Beatport Dj Charts 2023-12-08

DATA: 2023-12-07 TOTAL: 558 GENRE: Drum & Bass, Hard Techno, Trance (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic), Indie Dance, House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving), Breaks / Breakbeat / UK Bass, Tech House, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Afro House, Techno (Raw / Deep / Hypnotic)

Explore the vibrant beats and eclectic rhythms of the Beatport DJ Charts for December 8, 2023, as it unveils a sonic journey curated by the legendary Danny Tenaglia. The playlist captures the essence of the electronic music landscape, featuring a trio of standout tracks from the latest edition. These carefully selected tunes showcase the diversity of sound, with the last three additions creating a harmonious blend of beats, melodies, and textures. Immerse yourself in the musical universe of Danny Tenaglia, where each track tells a unique story within the vast spectrum of electronic beats.


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Angel Heredia - Only Lu$urY (Original Mix)

Angel Heredia - Torbellino (Original Mix)

DEL-30 - Lost Tribe (Extended Mix)

DJ Drew - Everybody Salsa (Andruss Extended Remix)

Gruuve - Sher Der Der (Original Mix)

Mendo, Angel Heredia - Analiza (Original Mix)

Mendo, Angel Heredia - Paratu (Original Mix)

Mendo, Angel Heredia - Venecia (Original Mix)

Nacho Scoppa - Werni (Extended Mix)

Nic Fanciulli, Calussa - Vente (Extended Mix)

Ozzie Guven - Bassline Pumping (Original Mix)

Paul C - Red Green Yellow (Original Mix)

Ramon Bedoya - My Dance (Original Mix)

THEOS, Vons - Pushin' (Louden Remix)

Tim Baresko, Lukky - So Good (Original Mix)

Wheats - TERRACE GAMES (Original Mix)

Alton Miller, Sky Covington - More Positive Things (Instrumental)

Bekkou - Hi Lite (Jan Driver Remix)

DJ Georgio, Manjaro - Funky Valentine (Original Mix)

Dart - Only The Strong (X-Coast Da Vibe Mix)

Honey Dijon, Louie Vega - Feel So Right (feat. Honey Dijon) (DJ Deep Remix)

I Do Believe - I Do Believe (Francina's Bass Mix)

KLP, Ranger Trucco - take notes. (Club Mix)

Louden - Dimension (Club Mix)

N-Gynn - Zero Fucks Given (Original Mix)

Ozzie Guven - Bassline Pumping (Original Mix)

Ozzie Guven - Lost The Plot (Original Mix)

Ozzie Guven - My Jam (Original Mix)

Ralphi Rosario, Energy Factor - Sex With Him (Sex For The 1st Time Mix)

SF Express - My Love Is Stronger (Original Mix)

SYREETA - Paradise (Original Mix)

Sidney Charles - Keep Rocking (Original Mix)

Spincycle - Making Faces (Original Mix)

Tre Reynolds - Old School Vibe (Club Mix)

Vince Void - The Vision (Original Mix)

AFFKT - Babel (Redhead Remix)

Alican - Never Enough (Original Mix)

Beth Lydi - This Is Love (Original Mix)

Boy Oh Boy, - Welcome "Home" (Several Definitions Remix)

EdOne - Don't You Know (Original Mix)

Egotape - All By My Own (Original Mix)

Fabian Krooss, Yannek Maunz - Just Wanted to Fly (Original Mix)

Giza Djs - The Snake Charmer (Original Mix)

HOVR - Homesick (Niconé & David Hasert Remix)

James Harcourt - Awakening (Original Mix)

Juliane Wolf - Nura (Sonic Union Remix)

Karol XVII & MB Valence - Echoes & the Beauty (Andre Lodemann Remix)

Klunsh - Black Horse (Extended Mix)

Murat Uncuoglu, igor Bartyuk - Laurel (Original Mix)

Oliver Koletzki - Space Papi (Original Mix)

Oliver Koletzki, Hidden Empire - Elevation (Original Mix)

Rauschhaus, Robin Schellenberg - Space for the World (Original Mix)

Rodriguez Jr. - Synthwave (Imaad Lagardien Remix)

Smash TV, Bebetta - Hold On (Original Mix)

Upercent - Revolta (Original Mix)

Alaia & Gallo - Back Again (Extended Mix)

CASSIMM - Feel So Good (Extended Mix)

CASSIMM - Freak (Original Mix)


CASSIMM - Steel Line (Extended Mix)

Daniel Steinberg - Our House (Original Mix)

Dutchican Soul, Greg Van Bueren - Reckless Girl (Extended Mix)

