DATA: 2023-10-11 TOTAL: 220 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

October 11, 2023, marks the arrival of the Beatport New Release collection, featuring a spectrum of electronic music genres: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackin House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, and Minimal / Deep Tech. This carefully curated compilation invites listeners to explore the rich and diverse world of electronic sound. Notable tracks at the forefront include "Groove Infusion" by DJ Groovemaster, "House Nation" by Jackin Beats, and "Disco Fever" by FunkyGroove. These tracks are a testament to the genre-blurring creativity and timeless grooves that characterize the contemporary electronic music scene. As we immerse ourselves in these tracks, we celebrate the fusion of classic and modern elements that define electronic music in 2023.




Adrian Mart - Blast (Original Mix)

Adrian Mart - Blue Lipstick (Original Mix)

Adrian Mart - I Tremble (Original Mix)

Agus Ferreyra - Whenever (Original Mix)

Agus Ferreyra - Wherever (Original Mix)

Alvaro Lopez - Libelula (Original Mix)

Alvaro Lopez - Super Lopez (Original Mix)

Anas M - Space & Time (Daniel Meister Remix)

Anas M - Space & Time (Original Mix)

Anas M - Terra Jenna (Original Mix)

Anas M - Terra Jenna (Paul Rudder Remix)

Andrey Slam - Manila Train (Original Mix)

BRODYR, Gimbo - Love (Extended Mix)

BRODYR, Gimbo - Rock Up (Extended Mix)

Barni Granados - Felicidad (Extended Mix)

Barni Granados - Rumba (Extended Mix)

Billingy - Etrice (Original Mix)

Billingy - Goon (Original Mix)

Billingy - Poster Boy (Original Mix)

Brizman - Modern Love (Original Mix)

Brizman - Paving My Path (Original Mix)

Brizman - Takes Its Tool (Original Mix)

Brizman - Vox Populi (Original Mix)

Burgate - A Lucky Break (Original Mix)

Burgate - Flights To Best (Original Mix)

Burgate - Take Me Back (Original Mix)

Burnski - Boom (Original Mix)

Burnski - Toxic (Alternative Mix)

Burnski - Toxic (Original Mix)


Carlos A - Anthem (Original Mix)

Carlos A - Good Light (Original Mix)

Carlos A - Timbales (Original Mix)

Cesar Blue - Frecuencia Espacial (Original Mix)

Cesar Blue - Textura Grisasea (Original Mix)

Cesar Blue - The Beat (Original Mix)

Cesar Blue - Voxtrip (Original Mix)

Chris (BR) - Cloud (Original Mix)

DIKKA - Diversion (Etzu Mahkayah Remix)

DIKKA - Diversion (Original Mix)

DIKKA - Opposites Attract (Original Mix)

DJ Gaston - Dont Stop (Original Mix)

DJ Gaston - Move To This (Original Mix)

Dalva - Breath (Original Mix)

Dalva - CashApp (Original Mix)

DaniCW, NEIV - Dance All Night (Extended Mix)

Davide Mentesana - Don't Love Me (Original Mix)

Davide Mentesana - Perfect (Original Mix)

Davide Mentesana - Scratching (Original Mix)

Demian Muller, Andre Butano - Disca Saint (Original Mix)

Deophonik, PUNCHTIM - Adventures (Original Mix)

Deophonik, PUNCHTIM - Clap Back (Original Mix)

Deophonik, PUNCHTIM - Rock The Beat (Original Mix)

Des & Del - Next Question (Extended Mix)

Diego Sosa - Green Room (Original Mix)

Diego Sosa - The Way (Original Mix)

Diju - Keta (Original Mix)

Diju - Mirror (Original Mix)

Diju - Run (Original Mix)

Diju - Run (Primarie 'Stay' Remix)

Dominico, Franco La Cara - Wanna Get Ya (Original Mix)

Dompe - Nonstop (Original Mix)

Dompe - Real Thing (Original Mix)

Don Swing - Fabulous (Franck Roger Remix)

ENNE (BR) - Get Naughty (Original Mix)

ENNE (BR), Puff (ITA) - Night Life (Original Mix)

ENNE (BR), Puff (ITA) - Pass That (Original Mix)

ENNE (BR), Puff (ITA) - Pass That (Reelow Remix)

Eddie Krystal - Cadillac (Original Mix)

Eddie Krystal - Hey Mami (Original Mix)

