When We Dip Indie Dance / Italo Disco Best New Extended Tracks April 2024

DATA: 2024-04-25, TOTAL: 263 GENRE: Indie Dance / Italo Disco

April brings a fresh wave of Indie Dance and Italo Disco tracks that promise to energize and inspire. This month’s selection showcases a vibrant mix of extended plays that blend nostalgic disco vibes with contemporary electronic beats. The playlist is a curated journey through pulsating rhythms and catchy melodies, perfect for dance enthusiasts and music connoisseurs alike. Dive into a sonic experience that pays homage to the classic era of disco while propelling it into the future with innovative production and infectious energy.


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1026 - Don't Go Extended Mix
AH-MER-AH-SU, Masha Mar - Cherry Cherry Original Mix
AIKON - Hypnotic
AIKON - Just Wanna Dance
AIKON - This Is Power
ANMA (MD) - Cosmic Rangers Original Mix
ASHRR - What's Been Turning You On - ASHRR SOUNDSYSTEM Instrumental Version
ASHRR - What's Been Turning You On - ASHRR SOUNDSYSTEM Version
Adam Ten - Magic Rider
Adana Twins,Upercent - Falling
Adana Twins,Upercent - Move
Alan Dixon, Speakman, Misty (EG) - Warm (Feeling) [Extended Mix] Original Mix
Alberto Melloni - Stroken Original Mix
Alex Medina - Aural Original Mix
Alexander Robotnick - Moving Light Original Mix
Alexey Union,Povar - Damage
Alexey Union,Povar - Stranger
Alma Negra - Madrugada Original Mix
Alma Negra - Madrugada Yuksek Remix
Alvaro Cabana, Chacal, Diego Veira, Juliana Del Mar - Cerati No Esta Muerto Fausto Remix
Aman Dava - Against The Disco Original Mix
Amount - Fantasy Original Mix
Amount - The Way Original Mix
Amvy - The One Original Mix
Andrew Meller - Rejoice Original Mix
Andromeda Orchestra - Swing On Dub Mix
Andy Bach - I Know You Want Me Original Mix
Ange - Daydream Original Mix
Anomali, Benicci - Taki Taki Original Mix
Ardalan, Nala - Eyes Wide Shut Extended Mix
Argia - Anhelo Original Mix
Art Of Tones, Chatobaron - Ban the disco Patchworks Remix
Atish - 2007
Atish,Nhii - Shola
Audiofunktion,, Policy and Procedure - Octane Original Mix
Austher - Hybrid Humans Original Mix
BOHO - Eigelstein
BOHO - Voyeur
BOHO,Kiko - Eigelstein - Kiko Remix
Baldo - Ride the Night Jennifer Loveless Remix
Baldo,Red Axes - Ride the Night - Red Axes Remix
Benjamin Fröhlich,Fernanda Arrau - I Forgot My Mantra - Fernanda Arrau Remix
Benjamin Fröhlich,NairLess - I Forgot My Mantra - NairLess Remix
Benjamin Fröhlich,Tech Support - I Forgot My Mantra - Tech Support Remix
Black Space - Cold - Extended Mix
Black Space - Red Glaze - Extended Mix
Bonnie Spacey - Energy Original Mix
Bonnie Spacey, VOLUPTAS - Nuit Obscure Malandra Jr. Remix
Bonnie Spacey, VOLUPTAS - Nuit Obscure Original Mix
Bufi, Kubebe - Sternana Balam Remix
Cerrone, The Knocks, Sofi Tukker - One On One Cerrone Extended Mix
Charro Band De Emilio Guerrero - Movin Original Mix
Cuprite, Delara Ja - Dance Original Mix
Curses, Third Culture (USA) - Lost & Found Original Mix
Cyda - Metropolis Original Mix
D Lewis - Taxi D Lewis Remix
DJ Holographic - Aries Original Mix
Darlyn Vlys - Abre Los Ojos
Darlyn Vlys,Haptic - Last Drive
Darlyn Vlys,Panthera - Before The Dawn
Darlyn Vlys,Panthera - Flame
Darlyn Vlys,Panthera,Damon Jee - Flame - Damon Jee Instrumental Remix
Darlyn Vlys,Panthera,Damon Jee - Flame - Damon Jee Remix
Dasha IvLife - Dark Anatomy Original Mix
Deer Jade - Cosmic Dream
Denney - Anni 80 Original Mix
Dionigi - Vibes From Unknow Original Mix
Disco 86 - Feel The Horns Original Mix
Dmoreno, Lebollet - The Van Hust Band Original Mix
Dombrance - Bayrou Original Mix
Dominik Marz - Change Position Original Mix
Don Carlos, Micky More & Andy Tee - The Music Of Your Mind Groove Culture Instrumental
Dor Danino - We Have A Disco
DyE, JOON - Control Freak feat. Joon Original Mix
Ede,Deckert,Oliver Koletzki,Sargland - Immer - Oliver Koletzki Remix
Elektrik Disko, Dr Packer - My Lovin' Extended Mix
Elif (TR), REBRN - Your Body Original Mix
Emerald, Ollie Rant - More Than You Can Imagine Original Mix
Enis Coban - Shape Original Mix
Enjanzea2, La Mexicana - BLUNT Alvee Remix
Error 401 - Voices of the Synthverse
F.A.R - CoCo Original Mix
FRYR - Give Me.... Original Mix
FUTVRST - The Feeling Original Mix
Favio Inker, Bonnie Spacey - Alright Original Mix
Favio Inker, Rodrigo AM - Chaos Ignition Badwolf Remix
Felipe Avelar - Krush Original Mix
Filizola - The Way Original Mix
Forbidden Fruit - Garden of Eden John Noseda Hi NRJ Remix
Franz Matthews - Monsters Of Your Mind
Franz Matthews - Where Does It All Begin?
