DATA: 2023-10-13 TOTAL: 319 GENRE: Deep House. Minimal / Deep Tech

"Immerse yourself in the world of profound and emotive music with 'junoBeat DEEP 2023-10-14.' This playlist is a sanctuary of sound, meticulously curated to lead you into a realm of introspection and heartfelt resonance. Among the latest tracks gracing this playlist are 'Echoes of Serenity' by Ethereal Echoes, 'Deep Blue Horizons' by Submerged Souls, and 'Silent Whispers' by Ambient Allure. 'Echoes of Serenity' weaves a spell of tranquility with its graceful melodies, 'Deep Blue Horizons' embarks on an exploration of vast sonic horizons, and 'Silent Whispers' captures the essence of contemplative ambiance. 'junoBeat DEEP' is your portal to meaningful musical journeys." ... Read more »

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