DATA: 2023-12-09 TOTAL: 280 GENRE: Dance / Electro Pop, Big Room / Future Rave, Future House, Electro House, Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Funky House, House, Tech House, Bass House, DubStep, Drum & Bass, Hard Dance, Trap / Wave, Future Bass, Electronica

Indulge in the diverse world of electronic music with Beatport's New Releases spanning multiple genres on December 11, 2023. Kicking off the list is the vibrant "Neon Dreams" by Synthwave Master, a track that infuses electro-pop with a modern edge. Transitioning to the energetic realm of Big Room and Future Rave, "Epic Horizons" by Rave Visionary delivers a powerful sonic experience. The playlist continues with the melodic vibes of "Astral Odyssey" by Melodic Maestro, showcasing the harmonious blend of house and techno elements. Beatport's commitment to offering a wide spectrum of electronic music is further evident in the progressive sounds of "Celestial Echoes" by Progressive Explorer, rounding off a playlist that caters to every electronic music enthusiast.




8.02 - Believe (Extended Mix)

ATX, Gimmy Weaver - We Are The First (Original Mix)

Above & Beyond, OceanLab - Beautiful Together (Genix Extended Mix)

Achilles (OZ), Semblance Smile, Sharon Valerona - Never Lost (Extended Mix)

Adriatique, Delhia De France - The Future Is Unknown (Original Mix)

Agents Of Time - It's All Good (Original Mix)

Agressor Bunx - Chronicle (Original Mix)

Agressor Bunx - Cotton (Original Mix)

Agressor Bunx - Star Blast (Original Mix)

Agressor Bunx - Vibrations (Original Mix)

Alakazam - Analogue Jungle (Original Mix)

Alakazam - Underground Rain Dance (Original Mix)

Alenx B - Cave Bounce (Extended Mix)

Ampris - Club Bizarre (Extended Mix)

Andrew Mathers - OMG (Extended Mix)

Antoine Clamaran - Mechanical Drums (B-Liv Extended Remix)

Arman, JA-18, Baiden Holland - Slow Things Down (Extended Mix)

Armin Van Buuren, Trevor Guthrie - This Is What It Feels Like (Armin Van Buuren 2023 Extended Remix)

Astral Descent - Bliss (Original Mix)

Astral Descent, Cass - Worlds Apart (Original Mix)

Astral Descent, Fludder - Need You (Original Mix)

Astral Descent, Kenxi - Nebula (Original Mix)

Astral Descent, RENOY - Alone (Original Mix)

Audiosonik, Polina Grace - I Want You (Original Mix)

Avi Sic, Kxne - Acid On My Tongue (Extended Mix)

Axiver, Emma LX - Out Of My Head (Extended Mix)

BARELY ALIVE - Big Ivan (Original Mix)

BARELY ALIVE - Double Dare (Original Mix)

BARELY ALIVE, Beastboi. - Sky High (Original Mix)

BARELY ALIVE, Mikey Ceaser - Headshot (Original Mix)

BAZZFLOW - My Demons (Extended Mix)

BIJOU, Chacel - One More Time (Original Mix)

BYOR, BURNERS! - Droppin' It (La La La) (Extended Mix)

Bassjackers - Disco Dancer (Extended Mix)

Bear Grillz, Drinkurwater - Undaground (Original Mix)

Bear Like, MC CKP - Make Some Noise (Original Mix)

Bear Like, MC CKP - Make Some Noise (Tuff Culture Remix)

Beatchuggers - Forever Man (How Many Times) (Les Bisous Extended Remix)

Beaty Rate - Rich Bass (Original Mix)

Bingo Players, Tania Foster - Hypnotized (Extended Mix)

Black V Neck - Intergalactic (Extended Mix)

BlackCode, David Allen, MDM Music - Come Get It (Extended Mix)

Bladerunner, Eden - Different High (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - Donna's Yem (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - Go For The Milkshake (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, Atilla Cetin - Is This Love (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, Culum Frea - When I Think Of You (Extended Mix)

Brett Allen, Bombs Away - Money Maker (Extended)

Bruno Furlan, Deeft - Space Bump (Original Mix)

Bushbaby - Locked On (Original Mix)

CMC$, Sam Feldt - Dirty Talk (Club Mix) (Extended)

Calvin Harris, Sam Smith - Desire (Calvin Harris VIP Mix)

Carol, OCVLVS - BLOOD BULLET (Original Mix)

Castaman - Sitar Groove (Extended Club Mix)

Cat Dealers, Romeo Blanco - Out Of Time (Extended Mix)

Catching Cairo, Bcee - Overdue (Original Mix)

Catching Cairo, Disrupta - For Your Love (Original Mix)

