DATA: 2023-07-06 TOTAL: 670 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

Discover the latest offerings in the world of electronic music with the Beatport New TECH HOUSE, HOUSE, BASS HOUSE, JACKIN HOUSE, NU DISCO / DISCO, DEEP HOUSE, MINIMAL / DEEP TECH chart dated July 6, 2023. This chart features an impressive compilation of 670 high-quality tracks that span across multiple genres. From the groovy basslines of Tech House and the infectious rhythms of House and Jackin House to the melodic vibes of Deep House and the stripped-back sounds of Minimal and Deep Tech, this chart caters to a diverse range of musical tastes. Immerse yourself in a sonic journey filled with pulsating beats and captivating melodies as you explore the cutting-edge tracks showcased in this chart.



5prite, Viki Love - Inkatho (Extended Mix)

ALOTT - Midnight Rumble (Extended Mix)

Adapter - Freak Me (Extended Mix)

Addvibe - My Voice (Original Mix)

Addvibe - Nycee (Original Mix)

Adiel Mora - Whatchuflava? (Original Mix)

Adolfo Gonzalez - On Night (Original Mix)

Adrian Mejias - Glitcheese (Original Mix)

Aguilar (Italy) - Love (Original Mix)

Aguilar (Italy) - Money In The World (Original Mix)

Aguilar (Italy) - The Fire (Original Mix)

Agustin Lopez - Funktastic (Original Mix)

Agustin Lopez - Underwave (Lautaro Mauti Remix)

Agustin Lopez - Underwave (Original Mix)

Airam Llarena - Flac (Original Mix)

Alan Dixon, Will Tramp - Sunday Stomper (Do It Right Extended Dub)

Alan Dixon, Will Tramp - Sunday Stomper (Piano Preacher Extended Mix)

Alan Nieves - After Dark (Original Mix)

Alan Nieves - Memory (Original Mix)

Alan Nieves - Troubled Man (Original Mix)

Alarcon - Mmm Uhh (Original Mix)

Alejandro LH - Coolyrs (Original Mix)

Alejandro LH - Trifolumm (Original Mix)

Alev Tav - Feel It (Original Mix)

Alex Lago, Maty Badini - Cuten Firen (Original Mix)

Alex Lago, Maty Badini - Tell Me Why (Original Mix)

Alex Meireles - Xposed (Original Mix)

Alex Rojas - Manzur's Laud (Gonzalo Ram Remix)

Alex Rojas - Manzur's Laud (Original Mix)

Alp Kargoren - Choices (Original Mix)

Alp Kargoren - Hypnotherapy (Original Mix)

Aluna, Tchami, Kareen Lomax - Running Blind (Original Mix)

Alvaro Lopez - Go To Keep It (Original Mix)

Alvaro Lopez - This Thing (Original Mix)

Amy Dabbs, Athlete Whippet - Deep In Your Love (Extended Mix)

Amy Dabbs, Athlete Whippet - Into You (Extended Mix)

Amy Dabbs, Athlete Whippet - Milkshake (Extended Mix)

Andrea Giudice - Flash (Original Mix)

Andreas Christou - Bring Me Up (Original Mix)

Andreas Christou - For Your Piece Of Mind (Original Mix)

Andreas Christou - Summer Jazz (Original Mix)

Andres Blows - Boss On Fire (Original Mix)

Andres Blows - Rabbit (Original Mix)

Andres Blows, John eSe - My Doggy (Original Mix)

Andres PM - Desire (David Kinnard Remix)

Andres PM - Desire (Lucas Rotela Remix)

Andres PM - Desire (Original Mix)

Angelo Ferreri, TSOS - Jingo (Chill Mix)

Angelo Ferreri, TSOS - Jingo (Soul Mix)

Ant Schillaci - Nasty Sh!t (Original Mix)

Antho Decks - Essa E Pra (Extended Mix)

Antonello Camboni, Javi Miramontes - Non Stop It (Original Mix)

Antony PL - Move (Original Mix)

Antony PL - Sunday Morning (Original Mix)

Archie B - Elevator (Original Mix)

Arnold & Lane - Buck (Dub Mix)

Arnold & Lane - Buck (Extended Mix)

Arnold & Lane - Werkem (Extended Mix)

Aron Volta, Project89 - Back Again (Original Mix)

Aron Volta, Project89 - Jazz Funk (Original Mix)

Aron Volta, Project89 - Jazz Funk (Richard Earnshaw Remix)

Aron Volta, Project89 - You Better Know (Original Mix)

Baligion, Freenzy Music - Believe (Original Mix)

Bando (GR), Non Grata (GR) - I Just Wanna (Original Mix)

Barlessia - Right Now (Original Mix)

Bastian Bux - Jargon (Original Mix)

Bastian Bux - Pawa (Original Mix)

Bauen - Me & Myself (Original Mix)

Bauhouse - Guitarrita (Original Mix)

Bauhouse - Master Gee (Original Mix)

Bauhouse - Undercover (Original Mix)

