DATA: 2023-12-31 TOTAL: 570 GENRE: LOFI

Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of LOFI with junoBeat LOFI 2023-12-31. This handpicked selection presents a melodic journey, featuring the tranquil "Rainy Day Vibes" by LOFI Maestro, the gentle rhythms of "Chillwave Serenity" by LOFI Harmony Specialist, and the mellow vibes of "Acoustic Bliss" by LOFI Voyager. As part of the LOFI playlist, these tracks encapsulate the genre's ability to create a serene atmosphere and provide listeners with a moment of tranquility. ... Read more »

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DATA: 2023-12-30 TOTAL: 181 GENRE: Progressive House

Immerse yourself in the dynamic sounds of Progressive House with the Music Worx Progressive House Big Pack for December 30, 2023. This carefully curated selection introduces the latest and most innovative tracks in the genre, featuring the rhythmic "Horizon Shift" by Progressive Maestro, the uplifting energy of "Epic Odyssey" by Progressive Harmony Specialist, and the atmospheric journey of "Cosmic Ascension" by Progressive Voyager. These tracks, part of the Progressive House Big Pack, embody the genre's ability to blend pulsating beats with emotive melodies. ... Read more »

Views: 194 | Added by: TDM | Date: 31-12-2023

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