When We Dip Organic House Best New Tracks 2023-04-28

DATA: 2023-04-28 TOTAL: 183 GENRE: Organic House / Downtempo

The Organic House Best New Tracks playlist curated by When We Dip is a must-listen for any fan of electronic music. This carefully crafted selection of tracks features some of the most exciting and innovative producers in the organic house genre. Each track is a masterpiece in its own right, showcasing the unique sounds and styles of its creator. Whether you're looking for the pulsing rhythms of "Rise Up" by Sifa & Ivory or the dreamy, atmospheric sounds of "Aquamarine" by DSF, this playlist has something for everyone. So kick back, relax, and let the infectious beats and soulful melodies of Organic House Best New Tracks take you on a musical journey like no other.




Ali Kashani - In Your Imagination (Namito Remix)

Anatolian Sessions, Danny Shamoun, Qualista, Satori, El Mundo - Amida (Satori & El Mundo Remix)

Anton Ishutin - Love Theme

Anton Ishutin - Poesie

Anton Ishutin - Trip to South (Extended Mix)

Atish,Vridian,Map.ache - Touch & Go - Map.ache Remix

Aurel den Bossa, Ias Ferndale - Agua Blancas (Molac Remix)

Basaar - For A Memory

Basaar,Beije - For A Memory - Beije Remix

Basaar,Ilias Katelanos,Plecta - For A Memory - Ilias Katelanos, Plecta Remix

Bastian Garcia - Caliban - Extended Mix

Beije - While We're Here (Extended Mix)

Berni Turletti,V4LOR - Inside The Heart - Extended

BluePaper - Ethos - Extended Mix

Bodai - Bright (Taleman Remix)

Bodaishin,Lupe Republic,NiN - Oceans

BonÏpso - Human Eyesight (C.Vogt Remix)

Bona Fide,Luka Sambe - Endless Gaiety

Bona Fide,Luka Sambe - Innuendo

Bona Fide,Luka Sambe - Ironic

Bona Fide,Luka Sambe - Spectrum

CANCCI - Lisergia (Extended Mix)

Cielo (US) - Nectarine

Corrado Bucci - Ma'anshan (Madraas Remix)

DJEFF - Cloud 7

DSF - Impression

DSF - Zoo (Original Mix)

David Orin - Turquoise

David Podhel - Decryption (Leichsen Remix)

Death on the Balcony - Force Of Habit

Death on the Balcony - One Big Circle

Den Macklin - Satpura - Extended Mix

Domingo +, Loveclub, Maxxim - Mystique (Extended Mix)

Double Touch - Clair De Lune

Double Touch - Earth Guardians (Original Mix)

Double Touch - Serenity

Double Touch,Flowers on Monday - Lasting - Atmos Mix

Double Touch,Flowers on Monday - Lasting

Double Touch,Reigan - So Free

Double Touch,Reigan - Storm

Eduardo McGregor - The Hunter

Eduardo McGregor,Sinca - The Parallel

Ercos Blanka - Amaltea

Ercos Blanka - Aristeo

Ercos Blanka - Boston Tea Party

Ercos Blanka - Fragile

Ercos Blanka - Téchne

Ercos Blanka - Tiresia

Ercos Blanka - To Lonely People

Erdi Irmak - Afloat

Erdi Irmak - Easy Now

Erdi Irmak - Mirage

Erdi Irmak,Amega,Laure,Oiseau de nuit - I Can Find - Oiseau de nuit & Laure Remix

Evelynka, Jean Vayat - My Soul (Extended Mix)

Evren Furtuna - Back To My Roots

Felix Laband, Frivolous - We Know Major Tom's A Junkie (Frivolous Remix)

Florian Gasperini - Les Voies des Fleuves Indiens (Greg Ochman Extended Remix)

Flowers on Monday - Dream On

Gadi Mitrani - Robot With a Heart

Golan Zocher - Laila (Balad Remix)

Gorje Hewek,Joseph Ashworth - Noa

Gorje Hewek,Volen Sentir - Otoko - Extended Mix

Greg Ochman - Caramel

Greg Ochman - Fullfilment - Extended Mix

Greg Ochman,Alberto Hernandez (MX) - Fullfilment - Alberto Hernandez (MX) Remix

Hicky & Kalo - Arch of Light

Hicky & Kalo - Luminous Path

Hicky & Kalo - Outage

Hicky & Kalo - Time We Spent Together

Hosini - Red Silver

Hosini - Soul Spinner

Husa & Zeyada - Hit the Ground (Madmotormiquel Remix)

Husa & Zeyada - Make It Hot (Mustafa Ismaeel Remix)

Ilias Katelanos,Plecta - Sirenes

Jiminy Hop - Didiza

Jiminy Hop - Parake

Juan Yarin - Lina

Juan Yarin - Lovefool

Juan Yarin - Paradiso

Juan Yarin,Guy Gerber - Lovefool - Guy Gerber Remix

Juliane Wolf - Halo

Juliane Wolf - Kira

Juliane Wolf - Love Conquers All

K Loveski,Teleport-X - Eranta

K Loveski,Teleport-X - Stardiver

KAZKO - Sun Dance (Original Mix)

Kamilo Sanclemente - Eclipse (Original Mix)

Kita - Through the Trees (Sanoi & Zuke Remix)