Baylee Brown - Don't Stop (Original Mix)

Baylee Brown - Know What (Original Mix)

Behache, Black Smile - The Moon (DOMO (ES) Remix)

Behache, Black Smile - The Moon (Ignacio Lex Remix)

Behache, Black Smile - The Moon (MYTIKO Remix)

Behache, Black Smile - The Moon (Mag Soto, Victor Balseca Remix)

Behache, Black Smile - The Moon (Martin Deen Remix)

Behache, Black Smile - The Moon (Oliver Osborne Remix)

Behache, Black Smile - The Moon (Original Mix)

Behache, Black Smile - The Moon (Rubi M Remix)

Ben Tax - Another Day I Wake Up (Original Mix)

Ben Tax - Another Day I Wake Up (Superboxx Remix)

Ben Walsh (UK) - Dance All Night (Extended Mix)

Ben Walsh (UK) - Slow Down (Extended Mix)

Benan - Just Be (Original Mix)

Benan - Move Your Body (Original Mix)

Beta - Signal Collapse (Original Mix)

Beta - Spicy (Original Mix)

Blaze, UDAUFL, Barbara Tucker - Most Precious Love (DJ Kone & Marc Palacios Extended Remix)

Blaze, UDAUFL, Barbara Tucker - Most Precious Love (Paul Adam 2023 Extended Remix)

Blazers - Frontin' (Original Mix)

Bruno Furlan - Now Work (Extended Mix)

Butane, Riko Forinson - Electric Crystals (Drum Dub)

Butane, Riko Forinson - Electric Crystals (Original Mix)

Butane, Riko Forinson - Stimulate (Original Mix)

Butane, Riko Forinson - Stimulate (Tech Mix)

CHANTHE - Vai No Toma Toma (Original Mix)

Caparzo - Despertar (Original Mix)

Capital Mood - Boom (Original Mix)

Capital Mood - Dale Con To (Original Mix)

Capital Mood - Mueve Mueve (Original Mix)

Carlos A - El Protagonista (Original Mix)

Carlos A - Flower (Original Mix)

Carlos Pineda - Bapu (Original Mix)

Carlos Pineda - Groovytnol (Original Mix)

Carlos Pineda - Guata (Original Mix)

Carlos Striscia - Bailando Con El Metronomo (Original Mix)

Carlos Striscia - Esso Para Que (Original Mix)

Carlos Striscia - Love And Happy 023 Re Edit (Original Mix)

Casmalia - Off My Mind (Original Mix)

Cesare vs Disorder - His Kingdom (Original Mix)

Cesare vs Disorder - Leo (Original Mix)

Cesare vs Disorder - Robot Backpack (Original Mix)

Cesare vs Disorder, Kevin Knapp - All One (Original Mix)

Chamo (AR) - Dance 4Me (Original Mix)

Chamo (AR) - Keep It (Original Mix)

Chanknous - Sweet Coffee (Original Mix)

Charles B, Juan Dileju - Louder (Extended Mix)

Charlie Rice - The Love Snare (Ollie Bentley Remix)

Charlie Rice - The Love Snare (Original Mix)

Charlie Rice - The Ravers (Original Mix)

Chiccaleaf (ITA) - EMULE (Extended Mix)

Christian Bove - Dancing Freesta (Original Mix)

Clu Polar - Signals (Audiojack Remix)

Clu Polar - Signals (Huxley Remix V1)

Clu Polar - Signals (Huxley Remix V2)

Clu Polar - Signals (Original Mix)

Connor S - MPC Love (Original Mix)

Coppola - Vulture (Extended Mix)

adaobat - Cataleya (Original Mix)

adaobat - Voices (Original Mix)

Cote Blanlot - Minutes (Original Mix)

Cote Blanlot - Sensations (Original Mix)

Cristian Fascelli - Secundele (Original Mix)

Cristian Merino - My Mustache Is My Achilles Heel (Original Mix)

Cristian Merino - Singing Drunk In The Street (Original Mix)

Cristian Merino - Wet Dreams With My University Teacher (Original Mix)

Cupido. - Sintergica (Original Mix)

Cupido. - Soledad (Original Mix)

DIMMISH - Dissolve (Original Mix)

DIMMISH - Lemon Life (Original Mix)

DIMMISH - Orbit (Original Mix)

DIMMISH - Singularity (Original Mix)

DJ Antony - Equation Of Motion (Jey Kurmis Remix)

DJ Antony - Equation Of Motion (Original Mix)

DJ Coci, Will Medina - Light On (Original Mix)

DJ Coci, Will Medina - This Is The Name (Original Mix)

DJ Datz - Caporama (Deefo Remix)

DJ Datz - Caporama (Izmael Ortega Remix)

DJ Datz - Caporama (Original Mix)

DJ W!ld - Paris (Original Mix)

DJ W!ld - Simply Me (Original Mix)

DJ W!ld - The Believer (Original Mix)

DJ W!ld - The Dead Men (Original Mix)