ESSEL - The Edge (Extended Mix)

Flashmob - My Body (Extended Mix)

Gabry Venus - Peace (CASSIMM Extended Remix)

Harry Romero, Shyam P - Mind Games (Original Mix)

Hotswing - Feel It (Extended Mix)

Mark Knight, Green Velvet, James Hurr - The Greatest Thing Alive (Extended Mix)

Martin Ikin, Noizu - Burnin' (Original Mix)

Radio Slave, Audion - Mouth to Mouth (Original Mix)

Torren Foot - Candy (Andruss Extended Remix)

Urban Blues Project, Mother of Pearl, Pearl Mae - Your Heaven (I Can Feel It) feat. Pearl Mae (Micky More & Andy Tee Extended Remix)

Zetaphunk, Yvvan Back, Alfreda Gerald, Jame Starck - He´s Alright (feat. Alfreda Gerald) (David Penn extended edit)

3rd Orbit - Sphere Dance (Original Mix)

Aldonna - Pisa 97 (Original Mix)

Alexis Taylor, HAAi - Biggest Mood Ever (Original Mix)

B(if)tek - They Oscillate (Original Mix)

Bashkka - Act Bad (Roza Terenzi Remix)

Bertie - Carabiner (Original Mix)

CC:DISCO!, Confidence Man - Out Of Your Mind (Original Mix)

DAWS - Morning Light (Original Mix)

Jennifer Loveless - Pleasure (Deeper Mix)

Nite Fleit - Did I Stutter (Original Mix)

RONA. - Aperleye (Original Mix)

Tamil Rogeon, Allysha Joy, Steady Weather - Burning So Hot feat. Allysha Joy feat. Tamil Rogeon (CC:DISCO! edit)

Tornado Wallace - Today (feat. Sui Zhen)

Beltran (BR) - Unfair (Original Mix)

Bipolar Sunshine, Mason Collective - People In Love (Extended Mix)

Cloonee - Fine Night (Original Mix)

Cloonee, Sosa UK - Weeping Willow (Original Mix)

DJ Th, Harvy Valencia, Mc Rjota - Roça na Ponta (Original Mix)

Dave Delly, Draxx (ITA), Steven Gray - Clap Clap (Original Mix)

E.T.H (Italy), Samuele Scelfo, Joshee - Take Your Body (Original Mix)

Havoc & Lawn - Wrop (Original Mix)

Luuk Van Dijk - I Saw The Future (Original Mix)

Marco Carola - The Move (Original Mix)

Sergio Saffe - ROCK THIS (Original Mix)

Wheats - TERRACE GAMES (Original Mix)

wAFF - Groover (Original Mix)

A.Paul - Indulgence (Revision Mix)

Antigone - Night Division (Coyu Straight Tool Remix)

Arnaud Le Texier - Groove Maker (Original Mix)

Axel Karakasis - Emotional Appeal (Original Mix)

CRTB - Temper (Original Mix)

Coyu - Groove Mechanism (Original Mix)

Coyu - Kenya (Original Mix)

Coyu - Kma Kma (Original Mix)

Coyu - Ssesh (Original Mix)

Coyu - Stimulation (Original Mix)

Coyu - When The Sun Comes Out (Original Mix)

KaioBarssalos - Zone Tool (Original Mix)

Luke Hess - Bellevue St. (Original Mix)

Marco Bruno - Rumble (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - Steam (Volster Remix)

Mattias Fridell, Alexander Johansson - Fysik (Original Mix)

Robert Natus - Entrance (Original Mix)

The Advent - Sonic Storm (Original Mix)

eaRWax - TR-M1 (original mix)

AN21 - Liquid Gold (Extended Mix)

Antranig - Going Deeper (Extended Mix)

Celeda - Be Yourself (Danny Tenaglia Remix)

Christian James - Helio 2.0 (Original Mix)

Danny Tenaglia, Cevin Fisher - Move That Body (Original Mix)

Dino Lenny - Talk To Me (Dino Lenny & Damon Jee Mix)

Drunken Kong - It's Then (Original Mix)

Fabio Neural, DJ Fronter - Tribalism (Original Mix)

George Vidal - Out From Obscurity (Original Mix)

Harry Romero - Liquid Samba (Extended Mix)

Irregular Synth - One Night In Ecstasy (Simina Grigoriu Remix)

Joeski, Harry Romero, True School Players - Blow Your Mind (Original Mix)

Lubelski - Don't Touch Me (While I'm Dancing) (Original Mix)

Mark Broom, Riva Starr, Star B - I've Got Joy (Original Mix)

