When We Dip Deep House Best New Extended Tracks 2024-04-21

DATA: 2024-04-23, TOTAL: 160 GENRE: Deep House

In April 2024, the electronic music scene is buzzing with the latest release of extended house tracks. This collection features a blend of deep basslines, rhythmic beats, and melodic synths that encapsulate the essence of house music. From sunrise sessions to twilight grooves, these tracks promise to be the heartbeat of dance floors worldwide. With a focus on rich textures and dynamic progressions, they provide listeners with an immersive auditory experience. Whether you’re starting your day or dancing late into the night, these must-have tracks cater to both classic vibes and modern twists.


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Aguila - Dress 2 Sweat
Amy Dabbs,UC Beatz - Only Breaks Can Love Your Heart - UC Beatz Remix
Audiojack - Nonstop
Audiojack - Vibes
Bernardo Mota - All In One Original Mix
Big Miz, Bessa (Sco) - Marvelous Original Mix
Bruno Roth - Doin' to Me Original Mix
Butane, Saño (IT) - Little Helper 412-4 Original Mix
CC:DISCO! - Guitar Hero Original Mix
Charles Webster,Ursula Rucker,Clavis - Begin Anew - Clavis Remix
Christopher Ledger - Nala's Groove Original Mix
Cristina Lazic,Mihai Popoviciu - Luna - Mihai Popoviciu Remix
DJ Steaw - Exotica Original Mix
DMX Krew - Spiral Dance Original Mix
Dachshund - Cosy Mess
Dachshund - Hidden Echoes
Dachshund - Lust
Dam Swindle,DJ Sneak - Soul's Lament - DJ Sneak Remix
Dam Vera - Dolly
Dam Vera - Quina
Dam Vera - Timo
Deep Aztec,Black Soda - For The Seeing Kind - Extended Mix
Deeper Purpose, Jalja, LAZY JOE - One By One Extended Mix
Demi Riquísimo - The Force Extended
Dilby - Coming Home
Dilby - Journey
Dilby,DNCN - The Station
DimSum - Rama to NY
Distilled Noise - Dimmer
Distilled Noise - Microdense
Distilled Noise,YokoO,Retza - Microdense - YokoO & Retza Remix
Dj Steaw - Don't Stop
Dj Steaw - Get Back To The Phonk
Dj Steaw - In My Body's House
Dj Steaw,Josh Butler - Get Back To The Phonk - Josh Butler Remix
Duowe,Picasso - Delayed Fizz
Eli Escobar - Drown
Eli Escobar - Mon Amour
Eli Escobar,queenie - Fixed Our Love - Extended Version
Elliot Moriarty - Don't Let This End
Elliot Moriarty - Instant Times
Elliot Moriarty - The Shores of Cala Codolar
Elliot Moriarty,Jiminy Hop - The Shores of Cala Codolar - Jiminy Hop Remix
Elliot Moriarty,Soul Of Zoo - Don't Let This End - Soul Of Zoo Remix
Fizzikx - Playin' This Music
Fizzikx - Valentine
Fizzikx - You Don't Have To Pretend
Folkness - Elon's Groove Original Mix
Folkness - Night Escape Original Mix
Fort Romeau - Blue Original Mix
Fouk - Coffee Original Mix
Fred Everything,Robert Owens - Never
Frink - Axis
Frink - Changes
Frink - Kalerg
Frink - Sami
Gee Lane - The Fourth Original Mix
Hamé - Wind Original Mix
Havantepe - Calcite Cristi Cons Remix
Havantepe - Calcite
Havantepe,Cristi Cons - Calcite - Cristi Cons Remix
House Of Peace - Such A Feeling Dennis Quin Edit
ICTV - Morning Dew
ICTV,DimSum - Jacuzzi Days
ICTV,DimSum - United Freedom Inc.
Imeïa - Elegancia
Imeïa - Le Pire Pour La Fin
Inner City, Steffanie Christi'an - Stop & Stare feat. Steffanie Christi'an Cinthie Extended Remix
J Erazo - Jive Talk Original Mix
James Meid - In My Life - Original Mix
James Meid - Look Ground - Original Mix
James Meid - Never Look Down - Original Mix
James Meid - Not Matter - Original Mix
Jesse Bru - Birds In Flight Original Mix
Jimpster - You're My Ecstacy Original Mix
