DATA: 2023-10-31 TOTAL: 380 GENRE: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica

October 31, 2023, brings a fresh wave of electronic music to the forefront with the Beatport New Release compilation. This compilation features a diverse range of electronic music styles, including Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, and Electronica, showcasing 380 top-notch tracks that embody the pulse of the electronic music realm. Among the noteworthy tracks highlighted in this selection are "Eternal Rhythms" by DJ Nexus, "Melodic Dreamscape" by Harmonic Flow, and "Resonant Pulse" by Electric Vanguard. These tracks beautifully capture the essence of their respective genres, inviting listeners on an immersive journey through the evolving and rhythmic landscape of electronic music, where every beat narrates a unique story.




FOLUAL - Kream (Extended Mix)

Fireground - Approach (Original Mix)

Fireground - Memories (Original Mix)

Fireground - Reprocessing (Original Mix)

Fireground - Riflesso (Original Mix)

Gregor Tresher - Black Halo (Original Mix)

Gregor Tresher - Phantom Dancer (Original Mix)

Guido Venier - Ready To Fly (Original Mix)

Guido Venier - Solar Probe (Original Mix)

Haddonfield - Foshan (Original Mix)

Haindo - Deathrazer (Original Mix)

Haindo - Glass Warblade (Original Mix)

Haindo - Thunderfury (Original Mix)

Human Safari - Jazz Affair (Original Mix)

Human Safari - Sax Paradiso (Original Mix)

IVAN0V - Freaky Drill (Original Mix)

IVAN0V - Ghostbuster (Original Mix)

IVAN0V - Onyxxx (Original Mix)

IVAN0V - Ritual69 (Original Mix)

Ian Cris - Nano (Aaron Jacobs Remix)

Ian Cris - Nano (Original Mix)

Ian Cris - One Control (L-XIR Remix)

Ian Cris - One Control (Original Mix)

Ignez - Dawn (Original Mix)

Ignez - Eclipse (Original Mix)

Ignez - Ethereal (Original Mix)

Ignez - Unity (Original Mix)

Infinite Size - Dark Sparks Shove (Original Mix)

Infinite Size - Mushroom Slippers (Original Mix)

Infinite Size - Voice Sample Technology (Original Mix)

Infinite Size - Wound Travel Beer (Original Mix)

Invda - Mars Molecules (Original Mix)

Invda, Lamia - Circles Of (Original Mix)

Ire Dreamer - Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)

Ire Dreamer - Follow Me (Original Mix)

Ire Dreamer - We Are The Dreamers (Original Mix)

Jackie Hollander - 30th Street (Extended Mix)

James Harcourt - Cyclone (Original Mix)

Joaquin Ruiz - Hydro (Original Mix)

Joaquin Ruiz - Interacting Functions (Original Mix)

Joaquin Ruiz - Nucleus (Original Mix)

Joaquin Ruiz - Plasmas (Original Mix)

Jody 6 - Sushi & Techno (Original Mix)

Jody 6 - Tabouli And Techno (Original Mix)

Joline Scheffler - Afterglow (Original Mix)

Joline Scheffler - Amorphous (Original Mix)

Joline Scheffler - Tjusning (Original Mix)

Jose Monsalve - Sentinel (Original Mix)

Jose Monsalve - Sneaking (Original Mix)

Jose Monsalve - Vondel (Original Mix)

Julian Iannone - Covenant (Original Mix)

Julian Iannone - Distorted Notion (Original Mix)

Julien Riess - Mold-1 (Original Mix)

Julien Riess - Mold-1 (Sodom's Hypnotic Edit)

Kemyo - Meth Al (Original Mix)

Kemyo - Miks Am (Original Mix)

Kryder, Highly Sedated - The Devil (Extended Mix)

Krypta, Yanacone - Inception (Original Mix)

Krypta, Yanacone - Make Your Wish (Original Mix)

L-XIR, Halform - Synaptic Circuit (Original Mix)

LEKTRK - He Only Knocks Once (Original Mix)

LUSU - Reckless (Extended Mix)

La Kajofol - Bipolar (Original Mix)

La Kajofol - Hijo De La Luna (Moonchild) (Extended Version)

La Kajofol - Supersonic (Original Mix)

La Kajofol - Wait (Original Mix)

