DATA: 2023-07-28 TOTAL: 250 GENRE: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica

Discover the future of electronic music with Beatport's latest playlist for July 28, 2023, featuring New Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, and Electronica. This handpicked selection of 250 HQ tracks exemplifies the forefront of innovation and creativity within these captivating genres. Dive into the relentless and driving beats of Techno, where underground vibes meet pulsating energy. Alternatively, indulge in the captivating fusion of soulful melodies and infectious rhythms that Melodic House & Techno has to offer. For those seeking a more intense and powerful experience, Hard Techno delivers with its fierce and unyielding sounds. Lastly, Electronica invites you to explore experimental and boundary-pushing sonic landscapes. Whatever your musical taste, this playlist promises an extraordinary journey through the realms of electronic music.



A.Morgan - Jupiter Moon (Original Mix)

A.Morgan - Lizard King (Original Mix)

A.Morgan - New Dawn (Original Mix)

A.Morgan - The Night Raider (Digital Exclusive)

A.Morgan - The Way It Feels (Original Mix)

ANDATA - That's The Way (Extended Mix)

ARIINA - Awareness (Original Mix)

ARIINA - Innocence (Jay Norris Remix)

ARIINA - Innocence (Original Mix)

ARIINA - Pulse (Carlo Russo Remix)

ARIINA - Pulse (Original Mix)

ASKE - Amorphic (Original Mix)

ASKE - Equinox (Original Mix)

ASKE - Hyperloop (Original Mix)

ASKE - Negative Overview (Original Mix)

Amotik - Bahatar (Original Mix)

Amotik - Sattar (Original Mix)

Amotik - Tihatar (Original Mix)

AnDe Trois - Bad Luck (Original Mix)

AnDe Trois - Disorder Force (Original Mix)

Andrømeda - Invictum (Joe Farr Remix)

Andrømeda - Invictum (Original Mix)

Andrømeda - Redemption (Original Mix)

Andrømeda - Vengeance (HATELOVE Remix)

Andrømeda - Vengeance (Original Mix)

Andy Bsk - Athlete's March (Original Mix)

Andy Bsk - Cathedral Of Sin (Original Mix)

Andy Bsk - I Control Them (Original Mix)

Andy Bsk - Schubert (Original Mix)

Arnaud Le Texier - Evolving Reality (Original Mix)

Arnaud Le Texier - Simple Things (Original Mix)

Arnaud Le Texier - Tense (Original Mix)

Audio Units - Cosmic Labyrinth (Original Mix)

Bartig Move - Contacta (Original Mix)

Bartig Move - Nordica (Original Mix)

Bartig Move - Propulsia (Original Mix)

Bartig Move - Rejectia (Original Mix)

Bendtsen, Neumann - Die Welt (Original Mix)

Bendtsen, Neumann - Diminish (Original Mix)

Bernardo Hangar - Aversion (Original Mix)

Bernardo Hangar - Banal (Original Mix)

Bernardo Hangar - Confusion (Original Mix)

Bernardo Hangar - Decision (Original Mix)

Cassulle - Primal Fear (Original Mix)

Cassulle - Surging Tides (Original Mix)

Cassulle - Void (J.Blofeld Remix)

Casual Treatment - Colliding Forces (Oliver Rosemann Remix)

Casual Treatment - Colliding Forces (Original Mix)

Casual Treatment - Fatality (Original Mix)

Casual Treatment - Terminate (Original Mix)

Casual Treatment - Velaro (Original Mix)

DBFB - Small Stone (Original Mix)

DBFB - Small Stone (Orion Remix)

DBFB - Stepping Stone (Original Mix)

DBFB - Stepping Stone (Philippe Petit Remix)

DJ Dextro - Invisible Force Field (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - Off The Grid (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - Push Me UP (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - Ruthless (Original Mix)

DJ Dextro - Walk On The Wild Side (Original Mix)

DYLAB - All Is Phony (Original Mix)

DYLAB - Down In The Hole (Original Mix)

DYLAB - Money Doesn't Talk (Original Mix)

DYLAB - Thought Dreams (Original Mix)

Daniel Levak - Gravity (Original Mix)

Dast (Italy) - Abilex (Original Mix)

Dast (Italy) - Tador (Original Mix)

Dast (Italy) - Tador (Ritzi Lee Remix)

Dast (Italy) - You (Original Mix)

Dave Toon - Wanted Computer (Oliver Kalte Remix)

Dave Toon - Wanted Computer (Original Mix)

Deltech - Crank (Extended Mix)

Deniro - Pelé 1 (Original Mix)

Deniro - Pelé 2 (Original Mix)

Deniro - Pelé 3 (Original Mix)

Deniro - Pelé 4 (Original Mix)