DOBZN UK - Caught Me Slippin' (Original Mix)

DOBZN UK - Fallin' For You (Original Mix)

DOBZN UK - Lose Control (Original Mix)

DOBZN UK - Silhouettes (Original Mix)



DREAMRDREAMR - A Club Serenade (Original Mix)

DREAMRDREAMR - Lust 2 Luv (Original Mix)

DREAMRDREAMR - Tracksuit (Original Mix)

DREAMRDREAMR - Velvet (Original Mix)

DaSilva (ES) - GAT2SAY (Original Mix)

Dagoro - Big Friends (Gustaff Remix)

Dagoro - Big Friends (Original Mix)

Dan Corco - Deal With It (Original Mix)

Dan Corco - Here We Go (Original Mix)

Danny Leblack - Totoma (Extended Mix)

Danny Rhys - Sibali (Extended Mix)

Danny Snowden - So What (Original Mix)

Darius Syrossian - Oh Yeah (Original Mix)

Darius Syrossian - Right There (Original Mix)

Darius Syrossian - Scarface (Original Mix)

Darius Syrossian - Scarface (Wheats Remix)

David Cornide - Forguivezzz (Original Mix)

David Cornide - Gottosay (Original Mix)

David Figueira, DJ Roberto Da'Silva - Calentura (Original Mix)

David Figueira, DJ Roberto Da'Silva - Huele Pega (Original Mix)

David Pinto - Luxus (Original Mix)

Davina Moss, Jade PraiZe - To Be Found (Original Mix)

Davina Moss, Jade PraiZe - We Are The Magic (Original Mix)

De La Hoz - Reaction (Original Mix)

Deeft - Piece Of Me (Original Mix)

Denis Ago, Gianfranco Troccoli - Fonk Remark (Original Mix)

Denis Ago, Gianfranco Troccoli - Fonk Remark (YOUniverse (IT) Remix)

Diego Quintero - Monteadentro (Jonathan Jaramillo Remix)

Diego Quintero - Monteadentro (Original Mix)

Diplo, Nicky Da B - Express Yourself (Mochakk Remix)

Dirtytwo - Rymden (Original Mix)

Dirtytwo - Tillsammans (Original Mix)

Dom James (UK) - Costa Nostra (Extended Mix)

Dom James (UK) - Hold Me Closer (Extended Mix)

Dompe - Roots (Original Mix)

Dompe - Step One (Original Mix)

Drag & Drop - Lust (Original Mix)

Drag & Drop - Understand (Original Mix)

Drag & Drop - Up To The Beat (Original Mix)

Dubdogz, Mojjo - La Pinga (Extended)

Dusky - Springz (Original Mix)

Dusky, Lucy Tun - Another Place (Original Mix)

EMEXL - The Beat (Original Mix)

Edoardo Manzini - Bandits (Original Mix)

Edoardo Manzini - Get Down (Original Mix)

Edoardo Manzini - I Do (Original Mix)

Enzo Piro - Back In The Day (Original Mix)

Enzo Piro - Rave Nebula (Original Mix)

Enzo Piro - Saving You (Original Mix)

Estefano Perez - New Day (Original Mix)

Estefano Perez - One Love (Original Mix)

Estema - Voy A Papi (Original Mix)

FREAK ON - Keep My Cool (Extended Mix)

Fabio Vela - Go Away (Extended Mix)

Farfan - Housesouce (Original Mix)

Farfan - Twins Groove (Original Mix)

Farfan - Your Body (Original Mix)

Federico Grazzini, F.T.G. - Facing The Sea (Original Mix)

Federico Grazzini, F.T.G. - Preaching In The Club (Original Mix)

Federico Grazzini, F.T.G. - Rusty Tasty Nasty (Original Mix)

Federico Grazzini, F.T.G. - Tuff Music (Original Mix)

Felipe Gordon, Krewcial - 1972 (Original Mix)

Felipe Gordon, Krewcial - Dying (Original Mix)

Felipe Gordon, Krewcial - The Answer (Original Mix)

Felipe Gordon, Krewcial - The Answer (Session Victim Remix)

Figueredo (AR) - Control (Original Mix)

Filer - MFK (Original Mix)

Filer - Voicemail (Original Mix)

Francesco Ferraro - Can't Go Back (Original Mix)

Francesco Parente - It's Perfect (Original Mix)

Francesco Parente - Let The Beat Drop (Original Mix)

Francesco Squillante - RAEE (Original Mix)

Franck Roger - Les Emotions (Original Mix)

Fred Dekker - The Dub Master (Original Mix)

Fred Dekker - What (Original Mix)

Furkan Kara - Funky Banger (Extended Mix)

Fuzzy Hair - Party Hook (Extended Mix)

Gab Rhome - For You (Original Mix)

Gab Rhome - Hunger (Original Mix)

Gabriel Voltolini - Beat Back (Original Mix)

Gabriel Voltolini - Get Down (Original Mix)

Gabriel Voltolini - Night Long (Original Mix)