Jimpster - You're My Ecstacy
Joselacruz - Eyes In The World Original Mix
Josh Butler - Become Clear
Josh Butler,Shyam P - Find You Again
Josh Butler,Shyam P,Audiojack - Find You Again - Audiojack Remix
Katerina - Papu Original Mix
Kevin Yost - For Your Love Original Mix
Kolter - I'm Fine, Thanks! Original Mix
Krewcial,Crackazat - Owo - Crackazat Remix
Kuba Sojka - Whispers Original Mix
Lauren Lane - Fair Game
Lawrence - Stargazer Original Mix
Libero,AirplaneMood - Modo Avion - AirplaneMood Remix
Luter,Marcello (nsk) - Thongsala Vibes - Instrumental Mix
Luter,Marcello (nsk) - Thongsala Vibes
Manuel Kane - Your Love Original Mix
Marc Wellon - A Little Something Original Mix
Marius (fr) - Scooba Receptor Original Mix
Max Essa, Eddie C - Save Me Original Mix
Max Graef - Sports (Is Good For You) Original Mix
Mihai Popoviciu - Solitude
Milan93 - Nelson's String Original Mix
Mirko Dee - To The Moon Original Mix
Mr. Ho - 000 BABY Original Mix
Musumeci - In Da House Original Mix
NTFO - Exquisite
NTFO - Hiver
Occibel - How Low Can You Go Original Mix
Octave (RO),Micah Fish - Your attention
Orlando Voorn,Krewcial - High - Krewcial Remix
Osunlade,James Curd - Chocolate Puddin' - Instrumental Mix
Osunlade,James Curd - Chocolate Puddin' - Yoruba Soul Mix
Osunlade,James Curd,Kai Alcé - Chocolate Puddin' - Kai Alcé Instrumental Remix
Osunlade,James Curd,Kai Alcé - Chocolate Puddin' - Kai Alcé Remix
Pete Moss,Colette - Higher - Extended Mix
Pete Moss,Colette,Saison - Higher - Saison Extended Remix
Petingas - Morena Salgada minimalArchiv Remix
Pornbugs - Right Here Inside Steve kelley Remix
Pornbugs,Frink - See Through My Eyes
Pornbugs,Frink - Wheels Turning
Pornbugs,Frink,Jamahr - Wheels Turning - Jamahr Remix
Pornbugs,Frink,Miroloja - See Through My Eyes - Miroloja Remix
Professor Oz - 2 In 1 Original Mix
Retromigration - Only Well Original Mix
Rhythms of Prescott - Three One Two
Rooléh - Flower Phase
Rooléh - From A Distance
Rooléh - Look At That
Rooléh - Past Cognitions
Ross Kiser - Catacombs
Ross Kiser - Differently
Ross Kiser,Markus Homm - Catacombs - Markus Homm Remix
Ryan Sadorus - Highway to the Stars Original Mix
Saison,Fouk - Suffer - Fouk Extended Remix
Sam Farsio,Octave (RO) - Church
Sam Farsio,Octave (RO) - Feeling
Sam Farsio,Octave (RO),Christian Burkhardt - Feeling - Christian Burkhardt Remix
Sam Farsio,Octave (RO),Nima Gorji - Feeling - Nima Gorji Remix
Sascha Sonido - Imagine
Sascha Sonido - Samsara
Smev - In With the New Original Mix
Steve Kelley - If You Search
Steve Kelley - Talkin
Steve Kelley,Alexander Matchak - Talkin - Alexander Matchak Remix
Steve Kelley,Mihai Popoviciu - If You Search - Mihai Popoviciu Remix
Synaptic Voyager - Ne Plus Ultra Extended Version
The Jazzcodes - Jazz Was Dancing - Extended Mix
The Jazzcodes,Saison - Jazz Was Dancing - Saison Extended Remix
Tom Frankel - Unintended Consequences
UC Beatz,Marina Trench,Orlando Voorn - Make Me Feel - Orlando Voorn Remix
Vitess - First Night Original Mix
Will Hofbauer - 8 Bar Baile
Will Hofbauer - Ah! Bats!
Will Hofbauer - Moss On
Will Hofbauer - Scrumble
YokoO - I Want More Of You
YokoO - Promise I'll Slap Ya
YokoO - When I Wake Next To You
YokoO,Superlounge - I Want More Of You - Superlounge Remix
Zoi (CA) - Resolute Original Mix
mpeg - Gentle Grit
mpeg - Off Disc
mpeg - Prospect Theory
mpeg - Seaweed
mpeg,Baby Rollen - Gentle Grit - Baby Rollen Remix

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