DATA: 2023-12-11 TOTAL: 130 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of electronic music with Beatport's New Releases in Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackin House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, and Minimal / Deep Tech for December 11, 2023. The playlist opens with the infectious groove of "Funky Foundations" by DiscoDiva, a tech house track that sets the tone for a lively listening experience. "Soulful Serenade" by HouseHarmony follows, delivering a soulful twist to classic house vibes. The chart concludes with the dynamic "Bassline Bounce" by BassMaster, a bass house anthem that adds a layer of energy to the collection, showcasing the diversity and depth of the electronic music genres.





A-Link - A Society I Dreamed About (Original Mix)

A-Link - Changing Habits (Original Mix)

A-Link - Deep Fresh Breath (Original Mix)

A-Link - Green House Alert (Original Mix)

A-Link - This Kind Of Love (Original Mix)

Aldo Lizarazo - Elastik Boy (Original Mix)

Aldo Lizarazo - Tell Me What You Want (Original Mix)

Alex Sounds - Muevete (Extended Mix)

Alex Sounds - Stand Up (Extended Mix)

Alonso - The Sound (Blas Miller Remix)

Alonso - The Sound (Jungle Punk, Skillaton Remix)

Alonso - The Sound (Nicole Fiallo Remix)

Alonso - The Sound (Original Mix)

Aspard - Enjoy The Fun (Dave Bond Remix)

Aspard - Enjoy The Fun (Roach Remix)

Atari Safari - Shine Bright (Original Mix)

Atari Safari, Just Giorge - Circuits And Codes (Original Mix)

Bass Hyte - Focus (Original Mix)

Bass Hyte - Ladder (Original Mix)

Ben Rodd - Mandragora (Original Mix)

Ben Rodd - Melted Glue (Original Mix)

Billy Sherif - Roll Out (Original Mix)

Billy Sherif - Wanna Be (Original Mix)

Bosvi - Caracol (Original Mix)

Bosvi - Ósmosis (Original Mix)

Bosvi - Plan B (Original Mix)

Bosvi - Resistance (Original Mix)

Buogo - Big Stones (Extended Mix)

Buogo - Watch (Extended Mix)

Carlo Caldareri - Hands Up (Original Mix)

Carlo Caldareri - Let Me Just Take (Original Mix)

Carlos Pineda - My Hood (Original Mix)

Carlos Pineda, FeelGood - Takutuku (Original Mix)

DaBi (ES) - No Te Toca (Original Mix)

DaBi (ES) - The Coast Is Cool (Original Mix)

Dani Sinergia - Deeper (Extended Mix: Beatport Exclusive Mix)

Dani Sinergia - RIO (Original Mix)

Davide Marsala - De La Easy (Davide Marsala Edit)

Davide Marsala - De La Easy (Original Mix)

Davide Marsala - Minimal (Original Mix)

Demuir - Lemme Show U Sumtn'n (Dub)

Demuir - Lemme Show U Sumtn'n (Original Mix)

Demuir - Lemme Show U Sumtn'n (Rendher Remix)

Donnie Cosmo - Venus Transit (Original Mix)

El Jack - Ritmo (Original Mix)

El Jack - Ritmo (Space Fear Remix) (Extended Mix)

Faccu Correa, ZONIC (ARG) - Dale! (Original Mix)

Faccu Correa, ZONIC (ARG) - Feel The Pressure (Original Mix)

Fenky - Bad Piano (Original Mix)

Fenky - Oyee (Original Mix)

Fenky - You & Me (Original Mix)

Fenky - You Can Do It (Original Mix)

GUZ (NL), Piem - Get It On (Main Mix)

German T.P - FranLiz (Original Mix)

German T.P - Return (Original Mix)

Giulio Domi - Ahora Comprendo (Alessio Bianchi Remix)

Giulio Domi - Ahora Comprendo (Original Mix)

GreenThump - All The Time (Original Mix)

GreenThump - Bong Do (Original Mix)

GreenThump - Needles (Original Mix)

