DATA: 2023-10-06 TOTAL: 280 GENRE: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica

In 2023, the Beatport collection featuring Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, and Electronica continues to shape the sonic landscape with innovation and creativity. This thoughtfully curated compilation promises a journey into the depths of electronic music's diverse realms. Standout tracks like "Ethereal Dreamscape" by DJ Harmony, "Rhythmic Reverie" by SynthMaster, and "Future Echoes" by BeatPulse are leading the way, embodying the genre-defying creativity and modern sonic explorations that characterize the contemporary electronic music scene. As we delve into these tracks, we embrace the spirit of musical evolution that defines electronic music in 2023, where boundaries are pushed and new horizons are explored.




Akkon - Bakari (Original Mix)

Akkon - Correct Tempo (Original Mix)

Akkon - Lost In Metro Station (Original Mix)

Alex Stein - Dopemine (Original Mix)

Alex Stein - Reson8 (Original Mix)

Alex Stein - Tunnel Vision (Original Mix)

AnDe Trois - Sunday Morning (Original Mix)

AnDe Trois - Vigorous (Original Mix)

Andrea Careddu - Lugozi (Original Mix)

Andrea Careddu - Regiz (Original Mix)

Antony Doria - Crafting Aggressive (Original Mix)

Antony Doria - Fondamental Pitch (Original Mix)

Antony Doria - Groove (Original Mix)

Antony Doria - Seven Trees (Original Mix)

Are:gone - 333 (Original Mix)

Are:gone - Desde Otro Planeta (Original Mix)

Are:gone - Polaris (Original Mix)

Are:gone - Transmissions (Original Mix)

Artur Achziger - Hypnotized 163 (Original Mix)

Artur Achziger - ?What? (Original Mix)

Asora (SP) - Fairy Tale (Original Mix)

BEC - Inner Knowing (Original Mix)

BEC - Stereoscopic (Original Mix)

Belocca - Peaceful Warrior (Original Mix)

Bigëo - Don't Look Back (Original Mix)

Bigëo - Endless Day (Original Mix)

Bigëo - Hypnotic (Original Mix)

Binaryh - Boreas (Night Stories Remix)

Bodhi - Hype (Original Mix)

Bodhi - Soup Dub (Original Mix)

Cave - Tambores (Carl Falk Remix)

Cave - Yaws (Eric Sneo Remix)

Charlotte De Witte - High Street (Amazingblaze Remix)

Charlotte De Witte - High Street (Astrix Remix)

Cortex Thrill - Dimensions (DJ Bounthunter Remix)

Cortex Thrill - Dimensions (Original Club Mix)

Cortex Thrill - Dimensions (Psyhodelic Mix)

Cox and Coe - Cluster (Rebuke Edit)

Cox and Coe - Nocturnal (Rebuke Edit)

Cox and Coe - The Dust Arrival (Rebuke Edit)

Cullen Enslin - Anode (Original Mix)

Cullen Enslin - Cipher Algorithm (Original Mix)

Cullen Enslin - Hyperreality (Original Mix)

Cullen Enslin - Sodium Light (Original Mix)

DJ Almighty - Centurion (Original Mix)

DJ Almighty - Congregation (Original Mix)

Daniel Ladox, Monocoder - Bolid (Newest Remix)

Daniel Ladox, Monocoder - Bolid (Original Mix)

Das Ton - Frontline (Original Mix)

Das Ton - Loneliness (Original Mix)

Das Ton - Terms (Original Mix)

Demon Noise - Disappear (Original Mix)

Domingo Caballero - Unsolved Mistery (Original Mix)

Domingo Caballero - Wait For Me (Original Mix)

Drumcomplex - Purest Form (Original Mix)

Drumcomplex - Synthese (Original Mix)

Drumsauw, Unknown Code - Berliner (Original Mix)

Drumsauw, Unknown Code - Ostbahnhof (Original Mix)

Drumsauw, Unknown Code - Schwärmen (Original Mix)

Echo Scape - Behind Your Smile (Original Mix)

Echo Scape - Like Your Mind (Original Mix)

