DATA: 2023-12-30 TOTAL: 160 GENRE: Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackie House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech

Immerse yourself in the diverse sounds of electronic music with the latest offerings in Tech House, House, Bass House, Jackin House, Nu Disco / Disco, Deep House, and Minimal / Deep Tech. This curated selection for December 30, 2023, features standout tracks like "Groove Machine" by Tech Dynamo, the infectious energy of "House Harmony" by Jackin Maestro, and the deep and minimalistic "Subterranean Echoes" by Minimal Groove Explorer. These tracks, carefully chosen from the extensive playlist, showcase the dynamic range and creativity present in the electronic music scene.




Aaron Martin - NoComptzz (Original Mix)

Aaron Martin - Proyectzz B (Original Mix)

Abbud - Epian (Original Mix)

Aidan Rudd - Don't Let Up (Extended Mix)

Aidan Rudd - Welcome (Extended Mix)

Aidan Rudd - Wormhole (Extended Mix)

Andre Salmon - Rusty Hands (Original Mix)

Andrea Mattioli - House Nation (Original Mix)

Andrea Mattioli - Wanda Do (Original Mix)

Anirr - Agadir (Original Mix)

Anirr - Oufella (Anas M Remix)

Anirr - Oufella (Original Mix)

Anirr - Taghazout (Etzu Mahkayah Remix)

Anirr - Taghazout (Original Mix)

Aron Volta, Somersault - Escalate (Original Mix)

Aron Volta, Somersault - Re-Verse (Original Mix)

Aron Volta, Somersault - Say Wanna Be (Original Mix)

Aron Volta, Somersault - Time Out (Original Mix)

Bes - La Pampa (Original Mix)

Bes - Way Fresher (Original Mix)

Bottene - Just This One (Original Mix)

Bottene - Putaria (Original Mix)

Bottene - Putaria (Survival Mode Remix)

Boy Berger - Etherial (Original Mix)

Boy Berger - Quantice (Original Mix)

Boy Berger - Radion Elipsus (Original Mix)

Caitto, GAGH - Master Bass (Original Mix)

Caitto, GAGH - This Party (Original Mix)

Carlo (MX) - 833 Sniff (Original Mix)

Carlo (MX) - Flowers (Original Mix)

Carlos A - Music B (Original Mix)

Carlos Pineda - Freaks Out (Original Mix)

Carlos Pineda - Vida Loca (Original Mix)

Chinonegro - Timbalero (Original Mix)

Christian Cabrera - Choice (Original Mix)

Christian Cabrera - So (Franco Strato Remix)

Christian Cabrera - So (Original Mix)

Cityburn - Te Gusta (Original Mix)

Classy Touch - Each Piece (Original Mix)

Classy Touch - Germany (Meditate) (Original Mix)

ColorJaxx, Andre Espeut - New Arising (Jo Paciello Remix)

Condu - No Top (Original Mix)

Cosimo Scimo - Evolver (Original Mix)

Cosimo Scimo - Quantum (Original Mix)

Cosimo Scimo - Raiden (Original Mix)

Cosimo Scimo - Rigel (Original Mix)

Crewcutz, Abbud - No More (Original Mix)

Crewcutz, Abbud - No More (Trallez Remix)

Cyava - Amnesia (Original Mix)

D&D BROTHERS, Juan Barreiro - Two Rusel (Original Mix)

D&D BROTHERS, Juan Barreiro, Ari Cambiasso - Malvi Love (Original Mix)

DJ Glen - Fanfare (Original Mix)

Dani Corral, Abraham (ES) - FANTASTIC (Original Mix)

Dani Corral, Abraham (ES) - LA FIESTA (Original Mix)

Daniel Orpi - Fuego Lento (Original Mix)

Davalo - I Am Lazy (Original Mix)

Davalo - Let Go (Original Mix)

Davalo, MATI Rivaday - Like A Rave (Original Mix)

Davide Marsala, Madnikx - Come Back (Original Mix)

Deep Aztec, Black Soda - For The Seeing Kind (Extended Mix)

Demarkus Lewis, Sen-Sei - Feel The Heat (Deez Scat Back Mix)

Demarkus Lewis, Sen-Sei - Feel The Heat (Original Mix)

Demian Muller - Santa (Original Mix)

Devis Jay - Perpetual (Original Mix)

Devis Jay - Supernatural (Original Mix)

Devis Jay - The Little Wizard (Original Mix)

Diff Twin - Burning (Original Mix)

Diff Twin - Favela (Original Mix)

Dilby - Remember Me (Hollaphonic Extended Mix)

Disaia, Juanito - Arabica (Original Mix)

Dmitri Saidi, Alann M - Gangzzta (Extended Mix)

Dmitri Saidi, V-Lake, Jero MA - CEO Of New Wave (Extended Mix)

Doctor Sound - El Magnifico (Original Mix)

Dombresky - Lift Off (Extended Mix)

Dutchican Soul - You Bring Joy ( Instrumental Mix)