Dennis Bauer - All My Ladies (Original Mix)

Dennis Bauer - Flashback (Original Mix)

Diisa - Physicist (Original Mix)

Diisa - Somewhere In Deep Space (Original Mix)

Dolby D, H! Dude - DIE V3 (Original Mix)

Dolby D, H! Dude - I'm A Mess (Original Mix)

Edgar De Ramon - Acid Conga (Original Mix)

Edgar De Ramon - Miles (Original Mix)

Esteban Miranda - Amazonia (Original Mix)

Esteban Miranda - Cañandonga (Original Mix)

Esteban Miranda - Embera (Original Mix)

Felix Reichelt - Brand (Original Mix)

Felix Reichelt - Exodia (Original Mix)

Fernando Garrido - Aviso (Original Mix)

Fernando Garrido - Dobbing (Original Mix)

Fernando Garrido - Regresion (Original Mix)

Frankyeffe - Love Me (Original Mix)

Frankyeffe - Love Me (Rave Mix)

Freak Unique - Back In Paradise (Original Mix)

Freak Unique - House Of Pain (Original Mix)

Freak Unique - Incoming (Original Mix)

Freak Unique - Incoming (SveTec Remix)

Freak Unique - This Way (Original Mix)

Gary Beck - Feel It (Gary Beck Decade Remix)

Gary Beck - Feel It (Tanera Remix)

Gary Beck - Feel It (William Arist Groovision Remix)

Gilles Bock - Can't Stop Now (Original Mix)

Gilles Bock - Daydream (Original Mix)

Hannes Matthiessen - Dorian Gray (Original Mix)

Hannes Matthiessen - Freedom Is Invisible (Original Mix)

Hannes Matthiessen - Who Am I (Original Mix)

Hitam - Blixx Charm (Original Mix)

J:ORDS - Expose (Original Mix)

J:ORDS - Recharge (Linear System Remix)

J:ORDS - Recharge (Original Mix)

Jackob Rocksonn - Blackout (Extended Mix)

Jackob Rocksonn - Blackout (Nick Slater Extended Remix)

Jan Fleck - Arena (Original Mix)

Jan Fleck - Bold (Original Mix)

Jan Fleck - C-Axis (Original Mix)

Jan Fleck - Double Deuce (Original Mix)

Jan Fleck - Rstrct (Original Mix)

Jeroen Search - Gateway (Original Mix)

Joel Mull - Above The Treeline (Original Mix)

Joel Mull - Dub Monster (Original Mix)

Joel Mull - Grisslan (Original Mix)

Joel Mull - Recalibration (Original Mix)

edetto - Don't Stop (Original Mix)

edetto - Keep Schtum (Original Mix)

edetto - We Don't Know (Original Mix)

Justyn Nell - Desolation (Original Mix)

Justyn Nell - Diverge (Original Mix)

Justyn Nell - Far But Close (Original Mix)

Justyn Nell - Visions (Original Mix)

Kai Pattenberg - Impulse (Original Mix)

Kai Pattenberg - Tracker (Original Mix)

Kassian - Patterns (Original Mix)

Kassian - Prelude (Original Mix)

Kassian - Tabla (Original Mix)

Kassian - X-303 (Original Mix)

Klanglos - Stardust (Original Mix)

Klaudia Gawlas - Resilience (Original Mix)

Kreisel, Yfirum - Photons (2023 Remastered)

Leopold Bär - A Drunken Whale Falls From The Sky (Nicko Shuo Remix)

Leopold Bär - A Drunken Whale Falls From The Sky (Original Mix)

Luca Beni - Orbital (Original Mix)

Luca Beni - Remember The Moment (Original Mix)

LuxRay - Mission Control (Original Mix)

LuxRay - Rush (Original Mix)

M.F.S: Observatory - 1.1 (Original Mix)

M.F.S: Observatory - 1.2 (Original Mix)

MATRiXXMAN - Sinister (Original Mix)

MOT3K - Overkant (Original Mix)

MOT3K - Zonder Zorgen (Original Mix)

Mark Williams - Bring You Love (Ben Sims Edit)

Mark Williams - Bring You Love (Original Mix)

Mark Williams - One Night! - Dub (Original Mix)

Mark Williams - Rolling Deep (Original Mix)

Mark Williams - We Work It! (Original Mix)

Martin Romero - 303 (Original Mix)

Martin Romero - Large (Original Mix)

Monococ - Infinity (Original Mix)

Monococ - Trinity (Original Mix)

NKX - Dusty Cloud (Original Mix)

NKX - Frozen Blood (Original Mix)

NKX - Rock Bottom (Original Mix)

NKX - Thought Crimes (Original Mix)