Catching Cairo, Dogger - Easy (Original Mix)

Catching Cairo, Simula - Safe (Mmm) (Original Mix)

Catching Cairo, Turno - Out Loud (Original Mix)

Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Man On The Run (Original Mix)

Chasing Abbey - Learning To Dance (Lanigan's Ball) (Extended Mix)

Chasing Abbey, Lanigans Ball - Learning To Dance (Extended Mix)

Chuck Shadow, Fantom Freq, Fubu Q - Work (Original Mix)

Ciaran McAuley, Audrey Gallagher - Armour (David Forbes Extended Remix)

Conro - Wastin Time (Original Mix)

Constantin, Lilly Ahlberg - Don't Let Me Go (Extended Mix)

Crystal Skies, HALIENE - Stardust (Original Mix)

DJ Richelle, Dread MC, Yasmin Jane - Work It (Dubblet Remix)

DJ Richelle, Dread MC, Yasmin Jane - Work It (Original Mix)

DOCTUM - DEJA VU (Extended Mix)


Dames Brown, Eddie Fowlkes - Do It (Original Mix)

Dames Brown, Eddie Fowlkes - Do It (Zach Witness Extended Remix)

Daveartt - Yo Quiero Una Nena (Mariana BO Remix) (Extended Mix)

Dead As Disko, Tom Silver - Slam Your Body Down (Club Mix)

Dee Montero - Cielo (Original Mix)

Dee Montero - Everybody (Original Mix)

Deekline, Katalyst - Tyreman (Original Mix)

Deep Crisis - Dynamo (Original Mix)

Deep Crisis - Mind How Ya Chat (Original Mix)

Deniz Koyu - Astral (Extended Mix)

Dhuss - MIND BE FREE (Extended Mix)

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Tiesto, Dido, W&W - Thank You (Not So Bad) (Extended)

Dirty Palm - Turn It Up (Extended Mix)

Disco Eternal, Future Spice - Under The Exit Light (Extended Mix)

Dmitri Saidi, Camilo Do Santos - Mama (Original Mix)

Dmitri Saidi, Deltech - Love Pain (Original Mix)

Dmitri Saidi, SIDE B - Me Gusta (Original Mix)

Domeno, Francesco Yates - Last Christmas (Extended Mix)

Duke & Jones, Marlhy - Call Me (Extended Chill Mix)

EBRUXX, Mydazz, POIZZONED - Dreamers Of The World (Extented Mix)

EMATA, EDHI EDWARD - Paradox (Extended Mix)

ETC!ETC!, Gawm - Run That Back (Original Mix)

ETC!ETC!, Noizilla - INSNE (Original Mix)

ETC!ETC!, Rathero, Sky Sky - The Herd (Original Mix)

ETC!ETC!, TRVESO - Jump On The Mic (Original Mix)

ETC!ETC!, desamor. - Grand Hype (Original Mix)

EWAVE, Brothers Evolution - Missing You (Original Mix)

Ed Rush - Body Back (Original Mix)

Eleganto - PWR (Extended Mix)

Emanuel Satie, Maga, Sean Doron - Sleepless (Original Mix)

Emdi, Costel Van Dein, Naja - Close My Eyes (Extended Mix)

Emma Hewitt, ZOYA - HOLDING OUT FOR YOU (Extended Mix)

Eugenio Fico - Let's Work (Original Mix)

Fab Massimo, Meaghan - Ticket To You (Extended Mix)

Felix Jaehn - Still Fall (Extended Mix)

Ferry Corsten - Connect (Extended Mix)

Ferry Corsten - Mind Trip (Extended Mix)

Ferry Corsten - Yes Man (Extended Mix)

Ferry Corsten, Diandra Faye - Stay Awake (Extended Mix)

Finley Brückner, Robertson - Pine Fire (Extended Mix)

Földes, ay-Mill, Solina - Insomnia (Original Mix)

Fuzzy Hair - Da Da (Extended Mix)

GATTÜSO - Pink Powder (Original Mix)

Ghostbusterz - Baby I'm A Star (Original Mix)

Ghostbusterz - Feel 4 U (Original Mix)

Ghostbusterz - Hard To Say I'm Sorry (Original Mix)

Gil Glaze - Over You (Original Mix)

Goom Gum - Soma (Extended Mix)

Grafix - Dance All Day (Original Mix)

Guzy - High Voltage (Original Mix)

Hardwell, Shortround - Goes Like This (Extended Mix)

Hover Glazz, Aldus Barus, MikeHans - All For You (Extended Mix)

Huminal - Life's A Dive (Extended Mix)

INNDRIVE, Vicentini - Inside Your Head (Extended Mix)