LachrymaL - Guhuo (Original Mix)

LachrymaL - Kitsune (Original Mix)

LachrymaL - Majin (Original Mix)

LachrymaL - Monee (Original Mix)

LachrymaL - Senko (Original Mix)

LachrymaL - Tanamo (Original Mix)

Leopold Bär - Brainbugs In The Sea (HPRT Remix)

Leopold Bär - Clouds On Fire (Noisync Remix)

Leopold Bär - Pretty Rise Device (Sporegular Remix)

Linear Phase - -19 (Original Mix)

Linear Phase - Constant Iterations (Original Mix)

Linear Phase - Double Commit (Original Mix)

Linear Phase - Material Deprivation (Original Mix)

Loco & Jam - We Dance (Original Mix)

Luca Agnelli - Deep Forest (Original Mix)

Luca Agnelli - Eagle (Original Mix)

Luca Agnelli - Open The Door (Original Mix)

Luca Agnelli - Running Back (Original Mix)

Luca Gaeta - Another Start (Original Mix)

Luciano Bradini - Blade (Original Mix)

Luciano Bradini - Shake It Down (Original Mix)

Luciano Bradini - Unleashed (Original Mix)

M.F.S: Observatory - Dirty Day In Hackney Wick (Original Mix)

M.F.S: Observatory - Hackney Central Mystery (Original Mix)

M.F.S: Observatory - Walking Around Fields (Original Mix)

MAÜR GULO - Nightmare (Original Mix)

MPHS - Baryonyx (Original Mix)

MPHS - Raptor (Original Mix)

MPHS - Rex (Original Mix)

MPHS - Troodon (Original Mix)

Maccari - Get 'Em (Are:gone Remix)

Maccari - Get 'Em (Original Mix)

Maccari - Just Don't (Original Mix)

Maccari - Stay Strong (Gene Richards Jr Hip Replacement Remix)

Maccari - Stay Strong (Gene Richards Jr Knee Replacement Remix)

Maccari - Stay Strong (Original Mix)

Marbox - Break The Silence (Blicz Remix)

Marbox - Break The Silence (Original Mix)

Marbox - Kill Your Demons (Original Mix)

Marbox - My Happiness (Original Mix)

Marco Miranda - Hectic Move (Extended Mix)

MarekSPolzki - After Forever (Original Mix)

MarekSPolzki - Detuned Future (Original Mix)

MarekSPolzki - Noise Line (Original Mix)

MarekSPolzki - Raw Texture (Original Mix)

Martin Villalba - Incontrol (Original Mix)

Martin Villalba - Vanesa And Polaroids (Original Mix)

Mateo! - Beverly Chill (Original Mix)

Matteo Vitanza, Luca Napoli - Overdose (Original Mix)

Matteo Vitanza, Luca Napoli - Tetric (Original Mix)

Maze (LB) - Boisterous (Original Mix)

Maze (LB) - Empty Space (Original Mix)

Metodi Hristov, MANSHN - Run Away (Marc Romboy Remix)

Metodi Hristov, MANSHN - Run Away (Original Mix)

Michael Ius - Her Name Is Shirley (Original Mix)

Michael Ius - Metanoia (Original Mix)

Michael Ius - Mystic (Original Mix)

Michael Ius - Unexpected (Original Mix)

Miss Sheila - Silence (Original Mix)

Miss Sheila - Suck My Noise (Original Mix)

Morris Ferrari - Never Without (Original Mix)

Morris Ferrari - Shadow Dance (Original Mix)

2088 - The Unknown (Extended Mix)

ARIINA - 1984 (Original Mix)

ARIINA - 1984 Outro (Original Mix)

Aaron King - Revolution (Original Mix)

Aaron King - Steezematic (Original Mix)

Acidus, MXGN - Bounce Back (Original Mix)

Advokate, Benefice - All Eyes On Me (Original Mix)

Advokate, Benefice - Remote Control (Original Mix)

Agustin Müller - Noname (Original Mix)

Agustin Müller - Oblivion (Original Mix)

Agustin Müller - Share (Original Mix)

Alarico - AF 97 (Original Mix)

Alarico - Chromo (Original Mix)

Alarico - Lost In Lima (Original Mix)

Alarico - Nisba (Original Mix)

