DATA: 2024-05-17, TOTAL: 124 GENRE: Dubstep

May 2024 has been an electrifying month for dubstep enthusiasts, with a fresh compilation of tracks that have set the electronic music community abuzz. The latest collection features a blend of established icons and rising stars, delivering ground-shaking basslines and innovative soundscapes. From the gritty rhythms of underground dubstep to the melodic harmonies that bridge genres, this playlist is a testament to the genre’s evolution and enduring appeal. With exclusive releases and chart-topping hits, it’s a treasure trove for anyone looking to update their playlist with the latest dubstep anthems. ... Read more »

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DATA: 2024-05-17, TOTAL: 221 GENRE: Deep House

May 2024 brings an electrifying selection of deep house tracks that are setting the electronic music scene ablaze. From the soulful grooves of Jesse Bru’s ‘Mhm’ to the rhythmic beats of Katermurr’s ‘Every Kind of Pleasure’, this collection showcases the genre’s versatility and depth. With artists like Vanini and Oscar Barila offering fresh remixes and original mixes, the playlist pulses with innovative sounds and hypnotic basslines. Tracks like ‘I Lost Myself’ by Martinii and ‘All In One’ by Bernardo Mota exemplify the blend of emotive melodies and driving rhythms that define the deep house experience. ... Read more »

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