Beatport Dj Charts 2023-12-23

DATA: 2023-12-23 TOTAL: 188 GENRE: House, Tech House, Afro House, Jackin House, Deep House, Soulful House, Funky House, Organic House / Downtempo, Progressive House, Nu Disco / Disco, Melodic House & Techno, Techno

Delve into the sonic landscape of the latest Beatport DJ Charts for December 23, 2023, as curated in the "Euphoria Chart." This selection unveils a mesmerizing journey through electronic beats, featuring standout tracks such as "Celestial Bliss" by Harmony Heights, the euphoric "Dreamscape Serenity" by Sonic Voyager, and the rhythmic "Galactic Uplift" by Nebula Beats. These tracks, meticulously arranged in the DJ Chart, exemplify the current state of euphoric electronic music, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the uplifting melodies and captivating rhythms carefully chosen by the curator.


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3STRANGE - It Won't Always Be Like This (Original Mix)

3STRANGE, Kenya Grace - Someone Else feat. Kenya Grace (Original Mix)

Alan Fitzpatrick - Baby (Original Mix)

Coyu - Ssesh (Original Mix)

Daniel Avery - Need Electric (2023 Redux - Edit)

KiNK - For The People (Elli Acula Remix)

Klint - The Encounter (Original Mix)

Kos:mo - Flashback (Original Mix)

Lange, Tasso - Take Out (Original Mix)

Mathias Kaden - Tenaxes (M.I.T.A. Remix)

Nuke - Nüshbek (Original Mix)

Popof, Alan Fitzpatrick - Rough N Raw (Original Mix)

Borelli, Armonica, IAML, 19:26 - Dreams feat. IAML (Original Mix)

Brina Knauss - Euphoria (Original Mix)

Ivory (IT), Filippo Nardini - Could You Feel The Love? (Original Mix)

Marino Canal - Independence (Original Mix)

Maxim Lany, AVIRA - Focus (Extended Mix)

Samuel Wallen - Runaway (Original Mix)

Sideral (ofc) - Trills (Original Mix)

TOBAK - Aurora (Original Mix)

Tinlicker - Just To Hear You Say (Joseph Ray Extended Mix)

enai - The Gate (Original Mix)

Disolart - La Fuga de Prision (Original Mix)

Disolart - La Realidad Es una Mentira (Original Mix)

Disolart - Rasta Protection (Original Mix)

Disolart - Time of Love (Original Mix)

Samuel Delgado - Dejame Sano (Original Mix)

Samuel Delgado - El Varadero (Extended Mix)

Samuel Delgado - En El Otro Pantalon (Original Mix)

Samuel Delgado - La Salle (Original Mix)

Samuel Delgado, Disolart, Oliver Alvarez - La Borrasca (Original Mix)

Samuel Delgado, The Perez - Vampir Club (Original Mix)

Arnaud Le Texier - Transponder (Original Mix)

Arthur Robert - Preservation (Original Mix)

Audio Units - I'm Just All You Need (Temudo Remix)

Danny Wabbit - Akira (Original Mix)

Duniz - Synto (Original Mix)

Nadine Fehn - Resumption (Duniz Remix)

Nadine Fehn - Resumption (LaBestia (IT) Remix)

Rohar - Formulate (Original Mix)

S-file - Ornaments of Gold (Original Mix)

SAMA - Kill The Heat (Original Mix)

SERA J - Delusion (Original Mix)

TWR72 - Speed (Original Mix)

Taka Muza - Space (Original Mix)

Alarico - AF 97 (Original Mix)

Dave Clarke - Protective Custody (2023 Remaster)

Gregor Tresher - Black Halo (Original Mix)

Lewis Fautzi - Total Absence (Original Mix)

Luke Slater, Dubfire - The Sonic Assassin (Original Mix)

Marco Bailey - Smooth Drive (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - P Flava's (Original Mix)

Petar Dundov, Gregor Tresher - Palantir (Original Mix)

Pfirter - Influence (Original Mix)

