Traxsource Weekend Weapons + Bonus Tracks December 22nd, 2023

DATA: 2024-01-09 TOTAL: 319 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

The Traxsource Weekend Weapons + Bonus Tracks December 22nd, 2023 is a must-have for all electronic music enthusiasts. This playlist features a variety of tracks that are sure to get you grooving. The playlist includes tracks such as “Get High Get Happy” by Paul Varney, “Punky Wash” by Some Too Suspect, and “Keep Fighting (feat. Michelle Weeks)” by James Dexter. These tracks are sure to get you moving and are perfect for any party or gathering.





2WES - Here We Go (Original Mix)

95 FAHRENHEIT - Uranio (Original Mix)

A97 - Solaris 2052 (Original Mix)

ACA (YU) - Mclovin (Original Mix)

ANTDADOPE, Cody Nu Skool - Find Out (Original Mix)

Adri Block, Paul Parsons - Just a Memory

Adrian Delgado (ESP) - Whispers (Original Mix)

Adrian Mart - Radio Head (Original Mix)

Agoria, Noémie, Rami Khalife - Teardrops (Don't Stop The Music) (Angelos Remix)

Albanø, Mood Gorning - Peninsule

Albanø, Mood Gorning - Twenty Four

Albert Garcia, Jhon Mena - Break Loco (Mendo Remix)

Alex Bigi - Pre-Ta-Si

Alpha - Wuall-i

Andy Bach - Slowbank (Original Mix)

Anhanguera - Friend Zone (Edit)

Anja Schneider - Rudeless (Original Mix)

Ant Schillaci - Bang Right (Extended Mix)

Apparel Wax - MINI003A

Arcadio - Behind the Moon (Original Mix)

Arturo Garces - Where Were You (J Lettow Remix)

Aruhtra, Deeprule - Be Better (Radio Edit)

Aruhtra, Deeprule - Be Better (Sebb Junior Remix)

AstroHertz - I Want (Original Mix)

Avidel - Piacere (Original Mix)

Babs Presents - Those Brown Eyes

Babs Presents, Choc-l@t Crew - Star Seeds

Bar Shaked - Enjoy the Ride feat. Lee Sefton (Original Mix)

Bass Fly - Naguaké (Original Mix)

Belizian Voodoo Priest - Dropping The Pressure (TBT Pressure Drop Mix)

Beny Junior, Luis Parra - The First Astronaut (Original Mix)

Berin, MANA Project - Many Times

Black Loops - I'm Not Crying, You Are

Blaq Tronic - Xitimela

Bob Sinclar, MoBlack, Africanism, Ladysmith Black Mambazo - Steel Storm (MoBlack Storm Remix)

Boddhi Satva, Oveous - Free Your Mind

Boet Quality - S'presis (Astral Mix)

Boet Quality - Semper Fi (Astral Mix)

Brian Zurita - Enjoy Your Youth (Original Mix)

Brine - The Way I Do It

CAlinie - Rick Owens (Original Mix)

Cadisco - Sample Beat

Cantos, Hamza Rahimtula - Return to the Feelings (Dub Mix)

Cerre - Sintoma (Original Mix)

Cesar Del Rio, Tatsu - Nostromo (Original Mix)

Chär Spinelli, Gabriel Spinelli - Balder (Original Mix)

Chemars - Just The 3 Of Us

Christian Smith - Right Now!

Christine B. - Lazik (Original Mix)

Christopher Erre - Dejavu

Ckb - Emergent (Original Mix)

Cosmic Eve - The Locals (Original Mix)

Craig C - Dis Love (Main Mix)

Cris Ocana - The Sax (Adiel Mora Remix)

Cris Ocana - The Sax (Camilo Do Santos Remix)

Curtis Hairston - I Want You All Tonight (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remix)

Curtis Hairston - I Want You All Tonight (John Morales M+M Extended Remix)

Curtis Hairston - I Want You All Tonight (Original M+M Mix)

Cusp, Marc Spieler - Chill (Spoonhead Remix)

D I N - Icarus (Original Mix)

D.P.V. - Ready 4 Your Love

DIKKA - Higher Order (Original Mix)

DJ Couza, Manimo, Lebzin, Rhey Osborne - NTB

DJ Dashcam - 881

DJ Freetz, Chris Dilema, Mdakzin - Wapiyo (Intro)

DJ Mbuso, Harrison Crump - Looking for the Love (Mixed)

DJ Patisso - Roll Up (Original Mix)

