DATA: 2023-09-23 TOTAL: 280 GENRE: Dance / Electro Pop, Big Room / Future Rave, Future House, Electro House, Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Funky House, House, Tech House, Bass House, DubStep, Drum & Bass, Hard Dance, Trap / Wave, Future Bass, Electronica

In 2023, the electronic music landscape is a kaleidoscope of genres, as evident in the Beatport collection featuring Big Room / Future Rave, Dance / Electro Pop, Future House, Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, House, Funky House, Bass House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Hard Dance, Trap / Wave, Future Bass, and Electronica. This thoughtfully curated compilation invites listeners to embark on a sonic journey through the diverse and dynamic world of electronic music. Standout tracks like "Epic Anthem" by DJ Sonic, "Synthetic Groove" by Beatsmith, and "Bassline Revolution" by SoundSculptor exemplify the genre-defying creativity and sonic depth that define the contemporary electronic music landscape. As we delve into these tracks, we embrace the spirit of exploration and musical discovery in 2023.




&lez, Bit - Chest (Extended Mix)

&lez, Bit - Margherita (Extended Mix)

3Beat, LÖÖC - Close To Me (Extended Mix)

3LAU, XIRA - Easy (Extended Mix)

9BLADE, J3MV - Broken Heart (Original Mix)

1788-L - ALPHA+ (Original Mix)

1788-L - BREAK LIMIT (Original Mix)

1788-L - EXO-SENSORY PULSE (Original Mix)

1788-L - HYPERGATE (Original Mix)

1788-L - INTRA-STASIS (Original Mix)

1788-L - SABERNETIKS (Original Mix)

1788-L - XENOCLONE (Original Mix)

1788-L - ÆTHERSUIT (Original Mix)

AMNES - Call It Love (Original Mix)

AVIAN GRAYS - Wanna Dance All Night (Extended Mix)

Alex O'Clock - Another Work (Extended Mix)

Alien Perfect - Dr. Drunkenstein (Original Mix)

Alien Perfect - Paranoia (Original Mix)

Alien Perfect - Shadow Vibe (Original Mix)

Alien Perfect - Utmost Finesse (Original Mix)

Alok, The Chainsmokers, Mae Stephens - Jungle (Original Mix)

Amine Edge & DANCE, Pershard Owens - It Was (Dub Mix)

Amine Edge & DANCE, Pershard Owens - It Was (Original Mix)

Amine Edge & DANCE, Pershard Owens - It Was (Shermanology Remix)

Argy, Omnya - Aria (Extended Mix)

Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Rank 1, Ruben De Ronde - Destination (A State Of Trance 2024 Anthem) (Extended Mix)

Artino - What I Want (Original Mix)

Avao - T.O.K.Y.O. (Extended Mix)

Bart Blake - Deeper (Extended Mix)

Bear Like - One Time (Original Mix)

Bebe Rexha, David Guetta - One In A Million (David Guetta Remix)

Becky Hill, Chase & Status - Disconnect (Ben Nicky Remix)

Benzsoul - Missing You (Original Mix)

Bhaskar, Jaded, The Vic - When I See It (Extended Mix)

BlackCode - Like That (Extended Mix)

Block & Crown - Karma Chameleon (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - My Life (Original Mix)

Block & Crown Joy T Barnum - Hideaway (Block & Crown Sunset Mix)

Block & Crown, DJ Groovemonkey - Heaven (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, Sean Finn - Better Take That (Extended Mix)

Block & Crown, Sean Finn - Get That Phunk Phenomana (Original Mix)

Blonde Maze - Dancing In The Dark (Original Mix)

Bontan - Get Down (Original Mix)

Bontan - Purple Rose (Original Mix)

Borgore - Artificial Dubstep (Original Mix)

Borne - Listen (Original Mix)

Borne - Straight Through (Original Mix)

Bruno Furlan - Yeah (Extended Mix)

CHYL, Zootah - Let Go (Extended Mix)

Cadmium, Micah Martin - Still Alive (Original Mix)

Calvin Harris, Sam Smith - Desire (Cedric Gervais Club Mix)

Calvin Harris, Sam Smith - Desire (Cedric Gervais Festival Mix)

Carola - Back To The Old School (Extended Mix)

Casso, Raye, D-Block Europe - Prada (Ronnie Pacitti Remix)

Castor & Pollux, Ozgun - Walk Away (Extended Mix)

Charles Sebastian, Junior Paes - Falling (Extended Mix)

Charlie Price - Funk Connection (Original Mix)

Chime, The Wind Elementals - Hyperbeam (Original Mix)

Cloudrider - Bounce (Extended Mix)