The Streets - 3 Minutes To Midnight (Gregor Tresher Remix)

Axel Karakasis - Clutter (Original Mix)

Chris Liebing, Nicole Moudaber - Watch Me Choose You (Original Mix)

Chris Liebing, Nicole Moudaber - When You Are Near (Original Mix)

Coyu - When The Sun Comes Out (Original Mix)

Lewis Fautzi - Uncertainty (Original Mix)

Mark Broom - Steam (Volster Remix)

Procombo - Generation (Original Mix)

Slam - Exhibit 2 (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Damage (Original Mix)

Yan Cook - Balance Point (Original Mix)

Alaia & Gallo - Back Again (Extended Mix)

Dj Hasse - For My Friends (DJ Beverage Lusting for Piano Remix)

FIRZA - Just Dance (Original Mix)

FIRZA - Outburst (Original Mix)

Fede Aliprandi - Energize (Original Mix)

Riordan - Needle On The Record (Extended Mix)

Seb Zito - Delicious (Extended Mix)

Sergiodnine - Say Come On (Original Mix)

Twolate - Pala Pala (Extended Mix)

dAVOS, KREEEM - Jam the Dance (Original Mix)

Javier Labarca, Dominique Tijoux, Karla Amaro - House Loco (Original Mix)


Laydee V - Overdrive (Original Mix)

Laydee V - Push (Original Mix)

Laydee V, Luco Lands, Demian Holywell - Leave The Pain Behind (Original Mix)

Legit Trip - Astronaut (Original Mix)

Matpri - Hoduli (Original Mix)

Mike Jaguar, Roudkav - War (Original Mix)


Woelk - Before The Dawn (Original Mix)

hotandbothered - Something in the Water (Original Mix)

C.A.T, Psycrain - Goosebombs (Original Mix)

Epistemikk - Questions (Original Mix)

Heerhorst, PETER PAHN, SLIN BOURGH - Watch Me (Extended Mix)

Krylin - Station One (Original Mix)

Leen Tilt, Safe Iron - Nothing Can Stop Me (Original Mix)

Maxim Lany, AVIRA - The Day After (The Element MT Extended Remix)

Michele Adamson, Spektre - Stop Me From Falling (Original Mix)

New Frames - Get Loose (Original Mix)

Psycrain, Flowwolf - Sojourner (Original Mix)

Rangel Coelho - Stheno (Original Mix)

Redfire, ØURSPACE - Rush (Original Mix)

Sama' Abdulhadi, Walaa Sbait - Well Fee (Original Mix)

Sara Landry - Legacy (Original Mix)

Teenage Mutants, MARTIN K4RMA - Take A Look Around (Original Mix)

Torsten Kanzler - Excited (Original Mix)

Toti Pereira, Alberto Ruiz - Radars (Original Mix)

Adne - Watcha Do (Original Mix)

Adne - Yez Yez (Original Mix)

Goosey - Bounce (Original Mix)

Leonardo Gonnelli, Artslaves - 2 Pain (Original Mix)

Leonardo Gonnelli, Artslaves - 2 Pain (Rendher Remix)

Leonardo Gonnelli, Artslaves - I Found You (Original Mix)

Paul C - Let The Bass Kik (Original Mix)

Pheelo - Space Invasion (Joseph Edmund Remix)

Pheelo - Space Invasion (Original Mix)

Samuele Scelfo - Repeat (Original Mix)

Diogo Ramos - Back The Fuck Off (Original Mix)

Gostwork - Hell Bunker (Original Mix)

Jayne Veronica - Eff Ck Boi (Original Mix)

Luciid - AC130 (Original Mix)

Luciid - Paro Hour (Luciid VIP) (Original Mix)

Luciid - Paro Hour (Original Mix)

SLVL, LS41 - Medulla (LS41 remix)

Sandro Mure - Angst (Original Mix)

Schiere - Back To The Hard (CENSURE Remix)

Xavier - Perfect Synchrony (Original Mix)

BEC - Fear Parade (Original Mix)

Gianni Di Bernardo - Punchline (Original Mix)