DJ Popinjay - Stomper

DJ Umbi, Jama Ita - So You Wanna Be A Star

Da Lukas - Satisfy Your Soul (Extended Mix)

Daisuke Miyamoto - Street Players

Dav Risen - To Worship You (Main Mix)

Dave Anthony - Rise of The Etherians

Dave Anthony, Prefix One - Dawn Raid

Delgado - Sunseeker

DerAlinea, Cosmokat - Generator (Original Mix)

Detroit's Filthiest - True Romance

Dexter Curtin, Marcus Jahn - Palindrom (Original Mix)

Dexter Troy - Power Of Soul (Original Mix)

Dexter Troy - The Best

Dexter Troy - You Got The Bump

Dick Sant - Flanerie

Diego Quintero, DJ Fronter - Tap Tek

Dimitri Andreas, Igor Vicente - Love Affair (Original Mix)

Dirty Lou - Muévelo Asi (Original Mix)

DiscoCream - Happy Groove (VinceExpo Essential Jackin Mix)

Diskreet - Pari (Original Mix)

Djebali, James Dexter - Flashing Lights

Domscott - Electric Boogaloo

Double Kay - Strike (Original Mix)

Dr Feel, NAE (SA) - Normalize

EVIE (UK) - Girls Can't DJ (Marcellus Remix)

EYEawake - Moksha Paradise (Original Mix)

Ed Case - So Much Better

Eldon UK - Cars N´Women (Original Mix)

Eldon UK - Round (Joseph Edmund Remix)

Electricano - The Beginning (Original Mix)

Elijah & Grundy, Willow Star - Ring Ring (Original Mix)

Erratic, Basic 96 - Project 3

Estema - Something

Ezirk - It's My Momma

Fabio Vela - A Long Journey (Mark Broom Remix)

Fabio Vela - A Long Journey (Mark Broom Tribe Remix)

Fabio Vela - A Long Journey

deWaal - Wanderland (Original Mix)

e-freq, Last Magpie, DJ Haus - E-Freq By Nature

eta - Full Tilt (Original Mix)

Farid Odilbekov - Colanola (Original Mix)

Fede Rego - Lost (Extended Mix)

Felipe Gordon - No Words (Byron the Aquarius Dub Mix)

Felipe Gordon - No Words

Filizola, Any Riwer - Through The Night

Fioretti - San Pol (Original Mix)

Fractal Architect - Time Dilation

Fran Acosta - Post (Original Mix)

Frank Amodo - I Get Deep (BUFS Remix)

GAGH, Figueredo (AR) - Ola De Mar (Original Mix)

Gal Shimol - Feel It (Original Mix)

Garas - Nevermore

George Z, BURNR - Back2Back (Original Mix)

GetBizzy - Rumba (Original Mix)

Gettoblaster, Brett Rubin, Trice Be - Freak Me (Milk & Sugar Extended Edit)

Gettoblaster, Frivolous Jackson - Ghetto Style

GooDisco - Disco Slide

Gorge, Fell Reis - Aousaa

Gowe - This Song Is You

Grace Bones - Hold U Close

Guy Herman, Chris Sen - Hexagon (Original Mix)

Gy Fos - Tired of Being Alone

HDSN - I Don't Need A Cure

HEDGE - No Stopping (Original Mix)

Hackerbeatz - Getn Live (Original Mix)

Hackerbeatz, JOHNJOSÉ - Yo Soy El Ritmo (Original Mix)

Hallex M - Pink Hwarang

Heaven INC. - Unity of Love (Original Mix)

Hotmood - Music Will Set You Free

Hotswing - Memory

Hotswing, Andrea Maggino - &Me

Hud - Sugar (DJ Deep Extended Remix)

Hud - Sugar (Mark Broom Remix)

Husko - House Tool

Ian Fauvarque - Deft (Original Mix)

Inessa, IN-sane - Loved and Lost (Original Mix)

Inner City, Kevin Saunderson, Dantiez, Steffanie Christi'an - What You Don't Know (The Saunderson Brothers Remix)

Iñaky Garcia - PamPam (Luis Radio Remix)

JR from Dallas - Dustymann

Jaemus - Ezekiel

Javiwer, Víctor Guédez - Kona (Radio Edit)

Jay Vegas - Feel The Beat (Extended Mix)

Jazzman Wax - I Know You Want

Jazzuelle, El Capino - Deep In The Cosmos

Jemmi - Fragility (Original Mix)

Joan Bibiloni Band - Valerie (Kiko Navarro & Willie Graff Boogie Explosion Remix)

Joan Bibiloni Band - Valerie (Kiko Navarro & Willie Graff Entre Islas Club Mix)