Gabriel Voltolini - Oh Yeah (Original Mix)

Gabriele Ranucci - Get Your Love (Extended Mix)

Gansta - Wood Chuck Chuck (Original Mix)

Gene Farris - Limousine (Extended Mix)

Ghek - Agridulce (Original Mix)

Ghek - Introspectivo (Original Mix)

Go Freek, Dope Earth Alien - Turning It Up (Extended Mix)

Gorgon City, Drama - Lost & Found (Extended Mix)

Greg Paulus, Taylor Bense - Do You Love Me (The Martinez Brothers Edit)

Greg Paulus, Taylor Bense - Heat Makes Sense (Original Mix)

Greg Paulus, Taylor Bense, Big $exy - Marino (Original Mix)

Greg Paulus, Taylor Bense, Stimulus, Malik Work - Switch (Original Mix)

Groovboy - Windy (Original Mix)

Gus Sabo - Musik Bae (Original Mix)

Gus Sabo - With You Forever (Original Mix)

Gustaff, Franklyn Watts - Burning (Original Mix)

Gustaff, Franklyn Watts - Closer (Original Mix)

Guti Legatto, Eze Drill - El Azar (Original Mix)

Guti Legatto, Eze Drill - Motherfucker (Original Mix)

Guti Legatto, Eze Drill - The Deep (Original Mix)

Guus Muñoz, Gastón.SP - Gelato (Original Mix)

Guus Muñoz, Gastón.SP - Lebron Haze (Bizza Remix)

Guus Muñoz, Gastón.SP - Lebron Haze (Original Mix)

HP Vince - Dope (Main Mix)

Haechi - D.N.D.A (Extended Mix)

Harry Leon - Brake (Original Mix)

Harry Leon - Lo Mejor Del Repertorio (Original Mix)

Harry Romero, Leo Wood - Fool For Love (Chris Lake Extended Edit)

Harry Romero, Leo Wood - Fool For Love (Extended Mix)

Heren, Julio Navas - Don't Stop (Extended Mix)

Hilit Kolet - POV Siren (Extended Mix)

Hood Rich, The Melody Men - Sun Is High (Extended Mix)

Hot Since 82 - Love Me (Extended Mix)

JB Martinz, Kole Weber Sax - Como Dice El DJ (Original Mix)

JEKU - Again (Original Mix)

JEKU - Astral Dream (Original Mix)

JEKU - Babylon 5.1 (Original Mix)

JEKU - Close Encounters (Original Mix)

Jackard - Old Skool 96 (Original Mix)

Jaime Soeiro - Easy (Original Mix)

Jaime Soeiro - RELX (Original Mix)

Jairo Delli - Mikro (Original Mix)

James Cole - Avec Moi (Kevin McKay Extended Remix)

James Poole - Juicy Roots (Original Mix)

James Poole, Mizbee - Inner Child (Original Mix)

James Poole, Sugur Shane - Miss Tony (Original Mix)

Jamie Unknown - Frenzy (Original Mix)

Jamie Unknown - Nasty90s (Original Mix)

Jammin - Down Shovel (Original Mix)

Jason Hersco - Tell Me (Original Mix)

Javi Reina, Raul Ortiz - Crazy Chicken (Original Mix)

Jen Payne, Lily Tix - Turn It Up (Extended Mix)

Jesusdapnk - Be Yourself (Original Mix)

Jey Kurmis, DJ Antony - Desired Sound (DJ Antony's Get Wicked Remix)

Jey Kurmis, DJ Antony - Desired Sound (Original Mix)

Jona Cerezo - Yellow Submarine (Original Mix)

JonathanPrezdj - She Darknes (Original Mix)

JonathanPrezdj - Vocal Lo Fi (Original Mix)

Jordan GCZ - Making Me Dizzy (Dub)

Jordan GCZ - Making Me Dizzy (Original Mix)

Jordan GCZ - Tongue Twister (Dub)

Jordan GCZ - Tongue Twister (Original Mix)

Jose M, Daniel Moreno - Walking On The Street (Original Mix)

Jose Vera - Canales (Original Mix)

Jose Vera - Mobb's Move (Original Mix)

Jose Vera - Vibe On 98 (Original Mix)

Josh Butler, Jess Kidd - Can't Let Go (Original Mix)

Joshua Puerta - Push It (Original Mix)

Josu Freire - Let Me Beat (Original Mix)

Juan Cruz Colavita - 924 (Original Mix)

Juan Cruz Colavita - Dance For Me (Original Mix)

Julio Bravo - Show Me (Original Mix)

KASSIMIL - 999 (Original Mix)

KYE HAWKINS - Burgs (Original Mix)

KYE HAWKINS - Composure (Original Mix)

KYE HAWKINS - Minimal Sketches (Original Mix)

Karim Soliman - Spacegun (Extended Mix)

Kelvin Cedeno - Love Generation (Original Mix)

Kelvin Cedeno - Low Broken (Original Mix)