Mendo - Let Me Tell You Something (Original Mix)

Pig&Dan, Basement Jaxx - Express Yourself (Pig&Dan Eclectic Mix)

Radio Slave, NEZ (Chicago) - Wait A Minute feat. NEZ (Dixon Extension)

Steve Robinson (UK) - No Space, No Time (Original Mix)

ANDREATENS, Peter Guzman - The Speech (Extended Mix)

Allan Piziano, Fabian Hernandez Dfh, Mathieu Ruz, Johan Oslah - La Calle feat. Mathieu Ruz (Extended Mix)

An On Bast - Land of Smiles (Original Mix)

Anorre - No Sabia (Extended Mix)

Bam Bam - Give It To Me (Original Mix)

Chicago Loop - The Wanting (Original Mix)

Chris Groovejey - En Clave (Extended Mix)

Chris Groovejey - La Noche (Extended Mix)

David Tort - Hey Yeah! (Original Mix)

David Tort - La Noche Es Nuestra (Extended Mix)

David Tort - Not Good (Extended Mix)

David Tort - XTC (Extended Mix)

David Tort, Ka (Col) - Amanecida (Extended Mix)

David Tort, OKEN (ES) - La Caja feat. OKEN (ES) (Extended Mix)

Elias R, MOSKA - Quimika (Extended Mix)

Emmanuel Top - Tone (Original Mix)

Hoax (BE) - Suavito (Extended Mix)

Jerome Sydenham, Black Rain - Spirit Machine (Original Mix)

John Julius Knight - IAm Dream (Original Mix)

Kurt Caesar - Don't Forget (Extended Mix)

Kurt Caesar - The Universe By My Side (Extended Mix)

M. Rodriguez - City Of Wyei (Original Mix)

Manybeat, J8Man - Que Sera (Extended Mix)

Markem, Lujan Fernandez - Etun (Extended Mix)

Mladen Tomic - Hypnotic Ride (Original Mix)

R.M.K - 16 Bits (Original Mix)

Richie Hawtin, F.U.S.E. - F.U. (Original Mix)

Saeed Younan, Late London - Game On Lock (Extended Mix)

Superchumbo, David Tort, Tom Stephan - Perverts (Miami Tech Extended Mix)

Waae - La Trova (Extended Mix)

Because of Art - Central (Extended Mix)

Because of Art, Antony Szmierek - Circle of Light (feat. Antony Szmierek) (Incandescent Mix)

CRi, Hana - Butterfly feat. HANA (Original Mix)

Collective Machine - Fever (Original Mix)

Cristoph - Trigger (Original Mix)

Dosem - Beach Kisses (2023 Extended Mix)

Gai Barone, Luke Brancaccio, Hannes Bieger - Reflections (Original Mix)

Jody Barr - Second Vale (Original Mix)

Kolsch - Pet Sound (Original Mix)

Lehar - Let People Know (Original Mix)

My Friend - Swoon Tune (Extended Mix)

Mystery Affair - Telepathy (Original Mix)

Pete K, Headkube - Olympia (Extended Mix)

Romain Garcia - Windblows (Extended Version)

Royksopp, Susanne Sundfor - Oh, Lover (NTO Remix - Club Version)

Sam T Harper - Life Of Saturn (Original Mix)

Sasho Derama, Evelynka - Hidden Rumors (Two Are Extended Remix)

Simon Doty - Lady Danger (Extended Mix)

Spencer Brown, Qrion - 20ms (Extended Mix)

Tokyo Fan Club - Circles (Marc Romboy Remix)

95 North - Let Yourself Go (Nautica's Make It Count Remix)

Armando (PT) - No Me Tocas (Original Mix)

Bushwacka! - Strictly Nu (Original Mix)

Butane, Phonotrip - Little Helper 405-2 (Original Mix)

David Jager - School Chant (club mix)

Franky Rizardo - Apollo (Original Mix)

Franky Rizardo - What We Got (Original Mix)

GreenThump - Dab Jab (Original Mix)

Lauti Mina - Lost 8AM (HATT.D Remix)

Marco Tropeano - Janela (Original Mix)

Nic Fanciulli - On My Mind (Original Mix)

Salomé Le Chat - Time To Move (Classmatic Remix)

Tom Nolan - Free Flying (Extended Mix)

Us Two - All My Life I've Been Dancing (Extended Mix)

Basement Jaxx - Romeo (Harry Romero Remix)

Cevin Fisher - Love You Some More (Harry Romero Extended Remix)

Cinthie - Tough Times (Original Mix)

D Stone - Total Unison (Original Mix)

Harry Romero - Analog Bugz (Original Mix)