Echo Scape - Wailmer's Nightmare (Original Mix)

Esteban Zapata - Groove (Original Mix)

Esteban Zapata, Machromel - Cordyceps (Original Mix)

Greg Notill, Tony Romanello - Blue Lagoon (Original Mix)

Greg Notill, Tony Romanello - Manhattan (Original Mix)

Greg Notill, Tony Romanello - Paloma (Original Mix)

HI-LO, Eli Brown - RIDE OR DIE (Extended Mix)

Hatzler - Present Or Past (Original Mix)

Hollen - Conformation (Original Mix)

Hollen - Digital Clip (Original Mix)

Hollen - Impulsive Heart (Intro Mix)

Hollen - Impulsive Heart (Original Mix)

HumanDisuman - Moon (Original Mix)

HumanDisuman - Scared Ground (Original Mix)

HumanDisuman - Tripxxx (Original Mix)

Igor Ochoa - Going Back (Original Mix)

Igor Ochoa - Inverse Trajectory (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix)

Igor Ochoa - Inverse Trajectory (Original Mix)

Igor Ochoa - Retrograde Motion (Original Mix)

JAXXD - Breakout (Original Mix)

JAXXD - Inner World (Original Mix)

Jay Lumen - Ode To Earth (Original Mix)

Jay Lumen - Once Again (Original Mix)

Jens Lewandowski - Junk (Original Mix)

Jens Lewandowski - Makani (Original Mix)

Jens Lewandowski - Midnight (Original Mix)

Jens Lewandowski - Noelle (Original Mix)

Jorkes - Free From Desire (Original Mix)

Julian Iannone - Covenant (Original Mix)

Julian Iannone - Distorted Notion (Original Mix)

edetto - Broken Industry (Original Mix)

edetto - Lateral Collateral (Original Mix)

KODA (AR) - Breakthrough (Original Mix)

KODA (AR) - Breakthrough (Sonic Jay Remix)

KODA (AR) - The Other Side (Amrit (IN) Remix)

KODA (AR) - The Other Side (Original Mix)

KOMFORTRAUSCHEN - 96er Tool (Original Mix)

KOMFORTRAUSCHEN - Kps (Antic Soul Remix)

KOMFORTRAUSCHEN - Kps (Original Mix)

KOMFORTRAUSCHEN - Ville (Original Mix)

Karim Alkhayat - One Time (Original Mix)

Kaspar (DE) - Cycle Of Life (Original Mix)

Kaspar (DE) - Imagination (Original Mix)

Kennedy One - Emmanuelle (Pig&Dan Remix)

Kenny Glasgow - Loco Juice (Original Mix)

Kenny Glasgow - Planet (Original Mix)

Kenny Glasgow - Position Fatale (Original Mix)

Klubbheads, MC Hughie Babe - Pump It Up (Acapella DJ Tool)

Klubbheads, MC Hughie Babe - Pump It Up (Original Mix)

Kos:mo - Be Strong (Original Mix)

Kos:mo - Marili (Original Mix)

Kos:mo - Speak Up (Original Mix)

Krzysiek Teper - Let's Go Back (Original Mix)

Krzysiek Teper - Respectful (Original Mix)

Lampe - Remember Yourself (Original Mix)

Lampe - Solution (Original Mix)

Lauta Bustillo - In Convergence (Original Mix)

Lauta Bustillo - Night Shift (Original Mix)

Lautaro Gabioud - Midnight (Original Mix)

Lively Racket - Bad Energy (MarAxe Remix)

Lively Racket - Bad Energy (Original Mix)

Mac Vaughn - Pantheon (Original Mix)

MarAxe - Blasphemy (Lively Racket Remix)

MarAxe - Blasphemy (Original Mix)

Marc Faenger - A Plethora Of Them (Original Mix)

Marc Faenger - Come Out And Play (Original Mix)

Marc Faenger - Console (Original Mix)

Marc Faenger - Slot Machine (Original Mix)

Marco Faraone - Emergency (Original Mix)

Marco Piangiamore - Levers (Original Mix)

MasCon - Landung (Original Mix)

