When We Dip Progressive House Best New Extended Tracks April 2024

DATA: 2024-04-14, TOTAL: 204 GENRE: Progressive House

April’s freshest progressive house tracks are here to elevate your listening experience. Dive into a curated selection of extended mixes that promise to deliver the pulsating rhythms and deep, melodic grooves synonymous with the genre. These handpicked tunes are perfect for aficionados seeking to immerse themselves in the sonic depth and innovation that progressive house offers.


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A.M.O.H - Dreamin' (Domingo + Loveclub Remix)
A.M.O.H - Dreamin' (Original Mix)
AKSOM - Nebula PIMI Remix
Above & Beyond, OceanLab - Sirens Of The Sea (Marsh Extended Mix)
Adrià Falcó - Hope Original Mix
Aerofeel5 & Vakabular - Under Your Skin (Extended Mix)
Agustin Pengov - Casino
Agustin Pengov - Changes
Agustin Pengov - Plastic Heart
Airbas - Following You Original Mix
Alexic Rod - What Are You Doing Original Mix
Antonio Gaudini - She Loves Original Mix
Around Us - Invisible Time
Around Us,Eichenbaum - Invisible Time - Eichenbaum Remix
Around Us,Freedo Mosho - Invisible Time - Freedo Mosho Remix
Around Us,The Wash - Invisible Time - The Wash Remix
Atish - 2007
Atish,Nhii - Shola
Atish,Polo (AR) - Ultramar
Audiense - Switch Robot
Beckers - Fake - 2024 Mix
Beckers,D-Nox - Astral
Bondarev - Meteora (Cosmonaut Remix)
Bondarev, Ewan Rill, K Loveski - Proxymates (Original Mix)
Boris Brejcha - Take It Smart (Original Mix)
Boris Brejcha, Laura Korinth - Gravity feat. Laura Korinth (Original Mix)
Brian Kuhn - Outrun Original Mix
Bruno Andrada - Hexagon Sun - Extended Mix
Bruno Andrada - Hexagon Sun Extended Mix
Bruno Andrada - Modern Aparat - Extended Mix
Chaum, Hobin Rude - Cressida (Tonaco Remix)
Chär Spinelli - Seven Original Mix
Clem Beatz, Superdream - Heavy Heart Original Mix
Covsky - Zero Sum Game (Original Mix)
Cretan - Soultan Extended Mix
D-Nox,Aaron Suiss - Dragon Fly
D-Nox,Aaron Suiss - Firefly
DJane Thunderpussy - Catch (Lout Remix)
Darren Tate - Adrift (Extended Mix)
Diego Acosta (UY) - Before Regrets
Diego Acosta (UY),Ewan Rill - Before Regrets - Ewan Rill Remix
Diego Acosta (UY),Menkee - Before Regrets - Menkee Remix
Diego Berrondo - Living the Present Extended Mix
Different Stage, Run Rivers - The Sky (Extended Mix)
Dmitry Molosh - Insomnia (Original Mix)
Dmitry Molosh - Station
Dmitry Molosh,Dimuth K - Station - Dimuth K Remix
Dmitry Molosh,Magitman - Station - Magitman Remix
Durante - Ancora (Extended Mix)
Durante - Portal Six (Extended Mix)
Durante - Reaching (Extended Mix)
EANP - Drome
EANP - Primal
EANP,Tinga - Parallel Rabbit
Eelke Kleijn - Regenerator (Extended Mix)
Eichenbaum, Andrés Moris - Profound Disruption (Original Mix)
Elliot Moriarty - Don't Let This End
Elliot Moriarty - Instant Times
Elliot Moriarty - The Shores of Cala Codolar
Elliot Moriarty,Jiminy Hop - The Shores of Cala Codolar - Jiminy Hop Remix
Elliot Moriarty,Soul Of Zoo - Don't Let This End - Soul Of Zoo Remix
Enamour - Merge with Dust (Original Mix)
Eran Hersh, Kasango - Ascension (Original Mix)
Eric Prydz, Empire Of The Sun - We Are Mirage (Original Mix)
Fedo, Alexander Popov, Going Deeper - Lost In Space Going Deeper Extended Remix