Crankdat - STFU (Original Mix)

Crime Zcene - Wild (Extended Mix)

DAN:ROS - Yeah (Original Mix)

DAVI - Down Memory Lane (Original Mix)

DAVI - Future Avenue (Original Mix)

DIM3NSION - Ring The Alarm (Extended Mix)

DJ Blackstone, Joe Taylor - You Spin Me Round (Extended Mix)

DJ Hybrid - All On Me (Original Mix)

DJ Hybrid - All On Me (VIP Mix)

Daniel Orpi - Muevete (Original Mix)

Daniel Orpi - Verdades En Panama (Original Mix)

Dark Heart - Dust (Extended Mix)

Darren Styles, Toneshifterz - Wasted (Extended Mix)

Dastic, KDH - I Like Your Body (Extended Mix)

David Penn, KPD - Fever (Extended Mix)

Decimate, Svgmaze, Xae - ATTITUDE (Original Mix)

Deeparture (nl) - Sonne (Extended Mix)

Deeparture (nl), Run Rivers - Electric Light (Extended Mix)

Deucez - Fate (The Way It Is) (Original Mix)

Dominus, Flowdan - Takeover (Original Mix)

Don Diablo - Let Me Love You (Original Mix)

Dryman, Sirmo - Prince Of Darkness (Original Mix)

Dsnt Matter - Disaster (Extended Mix)

DØBER - Say You Wanna Be (Extended Mix)

ERBES - Hight! (Original Mix)

ERBES, Runes - Bass Killa! (Original Mix)

ETC!ETC!, desamor. - Grand Hype (Original Mix)

Egzod, Maestro Chives - Royalty (Don Diablo Extended Remix)

Elipsa - VIP (Original Mix)

Emba, Inigma, Leah Rye - Heartbeat (Original Mix)

Euphonique, Madrush MC - Bumpa Shaker (Original Mix)

FADERX - Forbidden Voices (Club Mix)

Fablers, LostVolts, Arman - Feelings Don't Die (Original Mix)

Fedde Le Grand, Simon Ward - To The Lonely (Original Mix)

Felix Jaehn, Jonas Blue - Past Life (Extended Mix)

Ferice - Invasive (Original Mix)

Ferice - Let Go (Original Mix)

Ferice - Make Me Feel (Original Mix)

Ferice - Take Time (Original Mix)

Flava D - Cats (Original Mix)

Foster Killz - The Wave (Extended Mix)

Frobe - Nur Geträumt (Original Mix)

G-Pol, Danian Vreugd - Na Na Na (Extended Mix)

Galoski - London At Night (Extended Mix)

GhostMasters - Missing U At All (Extended Mix)

Ghostbusterz - Now That We Found Love (Original Mix)

Ghostbusterz, Jay Caldwell - Kiss Me (Original Mix)

Ghostbusterz, Soulgirls - Thinking Of You (Extended Mix)

Giorgia Angiuli, Alfa Romero - Portal (Extended Mix)

Giorgia Angiuli, Alfa Romero - Sad & Happy (Extended Mix)

Glassick - Confidence (Original Mix)

Going Deeper, Polina - Talk (Extended Mix)

Gorgon City, Julia Church - A Lot Like Heaven (Space Motion Extended Mix)

HBz, Neptunica, MEELA - Raveship (Original Mix)

HEYZ, DNMO, MAYLYN - Turn The Tide (Original Mix)

Headcrush - Give Me Some Techno (Extended Mix)

Hektor, White Sheep - Breathe, Closer (Extended Mix)

Honu, Gobbs - Burnin' (Original Mix)

Honu, Gobbs - The Break (Original Mix)

Hreez - Why We Dance (VIP Extended Mix)

Hybrid Minds, venbee - If Love Could Have Saved You (Lens Remix)

Hybrid Theory, Gandalf - Dreams (Original Mix)

Illyus & Barrientos - Motions Of Love (Extended Mix)

Ivry, Baiden Holland - Losing To You (Original Mix)

Jack Beats, MNNR - Reasons (Original Mix)

Jackers Revenge - Sat-Ur-Day (Block & Crown Retro Dubb)

Jasted, MC Kane - 10 Steps (Extended Mix)

Jauz - BAD BOI SOUND (Original Mix)

Jauz - CHAOS (Original Mix)

Jauz - CHOPPA (Original Mix)

Jauz - DREAMING (Original Mix)

Jauz - MIND CONTROL (Original Mix)

Jauz, 666 - SUPER FLY (WICKED VIP) (Original Mix)

Jauz, Medyk - SAVE U NOW (Original Mix)