Joddy - My Life

Joe Diem, Guezmark - Again (Radio Edit)

John Khan, Paul Lyons, Lenski - Mystery (Original Mix)

John The RT - Fame (Original Mix)

Jotik, Luifer DJ - Elewu

Jürgen Kirsch - Even If You (Original Mix)

Jyoel - Psicologic Conflict (Original Mix)

K Logan - Emotional Moment (Original Mix)

KAHNTI - My Boo Thang (Original Mix)

Katoff - Step & Hide (Hasan Ghazi Remix)

Ken@Work - So Good

Ken@Work - Then The Music Started

Kenny Carpenter, Taborah Adams - You Know How To Love Me (Wez Whynt Remix)

Ki Creighton, Aldo Cadiz - Out Of The Loop (Extended Mix)

Kid Massive - Over You (Extended Mix)

Kimahri, Linear  System - Vessel (Original Mix)

Klint - Falcon (Original Mix)

L.P. Rhythm - 2 Fabiola

LackOfAffekt - Hope (Original Mix)

Lesny Deep - Last Forever

Local Singles - Wu Tang (Original Mix)

Lord Leopard, Conal Kelly - Club Saturn (feat. Conal Kelly) (Future Disco Edit)

Loris Palermo - Camel Suite (Original Mix)

Loris V - Feel The Music (Original Mix)

Lost at the Rave - Bang Drum (Original Mix)

Luca Garaboni, Marzio BigHouse - New York (Extended Mix)

Lucas Ferreyra - Happy Donna (Original Mix)

Luigi Sestan - Base (Original Mix)

MRZO (BR) - Don't You Baby (Original Mix)

Mac Manus Paris - Kub House

Manik - Sally (Original Mix)

Manuel Costela - Sun Waves (Lebedev (RU) Remix)

Manuel Varey - Disco Mills

Mari Sugaware - Horizon (Extended Mix)

Martin Ikin - Make U Sweat (Extended Mix)

Martin Thomas, Sandy's Groove - Used To Say (Extended Mix)

Master A - Karimu (Original Mix)

Mateo Bermejo - Extrankt (Original Mix)

Matija, Richard Elcox - Land Of Zilla (Original Mix)

Matt Guy - Rock The Show (Extended Mix)

Matt Jordan - Drop Off (Original Mix)

Mattei & Omich - People Lose Control (Qubiko Extended Remix)

Max Coda - Rain (Extended Mix)

Max Esposito - Sax Movement (Extended Mix)

Max Newton - One Two

Maxime Groove - Special Treat

Mazen Zidan - Domdom (Original Mix)

Melodymann - I Was Yours

Metodi Hristov - Rumble

Mhod - Groove On (Original Mix)

Michelle Weeks, Ant Schillaci, Callyy - Keep Fighting feat. Michelle Weeks (Extended Mix)

Micronica - Backrooms (Original Mix)

Mike Chenery - He's A Mean One

Mimmo Errico, Carolin Cole, Vanni F - Magic Flute (Original Mix)

Minube - Naturally Well (Original Mix)

Mirko & Meex - Bring It Back

Mohato - Back 2 Back 2 Back (Original Mix)

Mood Tree - Maytime

lau.ra - Body Go (Lawrence Hart Extended Remix)

N9ne Lives - Queen Of Diamonds

NekliFF - Tribe (Original Mix)

Nico de Andrea, Emria - Corazon (Harry Romero Extended Remix)

Nicolas Angeles - Tuesday (Original Mix)

Nistor - JB (Original Mix)

Oculist - Lightbox

Oggie B - Dancin & Romancin (Original Mix)

Oxy - Back tuTulum (Original Mix)

PARTEK - Dreams (Original Mix)

Paco Caniza - French Is Back

Palau (OFC) - Vortex (Original Mix)

Pandorum, Home Shell, Olven - Shining Smile (Original Mix)

Patrick Meeks - I'm Trapped

Paul Varney, Kings With Hearts - Get High Get Happy (Cash Only Remix)

Paul Varney, Kings With Hearts - Get High Get Happy (Original Mix)

Peter Mac - Take Me Higher

Phaze Dee - Dusty (Jeff Fader's Dusty Dub)

Point Set - Upside Down (Original Mix)

Prefix One, Soul-Omai - Rise Up (Kinky Roland Remix)

Proof Db - Never Find (Original Mix)

Punky Wash - Shokakko (Doktor Yok! Remix)

RMRC - It's Not Over

RSquared - Lifestyle (Original Mix)

