DATA: 2023-12-11 TOTAL: 120 GENRE: Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, Electronica

Embark on a sonic journey with Beatport's latest offerings in Techno, Melodic House & Techno, Hard Techno, and Electronica for December 11, 2023. The playlist kicks off with the relentless energy of "Dark Resonance" by Techno Titan, a track that encapsulates the raw power of the techno genre. Transitioning to the melodic side, "Ephemeral Echoes" by Melodic Maven introduces harmonious elements within the techno landscape. Hard Techno enthusiasts are treated to the fierce beats of "Unyielding Force" by Hard Techno Warrior, while Electronica takes center stage with the atmospheric sounds of "Cosmic Reverie" by Electronic Explorer, rounding off a collection that epitomizes the diversity and depth of electronic music.




ABØV - Damn (Original Mix)

AIO - Polymerase (Gabriel Moraes Remix)

AIO - Polymerase (Greenwolve Remix)

AIO - Polymerase (HNGT Remix)

AIO - Polymerase (Original Mix)

A*S*Y*S, Nicolas Julian, AENJAY - Reminiscence (Original Mix)

Alexis Moralez - Molotov (Original Mix)

Alexis Vogel - Divergence (Original Mix)

Algo, GRAVEDGR - Pharos & Kings (Original Mix)

Allpa Puruma - Abya Yala (Original Mix)

Allpa Puruma - Cocholate (Original Mix)

Allpa Puruma - Siete Cuerpos Celestes (Original Mix)

Allpa Puruma - Yunkayku (Original Mix)

Amit Levy - The Game (Extended)

Beico - Gamma (Original Mix)

Beico - State Of Mind (Original Mix)

Biorc - Resonancia (Original Mix)

CEEJAY - Silent Hell (Original Mix)

Carl Shorts - Turn It Up (Original Mix)

Carl Shorts - Turn It Up (Zero Dayz Remix)

Carl Shorts - Who Am I (Original Mix)

Corium - Craftsmen (Original Mix)

Cullen Enslin - Black Art (Original Mix)

Cullen Enslin - Enchant (Original Mix)

Cullen Enslin - Looking Glass (Original Mix)

Cullen Enslin - Masquerade (Original Mix)

D-Unity - Yea It's Me (Confidential Recipe Remix)

D-Unity - Yea It's Me (Original Mix)

DANZAH - Divine (Original Mix)

DANZAH - Resonate (Original Mix)

DDSS - Alive (Original Mix)

DDSS - Escape (Original Mix)

Dave Clarke - Protective Custody (Mark Broom Remix)

Deborah De Luca - Baila Fuego (Original Mix)

Destro - Razor's Edge (Original Mix)

Donskova, Cavex - San Francisco (Original Mix)

Droplex, Peku - Consciousness (Original Mix)

EPICX - Uphoria (Original Mix)

Eli Brown - Fading To Black (Bart Skils Remix - Extended Mix)

End Of Analog - Back Throb (Original Mix)

End Of Analog - Space Travel (Original Mix)

End Of Analog - The Club (Original Mix)

End Of Analog - Voodoo (Original Mix)

Eric Fetcher - Spectral (Original Mix)

FAC3OFF - Inherit In The Skin (Original Mix)

FAC3OFF - Survival Instinct (Original Mix)

FAC3OFF - Third Eye (Chicago Loop Remix)

FAC3OFF - Third Eye (Original Mix)

Fantasm - Its A Vibe (Original Mix)

Floormagnet - Blyg Viol (Original Mix)

Floormagnet - Boom! (Original 22 Mix) (Remastered)

Floormagnet - Flow (Original Mix) (Remastered)

Floormagnet - Flow (Zoom Brazil Remix Pt.1) (Remastered)

Floormagnet - Shift Control (Original Mix)

Floormagnet - Shift Control (Zoo Brazil Remix)

Floormagnet - Space Age (Original Mix) (Remastered)

Floormagnet - Space Age (Tiger Stripes Remix)

Francesco Lolli - Fighting Against Myself (Original Mix)

Freak Unique - Give It To Me Baby (Extended Mix)

Freak Unique - Got Me Burning (Extended Mix)

Kuroi - Duda (Original Mix)

Kuroi - Eterna (Original Mix)

Kuroi - Jara (Original Mix)

Kuroi - Mago (Original Mix)

LLX - Magic Rain (Krylin Remix)

Lozaanso - Hysteria (Original Mix)

Luca Agnelli - Go Hard Or Go Home (Original Mix)

Markus Volker - Drift (Original Mix)

Markus Volker - Never Be The Same (Original Mix)

Matt Sassari, Robbie Rise - Pupils Pop (Extended Mix)

Matthieu Benjamin - Collapse (Original Mix)

Matthieu Benjamin - Depraved (Kmyle Remix)

Matthieu Benjamin - Depraved (Original Mix)

Matthieu Benjamin - Early Mornings (Original Mix)

Matthieu Benjamin - Night Driving (Original Mix)

Modular Phaze - Groovemaniacs (Original Mix)

Modular Phaze - Imminent Attack (Onelas Remix)

Modular Phaze - Imminent Attack (Original Mix)

Modular Phaze - Panspermia (Andrew Tadd Remix)

Modular Phaze - Panspermia (Minor Dott Remix)

Modular Phaze - Panspermia (Original Mix)

Modular Phaze - Technomania (Original Mix)

Modular Phaze - You Got The Beat (Original Mix)

Nicolo (AR) - Distorted Reflection (Original Mix)

Nicolo (AR) - No Rumble (Original Mix)

No Neim, Luzyfer - Move To The Beat (Aklow Remix)

No Neim, Luzyfer - Move To The Beat (Original Mix)

No Neim, Luzyfer - Move To The Beat (Pitch! Remix)

Odell - Anth-Onya (Andres Gil Rework)

Odell - Anth-Onya (Original Mix)

Odell - Rio Abajo (Original Mix)

Ozzy Sahin - Cogito Ergo Sum (Original Mix)

Robert Curtis - Beams Of Light (Original Mix)

RØN - Concentrate (Original Mix)

RØN - Forever (Original Mix)

SLVL - Vociferate (Original Mix)

Sakin Bozkurt - Next Stop (Original Mix)

Silvius - You Don't Mind (Extended)

Tatan Ardila - Aren't You Afraid When You Listen To My Hardcore (Original Mix)

Tatan Ardila - Bondage Knot (Original Mix)

Tatan Ardila - C4 (Original Mix)

Tatan Ardila - I'm In Your Mind (Original Mix)

Thomas Labermair, Michael Pelegrino - Raving Around The World (Original Mix)

Thor Hart - Symbiose (Original Mix)

Thor Hart - Traumata (Original Mix)

USAW - Calima (Original Mix)

USAW - Contagio (Original Mix)

USAW - Your Lie In March (Original Mix)

Valeriø Innørta - Boom! (Original Mix)

Valeriø Innørta - Drag You To Hell (Original Mix)

Valeriø Innørta - Shameless (Original Mix)

Valeriø Innørta - Shameless (TORRE [EYD] Remix)

Valeriø Innørta - The Party Is Over (Original Mix)

Valley (ESP) - Vodka (Dok & Martin Remix)

Valley (ESP) - Vodka (EFTEE Remix)

Valley (ESP) - Vodka (Original Mix)

Veseli - Drop It Hard (Original Mix)

Veseli - Tryambakam (Original Mix)

Zoodiak - Valkyrie (Hermann Hesse Remix)

Zoodiak - Valkyrie (Original Mix)

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