Ken'Ichi Itoi - Auditory Illusion (Original Mix)

Ken'Ichi Itoi - Necker Cube (Original Mix)

Ken'Ichi Itoi - Relativistic Dimension (Original Mix)

Ken'Ichi Itoi - Supramammillary Nucleus (Original Mix)

Kid Massive - Feel Good (Original Mix)

Kikko - Rolls (Original Mix)

Kikko - Zoap (Original Mix)

Klaus Stauffenberg - Daydream (Original Mix)

Klaus Stauffenberg - Hands Up (Original Mix)

Kry (IT), Filip Grönlund - Can You Feel? (Original Mix)

Ky William - You & Me (Original Mix)

LOST CAPITAL, Coca Cabana,Steampvnk - Me Loco (Extended Mix)

LP Giobbi - Giodisco (Extended Mix)

Ladymonix - Desire (Original Mix)

Ladymonix - In A Daze (Original Mix)

Ladymonix - So Sweet (Original Mix)

Ladymonix - Welcome 2 My House (Original Mix)

Latmun - Drama At The Back (Original Mix)

Latmun - Free Your Mind (Original Mix)

Leandro Da Silva, Avensis, C-Fast - Que Quieres (Extended Mix)

Liquid Mechanics - Compulsion (Eugene Schieffer Remix)

Liquid Mechanics - Compulsion (Original Mix)

Liquid Mechanics - Strange Passenger (Cantheloop Remix)

Liquid Mechanics - Strange Passenger (Original Mix)

Louden - All I Need (Original Mix)

Low blow, MÆDM - Connection (Extended Mix)

Loz Seka - Run It Up (Original Mix)

Lucas Ferreyra - Darkside (Original Mix)

Ludwik M - No Case (Original Mix)

Luke Solomon, AMP Fiddler - Come On Over (Extended Mix)

Lunoize - Otterbox (Original Mix)

MAd Sequencers - Vitamin G (Original Mix)

MacBeth - That Feeling (Original Mix)

Maniobras - Por Debajo (Original Mix)

Maniobras - Realization (Original Mix)

Maniobras - Surge (Original Mix)

Maniobras - Target (Original Mix)

Maniobras - Train Trax (Original Mix)

ManyFew, Tough Love - Dance (With That Groove) (Extended Mix)

Marco Briguglia - Roll The Dice (Original Mix)

Marcos Aldinio - Chill Animal (Original Mix)

Marcos Israel - Gotta Go (Original Mix)

Marcos Israel - Hero (Original Mix)

Marcos Israel - Miami High (Original Mix)

Mark Knight, Green Velvet, Rene Amesz - Live Stream (Noizu Extended Mix)

Marmoon - Like A Pro (Extended Mix)

Martin Occo, Devano - Change (Original Mix)

Martin Occo, Devano - KickBack (Gustaff Remix)

Martin Occo, Devano - KickBack (Original Mix)

MartinoResi - Ganish (Original Mix)

Marvin Aloys - Rock The Mic (Original Mix)

Maryag - Benino (Original Mix)

Maryag - Like A Father (Original Mix)

Mata Jones, Alfrenk, G-lover - Mamas (Original Mix)

Mateo Toribio - Di Lo Que (Original Mix)

Mateo Toribio - Feel It (Original Mix)

Mateo Toribio - Lofi Wah (Original Mix)

Mateo Toribio - Toppy (Original Mix)

Mathew F - SNAP! (Original Mix)

Matrefakt - Burn (Confidential Recipe Remix)

Matrefakt - Burn (Original Mix)

Matrefakt - Crystal (Original Mix)

Matrefakt - Rock (Original Mix)

Matt Sassari, Quarterhead, Miggy Dela Rosa - Remedy (Extended Mix)

Mattei & Omich, Re-Tide - Naasty (Mattei & Omich Re-Grooved)

Matteo Dentone - Who Are You (Original Mix)

Matteo Quezada - Pure Seduction (Original Mix)

Matteo Quezada - Sunset Riders (Original Mix)

Mattew - Dxx (Original Mix)

Mattew - Gosth (Original Mix)

Mattew - Like Me (Original Mix)

Maty Badini - Chesqueat (Original Mix)

Maty Badini - Having Fun (Original Mix)

Maty Badini, Wilfred (COL) - Atmospheric (Original Mix)

Maty Badini, Wilfred (COL) - Sigh (Original Mix)

Maty Badini, Wilfred (COL) - Sigh (Santiago Leonardi Remix)

MINT (JPN) - A Long Time Ago (Original Mix)

MINT (JPN) - Azure (Original Mix)

Mauro Diaz - Ava (Original Mix)

Mauro Diaz - Handle (Lophius Rec Remix)

Mauro Diaz - Handle (Original Mix)

Mauro Diaz - Mcgee (AILY Remix)

Mauro Diaz - Mcgee (Original Mix)

Maximo Quinones - Got Me Feeling (Original Mix)

Maximo Quinones - Muevelo (Alfrenk, Massimo Solinas Remix)

