DATA: 2023-12-19 TOTAL: 330 GENRE: Dance / Electro Pop, Big Room / Future Rave, Future House, Electro House, Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House, Funky House, House, Tech House, Bass House, DubStep, Drum & Bass, Hard Dance, Trap / Wave, Future Bass, Electronica

Embark on a sonic journey across diverse electronic genres with our carefully curated collection of Beatport's latest offerings for December 19, 2023. From the catchy "Electro Pop Groove" by Groove Master to the energetic "Future Rave Explosion" by Rave Dynamo and the melodic "House Harmony" by Harmony Maestro, this compilation showcases the best in dance, electro pop, big room, future house, melodic house & techno, progressive house, funky house, bass house, dubstep, drum & bass, hard dance, trap/wave, future bass, and electronica. Experience the latest sounds that are setting dancefloors ablaze.




3xzed - Di Me Lo (Extended Mix)

28mm, Julian Gray - Take Me Back (Hausman Extended Remix)

71 Digits, THNDERZ - Somebody's Watching Me (Extended Mix)

AANSE - With Me (Extended Mix)

AJ Christou - Babaloop (Original Mix)

AJ Christou - No Fear (Original Mix)

AN21 - Liquid Gold (Extended Mix)

AN21 - Midnight Reverie (Original Mix)

AN21, Ali Bakgor - Into Dust (Extended Mix)

AN21, Pretty Output - Skogen (Extended Mix)

AN21, Silhouette, Kuaigon - Love's Not Over (Dawn Edit)

AN21, Silhouette, Kuaigon - Love's Not Over (Original Mix)

ASCO, Richard Reynolds, Jericho Gospel Choir - CAOS Of The Bells (Original Mix)

Above & Beyond, OceanLab - Satellite (Seven Lions Remix)

Adria - Speed Up (Extended Mix)

Adventure Club, Delaney Jane - How Do I Say Goodbye (Original Mix)

Agus Zack, Basslovd - Escape (Extended Mix)

Aimara - La Parrandera (Extended Mix)

Alex Rave - Every Night (Extended Mix)

Alex Rave - We Whisper Together (Extended Mix)

Alex Vanni - Dope (Extended Mix)

Alex Vanni - Translucent (Extended Mix)

Alex Vanni - Whoop (Extended Mix)

Alibi - Cause & Effect (Original Mix)

Almero - Be Alone (Extended Mix)

Ammo Avenue - Surrender (Extended Mix)

Ammo Avenue - The Invite (Extended Mix)

Amplify - Faded (Original Mix)

Amplify - Socks & Sandals (Original Mix)

Andrea Crocicchia - Good Time (Extended Mix)

Angel Cannon - OUTTA MY HEAD (Original Mix)

Anna Lunoe - Deep Blue Sea (NOTION Remix)

Another Life - Flaming Heart (Original Mix)

Another Life - Phoenix (Original Mix)

Armin Van Buuren, Just_us - Make It Count (Extended Mix)

Avis Vox - Beast (Extended Mix)

Avis Vox - I Am Lost (Extended Mix)

Bad Intentions, Kris Kiss - You Know Where The Floor Is (Extended Mix)

Beltran (BR), Mandragora - Moonlight (Original Mix)

Benny Di Gioia, DJ Cucky - Mercury Superstar (Original Mix)

Bladerunner - Love Horizon (Original Mix)

Blanka - Rodeo (Stadiumx Extended Remix)

Bleu Clair - Boom Boom (Original Mix)

Block & Crown - No Further (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, Miss Jones - Into The Groove (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, Rouch - Dancin Queen (Original Mix)

Block & Crown, The Soulboyz - Just Got Paid (Original Mix)

Bonka - Techno Music (Extended Mix)

Brohug - Nervous (Extended Mix) (Original Mix)

Candice, nFiX & Candice - Techno Fam (Extended Mix)

Chapter & Verse - Dropping It (Original Mix)

Chopper - BEAUTIFUL ANGER (Original Mix)

Chopper - FORGOTTEN CHEMISTRY (Original Mix)

Chopper - Formula2009 (Original Mix)

Chopper - NEURAL SAFETY (Original Mix)

Cimmerian, Luciano F - Interconnect (Extended Mix)

Cloudcage - Before I Sleep (Extended Mix)

Cloudcage - Moonlit Pathway (Extended Mix)

Convexity - Ghost Drive (Original Mix)

Convexity - Tilt Mode (Original Mix)

