Traxsource Weekend Weapons April 20th, 2023

DATA: 2023-04-20 TOTAL: 252 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Dance / Electro Pop, Indie Dance

Get ready for the weekend with Traxsource's "Weekend Weapons" for April 20th, 2023. This week's selection features the latest and greatest releases in the electronic music scene, handpicked by industry experts. From underground techno to soulful house, "Weekend Weapons" has it all. Highlights of this week's list include "Glow" by Amelie Lens and "Keep On Dancing" by Carl Cox. These tracks are perfect for DJs looking to add some new flavor to their sets or for fans wanting to stay up to date on the hottest tracks. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the best in electronic dance music with "Weekend Weapons" from Traxsource.



2 Bad Dancers - La Space (Don Rimini Jealous Mix)

2Sleep, Leandro Di - Deep Sensation (Original Mix)

9th House, Matrefakt - Under You (Original Mix)

67th & Bird - 9i9 (Original Mix)

A-Link - Oil Renegates (Original Mix)

AUTUL - Dimensional Drift

AUTUL - Gatecrash

Aberton - Another Lifetime (Original)

Adrian Eftimie - Silhouette (Original Mix)

AfroDee - Roots (Original Mix)

Aksil - Fauda (Original Mix)

Alankara, Walter G - Better Days (Original Mix)

Aldo Bergamasco, Tommie Cotton - BE FREE (Original Mix)

Alessa Khin - D'or Lion (Original Mix)

Alex Mase - Paradox (Original Mix)

Alexny - Saturday Night (Original Mix)

Alpha - Hummus (Original Mix)

Alvaro Smart - Dembow (Original Mix)

Amazingblaze - On The Grind

Amstra - Lost in Suffering (Original Mix)

Andrea Signore - Deleter (Original Mix)

Andrew Meller - Born Slippy (Luca Morris Extended Remix)

Andruss - Toma Que Toma (Extended Mix)

Angelo Ferreri - A Chance (Extended Mix)

Angelo Ferreri - Ask Yourself (Can You Dance) (Extended Mix)

Anthiago - Simply Dangerous (Original Mix)

Antonello Ferrari, Aldo Bergamasco, MC Loyd - Let's Go To The Party (Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Club Mix)

Arnold & Lane - Hello Sweetheart (Extended Mix)

Aroop Roy - Ebadile (Original Mix)

Aura, Emanuele Esposito, Gianni Romano, Thieuf Ndiaye, Trick Beat - Clandestin (Original Mix)

BLR, Robbie Rise - Lipstick feat. Robbie Rise (GUZ (NL) Extended Remix)

Beatkozina, Abira Shah - Nusrat Passion (Original Mix)

Beatkozina, Abira Shah, Kiko Navarro - Nusrat Passion (Kiko Navarro Afroterraneo Remix)

Berobreo - Polarized Tapes (Original Mix)

Berobreo - Repeater (Original Mix)

Boddhi Satva, Alton Miller - Blazin (Original Mix)

Booka Shade - Sound Of The Dragonfly (Original Mix)

Bright & Findlay - NY Disco (Smile)

Bronx Cheer - Drums Are Drumming (Original Mix)

Brooklyn Nights - Brooklyn Nights (Original Mix)

Chemars - Too Late (Original Mix)

Christos Fourkis, Silia - Fight for Love (Original Mix)

City Soul Project & Man Go Funk, City Soul Project, Man Go Funk - The Spirit (Original Mix)

Cityburn - Cornetera (Original Mix)

Claire Willis, Golden Sky - Demons (Rangel Coelho Extended Classic Trance Remix)

Claire Willis, Golden Sky - Demons (Rangel Coelho Extended Epic Techno Remix)

Cody Currie, Jamie 3:26 - Money (Jamie 3:26 Remix)

Coflo - Photoshopped PCR (Original Mix)

Coflo - Throwbacks (Grapefruit La Croix)

Coflo - Vitamin C (Original Mix)

ColorJaxx, Andre Espeut - New Arising (Scott Diaz Remix)

Cosmic Boys - All Eyes On Me (Original Mix)