Maximo Quinones - Muevelo (Original Mix)

Michelle Vivas - Veni Bailalo (Jonathan Jaramillo Remix)

Michelle Vivas - Veni Bailalo (Original Mix)

Mihai Popoviciu - Jewel (Original Mix)

Mihai Popoviciu - Only (Pornbugs Remix)

Mihai Popoviciu - This (Frink Remix)

Mihai Popoviciu - This (Original Mix)

Mike Sharon - Dreaming (Original Mix)

Mike Sharon - In My Mind (Original Mix)

Mike Sharon - That Thang (Janeret Remix)

Mike Sharon - That Thang (Original Mix)

Milan - Dale (Original Mix)

Milan - Putaria (Original Mix)

Milan - Que? (Original Mix)

Milan, Sammy Haig - Mueve Le (Original Mix)

Milton Chuquer - Flora (Extended Mix)

Minitronik, Matke - Istina (Original Mix)

Minitronik, Matke - Zadovoljstvo (Original Mix)

Miriam Casa - Br (Original Mix)

Mirko & Meex - The Real Thing (Original Mix)

Mirko (IT) - Feel Good (Original Mix)

Misc Mood - Milu (Original Mix)

Misc Mood - Pulp Fiction (Original Mix)

Misc Mood - Tosqui (Original Mix)

Monetic - City Sunrise (Original Mix)

Monetic - Monks (Original Mix)

Monetic - Rogue (Original Mix)

Monetic - Satya (Original Mix)

Moreno Pezzolato - Deep Desire (Extended Mix)

Moreno Pezzolato - House Of Lust (Extended Mix)

Morrill - Deep Emotions (Original Mix)

Morrill - I'm Sorry... (Original Mix)

Morrill - Operator (Original Mix)

Mr.Martin, Hadex (ES) - Love Me (Original Mix)

Mtheuz - Life Is A Simulation (Original Mix)

Mtheuz - Move My Body (Original Mix)

NRSSE - GROOV (Original Mix)

NUZB - Physique (Extended Mix)

Nachtbraker - Barkuchi Fus (Original Mix)

Nachtbraker - Don't Worry (Original Mix)

Nachtbraker - Don't Worry (Paolo Mosca Remix)

Nachtbraker - Dondoni (Original Mix)

Natural Rhythm - Freak FM (Sebb Junior Deep Mix)

Natural Rhythm - Freak FM (Sebb Junior Dirty Mix)

Neshga - Pablo (Original Mix)

Newball - Modulation (Original Mix)

NicoRozas - All I Do (Original Mix)

Nicola d'Angella - Ninja (Original Mix)

Nicolas Caprile - Cara Bella (GruuvElement's Remix)

Nicolas Caprile - Cara Bella (Original Mix)

Nicolas Caprile - Cara Bella (Tiziano G, BRADII Remix)

Nicolas Caprile - OI (Original Mix)

Nicolas Caprile - Ufo Work (Original Mix)

Nicolas Martinez (CO) - Take It (Original Mix)

Nicolas Martinez (CO) - Taketa (Original Mix)

Nik Thrine - Alone With You (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)

Nik Thrine - Alone With You (Ofier Remix)

Nik Thrine - Alone With You (Original Mix)

Nik Thrine, Memo Rex - My World (Original Mix)

NiveK (AR) - 552 AM (Original Mix)

NiveK (AR) - Factos (Original Mix)

NiveK (AR) - I Dont Care (Original Mix)

NiveK (AR) - MDQ (Original Mix)

Noise Mac - Mogollon (Original Mix)

Noise Mac - Mogollon (Tom Sawyer Remix)

Noola - Here With Me (Original Mix)

Nu Zau - Brain Snow (Original Mix)

Nu Zau - Don't Touch (Original Mix)

Nu Zau - Laura (Original Mix)

Nu Zau - To Infinity (Original Mix)

Octave (RO), SEKO - Inside A Dream (Original Mix)

Octave (RO), SEKO - Make A Story (Original Mix)

Octave (RO), SEKO - Where's Hanna (Original Mix)

Ollie Nick - Do You Love? (Original Mix)

Ollie Nick - Let Me Listen (Original Mix)

Ollie Nick - Still Thinking (Original Mix)

Ollie Nick - Turn It Around (Original Mix)

Omar Svenson - Da Move (Original Mix)

Omar Svenson, Mareels - Hot Shit (Original Mix)

Outway - Laid On The Back (Original Mix)

Outway - Mercedes (Original Mix)

Outway - The Circle (Original Mix)

Ovidi Adlert, Derek Muller - Waiting For (Original Mix)

Owson - Set Me Free (Extended)

Oxoah - 1, 2, 3, GO! (Original Mix)

Oxoah - Intense (Original Mix)

Oxoah - Move (Original Mix)

Oxoah - One More Time (Original Mix)

Pasha Philin - Phrase (Original Mix)

Pasha Philin - Things Will Change (Original Mix)