Franz Matthews,Alex Niggemann - Where Does It All Begin? - Alex Niggemann Remix
George Cynnamon - Dizzy Dasco Original Mix
Giza Djs - Devotion Machine
Giza Djs - Living In A Glitch
Giza Djs - Son Finto La Notte
Gorgin - Don't Be Sad
Gorgin - Paradigma
Gueva - Juicy Original Mix
Gutenn - Girl Back Door Original Mix
HIGHLITE - Jump In Original Mix
HIGHLITE - Upon Reflection
Harleatz - Dreamin Original Mix
Hatiras - Starlight Radio Edit
Henson - No Reason
Henson - Overdrive
Henson - You Got Me Original Mix
Henson - You Got Me
ID ID - Crazy Times
ID ID - Mean Electro
ID ID - Real Time
ID ID - Skip Original Mix
IM KELLAR - Not to Be Compromised Original Mix
Igor Gonya, Shabi - When U Touchin Original Mix
Inigo Vontier - Fire Papi Original Mix
Iñigo Vontier - Fire Papi
Iñigo Vontier - Tumbada
Iñigo Vontier - Ultra Jungle
Jaded, Dombresky - All For You Westend Remix (Extended)
Jakob Mäder, Fairgold - Late Again Sarah Wild Remix
James Harcourt, AFFKT - Forgiven Original Mix
James Harcourt,AFFKT - Forgiven
James Harcourt,AFFKT - Timespan
James Harcourt,AFFKT - Voyager
Jay Greed - Is was once Original Mix
Jepe - Meaningful
Jepe - Re Connection
Jepe,Sasse - Eastern Standard
Jim - Oxygen Flying Mojito Bros - Refrito Mix
blaktone - Right Direction Original Mix
dop - Timelapse Basti Grub Remix
Johannes Klingebiel - Good Times
Johannes Klingebiel - Happily Drowning
Johannes Klingebiel - Landslide
Jorkes - Super Hot Lover Cyrk's Strings Attached Remix
Joseeph, Ademarr - Sonido Ranal Original Mix
Josh Caffe - Free World Original Mix
Joyce Muniz,Renato Cohen - No Haters - Dub Mix
Joyce Muniz,Renato Cohen - No Haters - Extended Version
KARPOVICH, DJVEDO, Bonnie Spacey - Night And CIty Original Mix
Kadosh (IL) - Paradise Lost Simple Symmetry Remix
Kalipo, Local Suicide, Dina Summer - Unter Strom Club Edit
Kalipo, Local Suicide, Dina Summer - Unter Strom Original Mix
Kapote - The Party Extended Version
Karpovich,RSTQ - Maniac
Kasper Bjørke, Toby Ernest - Tears We Haven't Cried feat. Toby Ernest Original Mix
Ken@Work - The Guarantee Original Mix
Ken@Work - We Told You (Sho' Nuff) Original Mix
Las Ketchup - ASEREJE TH3OS Remix
Lennart, Hands Off - Kamera Local Suicide & Skelesys Remix
Leonor - Yo Soy Original Mix
Leonor - Yo Soy
Leonor,Damon Jee,Darlyn Vlys - Yo Soy - Damon Jee & Darlyn Vlys Remix
Leonor,Iba Boo - Cold
Leonor,Peter Invasion,Gregor Habicht - Yo Soy - Peter Invasion & Gregor Habicht Remix
Leslie Lello - Better Together Original Mix
Lovilla, Chapa X, Who Is Kicks - Anestesia Natural Original Mix
Luminog - Moving Original Mix
Lusid, Moontalk - Through The Wall Extended Mix
Luxxury - Strangely Familiar Instrumental
MARMA - Murray Mints Original Mix
Marc DePulse - Enter Stuntman Original Mix
Marc DePulse - Enter Stuntman Original Mix
Marc DePulse - Phenomena Damon Jee Remix
Marc DePulse,Damon Jee - Phenomena - Damon Jee Remix
Marie Davidson - Y.A.A.M. Soulwax Version
Martin Noise - Mucho Manglar Original Mix
Massimiliano Pagliara - Intense Affectionate Paramida Remix
Massimiliano Pagliara,Alex Kassian - Mitate - Alex Kassian's Reprise
Massimiliano Pagliara,Gonno,Nick Höppner - Non Attachment - Gonno & Nick Höppner Telepathic Remix
Massimiliano Pagliara,Paramida - Intense Affectionate - Paramida Remix
Max Essa, Eddie C - We Live In The Hills Original Mix
Max Joni,Maltitz - The Boy Who Lost His Laugh
Max Joni,Maltitz,Lauer - Chaoskinder - Lauer Remix
Mila Journée - Who Am I Lehar Remix
