When We Dip Best Playlists of the Week 2024-02-04

DATA: 2024-02-04, TOTAL: 155, GENRE: Melodic House & Techno, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House

If you’re looking for some fresh and exciting tunes to spice up your week, look no further than the When We Dip Best Playlists of the Week 2024-02-04. This curated selection of tracks features some of the hottest artists and genres in the music scene right now, from deep house to techno, from indie to pop. Whether you need some upbeat vibes for your workout, some chill beats for your relaxation, or some groovy tunes for your party, you’ll find something to suit your mood and taste in this playlist. Some of the highlights include “I Like Your Mind” by Albuquerque & CANCCI, “Somebody (Manda Moor Remix)” by Cristian Viviano & Baglione, and “Crown of Horns” by Judas Priest. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new music and enjoy the best of the best with When We Dip Best Playlists of the Week 2024-02-04.


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Adriatique, Delhia De France - The Future Is Unknown

Afar, Patrice Bäumel - The Trap (Patrice Bäumel's Closer Remix)

Agents of Time, Ross Quinn - Friend Of Mine

Agoria, NOEMIE, Rami Khalife - Teardrops (Don't Stop The Music) (Echonomist Remix)

Alfa Romero - Odyssey

Booka Shade - No Memory

Colyn - Beyond Control

Cubicolor - The Outsider (Colyn Palapas Remix)

Denis Horvat, Skarn - Sknof

Einmusik - Arrival (Paige Remix)

Einmusik, Richard Judge - More Than You Know

Emanuel Satie, Maga, Sean Doron - Sleepless

Emphi - Photophobic

Fideles, Re-Type - Are We Dreaming

Giolì & Assia - Young Forever (Armonica Remix)

Grigore - Polifonia

Habischman, Miila Mor, Santiago Garcia - Evolving (Santiago Garcia Remix)

Hard To Tell - Be Waiting

Heerhorst - Wimbo

Hidden Empire - Wanna Dance

ID ID - Lightness

INVŌKER (FR) - Superhero

Innellea, Colyn, braev - Downfall

Invoker - Ipanema Maneira

Ivory (IT) - It’s A New Day

Jono Stephenson - Colours in the Sky (Mark Hoffen 2AM Deconstruction Mix)

Kiko, Olivier Giacomotto - Deca

Koelle, Reza Safinia - Reverie (BLANCAh & Mariz Dub Remix)

Mia Mendi, Rafael Cerato - Snake Eyes (widerberg Remix)

Miss Monique - Veselka

Moderat - More Love (Rampa &ME Remix)

Moonwalk - Omnia

Motip White - What Do You Want Me to Say (Gespona & Djolee Remix)

Motip White - What Do You Want Me to Say (atish Remix)

My Friend, Darla Jade - Flash (Dosem Remix)

Naeiiv, Several Definitions - The Puzzle (Original Mix)

Olivier Giacomotto - Empty Space

Olivier Weiter - Lucca

Pale Blue - The Last Song (Sasha Remix)

Pig&Dan - Clouds

Pole Position - Invaders

RY X - Lençóis (Love Me) (Cassian Remix)

Robin Schellenberg, Rauschhaus - Space for the World

Rodriguez Jr. - Alraegadir

Rodriguez Jr. - Synthwave (Haffenfold Remix)

Solee - Krake

Solee - On the Other Side

The Element MT - Voices (Original Mix)

Tiga, Kölsch, Jonathan Kaspar - Hand In Hand (Jonathan Kaspar Remix)

Weekend Heroes - Felt the Fire (Erly Tepshi Remix)

WhoMadeWho - Children (Mind Against & Dyzen Remix)

&friends, eL_Jay, Oluwadamvic - Ode Ireti (Untouchable Lion Remix)

Agoria, Rome Fortune - I Love You More Than Myself (Lannka Remix)

Antrim - La Fin Du Monde

Avi Snow, Tamir Regev, Ben Cina - Common Ground

Cielo (US) - Gravity (Domingo + Loveclub Remix)

D-Nox, Albuquerque, Megan Duus - Choices

DIM KELLY - Pianologic

Dave Leck - Opal

Domingo +, Loveclub - Find A Friend

Double Touch - Here For You

Elliot Moriarty - By My Side (Extended Mix)

Erdi Irmak - A Place Beyond

Fabian Krooss, Samaha - Staring

Flowers on Monday - Summer Breeze

Gorje Hewek, BAKKA (BR) - Huracan

Guy Gerber - Rainchecks In Montreal (Roy Rosenfeld Remix)

Haft - Morning Lights

Hicky & Kalo - Time We Spent Together

Hicky & Kalo - Wisdom (Original Mix)

