When We Dip Techno Best New Extended Tracks April 2024

DATA: 2024-04-15, TOTAL: 119 GENRE: Techno

April brings a fresh wave of techno rhythms with the latest extended playlist that’s electrifying the electronic music scene. Dive into a curated selection of tracks that blend pulsating beats with innovative soundscapes, designed to transport listeners to the heart of the underground. Experience the raw power and intricate layers that define today’s techno renaissance, as each track offers a unique auditory adventure, perfect for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers eager to explore the genre’s depths.


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ANNĒ - Fieldstone
ANNĒ - Moon Lander
ARMYSTRIAL - Night Long Original Mix
Aio - Dilemma
Aio,André Winter - Dilemma - André Winter Remix
Alberto Ruiz - Reverse Room Original Mix
Alex Stein - Delusion Original Mix
Amrit (IN) - Non-Newtonian Fluid Astro Pleasure Remix
Anna Reusch - Nasty Original Mix
Atmosline - Bulgarian Trip Original Mix
Aöcram,Ramsey Neville - Brooklyn Structure
Balthazar & JackRock - Ethereal Drive
Balthazar & JackRock - Space Crush
Boris Brejcha - Terminal Zero Original Mix
Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold - Concentrate Extended Mix
Charlotte de Witte - Roar
Clap Codex, D72 - Take Control Extended Mix
Cosmic Boys - In My Mind Original Mix
Daniel Rifaterra - Ansbach
Daniel Rifaterra - Nevers
Daniel Rifaterra - Worms
Dial, Dossman - Dystopian Decay Original Mix
Don Paolo - Serenissima Original Mix
Droplex - Faith Original Mix
Drumcomplex - Who Like Chords Original Mix
E110101 - Ancient Echoes
E110101 - Funky Ascension
E110101 - Tundra
E110101 - Voyage
Eddie Krystal - Onyx Original Mix
End Train,UNS+ - ODE
Essentia - Floor Control
Filterheadz - Enigma
Filterheadz - Euphoria
Filterheadz - Seatle
Fixeer - Sentinel
GIULIA (IT) - Colors In Your Eyes
GIULIA (IT) - You Are Never Alone
Giacomo Stallone - Funkaholic
Giacomo Stallone - Quixotic
Giacomo Stallone - The Finals
Goncalo M - Elm Street Original Mix
Greg Notill, Tony Romanello - Timeless Original Mix
Greg Notill,Tony Romanello - Collateral Damage
Greg Notill,Tony Romanello - Ingoma
Greg Notill,Tony Romanello - Patterns
Greg Notill,Tony Romanello - Timeless
Helen Kogay - Solar Sync Original Mix
Hertz - Context - Dem Drums
Hertz - Context
Hertz - Dub Me Dem Beats
Hertz - Scatter
Hiago Pauli - Astenia
Hiago Pauli - Estética
Hiago Pauli,Recoil [ZA] - Estética - Recoil [ZA] Remix
Hiago Pauli,Secret Cinema - Astenia - Secret Cinema Remix
Insolate - Crude
Insolate - Insanity
Insolate - Pink Lemonade
Insolate - We Were in Love
Insolate - Woke Up High (On Love)
Jay Lumen - Fans
Jay Lumen - The Lights
Julieta Kopp - No Place To Go
Karim Alkhayat, Patrick Scuro, Anela - How to Create Original Mix
Karla Blum - In My Dreams Original Mix
Kos:mo - Ananda - Original Mix
Kos:mo - Switch - Original Mix
Kos:mo,Alchemiah - Rising Hope - Original Mix
Lampe - The Journey Original Mix
Luca Marchese - Devil's Dance
Luca Marchese - Limitless
Luis M - Metamorphosis Original Mix
Marc Romboy,C.A.R.,Dense & Pika - I Am a Dancer - Dense & Pika Remix
Marc Romboy,C.A.R.,Skatman - I Am a Dancer - Skatman Remix
Mario Ochoa - Paradox Original Mix
Mladen Tomic - Activation
Mladen Tomic - Beach Things
Mladen Tomic - Dancing Runner
NÚRIA (DE) - Revive Original Mix
Noir - Erratic
Noir - Hedonism
Pan-Pot,Dast (Italy) - EVOLUTION - Dast (Italy) Remix
Pan-Pot,Giorgia Angiuli - UTOPIA - Giorgia Angiuli Remix
Pan-Pot,LUMI - BOND - Lumi Remix
Paul Roux - Burning
Paul Roux - Maybe It's Love
Paul Roux - What Will Remain When We're Gone
Paul Roux - You Know You Want It
Pause (FR) - Blind light
Pause (FR) - Coureur d'étoiles
Pause (FR) - Infinite road
Pause (FR) - Orage magnétique
Pet Shop Boys - Party in the Blitz Superchumbo remix
Piero Dp - Lost Original Mix
Popof,Mauro Somm - Astral
Popof,Mauro Somm - Connected To Yourself
Popof,Mauro Somm,Julian Jeweil - Welcome To The Future - Julian Jeweil Remix
Return Fall - Rave Machine Original Mix
Reza Golroo, Giancarlo Di Chiara - Poison Dominus Remix
Shay De Castro - Rose-Tinted Extended Mix
Simina Grigoriu - Iron Angel Original Mix
Simon Stiglmeier - Awakening
Simon Stiglmeier - Function
Simon Stiglmeier - Move
Skjöld - Stearic Acid
Slam - Exhibit 3
Sonickraft - Another Realm Original Mix
The YellowHeads,Novem Vivit - Destructor de Mundos
Thomas Labermair, RN7 - Enter the Matrix Original Mix
UMEK - Electricity Running Thru My Veins
Varsente - Your Name Original Mix
Veerus - Layer Original Mix
YVC - Piece of Mind Original Mix
Yotam Avni - D Chord 1
Yotam Avni - D Chord 2
Yotam Avni - High Tech Soul
Yrsen - Sonic Encounters
Yukede - Me Encanta Bailar Original Mix

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