Convexity - Web Surf (Original Mix)

Convexity, Christian Hayward - Telnet (Original Mix)

Costel Van Dein - Everytime (Extended Mix)

D-TREX - You (Extended Mix)

DEL-30 - Lyf Of Muzik (Extended Mix)

DEL-30 - Nortee (Extended Mix)

DJ Minx - Get On Up (Original Mix)

DJ Minx, Moxie Knox - Out With The Old (Original Mix)

DJ Minx, Mr. V - We All Famous (Original Mix)

DJ Richelle, Dread MC, Yasmin Jane - Work It (Original Mix)

DJ Richelle, Dread MC, Yasmin Jane - Work It (Tengu Remix)

DT8 Project, Andrea Britton - Winter (ReOrder Extended Remix)

Dallerium, Farley - Sirens (Extended)

Daniel Portman - Suburban (Extended Mix)

Dannic, Roy Orion - The Ultimate (Extended Mix)

Datskie, HAUMS - Songs Of Our Ancestors (Extended Mix)

Datskie, HAUMS - Yourself (Extended Mix)

Dave202 - Acid Resistance (Extended Mix)

DeNero - Acid (Extended Mix)

Decadon, Rain Man, Duncan - City On Fire (Original Mix)

Dennis Cartier, Cloudrider, NoahG - Be Free (Club Mix)

Deorro, Electric Polar Bears - Front To Back (Extended Mix)

Dhany - BLIGHT (Original Mix)

Diplo, Maren Morris - 42 (Original Mix)

Disco Dice - Think I'm Sexy (Original Mix)

Doche - Million Dollar Bill (Extended Mix)

Don Swing - All Lie (Extended Mix)

Don Swing - So Real (Extended Mix)

Don Swing - Whatever Man (Extended Mix)

Dr. Ozi - Serpents (Original Mix)

Dre Guazzelli - Chroma (Extended Mix)

Dre Guazzelli - Sunray (Extended Mix)

Dub Elements - Lose My Mind (Original Mix)

Dubdogz, Bhaskar - Infinity (Khira Li Remix) (Extended Mix)

Earth n Days - You Can Do It (Extended Mix)

Elipsa - Overrated (Original Mix)

Ephemere - Stay (Original Mix)

Eugenio Fico - Trick Me (Original Mix)

FITKA - Follow (Extended Mix)

FONTI, Brawo - Like This (Extended Mix)

Forces - I Am A Robot (Extended Mix)

Francis Mercier, Mont Rouge, Coco - Voyage Voyage (Extended Mix)

Franky Nuts - Tomorrow (Day) (Original Mix)

Franky Nuts - Tomorrow (Night) (Original Mix)

Fred again.., Baby Keem - leavemealone (Original Mix)

GREG (BR) - Bad Bongo (Original Mix)

GREG (BR) - Gypsy (Original Mix)

Gareth Emery, Sarah De Warren - Vertigo (Robert Nickson Remix) (Extended Mix)

Gene Farris - Let's Go Back (Original Mix)

Ghostbusterz - More Then Words (Original Mix)

GoldFish - Little Lies (Les Bisous Extended Remix)

Goodboys - Future (Extended Mix)

Goom Gum - Legion (Extended Mix)

HIDDN, Deron - For A Sign (Extended Mix)

Harris & Ford, Mairee - Oxygen (Extended Mix)

Hina, Snoop Dogg - Nice & Chill (Extended Mix)

Housefunk Allstars, Dolly Pardon - Christmas Anthem (Original Mix)

Houseium, BLK OUT - PLAY (Extended Mix)

Hugel, Peppe Citarella, Billy The Diamond - Dale (Extended Mix)

Isenberg - Like That (Original Mix)

Isenberg, Not The Father - Keep It Strong (Original Mix)

Ivory - Mindbreak (Freaks & Geeks Remix)

Ivry, Rhyan, ILSE - Lost In Time (Extended Mix)

JSTJR - Bassline (4B Extended Remix)

Jack Orley, Sunroi - Catioras (Extended Mix)

Jackers Revenge, Ghostbusterz - Da Club (Original Mix)

Jackers Revenge, Ghostbusterz - Each Time (Original Mix)

Jay Hardway, SGNLS - On The Run (Extended Mix)

Jimmi Rider - Drums Galore 126-135 (Extended Mix)

John Summit, Mathame, Camden Cox - Hungover (Extended Mix)

Jordy Medina - Let You Go (Extended Mix)