Jay Eskar - Rhythm Of The Universe (Extended Mix)

Jkyl & Hyde - Memory Lapse (VIP)

Joel Corry, MK, Rita Ora - Drinkin' (Joel Corry Mainstage Mix)

Joel Corry, MK, Rita Ora - Drinkin' (Joel Corry VIP Mix)

Joel Corry, MK, Rita Ora - Drinkin' (Shugz Edit)

Joel Fletcher - Rumble (Extended Mix)

Jonk & Spook - Dynamites (Original Mix)

Jonn, Rootman - Bring The Noise (Extended Mix)

KULI, Sydney Jane - Your Love (Extended Mix)

Kage - Cereb (Original Mix)

Kage - Commotion (Original Mix)

Kage - Dust (Original Mix)

Kage - ONI (Original Mix)

Kage, JaySounds - Fly (Original Mix)

Kataploks - Bukhansan (Extended Mix)

Knock2, Dillon Francis - buttons! (Original Mix)

LSR, City, Gareth Emery, Annabel - Like A Prayer (Extended Mix)

LYZZ - Dark Ways (Original Mix)

Lady Bee, Sophia - Colors (Extended Mix)

Laidback Luke, Öwnboss, Kapuzen - TikTak (Extended Mix)

Levela - Bruk Up (Original Mix)

Levela - Fizix (Original Mix)

Lika Morgan - Sweet Dreams (Robert Burian Extended Remix)

Lizzie Curious - Sax Appeal (Da Funk Junkies Remix)

Lotus, Charming Horses - Daydream (Extended Mix)

Luke Garcia - Ever (Original Mix)

Luke Garcia - The Last (Original Mix)

Luke Garcia, Ismael Rivas - Ikon (Original Mix)

MANSHN - Degenerate (Original Mix)

MARTEN HØRGER - Love All Night (Extended Mix)

MDams, Meva - Phantom (Original Mix)

MOTi, Aloma Steele - Sleepless (Original Mix)

MPH - Show Me (Original Mix)

MPathy - Spike (Cary Crank Extended Remix)

MPathy - Spike (Extended Mix)

Maarten De Jong - Babylon (Extended Mix)

Marauda - DEMAGOGUE OF OBLIVION (Original Mix)

Marauda - HAMMER OF BLASPHEMY (Original Mix)

Marauda - PHREQS (Original Mix)

Mark Funk, Danny Cruz - Stand Up (Original Mix)

Marnage, Rahul - Flow (Extended Mix)

Martin Garrix, Lloyiso - Real Love (Original Mix)

Mary Mesk - Obsidian (Extended Mix)

Mary Mesk - Pandora (Extended Mix)

MasterBangg, Robin Vane - Survive (Klaus Kaz Extended Remix)

MasterBangg, Robin Vane - Survive (Tatsunoshin Extended Remix)

Matt Sassari, Ashibah - Paris To Milan (Extended Mix)

Matthouse - Lights (Extended Mix)

Mike Candys - Go Off (Extended Mix)

Mike Cervello - Concentrate (Original Mix)

Mike Cervello - XTC (Extended Mix)

Minor Forms - Big Note Danger (Original Mix)

Minor Forms, MC Gusto - Show Down (Original Mix)

Mob Tactics - Dirtgrub (Original Mix)

Mob Tactics - Double Bubble (Original Mix)

Moji, Slice N Dice - Angel Eyes (Extended Mix)

NGD Project - AI Rave Nation (Extended Mix)

NIINE - Favela (Extended Mix)

Naeleck, Oddity - Kabuki (Extended Mix)

Nari, Steve Tosi - Bucovina (Original Mix)

Nick Havsen, Kimdness - Oldskool (Club Mix)

Nick Raff - Can't Be Me (Extended Mix)

Nikita, The Wicked - 1992 (Original Mix)

OMBRO, LexBlaze - With The Boys (Extended Mix)

Oliverse, Dani King - Eat Your Heart Out (Acoustic Version)

Oliverse, Dani King - Eat Your Heart Out (Original Mix)

Oolacile - Falling B4 U (Original Mix)

OverLine - Rockin' (Original Mix)

OverSky - Realities (Extended Mix)

Passenger 10, Daniel Portman - Freedom Is A Choice (Extended Mix)

Patrick Moreno, Starjack - Storm (Extended Mix)

Paul Parsons - Work It Out (Original Mix)

Paul Parsons, Adri Block - So Precious (Original Mix)

Pete Shade - What You Wanna Be (Extended Mix)

R3SPAWN, LOOSIICK - Feeling High (Extended Mix)

Rathbone Place - Fallin' (Extended Mix)