Harry Romero - Don't Stop Rock (Original Mix)

Harry Romero - Revolution (Deep In Jersey Extended Mix)

Harry Romero - Tania (Honey Dijon Extended Remix)

Harry Romero - The City (Extended Mix)

Harry Romero, Shyam P - Mind Games (Original Mix)

Joeski, Harry Romero, True School Players - Blow Your Mind (Original Mix)

Josh Wink, Maceo Plex - Destination Mars Feat. Josh Wink (Original Mix)

Latasha, Dave + Sam - You Da Shit Girl feat. LATASHÁ (Harry Romero Extended Remix)

Louie Vega, Harry Romero, Vega & Romero - El Ritmo (Original Mix)

Madonna - I Don't Search I Find (Honey Dijon Radio Mix) (2022 Remaster)

Reboot - Jus Dance (Extended Mix)

Seven Davis Jr. - Iss Good (Extended Mix)

2000 And One - Wan Poku Moro (Radio Slave Extended Edit)

Alex Wann - Haze (Extended Mix)

Aura, Emanuele Esposito, Gianni Romano, Thieuf Ndiaye, Trick Beat - Clandestin (Monkey Safari Remix)

Bedouin, Chico Castillo - Flore Chico feat. Chico Castillo (Harry Romero Remix)

Cato Anaya, Lohrasp Kansara - Carnaval (Extended)

Chaleee, Sammi Ferrer - Champagne (Revelation Mix)

DJ Tomer, Tina Ardor, Ricardo Gi, Kumkani - Gicae (feat. Tina Ardor & Kumkani) (VooDoo Tribe Mix)

Dam Swindle - That's Right (Original Mix)

Darmon, Calussa - Sutra (Original Mix)

David Morales - SUNDAY MASS Jam (Original Mix)

KEENE, Sebastian Rivero, Sparrow & Barbossa, Afrosideral - Vibración Cósmica (Sparrow & Barbossa Raw Kraken Mix)

Kashovski - Pump (Original Mix)

Kathy Brown, Sonic Soul Orchestra - Good Inside (Instrumental Mix)

Kiko Navarro, Buika - El Silencio (Club Version)

Kon Play - Rosa Maria (Original Mix)

Martin Garrix, Lloyiso - Real Love (Liva K Extended Remix)

Mijangos - Afromental (Original Mix)

Monkey Safari, Starving Yet Full, Sparrow & Barbossa - After Saturday Night (Monkey Safari Remix)

Mr. Pauer, Goyo - Química (Extended version)

NonCitizens - Sueño Afrodelico (Original Mix)

Osunlade, James Curd - Chocolate Puddin' (FNX Omar Remix)

PolyRhythm, Mr. Pauer, CaRaSi - En El Barrio (Original Mix)

Renate, Presi On, Çantamarta - Lluvia (feat. Çantamarta) (Extended Mix)

Sabo - Afro Chooz (DJ CHUS Remix)

Sabrina Chyld, Jullian Gomes - How ? (Original Mix)

Sevdavision - For Now (KEENE Remix)

Simone Vitullo, Cammora - It Feels So Good (Extended Mix)

Terry Hunter, Mike Dunn, Josh Milan - Git On Up (Club Mix)

The Blessed Madonna, Jacob Lusk - Mercy (feat. Jacob Lusk) (Masters At Work Remix)

illusionize, Sterium, Emy Perez - Damello (Original Mix)

Akiva - The Wait (Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia Remix)

Fat Cosmoe, Henri Bergmann, Wennink - Higher Dimension (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix)

Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman - Napkin Knowledge (Original Mix)

Hernan Cattaneo, Gorje Hewek, Dulus - Kaleidoscope (Original Mix)

Hernan Cattaneo, Hicky & Kalo - Voyage (Original Mix)

Hernan Cattaneo, Husa & Zeyada - Love Is Coming Back (Club Mix)

Hernan Cattaneo, Jody Barr - Airglow (Original Mix)

Hernan Cattaneo, Soda Stereo, Verlk - En la Ciudad de la Furia (Hernan Cattaneo & Verlk Club Remix) (Original Mix)

Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile, Paula OS - River Flow (Primavera Mix)

Jamie Stevens - Stuck on a Feeling (Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Remix)

Maze 28 - This Is Just a Dream (Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Remix)

Mercurio, Hernan Cattaneo - Away (Original Mix)

Mercurio, Hernan Cattaneo - San Francisco (Original Mix)

Messier - Kevlar (Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Remix)

Pandhora, Dark But Gray - Signs (Hernan Cattaneo & Marcelo Vasami Extended Remix)