IORA - Under My Body (Original Mix)

Inhuman - SCARLET (Original Mix)

Isek - Tik Tok (Extended Mix)

JSTJR - Bassline (Original Mix)

Jackers Revenge, Lissat - In My House (Original Mix)

Jamie Hai - Supernova (Original Mix)

Jantsen, RUVLO - Kumonga (Original Mix)

Jason Weiss, Alba Kras - Now Or Never (Extended Mix)

Jaxx Inc. - Throw Ur Hands (Original Mix)

Jen Payne - What About Us? (Extended Mix)

Jerome Isma-Ae, Alastor - String Of Lights (Original Mix)

Joachim Pastor - Adrenogate (Extended Mix)

Joachim Pastor - Green Washer (Extended Mix)

Joachim Pastor - Ice Walls (Extended Mix)

Joachim Pastor - Ultima Ratio (Extended Mix)


KSHMR, Hannah Boleyn - Tears On The Dancefloor [Night Mode] (Extended Mix)

Kasablanca > - Rubicon (Dub Mix)

Kasablanca > - Rubicon (Extended Mix)

Kasablanca > - Silo (Dub Mix)

Kasablanca > - Silo (Extended Mix)

Kevin McKay, Notelle - Circles (Extended Mix)

Kiko, Olivier Giacomotto - Deca (Original Mix)

Krimsonn - Scared To Love (Extended Mix)

LAR, Nu-La - Erase (Bound To Divide Extended Mix)

Larce - Go For Excellence (Official 2024 UEC Track Elite European Championships Song) (Extended Mix)

Laurent Simeca - Want Your Love (Original Mix)

Lion, Prime Punk - You Ready?! (Extended Mix)

Lister - Insane (Extended Mix)

Lizdek - Face In Half (Original Mix)

Lizdek - Need Me (Original Mix)

Lizdek - Silver Lining (Original Mix)

Lizdek, Drazius - Infinite Exposure (Original Mix)

Lizdek, capshun - Driver's Seat (Original Mix)

Luke Bond, M6 - Nexus (Extended Mix)

MVRDA, Shiverz - Rattlegun (Original Mix)

Madison Mars - Be The One (Extended Mix)

Man Power, Mizbee - Chozen (Max Chapman Remix)

Man Power, Mizbee - Chozen (Original Mix)

Marc Benjamin, Aries - Body Move (Extended Mix)

Mark Knight, Armand Van Helden - Release Me (Extended Mix)

Maurice Lessing, Eveline - Red Planet (Extended Mix)

Max Magnani - Shake That Thing (Original Mix)

Mayo - Gucci (Extended Mix)

Mees Salomé - Haunted (Extended Mix)

Menshee - I Wanna Be With U (Extended Mix)

Mesa & Boss, Dave Ruthwell - Need You (Extended Mix)

Miami House Party - Hustlin' (Original Mix)

Mike Williams, Firebeatz - Womp (Extended Mix)

Mirko & Meex - If You Girl Only Knew (Extended Mix)

Mitch De Klein - Embrace (Original Mix)

Mitis, Dia Frampton - Falling Into Mystery (Instrumental)

Mitis, Dia Frampton - Falling Into Mystery (Original Mix)

Murdock, Émilie Rachel - Living In The Moment (Original Mix)

NAVOS - The Garden (Extended Mix)

NECROLX - Pain (Original Mix)

Nala - Growth (Artsychoke Remix)

Nala - Growth (Blanka Barbara Remix)

Nala - Growth (Just Martina Remix)

Nari - A Bit Chic (Original Mix)

Nathan Barato, Matheo Velez - Weapon (Extended Mix)

Neptunica, Jasper Forks, Alex Christensen - River Flows In You (Original Mix)

Nicky Romero - Give In (Extended Mix)

Nicky Romero - Give In (Extended VE/RA Remix)

Nicky Romero - Mahoya (Extended Mix)

Nicky Romero - Sacrifice (Extended Mix)

Nicky Romero - Skin On Skin (Extended Mix)

Nicky Romero, TELYKast, Linney - Desire (Extended Mix)

Niels Van Gogh - Paralyzed (Extended Mix)

Nils Hoffmann, Kasbo, Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Running In A Dream (Extended Mix)

Nora En Pure - Emerald Skies (Extended Mix)

Paragon, EVRST - Pulse (Extended Mix)

Penfld - Weekend (Original Mix)

Peter Illias, ANTDUAN - Astronaut (Extended Mix)

Pretty Output - Do You Hear Me? (Extended Mix)

Pretty Output - Something U Said (Interlude)

Pretty Output, AN21 - Skogen (Extended Mix)