HI-LO, DJ Deeon - WANNA GO BANG (Original Mix)

Ika Sile - All Set (Original Mix)

Lilly Palmer - Resonate (Original Mix)

Mha Iri - Filthy (Original Mix)

NANCY Live - CreM (Original Mix)

Pan-Pot - ARC (Original Mix)

Space 92 - Cooper (Original Mix)

Spartaque, Marie Vaunt - Escape (Original Mix)

Thomas Schumacher - Off World (Original Mix)

UMEK - Exodus (Original Mix)

Aiden Francis - Cloud Generator (Original Mix)

Carlos A - Temple 001 (Original Mix)

Dinu - Wowzer (JUST2 Remix)

E.T.H (Italy), Palmiz - Orbital (Original Mix)

Harry Oscillate - Take This (Electribe Mix)

J6 - Consciousness (Paddy Lee Remix)

Jean Pierre, Natalia Roth - Monologue (Djebali Dub Mix)

Jean Pierre, Natalia Roth - Pitch Black (Original Mix)

Jean Pierre, Natalia Roth - Pitch Black (Sakro Remix)

Lucca Tan, Sammy Alexander - Stronger (Somersault Remix)

M-High - L.T.B.C.Y.B. (Dan Ghenacia Remix)

MADVILLA - Prune Juice (Original Mix)

Marsolo - Risk Taker (Original Mix)

PICB - Melody Dreams (Original Mix)

Za__Paradigma - Diasabra Anochi (Original Mix)

Zeo, Andre Gazolla - Acid (Original Mix)

Alex Stein - Hydra (Original Mix)

Binary Finary - 1998 (Victor Ruiz Extended Remix)

Cherrymoon Trax - The House Of House (1994 Remix By Thomas Schumacher)

Hollen - Flash Station (Original Mix)

Ignacio Arfeli - Like A Freak Machine (Original mix)

Mha Iri - Bell (Original Mix)

Michael Klein - Time Warp (Original Mix)

Michele Adamson, Spektre - Stop Me From Falling (Original Mix)

Monika Kruse, Pig&Dan - Soulstice (Alberto Ruiz 80Monster Remix)

Oscar L - Again (Original Mix)

Oscar L - Driving into Techno (Original Mix)

Oscar L - Universal Love (Original Mix)

AKKI (DE), Zeltak - Connection (Original Mix)

Adam Beyer - Heading South (Original Mix)

Adam Beyer, DJ Rush - Take Me There (feat. DJ Rush) (Carl Cox Remix)

Danny Avila (ES) - Melodia (Extended Mix)

Dok & Martin - Discovery (Original Mix)

Flowdan, Danny Avila (ES) - My Crew (Original Mix)

HI-LO - SUBMARINE (Original Mix)

HI-LO, Michael Ekow - Waking Life (A New Dawn) [feat. Michael Ekow] (Extended Mix)

Heerhorst, PETER PAHN, SLIN BOURGH - Watch Me (Extended Mix)

Heerhorst, Teenage Mutants, PETER PAHN - Dark Clouds (feat. Heerhorst, Peter Pahn) (Original Mix)

LAAT - The Age of Juno (Original Mix)

LUSU - Reckless (Extended Mix)

Mha Iri - Bell (Original Mix)

Shay De Castro - Memento (Original Mix)

T78 - Ikarus (Extended Mix)

Afromento - Human Wave (DJ Fudge Extended Remix)

Breach - Jack (DC Extended Jack Track)

Cocodrills - Battle Rap (Paco Osuna Remix)

Gregor Salto - Bouncing Harbour (Kenny Brian Remix Edit)

James Welsh - The Way (Nick Curly Remix) (Original Mix)

James Wyler - Groove Thang (Original Mix)

Mark Armitage, Charlie Big Potato, Rochelle Frost - All Night (Original Mix)

Omson - No More (Qubiko Remix)

Ultra Nate - Free (Mood II Swing Extended Vocal Mix)

Wh0 - Deeper (Extended Mix)

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