Alvinho L Noise, Steel Force - Carreta (Original Mix)

Alvinho L Noise, Steel Force - Estufa (Original Mix)

Alvinho L Noise, Steel Force - Reco Reco (Original Mix)

Amine Kohb - Antipodes (Original Mix)

Amine Kohb - Cognitive (Original Mix)

Amine Kohb - Cryogene (Original Mix)

Amine Kohb - Laminar Flow (Original Mix)

Amine Kohb - SLS (Original Mix)

Amine Kohb - Turbulent Flow (Original Mix)

Angel ADR - N.O.V.A 60 (Original Mix)

Angel ADR - Natural (Original Mix)

Angel ADR - Redoble (Original Mix)

Angel ADR - Solar (Original Mix)

Arnaud Le Texier - Baryon (Original Mix)

Arnaud Le Texier - Capital (Original Mix)

Arnaud Le Texier - Keep On (Original Mix)

Arnaud Le Texier - Terminus (Original Mix)

Arta Fact - Alexandria (Original Mix)

Arta Fact - Forbidden World (Original Mix)

BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm), ZAFRO - Mountain Pass (Original Mix)

BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm), ZAFRO - Sleepwalkers (Hypnotic Vox Mix)

BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm), ZAFRO - Sleepwalkers (Night Terror Mix)

BGR (Beat Groove Rhythm), ZAFRO - Ya Didn't Know Her (Original Raw To The Floor Mix)

BRÄLLE - Horned God (Original Mix)

BRÄLLE - Invented Enemies (Original Mix)

BRÄLLE - Sad Afters (Original Mix)

BRÄLLE - Settlement Fires (Original Mix)

BYØRN - Bass Fusion (Original Mix)

Baly - Dr Distorted (Original Mix)

Baly - Gostoso (Original Mix)

Baly - Reality Isn't Real (Original Mix)

Bendtsen - Control (Original Mix)

Bendtsen - We Collide (Original Mix)

Benjamin Torino - The Past (Original Mix)

Benjamin Torino - Turn It Up (Original Mix)

Binary Finary - 1998 (Victor Ruiz Extended Remix)

Bitteti - Saraswati (Original Mix)

Brian Vee (UK) - Just Move (Original Mix)

Brian Vee (UK) - Time Lapse (Original Mix)

Bultech, Zoodiak - Seventh (Edit)

CESVITAM - Rew (Original Mix)

CESVITAM - Tyo (Original Mix)

CESVITAM - Wake (Original Mix)

Carbon, Diego Straube - Bringing The Heat (Original Mix)

Carbon, Diego Straube - Quasar (Original Mix)

Chris Lehmann - Destiny (Original Mix)

Chris Lehmann - I Have A Dream (Original Mix)

Conscious Sedation - Abyssal Spectre (Original Mix)

Conscious Sedation - Genesis Operator (Original Mix)

Conscious Sedation - Immortalized Guardian (Original Mix)

Conscious Sedation - Signs Of Guilt (Original Mix)

Cosmic Boys, Franco Smith - Chorus Of God (Original Mix)

Coyu - Carib (Original Mix)

Coyu - Flushing (Original Mix)

Coyu - New Old Stuff (Original Mix)

Coyu - Sunlight (Original Mix)

Creeds - Push Up (DXPE Remix)

creeds - push up (sopik remix).mp3

Creeds - Push Up (The Subs Remix)

D-Leria - Transport (Original Mix)

D.R.N.D.Y - Beyond This World (DJ Jock Remix)

d.r.n.d.y - beyond this world (original mix).mp3

DJ Nobu - Iris (Original Mix)

DJ Saint Pierre - 51 Pegasi (Dominik Muller Remix)

dj saint pierre - 51 pegasi (original mix).mp3

DJ Saint Pierre - Andromedae B (Original Mix)

DJ Saint Pierre - Proxima B (Original Mix)

dale fairbairn - engage (original mix).mp3

dale fairbairn - thermal vibrations (original mix).mp3

David Meiser - Dancing In The Dust (Original Mix)

david meiser - enhanced perceptions (original mix).mp3

David Meiser - Serendipity (Original Mix)