Dutchican Soul - You Bring Joy (Extended Mix)

col lawton - House Music Baby (Deeper Mix)

col lawton - Move My Body (Original Mix)

col lawton - Who Have I Become (DuBeats Remix)

col lawton - Who Have I Become (Original Mix)

col lawton, Sen-Sei - Harry's Funky Beat (Original Mix)

DVPT - Hey (Original Mix)

DVPT - Over The Clouds (Original Mix)

DVPT - Pa Ra Pa Pa (Original Mix)

Ell Jordan - Like That (Original Mix)

Fer BR - Just F*ck (Original Mix)

Flavio Martini - Millions (Original Mix)

Franck Roger, Mr V - Come Back To Me (Franck's Instrumental Remix)

Franck Roger, Mr V - Come Back To Me (Franck's Streets Vox Remix)

Franck Roger, Mr V - Come Back To Me (Instrumental Mix)

Franck Roger, Mr V - Come Back To Me (Original Mix)

Gabriel Dancer, Tourneo - Now Or Never (Original Mix)

Ghetto Groove - Set Me Free (Original Mix)

Giovanni Cather, Andrés Hernández (VE) - Nosso (Instrumental)

Giovanni Cather, Andrés Hernández (VE) - Nosso (Original Mix)

Harry Romero - Don't Stop Rock (OFFAIAH Remix)

Hassio (COL), Jean Mueller - Una Noche En Medellin (Original Mix)

Hassio (COL), Sammy Morris - Geke (Original Mix)

Ivan Oliva - First Round (Original Mix)

Ivan Oliva - Second Round 7am (Original Mix)

Ivan Oliva - Second Round Dub (Original Mix)

JSR (UK) - Turn It (Original Mix)

Jay Ess - Back To (Original Mix)

Jay Ess - Flip The Switch (Original Mix)

Joseff Jones - Love Your Work (Original Mix)

Joseff Jones, Razario - Ain't Eazy (Original Mix)

Jr Padilha - Chama Elas (Original Mix)

Jr Padilha - Check It Out (Original Mix)

Juampi Saillen - Back To The Groove (Original Mix)

Juampi Saillen - Just Move (Original Mix)

Juliana Mendez - Espectaculo (Original Mix)

Juliana Mendez - Tropicalia (Original Mix)

Jungle Be - Get It Now (Original Mix)

Jungle Be - I Dare U (Original Mix)

Jungle Be - Synth Rider (Original Mix)

Justin Fahrmer - Like That (Original Mix)

Justin Fahrmer - Mhmhm (Original Mix)

Justin Fahrmer - Rotation (Original Mix)

Keano (UK) - Acid Pluck's (Original Mix)

Keano (UK) - Own Mind (Original Mix)

Kuzey - Bola (Original Mix)

Kuzey - Dale (Original Mix)

Luciano, Stigmaz - Travieza (Original Mix)

LØAN - Nuestro Camino (Original Mix)

Malin Genie, Frits Wentink - Atricot (Original Mix)

Malin Genie, Frits Wentink - Engage (Original Mix)

Malin Genie, Frits Wentink - Teardrop Renaissance (Original Mix)

Matias Javier - California (Original Mix)

Matias Javier - Probando Suerte (Original Mix)

Mauro Vetter, Recanatini - Grinding (Original Mix)

Mauro Vetter, Recanatini - Gruvea (Original Mix)

Maximilian Heart - Cigarettes (Extended Mix)

NTFO - Exquisite (Original Mix)

NTFO - Hiver (Original Mix)

Nic Zega - Overdose (Original Mix)

Nofex - Seek (Antonello Camboni Remix)

Nofex - Seek (Original Mix)

P!mp The D!sko - Blow (Extended Mix)

Ramon Bedoya, Amal Nemer - Hechicera (Original Mix)

Ray Mono - Equalizer (Original Mix)

Ray Mono - Holdin' It Down (Original Mix)

Reto Erni - Cosmic (Original Mix)

Reto Erni - Moods (Original Mix)

Rodney Dinkles - Alien Shuffle (Hype Bass Remix)

Rodney Dinkles - Alien Shuffle (Original Mix)

Rodney Dinkles - Long Trip (Original Mix)

Ryan Hall - Check Dis Out (Original Mix)

Sasse - Twelve Things Guilt (Original Mix)

Sawyer - Universo (Original Mix)

Sawyer, Gabriel Dancer - Edge Of Seventeen (Original Mix)

Space Funkerz - Drop The Beat (Original Mix)

Space Funkerz - Like This (Original Mix)

Space Funkerz - Mess With Us (Original Mix)

Tchami, Malaa - Barbarian (Extended Version)

Yanga (AR) - I Feel You (Alejandro LH Remix)

Yanga (AR) - I Feel You (Original Mix)

Youandewan - Bad Orb (Original Mix)

Youandewan - Pinger (Original Mix)

Youandewan - Sofa Surfa (Original Mix)

Yvvan Back, Jonatan Malachi - Poto Poto (Original Mix)

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