Forty Cats - Nocturne (Kyotto Remix)
Forty Cats - Nocturne (Original Mix)
Fran Baigo - Othala (Peter Makto 5AM Mix)
Francesco Pico - State Of The Wave (K Loveski Remix)
Freuds - Beverly Original Mix
Fuenka, Das Pharaoh - Theed (Kostya Outta Remix)
G 'N' P Tauro - System Original Mix
GMJ - Silver Sky (Original Mix)
Gadi Mitrani - Reality - Album Mix
Gadi Mitrani,Hernan Cattaneo,Soundexile - Reality - Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix
Gorge - Intensity (Original Mix)
Guy J - Metal Dreams (Original Mix)
Hassan Maroofi, David Charpentier - Sepia (Original Mix)
Hicky & Kalo - Gateway
Hicky & Kalo - Views From Almagro
Hicky & Kalo,Karmon - Time We Spent Together - Karmon Remix
Hicky & Kalo,Makebo - Luminous Path - Makebo Remix
Hideo Kobayashi, Alistair - Espiritualidade (Weird Sounding Dude & FM Dub)
Hobin Rude - Half Past Three Original Mix
Hobin Rude, NuFects - Obliviate (foglight Remix)
Hools - Expectation Of Dawn (Cary Crank Remix)
Hyunji-A - Softly (Club Mix)
Ian O'Donovan - Frontier (Original Mix)
Ismail.M, Redspace - Error 404 (Original Mix)
Ismail.M, Redspace - One More Day (Original Mix)
Ivan Novikov - Neon Original Mix
JFR - Morning Feelings Original Mix
Jamie Stevens, Ivan Aliaga - Firefox (Original Mix)
Jaytech - Makes You Wonder (Extended Mix)
John Creamer, Stephane K - Forget The World (Anhauser Remix)
Joris Voorn & Nathan Nicholson - You & I (Original Mix)
Juan Pablo Torrez,Golan Zocher - Cosmic Resonance - Extended Mix
about : river,Darper - Never Forget - Darper Remix
about : river,Gaspar Aguilera,Manu Pavez - Seven Cats - Gaspar Aguilera & Manu Pavez Remix
about : river,Kebin van Reeken - Two Birds - Kebin Van Reeken Remix
about : river,Pedro Sanmartin - 24 Years Apart - Pedro Sanmartin Remix
deeinagi - I Can See Original Mix
Juan Pablo Torrez,Golan Zocher,Mike Griego - Cosmic Resonance - Mike Griego Extended Mix
Juan Sapia, Eric Lune - Deliverance (Original Mix)
Kabi (AR),Agustin Ficarra - Brave
Kabi (AR),Agustin Ficarra - The Return
Kalima - Dharma (Original Mix)
Kamilo Sanclemente - Astra
Kamilo Sanclemente,Kabi (AR),Agustin Ficarra - Astrofunk
Kaskade, deadmau5 - I Remember ((John Summit Remix) (Extended Mix))
Kasper Koman - Biome
Kasper Koman - Sinking Sky
Kiasmos - Told (Original Mix)
LEGATO - Clockworks
Latex Zebra, Mista Twist - Perihelion Joey SLVR Remix
Laura Van Dam - This Feeling (Extended Mix)
Luke Chable, Ivan Gough - Orange Theme (Jamie Stevens Remix)
Luke Chable,Danny Bonnici - Colours - 2010 Version
Luke Chable,Danny Bonnici - Colours - Danny Bonnici Breaks Remix
Luke Chable,Danny Bonnici,Alex O'Rion - Colours - Alex O'Rion Remix
Manann - Growing Flowers Original Mix
Marc Lenz - People Are People (Original Mix)
Marsh - All Night Long (Icarus Extended Mix)
Mayro - Chimi (Original Mix)
Maze 28 - Aer8
Maze 28, TEELCO - Sense (Original Mix)
Maze 28,Alan Cerra - Aer8 - Alan Cerra Remix
Maze 28,Juan Pablo Torrez - Aer8 - Juan Pablo Torrez Remix
Maze 28,Michael A - Aer8 - Michael A Remix
Maze 28,TEELCO - Kintsugi
Maze 28,TEELCO - Seekers
Maze 28,TEELCO - Sense
Meeting Molly,Maze 28 - Hidden Path
Meeting Molly,Maze 28 - Oceans in Between
Meeting Molly,Maze 28,EMPHI - Oceans in Between - EMPHI Remix