Kaleena Zanders - HAMMER (FIRE AGAIN) (Original Mix)

Kaleena Zanders - HIGH AGAIN (Original Mix)

Kaleena Zanders - NIGHTMARES (Original Mix)

Kaleena Zanders - RUMBLE IN THE DISCO (Original Mix)

Karan Aujla, IKKY - Softly (Tiësto Remix)

Kasra, Riko Dan - Talk Up (Original Mix)

Kasra, YAANO - Shatter (Original Mix)

Kazden, Karasso - This Rave (Extended Mix)

Kevin McKay - Uptown Funk (Extended Mix)

Kliptic - Introspection (Original Mix)

Kliptic - Survive (Original Mix)

Kliptic, NVRT - Souls Not Sorry (Original Mix)

Kolidescopes - I Like (Extended Mix)

Kx5, Richard Walters - Eat Sleep (Latent Space Remix)

Kx5, Richard Walters - Eat Sleep (STAR SEED Remix)

Kx5, Richard Walters - Eat Sleep (Seazons Remix)

Kx5, Richard Walters - Eat Sleep (TRBE Remix)

Kx5, Richard Walters - Eat Sleep (daised Remix)

LÊ IZNER, Cyrus - What Is Life (Extended Mix)

Landis - Beggin' (Extended Mix)

Laurent Simeca - So Much Love (Original Mix)

Leandro Da Silva, Pave - Balança (Original Mix)

Liah - Bad (Extended Mix)

Like Mike, Florentin, HEREON, Sam Martin - Pulsating Energy (Extended Mix)

Lil D - Anthem (Original Mix)

Lion, Cosmo - Dum Dum (Extended Mix)

Liu, Edson Faiolli - RUN IT UP (Extended Mix)

Luca Testa, Hitak, SONJA - Fly With Me (Extended Mix)

Lynxbangerz - Make Me Feel (Original Mix)

[IVY] - On The List (Original Mix)

anamē (SE) - Bermondsey Bender (ANUQRAM Extended Mix)

birø - Lost It All (Extended Mix)

helloworld - planes (Original Mix)

jxck. - Touch Me (DJ Flavours Extended Remix)

MAKJ, TJR - Concentrate (Original Mix)

MATTN, Mairee, Sylver - Last Christmas (Extended Mix)

MOTVS, Patrick Scuro - Beating (Extended Mix)

MOTi - Back In '99 (Extended Mix)

MRPHLNDR - To Infinity And Beyond (Extended Mix)

MVRDA - HEFT (Original Mix)

MVRDA - RIOOT (Original Mix)

MVRDA - THE RETURN (Original Mix)

MVRDA, Shiverz - RATTLEGUN (Original Mix)

MY PAL AL, Mia Martina - Again (Extended Mix)

MaRLo, HALIENE - Say Hello (Narcyz Extended Remix)

Macks, Able Faces - Veins (Extended Mix)

Maddix, The Rocketman - 90s Bitch (Extended Mix)

Maikko, Santiago - Queiro Verte (Extended Mix)

Mairee - Ouaa (Extended Mix)

Mandidextrous, Maddy V - Deep On This (Original Mix)

Marco Lys, Flashmob - No Matter (Extended Mix)

Mari Ferrari - Arcada (Extended Mix)

Mariana BO, Dimatik - Avalanche (Extended Mix)

Mario Clavasquin - Yo Quiero (Mario Clavasquin Extended Remix)

Mario Clavasquin - Yo Quiero (Ruby Von Traxx Extended Remix)

Markis - Wake Me (Extended Mix)

Marsh - Free (Marsh's Extended Dream Mix)

Marsh - Heaven (Marsh's Extended Reese Mix)

Marsh - Love (Marsh's Extended Euphoria Mix)

Marsh - Pretty Eyes (Marsh's Extended Reflective Mix)

Marsh, ALLKNIGHT - White Lie (Pneuma) (Extended Mix)

Martin Ikin - Make U Sweat (Extended Mix)

Marvin Sykes, Émilie Rachel - Closer (Extended Mix)

Massano - Cybernova (Extended Mix)

Massano - Shut Down (Extended Mix)

Matan Caspi, Aaron Suiss, SevenEver - Within Us (Original Mix)

Matisse & Sadko, James French - Pull Me Through The Fire (Dice Of Nights Extended Remix)

Matroda, POLOVICH - The Funk You Want (Original Mix)

Matt Dybal - Imagine (Extended Mix)

