DATA: 2023-06-02 TOTAL: 100 GENRE: Bass House

The Beatport Bass House Top 100 of 2023 delivers a high-octane collection of tracks that embody the essence of bass house music. This chart reflects the genre's ability to blend elements of house and bass music seamlessly, resulting in a dynamic and captivating sound. From festival anthems to underground bangers, the chart encompasses a wide range of styles and tempos, showcasing the versatility of bass house. Featuring artists like Joyryde, Jauz, and Ephwurd, the chart represents both established acts and rising stars, highlighting the genre's ever-evolving nature. Whether you're hitting the dance floor or looking for music to pump up your workout, the Beatport Bass House Top 100 has you covered with its relentless energy and infectious rhythms. ... Read more »

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