D.Rossini - Wanna Be (Love&Happiness, GROOVENERD, Emma Steawart Remix)

DANROS - Funk (Extended Mix)

DJ Christian B - You (Original Mix)

DJ Clash, George Vibe - Bandera (Afro Latin House Mix)

DJ Disciple, Harmonies - Rescue Me (Original Mix)

DJ Disciple, Harmonies, Marc Cotterell - I Will Shine Again (Marc Cotterell's Factory Vocal Mix)

DJ Disciple, Harmonies, Mijangos - La Vida (Mijangos En La Rumba Mix)

DJ Fudge, Chinua Hawk - Who’s Gonna Save The World (Vocal Mix)

DJ Marky & XRS - LK (Instrumental Mix)

DJ Merci - Timelapse (Original Mix)

DJ Mes - Hypnotized (Original Mix)

DJ Popinjay - You Know (Original Mix)

DJ Rocca - Omega (Original Mix)

DMX Krew - Altered Chords (Original Mix)

DMX Krew - U Ain't Really Down (Original Mix)

Darksidevinyl - Shine You Crazy Diamond (Extended Mix)

David Hopperman - Kanabaye (Original Mix)

David Tort - Hey Yeah! (Original Mix)

Deborah De Luca - Wild (Original Mix)

Dee Montero - Freedom (Original Mix)

Deefo - Take Control (Original Mix)

Deepo - Boogie's Groove (Original Mix)

Deetres (ES) - Watch It On (Original Mix)

Demuir - Eyah Eyah (Original Mix)

Demuir - You must Pay (Original Mix)

Dennis Cruz - Lloraras (7am Mix)

DiMO (BG), Mr.K (BG) - Jungle (Original Mix)

Din Jay - Spirit Of House (Jay Vegas Remix)

DiscoGalactiX - When You Touch Me (Original Mix)

Dj M1cko - Mind & Body (Original Mix)

Dj Vivona, Monique Bingham - Over Him, Under Him (Enoo Napa Afro Mix)

Dope Earth Alien, lau.ra - Down With Me (Ashibah Extended Remix)

Doug Gomez, Aaron K. Gray - I See You (Original Mix)

Dr Feel, Rusty - Black Lives Matter (Original Mix)

Dubfire & Oliver Huntemann - Dios (Original Mix)

Dxnby - New Realm (Original Mix)

Eats Everything & Felix Da Housecat - Voicenote (Marco Faraone Remix)

Eldeanyo - Badman (Local Singles Remix) (Extended Mix)

Enrico Sangiuliano & Charlotte De Witte - Reflection

Enzo Veronese, MastroMauro - A Cry No More (Family Groove Remix)

Erik Bo - So Right (Original Mix)

Evan (UK) - Always Here (Original Mix)

Farfaders & Guigoo & Mat Weasel Busters - Asian Tek Foundation

Felix Da Housecat, Eats Everything - Voicenote (Marco Faraone Remix)

Felix Krocher - Communication (Original Mix)

Finest Wear, Jon Delerious - Restriction (Original Mix)

Flowersons - Nu Box (Original Mix)

Floxytek - Let Me Know

Francis Scarlino - I Want You (Sebb Junior Remix)

Franky Rizardo - This Energy (Extended Mix)

Fun Kool - Low Toe (Original Mix)

Gabriel Ananda - Smash (Live Version Remastered)

Gal0 - Soul of Universe (Original Mix)

George Davis - Budoshida (Original Mix)

George Davis - Marimba Disco (Kai Alcé's NDATL Interpretation)

George Davis - Marimba Disco (Original Mix)

Guido Cea - Drs (Original Mix)

HP Vince - Got Me Singing (Original Mix)

HP Vince, Chuck Roberts - Jack Had A Groove (Glen Horsborough Remix)

Hannah Wants, Ara - The One (feat. ARA) (Extended Mix)

Hassio (COL), Kevinn - Señoritas (Original Mix)

Hatiras, Peter Brown - I Am Ready (Original Mix)

Hennessey (UK) - Like Bass (Original Mix)