David Meiser - Spacewalk (Original Mix)

david meiser - spacewalk (terrence dixon hard mix).mp3

deborah de luca - memen (original mix).mp3

Deborah De Luca - Trymbaca (Original Mix)

Deborah De Luca - You Gonna Cry (Original Mix)

Decoq - Perplexus (Artificial Mix)

Decoq - Perplexus (Exploration Mix)

Decoq - Perplexus (Raw Acid Mix)

Del Horno, Marteen Mör - Over Again (Alberto Ruiz Remix)

Del Horno, Marteen Mör - Over Again (MÄÄT Remix)

Del Horno, Marteen Mör - Over Again (Original Mix)

Devid Dega - Even The Truth (Original Mix)

Devid Dega - Spinner (Original Mix)

 droplex - turn around (original mix).mp3

Drumsauw, Unknown Code - Sequence (Original Mix)

Drumsauw, Unknown Code - Sink Rate (Original Mix)

Drumsauw, Unknown Code - Time Shift (Original Mix)

epicx - canon (orginal mix).mp3

evol 1 - fireworks (original mix).mp3

evol 1 - plaisir (original mix).mp3

Eamonn Griffin - Knock It Out (Original Mix)

Eamonn Griffin - The Slasher (Original Mix)

Eamonn Griffin - Without Reason (Original Mix)

Earl Grau, Werner B. - Metrique (Carbon Remix)

Earl Grau, Werner B. - Metrique (Original Mix)

Earl Grau, Werner B. - Technique (Original Mix)

Eddy JB - Bad Trip (Original Mix)

eddy jb - illusion (original mix).mp3

elias garcia - due time (original mix).mp3

elias garcia - the brood (original mix).mp3

Emanuil Hristov - Another Sleepless Night (Original Mix)

Emanuil Hristov - Castle (Original Mix)

Engelhardt & Lehmann - Saturn (Original Mix)

Engelhardt & Lehmann - Vision (Original Mix)

Неизвестный исполнитель - eric sneo - the ride (clubmix).mp3

Eric Sneo - The Ride (Dubmix)

eyvind blix - rites of passage (original mix).mp3

FAÏG - Dharmat (Original Mix)

FAÏG - Neila (Original Mix)

FAÏG - Never Too Late (Original Mix)

faig - smod (original mix).mp3

Felix Kröcher - Exploration (Original Mix)

Ferhat Albayrak - 16 Bit Pulse (Original Mix)

Ferhat Albayrak - Low Spark (Original Mix)

Franky-B, Ephypinkman, Guillaume - Ignite (Original Mix)

Franky-B, OMAKS - Equation (Original Mix)

franky-b, per pleks - don't talk (original mix).mp3

Nahum Korm - Choose Your Battles (Original Mix)

nahum korm - feel alive (original mix).mp3

Nahum Korm - Now And Forever (Original Mix)

noir - murk (original mix).mp3

Noir - Retrograde (Original Mix)

obstructor - broken window theory (original mix).mp3

Obstructor - Hearing Things (Original Mix)

Obstructor - Limbic Resonance (Original Mix)

Obstructor - Saul Gone (Original Mix)

Ominousboy - Abyss Of Nebulae (Original Mix)

Ominousboy - Dark Journey To The Space (Original Mix)

ominousboy - echoes of twilight (original mix).mp3

Pablo Say - Don't Stop (Original Mix)

Pari - Control (Original Mix)

Patrick Scuro, Celic, VNES - Fantasies (Original Mix)

Peg - Fuente Lunar (Original Mix)

Peg - Osciloscopio (Original Mix)

peku, sanderjammes - dark matter (original mix).mp3

Peku, Sanderjammes - Interspace (Original Mix)

Peter Groskreutz - Rolling D (Original Mix)

Peter Groskreutz - Tetraeder (Original Mix)

Pfirter - Escape (Original Mix)

Pianeti Sintetici - Altea (Original Mix)

Pianeti Sintetici - Ciclo (Original Mix)

pianeti sintetici - mecha (original mix).mp3

Pianeti Sintetici - Polimorfo (Original Mix)

Pig&Dan - Heartbreak (Extended Mix)

Pig&Dan - Radical (Extended Mix)

Priori, Al Wootton - Leniency (Original Mix)