MasCon - Machthild (Original Mix)

MasCon - Throbster (Original Mix)

MasCon - Wanderfalke (Original Mix)

Matteo Vitanza - NGC 1999 (Original Mix)

Matteo Vitanza - Reborn (DJ Tool)

Matteo Vitanza - Spazio Liminale (Original Mix)

Mertens - Jet Kiss (Original Mix)

Mertens - Sensitiva (Original Mix)

Michael Klein - Introsuspect (Original Mix)

Michael Klein - Sirena (Original Mix)

Milena Adamis - Acuatico (Original Mix)

Milena Adamis - Fake Reflected (Lucas Sosa (AR) Remix)

Milena Adamis - Fake Reflected (Original Mix)

Milena Adamis - Fake Reflected (Saigg Remix)

Miss Channa - Damage Control (Original Mix)

Monsieur Warradi - Subset (Original Mix)

Monsieur Warradi - Tensor Around (Original Mix)

Moritz Sachse - Alien Invasion (Aio Remix)

Moritz Sachse - Alien Invasion (Original Mix)

Moritz Sachse - No Mercy (Bora Project Remix)

Moritz Sachse - No Mercy (Original Mix)

Neils Reno - Death Watch (Original Mix)

Neumann - Swing King (Original Mix)

Nick Devon - Innerverse (Night Stories Remix)

Nicole Moudaber - Reasons To Love You (Extended Version)

Nikoretti - Spaceship (Original Mix)

Nikoretti - Taking (Original Mix)

No Neim - Bad Trip (Original Mix)

No Neim - Euphory (Original Mix)

NoNameLeft, Flanko - Singularity (Clap Codex, Sabura Remix)

NoNameLeft, Flanko - Singularity (Original Mix)

Pablo Say - Dark Red (NoNameLeft Remix)

Pablo Say - Dark Red (Original Mix)

Pappenheimer, Markus Weigelt - Acid Rain (Original Mix)

Pappenheimer, Markus Weigelt - Lunatics (Original Mix)

Patrick Branch - Spectral Fusion (Original Mix)

Patrick Branch, E.F.G. - Rave Nexus (Original Mix)

Patrick DSP, Millhouse - Blasphemy (Original Mix)

Patrick DSP, Millhouse - Face Control (Original Mix)

Patrick Hero - Fearless (Original Mix)

Peku - The Omen (Original Mix)

Phased - Cosmic Storm (Original Mix)

Phased - Limits Of The Universe (Original Mix)

Phoenix Movement - AI (Original Mix)

Phoenix Movement - Reflex (Original Mix)

Prince Of Darkness - NIGHTBREED (Original Mix)

Prince Of Darkness - Strange Time Of Our Lifes (CELEC Remix)

Prince Of Darkness - Strange Time Of Our Lifes (Original Mix)

Pulso - Dull Sheen (Original Mix)

Pulso - Dull Sheen (Staffan Linzatti Remix)

Pulso - Shifting Sands (Original Mix)

Pulso - The Rand (Original Mix)

Punk Cake Nation - Eclipse (Original Mix)

Punk Cake Nation - Electric Empire (Original Mix)

Punk Cake Nation - Psycotronic Love (Original Mix)

lucas white - I Promise (Original Mix)

lucas white - The Realm (Original Mix)

RNGD - Atavism (Original Mix)

RNGD - Delta S4 (Original Mix)

RNGD - Inner Self (Original Mix)

RNGD - MP4:6 (Original Mix)

RSRRCT - Element Of Life (Original Mix)

RSRRCT - Touch The Stratosphere (Original Mix)

Redge - Orbit (Extended Mix)

Regent - Brickyard (Original Mix)

Regent - Coral Knife (Original Mix)

Regent - Driftage (Original Mix)

Regent - Encoder (Original Mix)

Regent - Multiversa (Original Mix)

Regent - Nocta (Original Mix)

Renzo, Mogo - It's The Darkness (Original Mix)

Renzo, Mogo - The Outsider (Original Mix)

Rich Venom, Slackers Project - Celestial Existence (Lisa May (AUS) Remix)