Hi-Lo - Pura Vida (Wehbba Remix)

Hot Toddy, Karen Harding - So Good To Me (feat. Karen Harding) (Dub)

Hot Toddy, Karen Harding - So Good To Me (feat. Karen Harding) (Extended Mix)

Hotmood - Maybe I'm Crazy (Original Mix)

I Gemin - Afterlife (Original Mix)

Ignacio Arfeli - In My Heart (vocal mix)

Igor Zanga - Technology (Original Mix)

Indira Paganotto - Angara Bebesi

Indira Paganotto - Angels Never Die

Indira Paganotto - Guns & Horses

Indira Paganotto - Jambo

Indira Paganotto & Nina Kraviz - white horse

Indira Paganotto - Katana

Indira Paganotto - Magnetic Pulse

Indira Paganotto - Uzi

Indira Paganotto - Yellow Lambo (Original Mix)

Italoboyz - Zinga

J.B. Boogie - Baby Now (Original Mix)

James Curd - One Day, One Day, One Day, One Day (Original Mix)

James Curd - One Day, One Day, One Day, One Day (The Mekanism Remix)

Jazzuelle - To Love (Original Mix)

Jo Paciello - Rythme de la Croisette (Original Mix)

Joey Chicago - Stop Crying (Remastered)

Johan S - Right Here (Extended Mix)

Josh Milan - I Survived 45 (Honeycomb Vocal Mix)

Joyce Muniz, Play Paul - How I Feel (Original Mix)

Junior White, noelle - Can't Keep It Up (Original Mix)

KPD - Everyday (Original Mix)

Kaguto - Cold Heart (Original Mix)

Kaspar (De) - Underground (Original Mix)

Kassian - Actions (Kristin Velvet Remix)

Kato Change, Winyo, Suraj, Euggy, Dylan-S - Neuru (Euggy & Dylan-S Remix)

Ken@Work - The One & Only (Original Mix)

Kerrier Collective, Polly Meyrick - Life Wants to Live (Coflo Remix)

Kevinn - Light On Me (Original Mix)

Khatune & Katze - The Other Side of Fear

Kri - Always Frequency

Kuna Maze, Steve Spacek - I Told U (Original Mix)

La Kajofol - Under the Spell

Late Delivery - Grime Time (Original Mix)

Lazarusman, Fka Mash, Stimming - Mend It (Stimming Remix)

Lebedev (RU) - Attraction (Re-Edit)

Levantine - Cosmix Disko Gruv (Original Mix)

Loupes - Snake Charmer (Mix 1)

Luca Agnelli - Meteorite

Luca Bisori - Jesus (Original Mix)

Lucas Bahr, Damelo - GOAT (Original Mix)

Luis M & Greenwolve - Cosmorph

M.A.N.D.Y., Booka Shade - Body Language (Original Remaster)

M.A.N.D.Y., Booka Shade - Body Language (Patrice Bäumel Remix)

MOTVS - Space Flight

Manuel Costela, Saúco - Hotdog Boogie (Original Mix)

Marc Werner - Mthatha (Original Mix)

Mario Ochoa - Infusion (Original Mix)

Marix Green - Take Me (Original Mix)

Mark Dekoda & Ben Dust - Alle Meine Raver (Original Mix)

Mark Whites - Be with U (Original Mix)

Martina Budde - C.A.M.Y.U.V.A (Original Mix)

Mattei & Omich, Vittoria Hyde, Mirko & Meex - Turn Your Love (Mirko & Meex Extended Remix)

Midnight Magic - I Found Love (Perel Remix)

Midnight Magic - I Found Love (Sophie Lloyd Remix - Extended Mix)

Midnight Magic - Midnight Magic - I Found Love (Dimitri From Paris & DJ Rocca Erodiscotique Remix)

Mijangos - Timbalero (Original Mix)

Mike Macaluso - Final Chapter (Charles D Remix)

Minilogue - Certain Things Around You, Pt. 2

Monoton - Feel The Jack (Original Mix)

Moonee - Shishingo (Original Mix)

Moreno Pezzolato - Strike It Up (Federico Scavo Extended Remix)