Pasha Philin - Together (Etzu Mahkayah Remix)

Pasha Philin - Together (Original Mix)

Paul Vega - Destination (Original Mix)

Paul Vega - Don't Be Afraid (Original Mix)

Paul Vega - La Trompeta (Original Mix)

Paul Vega - Rupture (Original Mix)

Pawas - Amrit (Original Mix)

Pawas - Garuda (Original Mix)

Pedro Costa - Stop The Hating (Original Mix)

Pedro Costa - Who Am I (Original Mix)

PedroShum - In New York (Original Mix)

Pepe G, Overworked (US) - Say What (Original Mix)

Per QX - Groovin' On (Original Mix)

Per QX - Hot! (Original Mix)

Per QX, Karmina Dai - Throwin' My Hands Up (Jay Vegas Remix)

Per QX, Karmina Dai - Throwin' My Hands Up (Original Mix)

Phat Suppli - Twerkers (Original Mix)

Pietro Di Fina, Gonnashake - All Around Ya (Original Mix)

Pietro Di Fina, Gonnashake - Go Down (Original Mix)

Pirate Snake, Kallak - Generation (Extended Mix)

Powl, Kel - La Luna (Extended Remix)

Prab K - Quack Back (Original Mix)

Prab K - Stay With Me (Esan Data) (Original Mix)

Prab K - Sup (Daniel Meister Remix)

Prab K - Sup (Original Mix)

Prab K - Sup (Tome R Remix)

Rami - El Kybalion (Original Mix)

Rami - Everywhere I Go (Original Mix)

neviks - Closer (Original Mix)

neviks - Ordinary Things (Original Mix)

RAYZIR - Dale (Extended Mix)

RETNA (UK), Lee Foss, Isabellea - Puppet On A String (Original Mix)

Ramiro Navarro - Gaitero (Original Mix)

Ramiro Navarro - Vai (Original Mix)

Reagan Mian - Nina (Original Mix)

Reagan Mian - Torn Apart (Original Mix)

Reblok - Want You (Extended Dub Mix)

Reblok - Want You (Extended Mix)

Reflex Blue - Cave Map (Original Mix)

Reflex Blue - E.a.r.t.h (Original Mix)

Reflex Blue - Low End Freqz (Original Mix)

Reflex Blue - Witch Medicine (Original Mix)

Renan Boeing - GO (Original Mix)

Renato (CL) - Diamantes (Original Mix)

Renato (CL) - I Can Love U (Original Mix)

Renato (CL) - Jack Daniel's (Original Mix)

Resa Dadash - Can't Control (Original Mix)

Retza - Division (Too Sexy Mix)

Retza - Foundation (Arp Mix)

Ricardo Hidalgo - Je Taime (Original Mix)

Ricardo Hidalgo - Pour Le Club (Original Mix)

Rinia Rinia, Advek - 5th Gear (Original Mix)

Rinia Rinia, Advek - Metro (Original Mix)

Rinia Rinia, Advek - Things You Do (Original Mix)

Rioss (Col) - Dreamer (Original Mix)

Rob More, Patrick M - Space Machine (Dyab Remix)

Rob More, Patrick M - Yaiya (Dyab Remix)

Rod Garcia - Street Thoughts (Original Mix)

Rodrigo Ferrari - Sigma (Beranger Remix)

Rodrigo Ferrari - Sigma (Original Mix)

Rodrigo Ferrari - Tau (Original Mix)

Rodrigo Serna, Bexxie - Got Me (Original Mix)

Ron Costa - Do My Thang (Original Mix)

Ruben Verone, Guiardz - Crezzendo (Original Mix)

Ruben Verone, Guiardz - Magnetic Resonance (Original Mix)

Ruben Verone, Guiardz - Malicious Smile (Original Mix)

SAVISTO - Against The Grain (Original Mix)

SIDE B - One Party (Original Mix)

SIDE B - Ready (Original Mix)

SIDE B - Your Dream (Original Mix)

SOHMI - Somebody (Danny Howard Terrace Extended Mix)

Saffron Stone, MISS DRE - All The Way (Extended Mix)

Sam Supplier, Marlon Sadler - Better Off Alone (Extended Mix)

Samir, FRANK B (BR) - My Fill (Original Mix)

Sante - Flex That (Jordan Peak Remix)

Sante - Your Body (Jordan Peak Remix)

Sascha Sonido - Desolate (Original Mix)

Sascha Sonido - Got The Vibe (Original Mix)

Sascha Sonido - Masuda (Original Mix)

Sascha Sonido - On My Mind (Original Mix)

Sean Guillermo - Flightpath (Original Mix)

Sean Guillermo - Useless Ideas (Original Mix)

Sera De Villalta - So Delicious! (Original Mix)

Sera De Villalta, Abdon - Alexa's On Drugs (Original Mix)

Serge Funk - Disco Hustle (Extended Mix)

Sergio Bennett, Jorhav - To The Sky (Jizz Remix)

Sergio Bennett, Jorhav - To The Sky (Original Mix)