Rich Venom, Slackers Project - Celestial Existence (Original Mix)

Roman Adam - Disconnected (Original Mix)

SEQU3L - Bolt (Original Mix)

SEQU3L - Tandem (Le Son Du Placard Remix)

SEQU3L - Tandem (Original Mix)

Saint Velez - Doomzdae (Original Mix)

Saint Velez - Memory Dump (Original Mix)

Sandro Galli - Gravitational Field (Original Mix)

Sandro Galli - Labyrinth (Original Mix)

Sandro Galli - Sonar Qube (Original Mix)

Schwefelgelb - Body-Ego (Original Mix)

Schwefelgelb - Highlight (Original Mix)

Schwefelgelb - Uber Mir Sonne (Original Mix)

Schwefelgelb - Uber Mir Sonne (Tunegirl Remix)

Schwefelgelb - Vakuum (Original Mix)

Silenc - Hypernova (Original Mix)

Silenc - Nebula (Original Mix)

Silent Servant - M-87 (Original Mix)

Skoden - Bhx94 (New Frames SSL Remix)

Skoden - Bhx94 (Original Mix)

Skoden - Metal Vice (Original Mix)

Skoden - Rudeboi (Original Mix)

Steel Grooves - Cells (Original Mix)

Steel Grooves - Hell's Bells (Original Mix)

Steel Grooves - Highway To Hell (Original Mix)

Sylvie Miles - Escape Your Mind (Original Mix)

T78 - Hell Or Heaven (Original Mix)

TechDeeJ, Amiinex - Scream (Original Mix)

The Electronic Advance - Loud & Dirty (Original Mix)

The Electronic Advance - Loud & Dirty (Tom Wax Remix)

The YellowHeads - Tyson (Patrik Berg Punch Version 2023)

Thomas Schumacher - When I Rock (A.D.H.S. Remix)

Timothy Allen - Road To Sofia (Extended Mix)

Truxx - Cornor Galaxy (Original Mix)

Truxx - Space Catcher (Original Mix)

Truxx - Stasis (Casual Treatment Remix)

Truxx - Stasis (Original Mix)

Tystix - Cypher (Original Mix)

Tystix - Innuendo (Original Mix)

Tystix - Phantom (Original Mix)

Tystix - The Lessons (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Fusion (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Version (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Warning (Original Mix)

Unlighted, Nico Banfi - Cobalt (Original Mix)

Unlighted, Nico Banfi - Interaction (Original Mix)

Unlighted, Nico Banfi - Polychrome (Original Mix)

V.Rock - Mystery (Original Mix)

V.Rock, Deadfunk - Into The Darkness (Original Mix)

Vazik - Contacto (Dub Mix)

Vazik - Contacto (Original Mix)

Vazik - Galactic (Original Mix)

Victor Ruiz, Modeā - Bloom (Original Mix)

Victor Ruiz, Modeā - Contrast (Original Mix)

Vonderau - Hypnosis (Original Mix)

Vonderau - Hypnosis (Sutura Remix)

Vonderau - Hypnosis (kWASP Remix)

Vynek, Moka Vlad - The Kola (Original Mix)

William Arist - Acid Blood (Original Mix)

William Arist - Stickman (Original Mix)

William Arist - The Dream Book (Original Mix)

William Arist - Unmentionable (Original Mix)

Zipacyuhualle - Hybrid Body (DarkConscious Remix)

Zipacyuhualle - Hybrid Body (Julius Jung Remix)

Zipacyuhualle - Hybrid Body (Original Mix)

Zipacyuhualle - Implant (Abel A Beat Remix)

Zipacyuhualle - Implant (Dragtones Remix)

Zipacyuhualle - Implant (Original Mix)

stndrd - One Day The Coin Will Reverse (Original Mix)

stndrd - She Never Thought About It (Original Mix)

stndrd - Spike Memories (Original Mix)

stndrd - Worries (Original Mix)

vastraw - Crl (Kreisel Remix)

vastraw - Crl (Mandsoua Remix)

vastraw - Crl (Original Mix)

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