MrJ - I Just Want To Dance (Edit)

Nathan G - Roots (Original Mix)

Niels van Veen - I Know (Edit)

Nonameleft & The YellowHeads - Psychonaut

Osunlade, Carlos Mena, Morena - Los Tambores Te Llaman (Morena's Sacred Remix)

Paolo Solo - Tired (Original Mix)

Par Grindvik - Do Us Part (Len Faki Remix)

Per QX, Kry (IT) - It's A Latin Thing (Extended Mix)

Petals In Sound - Dial Tone (Original Mix)

Prash - Time (Original Mix)

Psilocybian - Heebie-Jeebies

RCDisco - Disco Explosion (Original Mix)

Raffaele Ciavolino - Fall Into Me (Original Mix)

Ramiro Lopez & Andres Campo - Chants (Original Mix)

Re-Tide, Steff Daxx - Love Hangover (Extended Mix)

Realm of House - DAME (Arawakan Smooth mix)

Rick Marshall - Phenomenon (Original Mix)

Ron Carroll - My Prayer (Micky More & Andy Tee Classic Mix)

Ross Couch - Check This Out (Original Mix)

SODREE - Don't Know (Original Mix)

Saeed Younan - Simplicity (Original Mix)

Saliva Commandos - Corner Racket (Original Mix)

Saliva Commandos - Wheel Turning Round (You Go)

Sam Goes to Tokyo - My Brother (Original Mix)

Sammy Deuce - Everytime (Original Mix)

Saucy Lady, Slynk - High Class (Original Mix)

Scove - Deine Holle

Scruscru - Eastern Bossa (Original Mix)

Serpico - Wish That I Could (Original Mix)

Session Victim, RAS STIMULANT - Motivation (Original Mix)

Simon Kidzoo - Muevelo (Extended Mix)

Simone Glad, Ollie Red - Enough (Original Mix)

Soldera, TruRaw - Allow Me (Original Mix)

Soul of Hex - Phuria (Original Mix)

Space 92 - Gravity

Stanny Abram - Get Lifted (Extended Mix)

Stefan Thomas, Morris Revy - Wake Up (Original Mix)

Sun Rhythms - Flowers Festival (Original Mix)

Teejay Omar - Music Makes Me High (Eric Villa Remix)

Tendai, T.Williams - You Take Me High feat. Tendai (Extended Mix)

Tennek - The Other Side (Original Mix)

Thaiiland SA - Dwarf (Original Mix)

The 2 Bears, Eats Everything - Bear Hug (Eats Everything Rebeef) (Extended Version)

The Downtown Brothers - Use Your Brain (Extended Mix)

Thierry Tomas - August (Original Mix)

Thierry Tomas - Signor Pomidor (Original Mix)

Thomas Schumacher & Lilly Palmer - I Am Machine

Todd Terry - Rider (Extended Mix)

Todd Terry, Ferreck Dawn - Get On Down (Original Mix)

Tokyo Cartel - Drop The Funk (Original Mix)

Tom Bug, Grooveline - What's Your Sign (Extended Mix)

Tony Romanello - The Last Resort (Original Mix)

Trym - Beyond Light

Tuccillo - Feel The Heat (Original Mix)

Tuccillo - Movin' On (Original Mix)

Twism, B3RAO - G2B Loved (Original Mix)

Two Step - Ah Mad Wave (Original Mix)

Umek - Exodus (Original Mix)

Unknown7 - Something Deep (Original Mix)

Vasily Umanets - Planet (Original Mix)

Vertigini - We Got Space (Original Mix)

Wax Motif, Riordan - La Samba (Original Mix)

Yamil, Clemente, Lewis Beards - Thousand Miles (Original Mix)

Yooks, Nevada Cato - It Is What It Is (Original Mix)

Yves Eaux, Nick Vale - Baq Baq (Original Mix)

Zeeo - Out of That Door (Extended Mix)

Zoura DS - Rock It (Original Mix)

rawBeetz - Got To Have It (Original Mix)

rawBeetz - Got To Have It (The Cap Boy Remix)

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