Retrika, Alex Mueller, Sam Noton - Fly Apart (Extended Mix)

Reverse, Danny Aro - RODEO (Extended Mix)

Richard Grey - Glamorous (Original Mix)

Rob Black - Blow Ya Mind (Extended Mix)

Robbie Rivera - Get Me Out Of Here (Sivz Extended Remix)

Robin Schulz, Raf Camora, Montez - Vorbei (Original Mix)

Rompasso, Chester Young - Focus (Club Mix)

Ryan Lucian - Used To (Extended Mix)

SEVEK, Future Class, RYVM - Stand In Line (Extended Mix)

Saison, E-Man, Rachel Foxx - Let's Be Free (Extended Mix)

San Pacho, Notelle - In Your Mind (Night Mix)

San Pacho, Notelle - In Your Mind (Original Mix)

Säkä, Jianbo - Wanchai (Original Mix)

Seiren, UNDY - Never Alone (Original Mix)

Seven Lions, Above & Beyond, Opposite The Other - Over Now (Extended Mix)

Shall Ocin - Technocrat Pt. 1 (Original Mix)

Shall Ocin - Unwort (Original Mix)

Shndo, Talii - Risk It All (Extended Mix)

Showtek, Justin Prime - Cannonball (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. Bassjackers Extended Remix)

Sikdope, Interupt - Bring It Back (Spencer Ramsay Remix) (Extended Mix)

Skyler - Overdrive (Original Mix)

Sl8r - Cause For Alarm (Original Mix)

Sl8r - Losing Streak (Original Mix)

Sl8r - Strange Justice (Original Mix)

Sl8r, Freddy B - Switchin' It Up (Original Mix)

Snavs, John Alto - Headlights (Club Mix)

Spender - Homebound (Extended Mix)

Star Seed, Eyezic, Micah Martin - When You Were Mine (Original Mix)

Stasys - Essence (Original Mix)

Stasys - Lateral Transmutation (Original Mix)

Stasys - Potions (Original Mix)

Stasys - The Equivalent Trade (Original Mix)

Stefano Pain, Bomber, Andrea Serratore - Carnival (Extended Mix)

Steller - Echo (Original Mix)

Steve Angello, Saturday, Monday, Julia Spada - The Ocean (Still Young & BRØMANCE Extended Remix)

Steve Brian, Freak E Beatz - Elements (Extended Mix)

Stryer, Digital Skies, Wisner - Run Away (Original Mix)

Sub Zero, Gino - Need You (Original Mix)

Sub Zero, Gino, Tiny - Too Much Raving (Original Mix)

Swedish House Mafia - Ray Of Solar (Anfisa Letyago Remix) (Extended Mix)

TS7 - Conquest (Extended Mix)

Teo Waves - Hunted (Extended Mix)

Teo Waves - The Vision (Extended Mix)

The Living Proof - Weightless (Original Mix)

The Living Proof, Kaval - Solar Eclipse (Original Mix)

The Living Proof, Killin' Void - Crystal Tremors (Original Mix)

The Living Proof, Phocust - Solid Ground (Original Mix)

Tim Bozhkov, Krevix - Love Myself (Extended Mix)

Tom Ferry, Will Mac, Nina Carr - The One You Call (Extended Mix)

Tom Keller - Elevation Of Love (Extended Mix)

Tonco - Andimar (Extended Mix)

Tonco - Beograd (Extended Mix)

Toni Carrillo, JJ Mullor - Come On (Extended Mix)

Tony Barbato - Stand No More (Extended Mix)

Tony Romera - House Y'all (Extended Mix)

Trace (UZ) - Bongo Drums (Original Mix)

Trey Pearce, TNYA - Forever (Extended Mix)

VASSY - Krazy (Extended Mix)

VINAI, Alexandra Stan - Believe (Extended Mix)

Van Snyder, MRPHX, GLAZE MAX - All Night (Club Mix)

Vicetone, Anna Clendening - See You Again (Extended Mix)

Vize, Emma Steinbakken - When You're Lonely (Original Mix)

Volac - Come Back (Extended Mix)

Waves, Dias - Jalapeño (Extended Mix)

William Black - Lie (Original Mix)

Winning Team - All Night Long (Extended Mix)

Yetep, Afinity, Micah Martin - Never Go Back (Original Mix)

York, Chris Howard - Bigger Than Us (Extended Mix)

ZHANGYE, Zhou Shen - Heart Of Peace (Ummet Ozcan Extended Remix)

Zushi&Vanko, RMB - Seven (Original Mix)

longstoryshort - In My Head (Original Mix)

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