Beatport Dj Charts 2023-12-21

DATA: 2023-12-21 TOTAL: 110 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

Explore the defining sounds of 2023 with our latest DJ Charts. Immerse yourself in the infectious beats of "Timeless" by CamelPhat, feel the energy of "Arpology" by ARTBAT, and experience the euphoria of "Miracle" by Yotto. These tracks represent the pinnacle of musical innovation, making them essential additions to your playlist.


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Acidaze - Latin Heart (Original Mix)

Acidus, MXGN - Bounce Back (Original Mix)

Alex Farell - Jungle Boy (Original Mix)

Alex Farell - Wasp (Original Mix)

BYØRN - Bass Fusion (Original Mix)

Basswell - Activision (Original Mix)

Bollmann - Rampage (Creeds Remix)

CARV - Say My Name (Original Mix)

Cadzow - Drugz (Original Mix)

Carl Shorts - Self Destruct (Original Mix)

Charlotte de Witte - Pria (Original Mix)

H! Dude - Gentlemen (Remon Verhoeve Remix)


Holy Priest - Agilator (Original Mix)

Junkie Kid, OMAKS - HEY DJ (Original Mix)

KX CHR - Yo DJ (Original Mix)

MAHTAL - All In This (Original mix)

Niereich - Bleed On The Feet (Original Mix)

Ramiro Lopez, Spartaque - Cálico Electrónico (Original Mix)

Sandro Mure - Angst (Original Mix)

Sara Landry - Legacy (Original Mix)

Schroomp - House of Cats (Original Mix)

Schroomp - Spaceship (Original Mix)

Schroomp, Efimerna - Mon Amour (Original Mix)

Schroomp, Efimerna - Psychedelic (Original Mix)

Sikoti, TELETECH - Badders (Original Mix)

Sopik, Skinner (UA) - Mind Control (Original Mix)

Tomaz, Filterheadz - Los Hijos del Sol (Coyu Remix)

Veseli - Fxck Off (Original Mix)

Veseli - SCREAM (Original Mix)

elMefti, Holy Priest, FACELESS (DE) - Fuck This (Original Mix)

Ferra Black - West End (Josh Butler Remix)

Flashmob - My Body (Extended Mix)

Josh Butler, Flashmob - Starlightway (Extended Mix)

Juliet Sikora - The Other Side (Raumakustik Remix)

Luca Garaboni - Womb (Marco Lys Remix)

Marco Lys, Flashmob - No Matter (Extended Mix)

Piem, Crusy, Might Delete Later - Snap It (Extended Mix)

Ricky Paes - Feeling (Original Mix)

Ricky Paes - Forms Drums (Original Mix)

Shiba San - Are You Feeling This? (Original Mix)

The Aston Shuffle, Chambray, Liz Jai - Give It To You (Extended Club Mix)

Tony H - The Drums Are Here (Original Mix)

Alejandro Mosso - Hornet (Original Mix)

C&K (Connie & Karina) - Behave (Mihai Popoviciu)

Daniel Meister - Marinapart (Original Mix)

Daniel Meister - Mood Swing (Original Mix)

Daniel Meister - Mood Swing (Vern Remix)

Gudj - New Wave (Original Mix)

Janeret - Lush (Original Mix)

Luuk Van Dijk - I Saw The Future (Original Mix)

Michael James - Remember (Version 2)

Timid Boy - Blond Tall Speed (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)

BLOND:ISH - Call My Name (Extended Mix)

Duke Dumont, Purple Disco Machine, Nothing But Thieves - Something On My Mind (Extended)

LP Giobbi, Little Jet - Can't Let You Go (Original Mix)

Leonid & Friends - Street Player (Dimitri From Paris Super Disco Blend - Parts I & II)

Nic Fanciulli, Butch - I Want You (Extended Mix)

Purple Disco Machine, Birdee, Kungs, Julian Perretta - Substitution (Birdee Remix) (Extended)

Purple Disco Machine, The Rolling Stones - Mess It Up (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix)

SG Lewis - Lifetime (Original Mix)

Shee - Get Up and Dance (Extended Mix)

Sound Support - Higher (Extended Mix)

The Blessed Madonna, Jacob Lusk - Mercy (feat. Jacob Lusk) (Extended)

The Sponges - Keep The Party Going (Extended Mix)

Victor Flash, Club Azur - Autopilot (Extended)

Wamdue Project - King of My Castle ((Purple Disco Machine Remix) [Extended Mix])

Wolfram, Josh Ludlow - YoYo Disco (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix)

Audio Units - Turla (Original Mix)

HI-LO - SUBMARINE (Original Mix)

Heerhorst, PETER PAHN, SLIN BOURGH - Watch Me (Extended Mix)

Hertz - Timballe (Original Mix)

Klara Sestiniova - Sogno Infinito (Extended Mix)

Mark Porter - With The Rhythm (Original Mix)

Pan-Pot - CODA (Original Mix)

Pleasurekraft - Blood Music (Original Mix)

Reinier Zonneveld, Space 92 - Ravarp (Original Mix)

Space 92 - Apollo (Original Mix)

Brutalismus 3000 - Blade (Original Mix)

Carl Shorts - Frantic (Original Mix)

Cherrymoon Trax - The House Of House (1994 Remix By Thomas Schumacher)

Client_03 - Labour Replacement Data (Original Mix)

Hollen - Illogical Aspiration (Original Mix)

Pan-Pot - CODA (Original Mix)

S-file - Crowds (Original Mix)

Thomas Schumacher - When I Rock (A.D.H.S. Remix)

Uncertain - Anger (Original Mix)

Vainqueur - Lyot (Maurizio Mix)

Bastian Bux - Cutoff (Original Mix)

Dabi, Freenzy Music - Berserk (Extended Mix)

EdiP - Bout That C (Original Mix)

FIRZA - Get It Started (Original Mix)

Flow - Keep Comin' Back (Original Mix)

Moodymann - Mahogany Brown (Original Mix)

Rednail Kids - Do My Thing (Original Mix)

Rossi. - Get On The Floor (Original Mix)

Tangun - Lava Soul (Original Mix)

Yaya - The Bridge (Original Mix)

Franky Wah - I Know You (Extended Mix)

James Welsh - The Way (Nick Curly Remix) (Original Mix)

Motip White - What Do You Want Me to Say (Gespona & Djolee Remix)

Orkidea - Nana (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)

Ost & Kjex - Kaputt (Original Mix)

SQL - Velour (Wehhba Remix)

Spencer Brown, Qrion - 20ms (Cristoph Extended Mix)

Thomas Bogdan - Piano Happiness (Matt Klear Dub Mix)

Yotam Avni, Yulia Niko - Higher (Extended Mix)

Yulia Niko - Last Home (Original Mix)

Yulia Niko - Who Made You (Extended Mix)

Yulia Niko - You Knew (Extended Mix)

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