NKX - Unreasonable Thinking (Original Mix)

NKX - We Think For You (Original Mix)

Nina Kraviz - Taxi Talk (David Löhlein Remix)

Nina Kraviz - Taxi Talk (Original Mix)

Nina Kraviz - Taxi Talk (Sterac Electronics Remix)

Novem Vivit - X & G (Original Mix)

Nuke - Hall Of Whispers (DJ Dextro Remix)

Nuke - Hall Of Whispers (Gaston Zani, Carlos Perez Remix)

Nuke - Hall Of Whispers (Original Mix)

Nuke - Steampunk (Luis Miranda Remix)

Nuke - Steampunk (Original Mix)

Oliver Huntemann - Dimension (Original Mix)

Oliver Rosemann, Alexander Kowalski - Lucid Mind (Mario Berger Remix)

Oliver Rosemann, Alexander Kowalski - Most Monkeys Live In Trees (Ritzi Lee Remix)

Oliver Rosemann, Alexander Kowalski - Stinger (Roll Dann Remix)

Oliver Rosemann, Alexander Kowalski - Stinger (Vil & Cravo Remix)

Ose - Acid Love Affair (Extended Mix)

POLS - Gas Panic (Extended Mix)







Patrick Hero - Arceus (Original Mix)

Prophecy - Nazca (Extended Mix)

ROTURA XXL - Deep Sun (Original Mix)

ROTURA XXL - To The Reverse (Aklow Remix)

ROTURA XXL - To The Reverse (CJ Kazh Remix)

ROTURA XXL - To The Reverse (Guillermo DR Remix)

ROTURA XXL - To The Reverse (Original Mix)

Rebekah - Pop Pop (Alt8 Remix)

Rebekah - Pop Pop (Ayako Mori Remix)

Rebekah - Pop Pop (Dark Chambers Remix)

Rebekah - Pop Pop (Rebekah Remix)

Rebekah - Pop Pop (Sopik Remix)

Red Rooms - Basic Instinct (Original Mix)

Red Rooms - Basic Instinct (Uväll Remix)

Red Rooms - Countermeasures (Original Mix)

Red Rooms - Encounters (Justine Perry Remix)

Red Rooms - Encounters (Original Mix)

Red Rooms - Leave No Trace (Original Mix)

Risto - Confused (Original Mix)

Risto - Lifeline (Original Mix)

Risto - Random Effect (Original Mix)

Rowen Clark - Dark Web (Extended Mix)

Royksopp, Pixx - Like An Old Dog (Enrico Sangiuliano Remix)

Sandro Galli - 27K (Original Mix)

Sandro Galli - Macrocosm (Original Mix)

Schiere - The Beat (Original Mix)

Schiere - We Come Back (Original Mix)

Sintoma - Cuantificador (Original Mix)

Sintoma - Flexion (Original Mix)

Sintoma - Flujo De Audio (Original Mix)

Sintoma - Pro Move (Original Mix)

Somatronic - Let's 'Ave It (We Are The Ravers) (Original Mix)

TechDeeJ - Naughty Pleasure (Original Mix)

TechDeeJ - Over (Original Mix)

The Advent - Forms 222 (Original Mix)

The Advent - Remise (Original Mix)

The Advent - Rift (Original Mix)

The Advent - Rift (Skov Bowden Remix)

The Advent - Sect (Original Mix)

The Reactivitz - Movin' On (Extended Mix)

The YellowHeads, HLGRMS - F_cking Sound (Original Mix)

Thiim - Crystalline Temperature (Gaga Remix)

Thiim - Crystalline Temperature (Original Mix)

Thommes Jay - Choirs (Original Mix)

Tom Wax, Rico Puestel - Feuertiger (Original Mix)

Van Sorgen - Come Fly With Me (Original Mix)

Van Sorgen - Evergreen (Original Mix)

Van Sorgen - Gaiser (Original Mix)

Van Sorgen - Stardust (Original Mix)

Vilen (AU) - Dusk Till Dawn (AKSA's After Midnight Remix)

Vilen (AU) - Dusk Till Dawn (Original Mix)

Weska - Halcyon (Original Mix)

Yoikol - Box Box (Original Mix)

Yoikol - Exhibition (Original Mix)

Yoikol - Five Card (Original Mix)

Yoikol - Jab (Original Mix)

Yoikol - P1 (Original Mix)

Yoikol - Red Flag (Original Mix)

Yoikol - Sazo (Original Mix)

Z.I.P.P.O - Morfismo (Original Mix)

Z.I.P.P.O - Pulse And Distortion (Original Mix)

Z.I.P.P.O - Xukro (Original Mix)

Z.I.P.P.O, Celina Marie - I Cannot Stop Thinking (Original Mix)

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