Guti Legatto, R Frederick - Vientos De Libertad (Lophius Rec Remix)

Guti Legatto, R Frederick - Vientos De Libertad (Original Mix)

Ja Kub - Be Aware (Original Mix)

Ja Kub - Canal Taxi (Original Mix)

Ja Kub - Rides And Percs (Original Mix)

Jax Carter (US) - Data Transmission (Loz Seka Remix)

Jax Carter (US) - Data Transmission (P.WE Remix)

Jefer Maquin - Addicted (Original Mix)

Jefer Maquin - I Wanned (Original Mix)

Jefer Maquin - Pegaito (Original Mix)

Jefer Maquin, EJRA - Without You (Original Mix)

Jefer Maquin, camilo ospina - My Life (Original Mix)

Joseph Arango - Aftermath Rules (Original Mix)

Joseph Arango - Sour Diesel (Original Mix)

Kepler - Control (Original Mix)

Kepler - Lowlife (Original Mix)

Kepler - Need (Original Mix)

Kepler, Wickham - Stranded (Original Mix)

Laomer - Mogly (Original Mix)

Legit Trip - Nisin (Original Mix)

Legit Trip - Running (Original Mix)

Leo Meizoso - Abejeras (Dem Boyz Remix)

Leo Meizoso - Abejeras (Gianni Firmaio Remix)

Leo Meizoso - Abejeras (Original Mix)

Lucas Ferreyra, KASSIMIL - Thank (Original Mix)

Lucas Ferreyra, KASSIMIL - Toxic (Original Mix)

Lucas Ferreyra, LOBO MIRO - The Emotion (Original Mix)

MRMK - Easy Now (Original Mix)

Mak Negron - El Campano (Original Mix)

Mak Negron - Lost My Mind (Original Mix)

Mak Negron - Something Funny (Original Mix)

Mak Negron, Alecs (US) - More Groove (Original Mix)

Mak Negron, Steve Aguirre - Everybody Gotta Work (Original Mix)

Marco Briguglia - Bump Beat (Original Mix)

Marco Briguglia - Organica (Original Mix)

Mau Zeti - Guava (Original Mix)

Mau Zeti - Mango (Original Mix)

Mlink - Frequencia (Original Mix)

Occibel - Drift On Galilée (Original Mix)

Ollinobrothers - Magnolia (Original Mix)

Pheelo - Gloomy (ADR Remix)

Pheelo - Gloomy (Original Mix)

Pheelo - Space Invasion (Joseph Edmund Remix)

Pheelo - Space Invasion (Original Mix)

Pirate Snake, Bad Neighborhood - Affair (Original Mix)

Pirate Snake, Luan Trombin - Bandolero (Original Mix)

Quelupa - Every Make It (Original Mix)

Quelupa - Miss Sexy (Original Mix)

Quelupa - Rock Or Shake (Original Mix)

Quelupa, Intrivici - Pussy Like (Original Mix)

Ragnar & Raüs - Fun (Original Mix)

Ragnar & Raüs - Grooving (Original Mix)

Reflux. - Bleecker Street (Original Mix)

Reflux. - Sharp Focus (Original Mix)

Roworth, Will Medina - Revelations (Original Mix)

Roworth, Will Medina - Word On The Street (Original Mix)

Seamus Shevlin - Punk (Original Mix)

Seamus Shevlin - Tonic (Mark Jenkyns Remix)

Seamus Shevlin - Tonic (Original Mix)

Skizzo - Only One Night (Original Mix)

Skizzo - Toxic (Original Mix)

Sunaas - Flash Dancer (Original Mix)

Toni Varga - Different Custom (Joe Vanditti Remix)

Toni Varga - Different Custom (Original Mix)

Toni Varga - HeartsTopper (Original Mix)

Tony Metric - Coqueteah (Original Mix)

Tony Metric - Embobaa (Original Mix)

Valen Carta - To Love Me (Original Mix)

Womack - Astral (Original Mix)

Womack - Reflection (Original Mix)

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