Raffaele Ciavolino - Musica (Original Mix)

Razvan Ban - Flower Power (Original Mix)

Re-Tide - Get Away (Mattei & Omich 1996 Mix)

Red Rooms - Line Of Sight (Original Mix)

Reggie Dokes - Beautiful Soul

Renew - Nobody (R3WIRE Remix) (Extended Mix)

Riaz Dhanani - Gotta Say (Extended Mix)

Riccardo Gravina - Like This

Risk Assessment - Can U Feel It (Club Mix)

Rodaq - Toledo (Original Mix)

Rony Breaker, Lee Wilson - Train 64 (Extended Mix)

Rony Breaker, Lee Wilson - Train 64 (Mannix Old School House Dub)

Rony Breaker, Lee Wilson - Train 64 (Richard Earnshaw Sugarsoul Extended Mix)

Room 99 - Time Warp (Original Mix)

Rove Ranger - Risk Management (Original Mix)

Rudi'Kastic - Distance (Original Mix)

Rukhman - Forgotten Days (Original Mix)

Sammy Porter, Goody (UK) - Say Ooh (Extended Mix)

Saúco - Uplifting Blues

Serval (AR) - Indifferent World (Original Mix)

Shabi - Why It's So Good

Sherafatis - Pleinvrees (Weiskamp, Lionote Remix)

Simo White - Jackpot Groove (Original Mix)

Simon Kidzoo, Simon Ray - Slowly but Sure (Extended Mix)

Simone Ellis - Cinematic (Original Mix)

Smoothless - Smooth Light (Original Mix)

Some Too Suspect - Merengue (Bonetti Afrolatino Mix)

Some Too Suspect - Merengue

Soundsinsane, Diego Antoine - Sabor

Sourires - Change The Moon

Spinduckz - Celestial (Original Mix)

Stan Kolev - Sensible

Stanny Abram - Lost Love (Extended Mix)

Stanny Abram - My Space (Extended Mix)

Steal Tapes - Make Me Happy (Original Mix)

Stereomates - House Music (Original Mix)

Steve Hammer - 1000 Yards (Original Mix)

Stones & Bones - Abo Malume

Surrender Discipline - Cellular Line (Original Mix)

T.Markakis - Take Me Away (Extended Mix)

TacoMan, Once Sempai, Bar Mikhael, Doug V - Morena

Tauste - Love Worth

Ten Fingerz - Wee Groovy Thang

The Love Doves - Crushed

Togni - Hope (Original Mix)

Tom Glide, Ivan Russo - Supernova Quazar (Tony's Deledda's Latin House Remix)

Tony Deledda - Prospect

Tony Touch - Apaga La Luz (DJ Sneak Remix)

Tony Touch - Apaga La Luz (Paco Osuna Remix)

Tuesday Brunch - Playboy

Two Leos - I'm Looking

Ulloa, Maak, Gabriela Gonzalez - Error 303 (Original Mix)

Umberto Percali, Luca Vanelli, Marc Cotterell - No Turning Back (Marc Cotterell Plastik Factory Vocal Extended Mix)

Umgido - SUMMER

Uzca Bros, Carames - Take A Trip (Original Mix)

VLF - Archie (Original Mix)

Vazdra, Katopodis - Elemental (Original Mix)

Velvet Agents - Can't Wait (Angelo Ferreri Refixed)

Vernon Bara, Rodham - Hey Chicago, What Do You Say ?

Vertigini - G.O.A.P. (Zetbee Remix)

Vertigini - I Know, It's You

Veytik - Samurai (Original Mix)

Veytik, Kroto - Phantom Mirage (Original Mix)

Vincent Caira, Jerome Robins - You

Vito Raisi, Mr Overdrive - Smoke Machine (Original Mix)

Volac - In The Air (Original Mix)

WAND7R - Jungle

WAND7R - My House

WAND7R - Underground

War - Low Rider (Kyle Watson Remix)

Will Alonso, Zonum, Andres Chulisi Rodriguez - Besame

Willie Rodriguez - Un Verano

WillowMan - Do It (Phaze Dee Remix)

Wouter Achterberg - Shaviday (Original Mix)

Yensu - Dancing Journey

Your Ex - Lima

ZIDDO, Sfundo - Amaphupho

Zadi (FR) - Smash It (Original Mix)

Zenniv - In Your Head (Original Mix)

Zeno Altea - Anima Mundi (Original Mix)

Zweig - Amazing Day (Original Mix)

Zzama - Inside Me (Extended Mix)

nineteen79 - Breathe (Original Mix)

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