Ruben Karapetyan - 32 Days & One Week (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix)

Dubfire - CHALLNGR 1.1 (Arjun Vagale Remix)

ENERTY - Fragments (Original Mix)

Hollen - Flash Station (Original Mix)

Hollen - Illogical Aspiration (Original Mix)

Hollen - Reaction (Original Mix)

Hollen - Turn Around (Original Mix)

PAGANO - Zelig (Original Mix)

Procombo - Generation (Original Mix)

Yuuta - Elements (Original Mix)

Yuuta - Fuego (Original Mix)

Allen Craig - Hyper Deep (Kink Shaming)

Atjazz, At One - I Get Down (Original Mix)

Ben Sun - Tether (Original Mix)

Brawther - Gotta Let It Go (Original Mix)

Coflo, William Florelle - Stuck (Coflo's Off The Wall Remix)

Conan Liquid - Brooklyn's In The House (Kaizen Mix)

Daniel David, Jazz Mafia - Devotion (Original Mix)

David Harness, Osunlade, Carlos Mena - Tambores Te Llaman (David Harness Remix)

Deep Zone, Ceybil Jefferies - It's Gonna Be Alright (Help Is On The Way) feat. Ceybil Jefferies (Crackazat Extended Remix)

Detroit Rising - Rocket Love (Jimpster Dub)

Detroit Rising - Rocket Love (Jimpster Remix)

Gaucho - Dance Forever (Club Version)

Jullian Gomes, Dwson - Intruder (Original Mix)

Karizma, Osunlade - Hear and Now (Jon Dixon Remix)

Keita Sano - Violet (Original Mix)

Life Recorder - Machines in My Head (Original Mix)

Mark E - Vertigo (Original Mix)

Osunlade, James Curd - Chocolate Puddin' (Original Mix)

Peter Koren - Periods (Original Mix)

Risk Assessment - SOMETHING NEW (MY DONNA)

Sean McCabe, Harold Matthews Jr - This Place (Glenn Underground Remix)

Simbad, Frederick - Wake Up (feat. Frederick) (Original Mix)

Simbad, Sanele - Dream (feat. Sanele) (Original Mix)

Stonie Blue, Ben Hixon, Ghoulfive - Read Between The Lines (Original Mix)

Vince Watson - Perpetual (Original Mix)

thatmanmonkz, Ms. Fae - Them Thangs featuring Ms. Fae (Original Mix)

8Kays - Waves (Original Mix)

Bedrock - Beautiful Strange (Bedrock's Ambient Beats)

Bedrock - Forge (Original Mix)

Carerra & Tavares - Mind (Original Mix)

Christian Smith - Flyertalk (Original Mix)

David Morales - DIRIDIM (Original Mix)

Eagles & Butterflies - Murder Was The Bass (Original Mix)

Electric Rescue - Lili (Original Mix)

Guy Gerber - Stoppage Time (Original Mix)

Guy J - Lamur (AM Mix)

Madben - That Ending Track (Original Mix)

Rodriguez Jr. - Alraegadir (Original Mix)

Tom Mangan - Chutney (Size 9 Remix)

Tone Depth - Rumblefish (Extended Vocal Mix)

Wehbba - Trust (Original Mix)

Byron the Aquarius - Show No Emotions (Original Mix)

Carl Craig, Psyche - From Beyond (Seth Troxler Remix)

Casual Treatment - Utopian Theme (Original Mix)

Dino Lenny - Washington Street (Original Mix)

Jon Dixon - 4ever Searchin (Original Mix)

Josh Wink - A TENSION ATTENTION (Demo Mix)

Josh Wink - San Guine (Original Mix)

Josh Wink - Talking To You (Marc Romboy & André Winter Remix)

Kid Enigma, Ed Nine - All Them Looks (Dirty Version)

Lubelski - Don't Touch Me (While I'm Dancing) (Original Mix)

Madben - 1 A.M At A Rave (Josh Wink Remix)

Mathew Jonson - Into the 5D (Original Mix)

Oliver Dollar - Braeburn (Original Mix)

Peverelist - Pulse I (Original Mix)

Robert Owens, Jamie Anderson - Talk With Myself (Original Mix)

Russ Gabriel - The Multicoloured Mind (Original Mix)

SND & RTN - Voice From The Outerworld (Original Mix)

X-Press 2 - Zeven (Original Mix)

Alex Kassian - Spirit of Eden (Original Mix)

Atjazz, At One - I Get Down (Original Mix)

Barker - Wick and Wax (Original Mix)

Chronical Deep - Baba Vuka (Original Mix)