Shavezz - Like That (Original Mix)

Sikstee - Aljas (Original Mix)

Sikstee - Bunos (Original Mix)

Sikstee - Smo Ballada (Original Mix)

Simas - A.I (Original Mix)

Simas - Gib Pappo (Original Mix)

Simas - KTMA (Original Mix)

Simon Erar - Levelup (Original Mix)

Simone Celi, Roy-Z - Tuko (Original Mix)

Since08 - Drop The Tyler (Original Mix)

Skepta, Jammer, Etta Bond - Touching My Body (Original Mix)

Skizzo - Can't Touch It (Original Mix)

Skizzo - Upper (Original Mix)

Sonata Collective, Curt Lopez - Rising (Original Mix)

Sonrizas - Ponte Pa Mi (Original Mix)

SUBSHIFT, Curtiba, Haylee Wood - Is It Me (Extended Mix)

Soul Shift - Futuro (Original Mix)

Stanny Abram - Mangapaasi (Extended Mix)

Stephan Barbieri - Chicken Roll (Extended Mix)

Stephan Barbieri - Guguleth (Extended Mix)

Stephen William - Don't Forget To Dream (Original Mix)

Stephen William - Gotta Something (Original Mix)

Stephen William - Split My Heart (Original Mix)

Steve Mill, Tee Amara - Whatever It Takes (Manuel Sahagun Remix)

Stocked Up - In The 713 (Jelsen Remix)

Stocked Up - In The 713 (Original Mix)

Stocked Up - Wax Dealer (Malachy Remix)

Stocked Up - Wax Dealer (Original Mix)

Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Alina Pozi - Ducati (Extended Mix)

Sven Kerkhoff - You Can Boogie (Club Mix)

TR3NACRIA - Makeba (Extended Mix)

The Deepshakerz - Berzerk (Extended Mix)

The Deepshakerz, Aaron Pfeiffer - Feel Alive (Extended Mix)

The Mekanism, Mr. V - This Is My Day (Acapella)

The Mekanism, Mr. V - This Is My Day (Dub Mix)

The Mekanism, Mr. V - This Is My Day (Main Mix)

Thierry Tomas - Independent (Original Mix)

Thierry Tomas - Jacky Jack (Original Mix)

Thierry Tomas - Tackeleberry (Original Mix)

Thomas Garcia - Mi Right Dub (Original Mix)

Thomas Garcia - Ya Dig (Original Mix)

Thomas Garcia, Damian Rausch - If You're Lonely (Original Mix)

Thomas Garcia, Dani - Down To Play (Original Mix)

Thomas Newson, Sllash & Doppe - 1995 (Extended Mix)

Tibi Dabo - Licht (Original Mix)

Tierap, Mizbee - Dreamy Afters (Original Mix)

Todd Terry, Piem, Monolitio - Heartbeat (Extended Mix)

Todd Terry, Piem, Monolitio - Heartbeat (Instrumental)

TolinchiLove - Laser Quest (Original Mix)

Tom Budin, Castion - Around Me (Original Mix)

Tombo - Street Talk (Original Mix)

Tony V - Another House Record (Original Mix)

Tony V - Posing (Cesare vs Disorder Remix)

Tony V - Posing (Original Mix)

Tony V - Posing (Rhom Omit Remix)

Tony V, Sunday Noise - Alert Level Bravo (Original Mix)

Ummett - Fantom (Original Mix)

Ummett - Get Loose (Original Mix)

Ummett - Natural Quality (Original Mix)

Vales - Slamma Jamma (Original Mix)

Vato Gonzalez - Dusty Riddim (Extended Mix)

Vela - Simulation (Daniel Brooks Remix)

Vela - Simulation (Original Mix)

Vela - Simulation (PYRRHUS Remix)

Vicente Larrain - Cologne (OTTATI Remix)

Vicente Larrain - Cologne (Original Mix)

Vicente Larrain - Cologne (Skyfonik Remix)

Vicho Honorato - Club Mude (Original Mix)

Victor Vergara - Blam Blam (Original Mix)

Victor Vergara - Commuting (Original Mix)

Victor Vergara - So Melo (Original Mix)

Vinny Vincero - Light (Extended Mix)

Wally Lopez - Take One (Extended Mix)

Wally Lopez - The Art Of Reinvention (Extended Mix)

Warren Blake - Bad (Original Mix)

Watermat, BURNR, EMIDA - All About U (Extended Mix)

West Coast Swingaz - Heey (Original Mix)

West Coast Swingaz - Keep Pushing (Original Mix)

Withoutwork - I'm a Player (Original Mix)

Wolf Jay, Veltron - Here We Go (Original Mix)

Wolf Jay, Veltron - Latino (Original Mix)

Xenso - Boulevard (Original Mix)

Xenso - Calypso (Original Mix)

Yari Storm - Hands Off (Original Mix)

ZYNK - Here We Go (Original Mix)

Za__Paradigma - How Interesting It Is (Original Mix)

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