Hraach, Armen Miran - Rekindle

Husa & Zeyada - Trick of the Mind (Kora Remix)

KAZKO - Back to Paradise

Kasper Koman, Shai T - Islander

Koelle, DaddyPrincess - Melo

Koelle, Margrét - To Live

Koelle, Reza Safinia - Reverie (Laure Dub Remix)

Koelle, Reza Safinia - Reverie (Lovecraft Instrumental Remix)

Krasa Rosa, M.O.S., Sound Quelle - We Are Kids

Luca Cociuffo - There Is Some Magic Traveling

Matias Fittipaldi, Juan Deminicis - Give

Molac, Eduardo McGregor - Ten Sefirot (Original Mix)

Molac, Eduardo McGregor - Third From the Sun

Motip White - Clean the Turbines (Meera Remix)

Nicolas Viana - Embers of Tomorrow

Nicolas Viana - Rumble

Nicolas Viana - State Of Mind

Oceanvs Orientalis, Idil Mese - Heart Pieces (Mustafa Ismaeel Remix)

Peshta Gora - Schast'ye

Pippi Ciez - Limitless

Poranguí, Liquid Bloom, Kora (CA) - Inner Sanctum (Kora Remix)

Proff, Taisia Krasnopevtseva - Three Sisters

Redoblue - Hope

Sabda - Seezen B

Savvas - Point in Time

Savvas - Soulrider

Shri - Prema

Talliekin - Flying Carpet

They Dream By Day, Hosini, Koala Hotel - Joyk

Tutchev Space - AI, Sound and Space

Ventt, Keparys - Secret of the Nile (Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor Remix)

Above & Beyond, OceanLab - Sirens Of The Sea (Marsh Remix)

Antrim - La Fin Du Monde (Dabeat & Juan Pablo Torrez Remix)

Antrim - Meeting Point (D-Nox Remix)

Antrim, Juan Fernandez - Waves Of Love

Bemannte & Brüder - Beyond Infinity (Analog Jungs Remix)

Bondarev - Meteora (Jiminy Hop Remix)

Chrstphr - Anomaly (Deviu Remix)

Chrstphr - Anomaly (Kostya Outta Remix)

Cream (PL) - Prisma

Cristian Hidalgo - The Beginning of Everything

D-Nox, Albuquerque, Megan Duus - Choices (Paul Hamilton Remix)

D-Nox, Sharon Graziani - Shining (Hicky & Kalo Remix)

D-Nox, Sharon Graziani - Shining

Dmitry Molosh - Butterfly (Hicky & Kalo Remix)

Dmitry Molosh - Plant Growth

Emi Galvan, Albuquerque - Stay High

Emphi - Dust (John Cosani Remix)

Emphi - Dust

Enamour, Run Rivers - Crystallized

Ewan Rill - Multiverse

Eynka - Skyboarding

FJL - Fixation (DJ Ruby Remix)

Gorge, Markus Homm - Faded

Hicky & Kalo - Beyond Spacetime

Hicky & Kalo - Black Box

Hicky & Kalo - Coming Back Home (Original Mix)

Hicky & Kalo - From Sea to Sea (Original Mix)

Hicky & Kalo, Hernan Cattaneo - Voyage

Hrag Mikkel - Cosmic Bliss (Jamie Stevens Excursion 92 Mix)

Ismail.M, Redspace - Strange Sensations (Dmitry Molosh Remix)

John Dare - The One For You (Paul Hamilton Remix)

Jose Tabarez - Sunset Bay (Ewan Rill Remix)

Juan Arce, Axel Zambrano - Fusca

Kabi (AR) - Dual

Kabi (AR) - Spicy

Kamilo Sanclemente - Serene

Koelle, DaddyPrincess - Melo (Instrumental Mix)

Kölsch - Thoughts

Leaman - Mark I (HAFT Remix)

Lehár - Maybe Yes (Original Mix)

Maezbi - Wonderland

Michael A - Hypervision

Navar, Golan Zocher - Zoom Out

Nicolas Rada, Eleonora - Higher Space

Olivier Weiter - Tuscan

Petar Dundov - Realm of St Stephen

Ric Niels - Lose to Win

Several Definitions - This Is Not a Rave (Tantum Remix)

Soda Stereo, Hernan Cattaneo, VERLK - En la Ciudad de la Furia (Hernan Cattaneo & Verlk Remix)

Solis [US] - Neshira (Michael A Remix)

Spencer Brown - Curve (Invōker Mix)

Stan Kolev - Arising

Tomic - Altered Sunshine

foglight - Circuit Valley (Praveen Achary Remix)

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