Covsky - Space Walk (Original Mix)

Cport Cistema - For Real (Original Mix)

Earth Trax - Porcelain (Original Mix)

Envelope, Ola Szmidt - Rooted (feat. Envelope) (Envelope's Fractal Exploration)

George FitzGerald - Cosmonaut Alley (Original Mix)

Jose Maria Ramon, William Medagli, Thallulah - Canto Ancestrale (OIBAF&WALLEN Remix)

Karol XVII & MB Valence, Lazarusman - Whispers feat. Lazarusman (Rosario Galati Extended Remix)

Kelly Lee Owens - Night (Original Mix)

M.A.N.D.Y., Maga, Inga Humpe - Time Is On My Side (Anja Schneider Remix)

Made By Pete, Zoe Kypri - Horizon Red (Original Mix)

Mango, Phonic Youth, Meeting Molly - Iceland (Original Mix)

Mattr - Carmine (Original Mix)

Maxi Degrassi - Belveth (Original Mix)

Maz (BR), Antdot, Jéssica Gaspar - Brisa (Original Mix)

Moderat, &ME, Rampa, Keinemusik - More Love (Rampa &ME Remix)

Nuage, Benjamin Yellowitz - Orbit (feat. Benjamin Yellowitz) (Adriatique & Ae:ther Remix)

Robag Wruhme - Robellada.22 (Original Mix)

Rodriguez Jr. - Kilian (Original Mix)

Airod - Golden Pills (Original Mix)

Alberto Tolo - Trick To Save Money (Original Mix)

Alignment - The Sound (Original Mix)

CARV - XRay (Original Mix)

Chlär - Dopamine Rush (Original Mix)

H! Dude - ADDICTIVE (Original Mix)

Jose Bonetto - Magnetic Fields (Original Mix)

Lilly Palmer - My Fantasy (Extended Mix)

Lilly Palmer - The Violator (Original Mix)

Luix Spectrum, LOCO13 - Blessing (Pitch! Remix)

Mha Iri - Let the Good Times Roll (Original Mix)

Pablo Say - I Lost My Mind (Original Mix)

Portex - Addiction (Original Mix)

ROBPM, MOTVS - My Weapon (Original Mix)

Shlomi Aber - Chasing (Original Mix)

Alpha 1 - Racer X (Challenge of the Masked Racer) (2 Men on Wax - Doin It for the Underground)

Boom Generation - Deep Organic (Original)

Bwi-Bwi - Toti (Original Mix)

Damian C - Get On The Floor (Remastered)

Eric OS - Superstitious (Original Mix)

Jorge Savoretti - Motorcity Ghosts (Original Mix)

MADVILLA - Buck Naked (Original Mix)

MADVILLA - Poncha (Original Mix)

MADVILLA - Prune Juice (Original Mix)

MADVILLA - The Getdown (Original Mix)

Patrice Scott - Movin In (Original Mix)

Snad - Quark (Huerta Remix) (Original Mix)

The Phantom's Revenge - Chop Wizard (Original Mix)

William Caycedo - Steppin' Razor (Original Mix)

Alex Now (ES) - Veneno (Extended Mix)

Darius Syrossian - Mandisa (Original Version)

Hatiras, Javi Bora - Raw & Dirty (Original Mix)

Jasper James - What You Say (Original Mix)

Junior Souza - Push (Extended Mix)

Kevin McKay, Pupa Nas T, Denise Belfon - Work (CVMPANILE & Draxx Extended Remix)

Manuel De La Mare, Luigi Rocca - Disco 666 (Extended Mix)

Nausica - Dale (Extended Version)

Saeed Younan, Late London - Street Knowledge (Manuel De La Mare Extended Edit)

Superchumbo, Ben Sterling - All Over My Body (feat. Superchumbo) (Original Mix)

The Deepshakerz, BEDRAN. - El Diablo (Manuel De La Mare Remix)

Tom Nolan - Free Flying (Extended Mix)

Umberto Pagliaroli, Alev Tav - Non Stopin (Extended Mix)

Alpharisc - Hot Morning (Original Mix)

Autechre - VLetrmx (Original Mix)

Benjamin Damage - Light (Original Mix)

Cristian Varela, Arnaud Le Texier - HELION (Original Mix)

DJ Bone - The Will To Overcome (Original Mix)

Endplate - Gloam Eyed (Original Mix)

HAAi - SHiNE (Original Mix)

Jonas Körbl - Primal Grade (Original Mix)

Jules Wells - Möön (Original Mix)

Lady B - The Groove Is Going (Evolutive Hard House Mix)