Meeting Molly,Maze 28,Futura City - Oceans in Between - Maze 28 Pres. Futura City Rework
Meeting Molly,Maze 28,GMJ,Matter - Oceans in Between - GMJ & Matter Remix
Michael A - Impact
Mike Isai - Exit (Original Mix)
Milos Loren, Charel Zeitoune - Feel It Original Mix
Movement Machina - Modula Extended Mix
Nichols (UK) - Battlestar
Nichols (UK) - Memento
Nichols (UK),Alfonso Muchacho - Memento - Alfonso Muchacho Remix
Nichols (UK),DJ Ruby - Memento - DJ Ruby Remix
Nopi - Galactic (Original Mix)
Nopi - Stranger (Extended Mix)
Oliver & Tom, Lupe Republic - Artic (Original Mix)
Oliver & Tom, Lupe Republic - React (Original Mix)
Palau (OFC), Wolf Street (OFC) - One Step Closer Original Mix
Paul Angelo,Don Argento,Andy King - Fountain of Youth - Andy King Remix
Paul Angelo,Don Argento,Subandrio - Fountain of Youth - Subandrio Remix
Paul Hamilton, Kandar - Quantum Original Mix
Paul Hazendonk, KAMADEV - Can Be Ceci Extended Remix
Paul Thomas - Emotional Landscapes (Ezequiel Arias Extended Mix)
Phikey - Rodivia Extended Mix
Phonic Youth, Wassu, Axenity - Solace Extended Mix
Poli-Poli - Parallel Altitudes Original Mix
Polo (AR) - Nostalgia Del Presente
Pryda - Allein (Original Mix)
Quivver & Dave Seaman - Mushroom Embargo (Original Mix)
Quivver & Dave Seaman - The Water's Edge (Original Mix)
Rem Siman - Monolith (Frankie Vertigo Extended Remix)
Robert Babicz - Remember the Past (Original Mix)
Romain Garcia - Sevilla (Extended Mix)
Run Rivers, Different Stage - The Sky Extended Mix
Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Moonphazes, RYCH DSYGNR - Skip (Moonphazes & RYCH DSYGNR Remix)
Sergey Muzarks - Aurora Original Mix
Serious Dancers - In The Beginning (Hernan Cattaneo & Simply City Remix)
Simon Doty - Lady Danger (Extended Mix)
Something Good, Yotto - Rhythm (Of The Night) (Extended Mix)
Spencer Brown - Fellas (Original Mix)
Spencer Brown - Ladies Love LFOs
Srionfleek - Velmers Original Mix
Stan Kolev - Connected
Steve Self, LeDeep - In League With The Devil Original Mix
Subandrio - Nights in Twilo (Original Mix)
Subandrio - St. Kilda (Original Mix)
Subandrio - Winding Pathway (Original Mix)
TEELCO, Maze 28 - Sense Original Mix
Tantum - Contact High
Tantum - Scatter
Tantum - This is Real
The Wash - Voyage (Evegrem & Leandro Murua Remix)
The Wash - Voyage (Forty Cats Remix)
The Wash - Voyage
The Wash,Evegrem,Leandro Murua - Voyage - Evegrem & Leandro Murua Remix
The Wash,Forty Cats - Voyage - Forty Cats Remix
The Wash,Michael Ritter - Voyage - Michael Ritter Remix
Tiefstone,Ric Niels - Abby - Original Mix
Tiefstone,Ric Niels - Ethereal - Original Mix
Tomas Briski - Cyan Book (Original Mix)
Tomas Briski - Hyacinth (Original Mix)
Tonelab,Bastian Garcia - Lipstick Gully - Bastian Garcia Remix
UnbrokenOne - Miragem (Peak Mix)
UnbrokenOne - Waxx (Original Mix)
Vakabular - Special Vibe (Extended Mix)
Viki Lee - We'll Meet in the Sky Michael A Remix
Volaris - Close To You (3am In Tulum Extended Mix)
Volaris - Close To You (Extended Mix)
Wassu, Axenity, Phonic Youth - Solace (Extended Mix)
Wassu, Phonic Youth - Clarity (Extended Mix)
Xiasou, Noise Generation - Arethnia Original Mix

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