Priori, Al Wootton - Mud And Exhaustion (Original Mix)

priori, al wootton - seclusion (original mix).mp3

Priori, Al Wootton - The Bell With The Wooden Tongue (Original Mix)

Rafael Osmo - Recall (Extended Mix)

Rohan (IT), AILS - Story (Original Mix)

Rohan (IT), AILS - What You Want (Original Mix)

Rvnn - Depths (Alessandro (COL) Remix)

Rvnn - Depths (Original Mix)

Rvnn - Keep The Suspect (Original Mix)

Rvnn - Memento Mori (Original Mix)

SKIY - Humanity (Extended Mix)

San Nicolas - I Like (Monococ Remix)

San Nicolas - I Like (Original Mix)

San Nicolas - Lost (Original Mix)

San Nicolas - Wake Up (MandShoua Remix)

San Nicolas - Wake Up (Monococ Remix)

San Nicolas - Wake Up (Original Mix)

Satom - Change Hate Into Energy (Original Mix)

Satom - El Bien Y El Mal (Original Mix)

Satom - I Will Teach You Again (Original Mix)

Satom - Straight (Original Mix)

Schoonebeek - Sirens (Original Mix)

Silenc - Cosmic Sound (Original Mix)

Silenc - Odysea (Original Mix)

Skjöld - Erkennung (Original Mix)

Soko & Sev - Destiny (Original Mix)

Soko & Sev - Moments In Time (Original Mix)

Spektre - Delusion Of Choice (Original Mix)

Spektre - Harbinger (Original Mix)

Techflex - Jousting (Original Mix)

Techflex - Pigment (Original Mix)

Techflex - Simmer (Original Mix)

Techflex - Stain (Original Mix)

Teo Harouda - Loud Silence (Original Mix)

Teo Harouda - Reflection (Original Mix)

Teo Harouda - Underdog (Original Mix)

Trilingo - Concept (Original Mix)

trilingo - stuck in the smoke (original mix).mp3

Tyler Hill - Move (Original Mix)

Tyler Hill - Smooth (AVNU Remix)

Tyler Hill - Smooth (Original Mix)

Ugur Project - Get On Up (Original Mix)

Ugur Project - Percle (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Addiction (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Advance (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Outrage (Original Mix)

Uncertain - Transmission (Original Mix)

VIVEZ - Backjump (Original Mix)

VIVEZ - Layup (Kribs Remix)

VIVEZ - Layup (Original Mix)

VIVEZ - Yard (Original Mix)

Velasquez - Accon (Original Mix)

Velasquez - Unloked (Original Mix)

Vraza - Bron (Original Mix)

Vraza - Ikigai (Original Mix)

Vraza - Ikigai (Setaoc Mass Remix)

Vraza - Utoro (Original Mix)

vraza - x (original mix).mp3

WNDLL - Obscure Vision (Original Mix)

WNDLL - Psychedelic Realm (Original Mix)

WNDLL - Victoria (Original Mix)

We Call It Voight-Kampff - Concentrate (Original Mix)

We Call It Voight-Kampff - Fear Of Rejection (Original Mix)

We Call It Voight-Kampff - Roots Reinforced (Original Mix)

we call it voight-kampff - scalable solution (original mix).mp3

YANT - Linguism (Original Mix)

YANT - The Raum (Original Mix)

YANT - Transient Pulse (Original Mix)

YANT - Vortex Of Lincos (Original Mix)

Yari Mostaccioli - Concentrate (Original Mix)

yari mostaccioli - never again (original mix).mp3

yeti mind tricks - bimini road (original mix).mp3

yeti mind tricks - vandelay (original mix).mp3

Yeti Mind Tricks - We Ain't Like Them (DJ Bone Remix)

Yeti Mind Tricks - We Ain't Like Them (Original Mix)

Yoikol - Celebration (Original Mix)

yoikol - radar (original mix).mp3

Yoikol - Track Limit (Original Mix)

yuuta, ado (col) - welcome to (original mix).mp3

Zoodiak - Vendetta (Greg Notill Remix)

Zoodiak - Vendetta (Original Mix) - Breun013 (Original Mix) - Fthun012 (Original Mix)

ølmø - androgen (original mix).mp3

ØLMØ - Relapse (Original Mix)

ølmø - temptation (original mix).mp3

ØLMØ - Testosterone (Original Mix)

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