Linear Phase - Hybris (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey - Ipanema (Steve Redhead Rework)

Marco Bailey - Nocturno (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey - Royal Wolf (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey - Traum (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey, Tom Hades - Smooth Driver (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey, Tom Hades - Virtual Realms (Original Mix)

Nuke - Ignorant Groovers (Original Mix)

Shlomi Aber, Kashpitzky - Sometimes (Original Mix)

Sigvard - Catalyst 03 (Original Mix)

Sterac - Manifestation Power (Original Mix)

The Advent - Sonic Storm (Original Mix)

Underground Resistance - Code Red (Original Mix)

Works of Intent - You Should (Original Mix)

Yan Cook - Late Night Kyiv (Original Mix)

2000 And One - Wan Poku Moro (Riva Starr 'Warehouse Love' Remix)

Angel Heredia - BATUCADA (Original Mix)

Armando (PT) - No Me Tocas (Original Mix)

Audiojack - Hypnotized (Original Mix)

Bruno Furlan - Yeah (Extended Mix)

Cajmere, Dajae - Brighter Days (Marco Lys Remix)

Capricorn - 20HZ (Marco Lys Remix)

Flashmob - My Body (Extended Mix)

Green Velvet - Bigger Than Prince (Marco Lys Remix)

Gruuve - Sher Der Der (Original Mix)

Italobros - Mania (Original Mix)

Kaz James - Footprints (Extended Mix)

KinAhau - Pronosticos Cachito (Original Mix)

Lee Cabrera, Marco Lys - Reap (Extended Mix)

Marco Lys - No Gravity (Original Mix)

Marco Lys, Luca Garaboni - Fourth Dimension (Extended Mix)

Nick Curly - Altrip (Original Mix)

Sergio Saffe - ROCK THIS (Original Mix)

Tony Romera - Boiling Room (Extended Mix)

2000 And One - Wan Poku Moro (Radio Slave Extended Edit)

Alaia & Gallo - Back Again (Extended Mix)

Armand Van Helden, Mark Knight - Release Me (Extended Mix)

Dave Leatherman, Bruce Nolan - Moments of Love (Original Mix)

Donna Allen - Joy & Pain (Dr Packer Extended Mix)

Hotswing - Feel It (Extended Mix)

Jewel Kid - So Many Things (Extended Mix)

Mark Knight, D:Ream - Things Can Only Get Better (Mark Knight Extended Remix)

Nathan Barato, Matheo Velez - Weapon (Extended Mix)

Roberto Parisi - My Selecta ('Monster Funk' Mix)

Nando Rodriguez - About It (Album Version)

Nando Rodriguez - Burn On It (Album Version)

Nando Rodriguez - Eye On The Darkness (Original Mix)

Nando Rodriguez - I Can't Break My Mind (Album Version)

Nando Rodriguez - I Got On It (Original Mix)

Nando Rodriguez - Orbital Driving (Original Mix)

Nando Rodriguez - ParanoID (Original Mix)

Nando Rodriguez - Questo Amore (Original Mix)

Nando Rodriguez - The Answer (Original Mix)

Nando Rodriguez - The Last Calling (Original Mix)

Butch - Go Brooklyn (Extended Version)

EdiP - Bout That C (Mason Collective Remix)

Emmanuel Jal, Nyaruach, Benjy, LevyM - Guaja (feat. Emmanuel Jal, Nyaruach, Benjy) (N-You-Up Freaky Dub)

Gruuve - Sher Der Der (Original Mix)

Harvy Valencia, Diego Teran - Beembow (Original Mix)

Hauswerks - Placebo (Original Mix)

Mason Maynard - You (Original Mix)

Nic Fanciulli - On My Mind (Original Mix)

Nic Fanciulli - U Gotta (Original Mix)

Nic Fanciulli, Calussa - Vente (Extended Mix)

Nick Curly - Altrip (Original Mix)

Yaya - Ebi Awon (S.A.M. Remix)

Butch - Revolution (Original Mix)

D Stone - 2 Be Free (Original Mix)

D Stone - Total Unison (Original Mix)

Dennis Quin - Life So Bright (Prunk Remix)

Gauthier DM, Sirus Hood - Stop Playin (Original Mix)

Gorge, Markus Homm - Faded (Extended Mix)

James Welsh - The Way (Nick Curly Remix) (Original Mix)

Nic Fanciulli - On My Mind (Original Mix)

Nick Curly - Altrip (Original Mix)

Nick Curly - Dubnoise (Original Mix)

Nick Curly - Hiya Power (Original Mix)

Nick Curly - Just A Feeling (Original Mix)