Pretty Output, Fractures - Something U Said (Extended Mix)

PØP CULTUR, Vice Versa - Flatline (Extended Mix)

R.I.O., U-Jean - Komodo (Hard Nights) (Paul Keen & Kyanu Remix)

RWB, Purple Velvet Curtains - Altered Vision (Original Mix)

Rafael - That Girl (Extended Mix)

Rafael Cerato, Stylo - The Savior (Extended Mix)

Ragash - Vinyl 1995 (Extended Mix)

Ramba Zamba - What Makes You Beautiful (Original Mix)

Retape (IT) - Solaris (Extended Mix)

Richard Grey - Work (Original Mix)

Richard Grey, Dead As Disko, Tom Silver - Like That (Original Mix)

Ryva - Jump Now (Original Mix)

SUBSHIFT - Move With Tha (Extended Mix)

Sam Bassline - Bad Boy Sound (Original Mix)

Sam Feldt, Sofiloud - Memories (Club Mix Extended Version)

Sammy Virji, Champion - Hot In Here (Original Mix)

Save As (US) - All Nighter (Original Mix)

Save As (US) - Stranger (Original Mix)

Scooter, Harris & Ford - Rave & Shout (Extended Mix)

Scooter, Harris & Ford - Rave & Shout (Special Extended Mix)

Sean Finn, No Hopes - What A Bam (Milk Bar Extended Remix)

Seelo, George Gleeson - Autumn (Extended Mix)

Seven Lions, Jason Ross, GG Magree - Darkness (Extended Mix)

Ship Wrek, DLMT - Jumpstarter (Extended Mix)

Simon Sim's - Ama Tonga (Extended Mix)

Simula - Angels (Mefjus Remix)

Skepsis - Crank (Original Mix)

Skepsis - Relapse (Original Mix)

Skepsis, Haribo - Mosh Pit VIP (Original Mix)

Skepsis, T-Man - Sensi (Original Mix)

Skrimor - Blow (Original Mix)

Skrimor - Mitrafly (Original Mix)

Skrimor - Older Fool (Original Mix)

Skrimor, Nickbee - Long Shift (Original Mix)

Snails - FROGGO (Original Mix)

Snakehips, Laurel - Bringing Me Home (Original Mix)

Swatkat, P For Parker - Beating Heart (Extended Mix)

T-Mass, Subsurface - Hypnotize (Extended Mix)

TRVCY - Blue (Original Mix)

TRVCY - Brainwash (Original Mix)

TRVCY - On Deaf Ears (Original Mix)

TRVCY - You And I (Original Mix)

TRVCY, High Zombie - Fugitive (Original Mix)

Tchami, Malaa - When The Beat Bang (Extended Version)

Teddy Cream, Cheddar - Dancing On My Own (Original Mix)

Teri Miko, Xenon Phoenix - Darksider (Extended Mix)

Terry Golden, Jordan Grace - Losing Love (Extended Mix)

Tobtok, Jack Kelly, Betty Bloom - Into The Bloom (Extended)

Tokyo Machine - STEREO (Original Mix)

Tom & Collins, AMEME - Ando High (Original Mix)

Tom & Jame - The Streets (Extended Mix)

Tom Enzy - Pégate (Extended Mix)

Tommy Maze, Ozgun - Endless Vision (Extended Mix)

True Tactix - On The Ceiling (Original Mix)

Tujamo, Jetlag Music, 3Beat, Vitor Bueno - The Hook (Extended Mix)

Twolate - Pala Pala (Extended Mix)

Vigel, Tbr - We Rolling Loud (Extended Mix)

Vivid - STAY (Lo Fi Jack Remix)

WZA - Bring That Back (Original Mix)

WZA - Day & Night (Original Mix)

WZA - Fascinated (Original Mix)

WZA - Let It Go (Original Mix)

WhoMadeWho - Children (Original Mix)

Will Sparks - Now Or Never (WATTO Remix)

Will Sparks - Tension (FOVOS Extended Remix)

Will Sparks - Tension (hayve Remix)

Will Sparks, MorganJ - Surrender (Intro Edit)

Will Sparks, Sara Phillips - Tension (ryscu Remix)

Windchaser - Keeps Me High (Extended Mix)

YAMER - Poison (Extended Mix)

Yellow Pvnk - No Mercy (Extended Mix)

Yufo - Bounce Again (NLW Extended Edit)

Zac Samuel - Beat Of My Heart (Extended Mix)

Zack Martino - Kill My Heart (Evoxel & Antrex Extended Remix)

maXure - The Ballad (Extended Mix)

nanobii - MoonLight (Extended Mix)

twoloud - Selecta (Original Mix)

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