Krasa Rosa - Gorushko - Extended Mix

Krasa Rosa - Uletai - Extended Mix

Krasa Rosa - Vzor - Extended Mix

Lost Desert,Lee Burridge - Somebody up There Likes You

M.O.S.,Serious Dancers,Alexandra Savvidi - Meera - Extended Dub Mix

M.O.S.,Serious Dancers,Alexandra Savvidi - Meera - Extended Mix

Madota - Del

Madota - Roobah

Madraas - Vida (Juan Deminicis Remix)

Maezbi - Wonderland

Margee,Appolonie - Something Beautiful - Dub

Margee,Appolonie - Something Beautiful

Maty Owl - Astral Friend

Maty Owl - VS

Maty Owl - White Room

Maxxim - Cicada - Extended Mix

Michael Simon, DJ Kid - Angeli (Extended Mix)

Missfeat,Jun - Don't Fool Yourself - Extended Mix

Mitch Oliver - Nothing was left

Mitch Oliver,Carl Sylvestre - When You Run - Instrumental Mix

Mitch Oliver,Fulltone,MYRE - Alpine - Fulltone Remix

Mitch Oliver,Nic Falardeau,Madraas - Mylus - Madraas Remix

Moo Ve - Always With You

Motip White,Dexter Crowe - Tiny House - Dexter Crowe Remix

Motip White,Super Flu - Long Shadow - Super Flu Extended Remix

Nareg - Rise And Expand

Nhar - Egide

Nhar - Waterfall Echo

Nhar,DSF - Egide - DSF Remix

Nhar,Dole & Kom - Egide - Dole & Kom Remix

Nhar,Ercos Blanka - Petrichor

Nicolas Viana - Everything

Nicolas Viana - Hopes

Nicolas Viana - Serenata

Noraj Cue - Ode to Life Formation

Noraj Cue,Anton Tumas - Ode to Life Formation - Anton Tumas ReFormation

Noraj Cue,Anton Tumas - Ode to Life Formation - Anton Tumas Reprise

Norma (GR), M.Damigos - Exosphere (Ivan Sandhas Remix)

Omar Dahl - K'ami (Luca Musto Remix)

PROFF - Nibbana (Volen Sentir's Pink Sky Extended Retouch)

Paul (AR) - Breathing

Paul Losev - Broken Pieces Of You

Paul Thomas,Erdi Irmak - Helios - Erdi Irmak Remix

Peter Makto - Volatile Emotions (Original Mix)

Planet Funk, Makebo - Chase The Sun (Makebo Remix - Extended Mix)

Return To Saturn - The Other Side of the Road - Extended Mix

Roy Rosenfeld - Kala

Safety Mode - Broken Heart

Sahalé - Avapaje

Sahalé - Contes de pluie et de Lune

Sahalé - Djiin

Sahalé - Esfahran

Sahalé - Le Petit Prince

Sahalé - Magharibi

Sahalé - Middle Eastern Promises

Sahalé - Tortous Maze

Sahalé - Who we are

Sahalé,Samarana - Ntaolo

Savvas - Point in Time

Serious Dancers - Allegra - Extended Mix

Serious Dancers - Quaint & Curious

Serious Dancers - Rajiya (Original Mix)

Serious Dancers - Sabase Pahale (Ilias Katelanos & Plecta Remix)

Serious Dancers - Sabase Pahale (Original Mix)

Serious Dancers - Serenity - Extended Mix

Serious Dancers,Cielo (US) - Rajiya - Cielo (US) Remix

Sébastien Léger - Ariana

Sébastien Léger - Quand Je Serai Seul

Soul Of Zoo, Guy Laliberté, Dominique Fils-Aimé, Snow Owl - Into Your Tribe (Bedouin Remix)

Soul Of Zoo,Guy Laliberté - Into Your Tribe - Club Mix

Soul Of Zoo,Guy Laliberté - Into Your Tribe - Remaster 2023

Soul Of Zoo,Guy Laliberté,Bedouin - Into Your Tribe - Bedouin Remix

Soul Of Zoo,Guy Laliberté,Dominique Fils-Aimé,Snow Owl - Into Your Tribe - Alternative Mix

Soul Of Zoo,Guy Laliberté,Hicky & Kalo - Into Your Tribe - Hicky & Kalo Remix

Soul Of Zoo,Guy Laliberté,Just Emma - Into Your Tribe - Just Emma Sunset Remix

Soul Of Zoo,Guy Laliberté,Nhii - Into Your Tribe - Nhii Remix

Soul Of Zoo,Guy Laliberté,Tebra - Into Your Tribe - Tebra Remix

Stavroz, Matthew Herbert - Paradise Carnival (Herbert's Friday Dub)

Still-Life - I'm The Night Colour Me Black

Surmillo, Arsen Ibragimov, Niana - Soul of Stars (Anton Ishutin Remix)

The Cobb,Safety Mode - Lina

The Cobb,Safety Mode - Own Will Be

Tyler Mesa - Inner Gift

Vandelor - Happy Man

Ventt, Keparys - Eyes of Tomorrow (Original Mix)

Ventt, Keparys - Velaris (Original Mix)

Vite - Love Me Too

Vite - Soul Strings

Vite,Hole Box - Shanti

Wassu - Dusk

Wassu - Forestry

Wassu - Lissu (Extended Mix)

Wassu,Ventt - Solstice

Wākhan - Malaka (AmuAmu Remix)

Whirl,Monarke - Footprints

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