)

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