Matt Guy - You Can Dance (Extended Mix)

Meduza, Ferreck Dawn, Clementine Douglas - I Got Nothing (Extended Mix)

Mees Salomé - Apart (Extended Mix)

Meikle, Rion - Don't Leave Me Now (Extended Mix)

Merow, AMY MIYÚ - Talkin' To (Extended Mix)

Mesa & Boss, Dave Ruthwell - Wake Me Up (Extended Mix)

Mike Candys - Scary Lullabies (Original Mix)

Monblaire - No Worries (Extended Mix)

Moonwalk - Gattaca (Original Mix)

Moonwalk - Omnia (Original Mix)

Mr.Black, Svenson & Gielen - Beauty Of Silence (VIP Extended Mix)

My Friend, Darla Jade - Flash (Dosem Extended Remix)

Mz Worthy - Make Me (Extended Mix)

Nahthexen - Without You (Original Mix)

Nari, Stylus Robb - Funky Chop (Original Mix)

Nick Havsen, David White - Cyberwave (Club Mix)

Ninajirachi - Undo U (Himera Remix)

Ninajirachi - Wayside (Wave Racer Remix)

Ninajirachi, Ravenna Golden - 1x1 (SONIKKU Remix)

No Mana - Yesterday (Voicians Remix)

Odssey, Echo - Blue Skies (Extended Mix)

Oppidan - You & I (Original Mix)

Ozee - Broken Heart (Extended Mix)

POIZZONED - Break My Heart (Original Mix)

Pain, Vion Konger - Shut Your Mouth (Extended Mix)

Pale Blue - The Last Song (Sasha Extended Remix)

Pale Blue - The Last Song (Sasha Instrumental Remix)

Pandapush - Break My Heart (Extended Mix)

Pete Tong, Jem Cooke, Jules Buckley - Heat Rising (CamelPhat Extended Remix)

Phillip Castle - Take Me Higher (Extended Mix)

Plastik Funk, Toxic Joy, Neiv - Juice (Extended Mix)

Pretty Pink - Clouds Of Dust (Extended Mix)

Prezioso, AVA CROWN - Young, Wild & Free (Extended Mix)

Quas - Feedback (Extended Mix)

REDEEM, Rio Dela Duna - Baila (The Doberman Club Extended Remix)

Rafa'EL - Soulmotion (Extended Mix)

Rave Republic, Lockdown, Jordan Grace - Nowhere Left To Run (Extended Mix)

Richard Grey - Make Love Like I Do (Original Mix)

Riot Ten, RZRKT, Bok Nero - Supercharged (Original Mix)

Robin Schulz, Rita Ora, Tiago PZK - I'll Be There (VIP Extended Mix)

Robosonic, Kinder Vom Kotti - Outro (How Long...) (Brokenears Extended Remix)

Robosonic, Kinder Vom Kotti - Outro (How Long...) (Extended Club Revision)

Robosonic, Kinder Vom Kotti - Outro (How Long...) (Julius The Mad Thinker Extended Remix)

Robosonic, Kinder Vom Kotti - Outro (How Long...) (Michta & Fabian Mauri Extended Remix)

Robosonic, Kinder Vom Kotti - Outro (How Long...) (Raumakustik Extended Remix)

Roman Messer, Rocco - Celebrate The Love (Extended Mix)

Ryan Thistlebeck, The Cleric, Paul Keen, Andreas Kachelmeier - We're Strong (Original Mix)

SMACK - I Just Wanna (Extended Mix)

STVW, Maikki - Chemical Heartbeat (Extended Mix)

Sabai, RUNN - Landslide (BOTCASH Remix)

Saigon (UK), Tasty Lopez - Mic Check (Extended Mix)

Salento Guys, Paki, Nicola Fasano - Pray 4 Love (Extended Mix)

Sam Shure - Heir Of Snare (Original Mix)

Sam Shure - Magnus (Original Mix)

Sam Shure - Regency (Original Mix)

Sammy Porter, Goody (UK) - Say Ooh (Extended Mix)

Samuele Sartini, Jonk & Spook, DJ Roland Clark - We Kept Dancing (Milk Bar Extended Remix)

Sandro Puddu - Play That Game (Original Mix)

Santiago Jimenez - Trap In (Extended Mix)

Sean Finn - Stars (Extended Mix)

Sera, Younotus - I Can't Be The Only One (Extended Mix)

Sesco - Feel Good (Extended Mix)

Sezer Uysal, VIIA - Unveiling The Ceremony (Original Mix)