Eli Samuel - Daily Walk (Original Mix)

Eli Samuel - Empty Disk (Original Mix)

Emiliano90 - Dreaming (Original Mix)

Emiliano90 - Love Undefined (Original Mix)

Emiliano90 - Satisfaction (Original Mix)

Facu González (AR), Matias Javier - Rumba (Leandro Vak Remix)

Facu González (AR), Matias Javier - Rumba (Original Mix)

Facu González (AR), Matias Javier - Rumba (Zicario Remix)

Francesco Ferraro - Bodyjackin (Extended Mix)

Francesco Ferraro, Jame Starck, Robert Owens - Nonsense War (Extended Mix)

Franck Roger - The Love Joint (Original Mix)

Franck Roger, Maceo - Jam One (Original Mix)

Fray Celis - 1612 (Original Mix)

Fray Celis - Baby (Original Mix)

Fray Celis - Relief (Original Mix)

Fray Celis - With Me (Original Mix)

Freddy Be, Savi Leon - Say What You Wanna Say (Gorge Remix)

Freddy Be, Savi Leon - Say What You Wanna Say (Original Mix)

Gabo Forero, Naju - Back Into The Club (Andres Blows Remix)

Gabo Forero, Naju - Back Into The Club (Original Mix)

Gabo Forero, Naju - That Girl (Original Mix)

Gero Ojeda - Hesoyam (Original Mix)

Gero Ojeda - UNK32 (Original Mix)

Gettoblaster, Chris Larsen (CA), Missy - Let's Ride (Nathan Barato's Ride My Pony Remix)

Gettoblaster, Chris Larsen (CA), Missy - Let's Ride (Original Mix)

Gino Da Koda - Ima Boss (Original Mix)

Gino Da Koda - On My Level (Original Mix)

Giuseppe Favia - Lost In Acid (Original Mix)

Giuseppe Favia - She's So Freak (Original Mix)

Guss - Shades (Original Mix)

Guss - Walking On The Cloud (Original Mix)

Heavystreet - In My House (Original Mix)

Heavystreet - Move You (Original Mix)

Heavystreet - Moving On (Original Mix)

Italobros - Louco (Original Mix)

Italobros - Mania (Original Mix)

Jamaimoi - Let's Meet Tomorrow (Original Mix)

James Juke - Fantasy & Joy (Extended Mix)

James Juke - Jack From Scratch (Extended Mix)

James Juke - Something Like This (Extended Mix)

JP Chronic - Escape (Original Mix)

JP Chronic - Happiness (Original Mix)

Jamie G (UK) - Bring That Beat (Original Mix)

Jamie G (UK) - Hold Me (Original Mix)

Javi Bosch - El Deseo (Original Mix)

Javi Bosch - M. G. R. (Original Mix)

Javi Bosch - You Do (Original Mix)

Jean Bacarreza, André Sheridan - Le Flute (LouLou Players Extended Remix)

Jean Bacarreza, André Sheridan - Le Flute (V-Lake, D Rivera Extended Remix)

Juan Mayorga - Jaguar (Original Mix)

Juan Mayorga - Jhelema (Original Mix)

Jude & Frank, JIRICO - Te Lo Metto (Original Mix)

K-Mack, Javi Zearra - Free Your Mind (Original Mix)

K-Mack, Javi Zearra - Play It Loud (Original Mix)

KILL.DB - Free (Original Mix)

KILL.DB - Galaxy (Original Mix)

KILL.DB - Lambo (Original Mix)

KILL.DB - Slow (Original Mix)

KM03 - Mickey (Original Mix)

KM03 - Showtime (Original Mix)

Kalinke - Baila (Original Mix)

Kalinke - Lo Subiste (Original Mix)

Karretero, Gustaff - Bananas (Original Mix)

Karretero, Gustaff - Passion Not Fashion (Original Mix)

Kreyboy, Dezolate - Donde Estas (Original Mix)

Kreyboy, Dezolate - Thinking (Original Mix)

Legit Trip - I Miss U (Original Mix)

Lenny Ruckus - Rave Train (Original Mix)

Leon The Lover - Some Soul (Original Mix)

Leon The Lover - You Don't Wanna (Original Mix)

Lucas Passera - On Fire (Marmoon Remix)

Lucas Passera - On Fire (Original Mix)

MARAE - Driving Me Crazy (Original Mix)

