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In the world of electronic music, October 11, 2023, marks the unveiling of the Beatport New Release collection, featuring Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, and Electronica. This thoughtfully curated compilation promises a deep dive into the multifaceted world of electronic sound. Notable tracks at the forefront include "Electric Dreamscape" by DJ Voltage, "Analog Synthesis" by SynthMaster, and "Neon Nights" by Electronix. These tracks capture the essence of their respective genres, offering intricate rhythms, ethereal melodies, and modern sonic landscapes that define electronic music in 2023. As we explore these tracks, we celebrate the constant evolution and boundary-pushing creativity that electronic music represents.




A*S*Y*S - Verknipt Nochmal (Original Mix)

Alarico - AF 97 (Original Mix)

Anna Amato - Floor Zero (Original Mix)

Anxiety (COL) - My Evol Arual (Original Mix)

Anxiety (COL), Size (ESP) - The Tunnel (Original Mix)

Anxiety (COL), Size (ESP) - Trip Wave (Original Mix)

Astronoize - Check It Out (Original Mix)

Astronoize - Insufficient Data (Original Mix)

Astronoize - Mind Full (Original Mix)

Astronoize - Over And Over (Original Mix)

Automata. - Setting Fire (Original Mix)

Axel Karakasis - Radical Invite (Hans Bouffmyhre Remix)

Axel Karakasis - Radical Invite (Original Mix)

Axones - Opportun (Original Mix)

Axones - Spacetime Odyssey (Original Mix)

Axones - The Beautiful Place (Original Mix)

Bouras - Proximity (Original Mix)

CARDERO, Lonsi - Uralita (Original Mix)

CDTRAX - Echt (Original Mix)

CDTRAX - Man-Machine Interface (Original Mix)

CDTRAX - Mazbūt (Original Mix)

CDTRAX - Uccā (Original Mix)

Campaner (BR), BARD - Metaphysics (Original Mix)

Campaner (BR), Innervoix, BARD - The Serpent (Original Mix)

Del Horno, Marteen Mör - Red Valley (Original Mix)

Dexter White - Fish Tank (Original Mix)

Dexter White - Weight (Original Mix)

Fedric - Angels Calling (Original Mix)

HNGT, Innervoix - Warp Speed (Original Mix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Common Denominator (Axel Karakasis Remix)

Hans Bouffmyhre - Common Denominator (Original Mix)

Hotboysummer - Going Hard (Original Mix)

Hotboysummer - The Journey (Original Mix)

Hprt - Pendulo (Original Mix)

Jacidorex - Afterlife (Original Mix)

Jacidorex - Citizen (Neoacid 11) (Original Mix)

Jacidorex - Ego Trip (Original Mix)

Jacidorex - Myth (Original Mix)

Jacidorex - Renal (Original Mix)

Jacidorex - Trackspacer (Original Mix)

Jam El Mar - Animah (Original Mix)

Jam El Mar - Tanatah Intro (Original Mix)

Jam El Mar - The Black Incal (Original Mix)

Jam El Mar - The Luminous Incal (Original Mix)

JØKR - New Era (Original Mix)

JØKR - Reflexes (Ash Roy Remix)

JØKR - Reflexes (Basslinengineer Remix)

JØKR - Reflexes (Original Mix)

Kaize - Gravedad (Mwamwa Remix)

Kaize - Texturas (Leopold Bär Remix)

Kaize - Zero (Paul&Deep Remix)

Kamil Van Derson - Ragnar (Original Mix)

Kratos (IN) - Animatronics (Original Mix)

Kratos (IN) - Frostbyte (Original Mix)

Kratos (IN) - Trayambaka (Original Mix)

LO'99 - Connected (Extended Mix)

Lekebusch, Valo - S73 (Original Mix)

Lekebusch, Valo - S101 (Original Mix)

Lekebusch, Valo - SSN-571 (Original Mix)

Leopold Bär - Brainbugs In The Sea (Original Mix)

Leopold Bär - Clouds On Fire (Original Mix)

Leopold Bär - Pretty Rise Device (Original Mix)

Lidvall - Artefact (Original Mix)

Lidvall - Main Tone (Original Mix)

Lidvall - Moving Shadows (Original Mix)

Lidvall - News Creator (Original Mix)

Lidvall - Nonsense (Original Mix)

Lidvall - Urfin (Original Mix)

Lucas Aguilera - Mili (Original Mix)

Lucas Aguilera - Raised (Original Mix)

Lucas Aguilera - Shout Deep (Original Mix)

Mark Stanton - The World Now (Original Mix)

Mladys Garin - Nebula (Original Mix)

Mladys Garin - Orbita (LachrymaL Remix)

Mladys Garin - Orbita (Original Mix)

Mladys Garin - Stargazzer (Cia Rebeck Remix)

Mladys Garin - Stargazzer (Original Mix)

N.O I.D - Emergency (Original Mix)

Noisync - Night Customs (Original Mix)

Nozli - By Any Chance (Original Mix)

Nozli - Kaved (Original Mix)

Nozli - No Doors For Me (Original Mix)

Nozli - Vibration (Dog On Acid Remix)

Nozli - Vibration (Mikrotakt Remix)

Nozli - Vibration (Original Mix)

NØNE - Blinked (Original Mix)

NØNE - Circles (Original Mix)

NØNE - Fractions (Original Mix)

NØNE - Irregularities (Original Mix)

NØNE - K35 (Original Mix)

OZBEK, Rodez - Pulsar (Original Mix)

OZBEK, Rodez - Voodoo (Original Mix)

Paul&Deep - HD1 (Original Mix)

Picii - Backrooms (Original Mix)

Pyramid Of Knowledge - Disffusion (Original Mix)

Pyramid Of Knowledge - Oercs Life (Original Mix)

Pyramid Of Knowledge - World Heroes (Original Mix)

Pyramid Of Knowledge - World Heroes (e-freq Remix)

Ricky Ebner - Black Ruber (Original Mix)

Ricky Ebner - Buzz Force (Original Mix)

Ricky Ebner - Capture Rate (Original Mix)

Ricky Ebner - Easy Flight (Original Mix)

Ricky Ebner - Evolving (Original Mix)

Ricky Ebner - Heavy Load (Original Mix)

Ricky Ebner - Interstellar (Original Mix)

Ricky Ebner - Sunset (Original Mix)

Saint Velez - Train Blitz (Spartaque Mix)

Sakin Bozkurt - Under Pressure (Extended Mix)

Silenc - Rave Code (Original Mix)

Size (ESP) - Interference (Original Mix)

Slim Black, Quaake - Evolution (Original Mix)

Spartaque, Marie Vaunt - Escape (Original Mix)

Stephane Signore - New Era (Original Mix)

The Fabric Of Reality - Pléyades (Original Mix)

Timerman - Dreams (BL.CK Remix)

Timerman - Dreams (DJ Almighty Remix)

Timerman - Dreams (Original Mix)

Timerman - Dreams (TETCHKO Remix)

Txmzz - Defiance (Original Mix)

Txmzz - Outcast (Original Mix)

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