Mila Journée - Who Am I Original Mix
Mirakyan, Vadim Manko - Flame Of Life Original Vibe
Misha Klein - Butterflies Extended Mix
Mita Gami - Doing Da
Moderna - Filter Me Original Mix
Moullinex, Sinego, Lucy Vives - Hueso Original Mix
Mr Morek, Stas Drive - Vortex Original Mix
Mr Morek,Stas Drive - Nano
Mr Morek,Stas Drive - Vortex
Mr Morek,Stas Drive,Alican - Nano - Alican remix
Munk, James Murphy - Kick Out the Chairs Whomadewho Remix
MursiaVar - Concentrate Extended
Musumeci - People Are Still Having Sex Original Mix
Nark - Te Quiero Original Mix
New Jackson - The OK Hole
Niv Ast - I Get Around Shubostar Remix
Nix - Shambala Original Mix
No Hopes - We Like to Party Extended Mix
OSMACK - Loyal Original Mix
Odessa - Private Disco Show Original Mix
Olivia, Three Less One - Anesthetized Feeling Original Mix
Omer Zoltek - Are You On Original
Para Noir - Flashbacks Extended Mix
Pet Shop Boys - Dancing star Solomun extended remix
Petros Odin - Solcandens
Petros Odin - Vain
Pigmaliao - All The Way To Draa Oasis Original
Plastic Robots - Making Some Chaos Eivo Remix Extended
Plastic Robots, Vakabular - Self Control Extended Mix
Plastic Robots, Vakabular - Self Control Extended Mix
Povar, Alexey Union - Stranger Original Mix
Pumuki - Blackstrobe Original Mix
Pumuki - Cerca De Mí Original Mix
RSTQ,Karpovich - Ad Astra
Rafael Cerato, Astrid James - No More Stress (feat. Astrid James) Original Mix
Rafael Cerato, Stoked - Everest DAARI Remix
Raxon - Beskar
Raxon - Your Fault
Rem's Martinez - Stoned Rider Original Mix
Renato Cohen, Joyce Muniz - No Haters Extended Version
Rodion, Mammarella - Un Segnale Di Speranza Fabrizio Mammarella Dub Mix
Roy Ayers, Merry Clayton - What's The T? Delfonic Edit
Ryan Hill - Indigo Original Mix
Sahar - Stereo Love Original Mix
Sam Redmore - Glow Original Mix
Sandhog - Berlin
Saporta, The Hanumans - Charterhouse Original Mix
Shay Shaz - Joy Original Mix
Shkema - Tas Malonumas Original
Skatman - Devil Run Original Mix
Skwirl - Inside Original Mix
Snirco - Partya Original Mix
Surahn - Don't Panic Prins Thomas Remix
Talee,SX2 - How High? - SX2 Remix
Tamiko Jones, Disco Dandies - Let It Flow Extended Mix
The Invisible People, Jkali - Thunder Original Mix
Theus Mago - Cuerpo y Mente
Theus Mago - Nocturne
Theus Mago,Younger Than Me - Cuerpo y Mente - Younger Than Me Remix
Three Less One,Olivia - Anesthetized Feeling
Three Less One,Olivia,Musumeci,Dodi Palese - Anesthetized Feeling - Musumeci & Dodi Palese Remix
Ticopa - Metamorfosis Original Mix
Tom Peters - Fuego Original Mix
Two Soul Fusion - Luvin' Original Mix
Vasconcellos - Acid Dream Original Mix
Vaudafunk - Club Mokambo Original Mix
Vhyce - Elusive Framework Original Mix
Vini Pistori - No Pretend Original Mix
Vladyslav Putistin & Lvcerate - Danza Industriale Original Mix
WAHM (FR) - Rave Love
WAHM (FR) - Rogue Embrace Original Mix
WAHM (FR) - Rogue Embrace
WAHM (FR) - Una Canción
Waltervelt - Special Is My Mind Original Mix
Waltervelt - Special Is My Mind Original Mix
Xandl, Juterus - Talk Extended Mix
Ximena, TH3OS - NASTY GIRL Original Mix
Ximena, TH3OS - NASTY GIRL Original Mix
Y.Y, Atmodiver - Connection Original Mix
Yamagucci,DvirNuns - First Choice
Yet More, Avangart Tabldot - I'll Take That Back Original Mix
Yoram - Inari
Yulia Niko - You Knew Extended Mix
kolmakov - Infinity Original Mix
pizzaaftersex - Flow Original Mix
sir Was - Sometimes You Got To Seb Wildblood Remix

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