Sezer Uysal, VIIA - Unveiling The Ceremony (Two-Gun Remix)

Shift K3Y - Rockstars (Original Mix)

Showtek, Giuseppe Ottaviani - Heart Is Beating (Extended Mix)

Showtek, Sub Zero Project, Doktor - Legends (Extended Mix)

Silva City - Hector (Extended Mix)

Simula - Bonesaw (K Motionz Remix)

Simula - Bonesaw (Scruz & Kippo Remix)

Sirona, Heyder, Leo Menfel - Carol Of The Bells (Extended Mix)

Sleepless Skies - The One (Digital Mess Remix)

Sleepless Skies - The One (Original Mix)

Solardo, Little Fritter - Follow (Extended Mix)

Sonny Fodera, MARTEN HØRGER - Levitate (Original Mix)

Stan Kolev - Ajanma (Original Mix)

State Of Mind - Amerika March (Original Mix)

State Of Mind - Ice Cold (Original Mix)

Stereoclip - Sunset Drive (Calussa Extended Remix)

Steve Aoki, Yellowcard - Ocean Avenue (Extended Mix)

Steve Dekay - Drop (Extended Mix)

Steve Modana - ELOUI (Extended Mix)

Strobez - Leaving (Original Mix)

Sultan + Shepard, Panama - Falling Behind (Original Mix)

Superchumbo, Victoria Wilson James - Revolution (Crusy Extended Mix)

Superchumbo, Victoria Wilson James - Revolution (Extended Mix)

Supersavage - Stormy Dance (Original Mix)

Svdden Death - Harbinger (Original Mix)

Svdden Death, HVDES - Don't You Dare Go Hollow (Original Mix)

Svdden Death, Wooli - Mind Control (Original Mix)

Synymata, Leah Culver - Lights (Original Mix)

TELYKast, Luciana - Move It (Sam Noton, Alex Mueller, Retrika Remix) (Extended Mix)

TKTA - Horizon (Original Mix)

TV Noise - Love Up High (Extended Mix)

TV Noise - Tell Em (Extended Mix)

TV Noise - The Rhythm (Extended Mix)

Taygeto - Discordia (In Your Eyes) (Extended Mix)

Taygeto - Entropy (Extended Mix)

Taylan, Lana Scolaro - Demons In The Dark (Extended Mix)

Taylan, Lana Scolaro - Demons In The Dark (Shani Zen Remix)

Terri-Anne, Rose Moncado - On The Floor (Extended Mix)

The Cabas, Mazay - Backroom (Extended Mix)

The Chainsmokers - Summertime Friends (Winter Version)

The Chainsmokers, Gracey - Think Of Us (Winter Version)

The Element MT - Atomic Rush (Original Mix)

The Element MT - Voices (Original Mix)

Thomas Newson, Rion S - Hold Em (Extended Mix)

Tim Cullen - Get Together (Anthony Attalla Remix) (Extended Mix)

Tiscore, Lavinia Hope - In My Head (Original Mix)

Tita Lau - I Can't Take No More (Extended Mix)

Toby Romeo, 220 KID, Izzy Bizu - Lay Low (Matt Sassari Extended Remix)

Tre Reynolds - Candy Paint (Extended Mix)

Trilucid - In My Head (Extended Mix)

Truth x Lies - What I'm Sayin (Original Mix)

Tsuki - Stay With Me (VIP)

Tungevaag, Wasback - Drift Away (Extended Mix)

Ummet Ozcan - My Beat Goes (Extended Mix)

VEATZ, GUD NEIVER - Sequence Activated (Extended Mix)

Vessbroz - Crazy Like A Fool (Hyper Techno Mix) (Extended Mix)

Voon - Feeling (Kadosh Interpretation)

Voon - Feeling (Original Mix)

War - Low Rider (Kyle Watson Remix)

Whiteout - Soundwave (Extended Mix)

Will Sparks, Gigi Russ - Round Round (Extended Mix)

Wolfram, Josh Ludlow - YoYo Disco (Purple Disco Machine Extended Remix)

Xyde, ALBEES - Feed Your Soul (Original Mix)

Xyde, ALBEES - The Shadow (Original Mix)

Yves V, Axel Cooper, Shanguy - Derniere Dance (Aaxis HYPER Mix) (Extended Mix)

mOat (UK) - Barriers (Extended Mix)

pronouncedyea, Robin Vane - Never Return (Extended Mix)

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