MARAE - I'm Talking (Original Mix)

Marcos Israel - Blue Rings (Original Mix)

Marcos Israel - Just Make Money (Original Mix)

Marcos Israel - Love The Way (Original Mix)

Mario Otero - Nukleo (Original Mix)

Martin Acevedo - Repeat (Original Mix)

Martin Angrisano (ARG), Arzenic - SECRET (Original Mix)

Martin Mendoza - Excuse Me (Original Mix)

Martin Mendoza - Glow (Original Mix)

Martin Mendoza - Limit 120 (Original Mix)

Massi Rocket - I Don't (Original Mix)

Mati Sonntag - No More Missin' Ya (Original Mix)

Mati Sonntag - Playmaker Mind (Original Mix)

Max Cohle - Cookies (Original Mix)

Max Cohle - Infinite (Original Mix)

Melbourne Drum Authority - Waves (Original Mix)

Mike Constable - Beautiful Daze (Original Mix)

Mike Constable - Hollowed Descent (Original Mix)

Mike Ivy, Craig Leo - Tell Me (Doc Brown Extended Remix)

Mike Ivy, Craig Leo - Tell Me (Extended Mix)

Modern Machines - Brooklyn (Original Mix)

Modern Machines - Feed Your Soul (Original Mix)

Mrodriguez - Goteo (Original Mix)

N-Telekia - Do My Thing (Original Mix)

Naux - No Innaucent (Original Mix)

Nickotik - Bugg (Original Mix)

Nickotik - Ragga 80's (Original Mix)

Nicolas Martinez (CO) - Emotions (Original Mix)

Nicolas Martinez (CO) - No Idea (Original Mix)

Nicolas Martinez (CO) - Street Knowledge (Original Mix)

Nicolau Marinho, Tough Art - Busting Lose (Original Mix)

Nicolau Marinho, Tough Art - Like Loko (Original Mix)

Oscar Silva - Ninety Five (Original Mix)

Oscar Silva - You Look So Good (Original Mix)

Primarie, Lucide - Better Than They Think They Are (Original Mix)

Primarie, Lucide - Better Than They Think They Are (Triptil Reinterpretation)

Primarie, Lucide - Fun Days Flow (Original Mix)

Primarie, Lucide - The Tree Called Life (Original Mix)

Rafa Barrios - DRY (Extended Mix)

Rafa Barrios - Tenga (Extended Mix)

Raffi Habel - Gaslighting (Original Mix)

SIMONN (AR), PITR - Beat This (Original Mix)

SIMONN (AR), PITR - Blueprint (Original Mix)

SIMONN (AR), PITR - Feel It (Original Mix)

SIMONN (AR), PITR - You Think (Original Mix)

Samuel Delgado - El Varadero (Extended Mix)

Samuel Delgado - Santa Cruz Groove (Extended Mix)

Samuel Delgado - Stringed Instrument (Extended Mix)

Soniks - Viberate Mode (Original Mix)

Soniks - Wrapped Up (Original Mix)

Souler (ES) - Delicious (Bizza Remix)

Souler (ES) - Delicious (Original Mix)

T-You - Crazzzy (Original Mix)

T-You - Muvment (Original Mix)

T-You - Put You Handz Up (Original Mix)

T-You - Sin Crashear (Original Mix)

Tom & Jame - Time To Go (Extended Mix)

VOKOR - Beep (Original Mix)

VOKOR - Survivor (Original Mix)

Victor Romero, Ismaso - Circuit (Original Mix)

Victor Romero, Ismaso - No Life (Original Mix)

Vila (AR), D&D BROTHERS - Shut Up (Original Mix)

Vinary, YANPA - Turn Off (Original Mix)

Vinary, YANPA - Want You (Original Mix)

Vissex - All Of Me (Extended Mix)

Vissex - Hello? (Extended Mix)

Vito Fattore - Look Up (Nicola Brusegan Remix)

Vito Fattore - Look Up (Original Mix)

Vsetön - Club4 (Original Mix)

Vsetön - Traffic City (Original Mix)

WRDO - My Rooster (Original Mix)

WRDO - Orlando (Original Mix)

Waae - La Trova (Extended Mix)

Waze (UK) - Release Me (Dub Mix)

Waze (UK) - Release Me (Extended Mix)

Zoura DS - Feels Like Summer (Original Mix)

Zoura DS - Who's To Say (Original Mix)

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