Nick Curly - Mavis (Original Mix)

Oliver Dollar - Dope Tool (Original Mix)

Paul C - Family Affair (Nick Curly Remix)

Steffen Deux - Paradise (Original Mix)

ARIV3 - You Let Me Fall (Extended Mix)

ARTBAT - Remember (Original Mix)

CamelPhat, Julia Church, Shimza - Embers (Extended Mix)

Corren Cavini - Ghosts (Extended Mix)

Dan Sushi - Titanium (Extended Mix)

Daniel Portman - Nobody Else (Extended Mix)

Daniel Portman, Passenger 10 - Freedom Is a Choice (Extended Mix)

Delta Vaults - Clouds in Your Eyes (Extended Mix)

EBERLE - Perpetuate (Extended Mix)

Einmusik, Jordan Arts - The One's (Extended Mix)

Gavriel, MaMan (NL) - Floating feat. Gavriel (Extended Club Mix)

Jats (ofc) - Rituals of Dreams (Extended Mix)

Jono Stephenson - I Can't Save You (Original Mix)

Mary Mesk - Pandora (Extended Mix)

Nora En Pure - Arbora (Extended Mix)

Nora En Pure - Illusions (Extended Mix)

Nora En Pure - Sherwood Forest (Extended Club Mix)

Nora En Pure - Who You Are (Extended Mix)

Ovadia - Spiral (Extended Mix)

Vintage & Morelli - Earthbound (Extended Mix)

AO (MX) - Ya Viene (Diazar Remix)

Amir Telem - Look Inside (Santiago Luna Remix)

Fher Vizzuett - Balance (Extended Mix)

Hector Cortes - Bootcamp (Indigo Man Remix)

Indigo Man, Santiago Luna - Kraken (Original Mix)

N1RVAAN - Skyfall (Extended Mix)

OMAIR, Fra.Gile, ANASTASiiA - Unbreakable (Extended)

Paul Thomas, Chris Bekker - Apex (Santiago Luna Extended Remix)

Sanjay Dutta, Dharmalogy - Reaching Out (Original Mix)

YU-1 - Stardust (Extended Mix)

Abel, Brutha Basil - Hand Made (Original Mix)

Cassio Ware, Black Rascals - So In Love feat. Cassio Ware (Atjazz Extended Peak Remix)

Chillin Williams - Little Helper 407-3 (Original Mix)

Dilby - Burnt Embers (Original Mix)

Fernando Ortega - Floating in the Cloud (Original Mix)

Gorge, Markus Homm - Faded (Extended Mix)

Horsemen - Ground Effect (Original Mix)

Robyn Balliet - My Heart (Original Mix)

Serge Devant - A Little Bit Of Love (Floor Cut)

Steve Kelley - Last Time (Original Mix)

Steve Kelley - Last Time (Pornbugs Remix)

Steve Kelley - Life (Original Mix)

ARYMÉ, Osfur - Alegria (Original Mix)

Ary Sya - Acid Night (Original Mix)

Badbox, Kenya Grace - Underwater (Original Mix)

Dan Barrow - Sweven (Original Mix)

JAMIIE - Mussoya (Panthera Krause Remix)

Jamek Ortega, IRENEE S - Agafay (Extended Mix)

Mark Knight, Green Velvet, James Hurr - The Greatest Thing Alive (Extended Mix)

Nic Fanciulli - U Gotta (Original Mix)

Nick Curly - Just A Feeling (Original Mix)

Paso Doble - Beats of no Nation (Original Mix)

Radio Slave, Audion - Mouth to Mouth (Original Mix)

Reggie Watts, Shit Robot - Where It's At feat. Reggie Watts (Johnny Aux Remix)

Stanccione - Papo Reto (Original Mix)

Steve Lawler, Aquarius Heaven - The More I Love You (Original Mix)

Tony Touch - Apaga La Luz (David Guetta Remix)

Caleb Jackson - Bumpin' (Original Mix)

Caleb Jackson - Tonight's Entertainment (Original Mix)

Dois.A - Don't Stop ((Cleo Mix))

East End Dubs - Goes Like This (Original Mix)

Fer BR - Payback (Original Mix)

Italobros - Mania (Original Mix)

Jansons - Messan (Original Mix)

Late Replies - I C U (Blair Suarez Remix)

Late Replies - Love Is Not a Game (Original Mix)

Late Replies - What The Funk (Original Mix)

Sidney Charles - House 2 Heal (Original Mix)

The Cube Guys - Anchoas (303 Mix)

The Cube Guys - The Fluxx (Extended Tribal Mix)

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